MP Kamlepo alleges receiving death threats from DPP, reveals the names

Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee (PAC) vice-chairperson Kamlepo Kalua  has claimed to have received a threat to his life on the mobile phone  and through public utterances of officials from ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

Kamlepo: T

Kamlepo: If they are innoncent of cashgate why threatening me

Kalua claimed DPP’s “political terorrists” had been organised to assassinate him for his outspoken comments that there are seven serving Cabinet ministers implicated in the report as disclosed by Auditor General.

But the Rumphi East member of Parliament (People’s Party-PP) and PP third vice-president,   has vowed that no amount of threats will stop  him from exposing corrupt gangsters.

“As a citizen of Malawi and someone who loves my country I will not be intimidated by anyone. My stand still remains. All corrupt people should pay for taking Malawians as fools. This is not about regions or tribes.As Malawians let us all unite to stop this nonsense once and for all,” Kalua said in a statement he took to his Facebook page.

“Since my calls to have the corrupt ministers exposed..I have been receiving death threats and unnecessary threats from those in power. For those who listened to the rally the State President addressed  in name was all over in their  mouths,” stated Kalua.

Kalua also cited remarks at presidential rally by DPP regional governor for the south Charles Kamchacha that ” Tiauza a nyamata athu ma cadet athane naye Kamlepo [we will deploy our militia DPP cadres  to deal with Kamlepo]”

He also stated that fellow members of parliament have been threatening him with death  and exposed them as MP Maluwa from Chikwawa ( DPP) using mobile number 0999933771 and  MP Kalimanjila of Nsanje central  (DPP)  mobile number 0888323546.

Kalua said he was making the MP’s   death threats in public “so that Malawians should know what type of leaders we have in parliament.”

Apparently, Kalua had been vocal in demanding the dismissal of the said seven Cabinet ministers named in the forensic audit report covering the period 2009 to December 2014 which established that about K236 billion and not K577 billion in public funds as initially estimated could not be accounted for.

He wondered: “ If these people are innocent why are they threatening me?”

DPP has a history of abductions and killings.

Said Kalua: “Malawians are still waiting to hear the verdict on the deaths we have witnessed during the DPP era: Robert Chasowa (RIP) 20 July victims  (RIP). We are a democratic country and as such I will never be intimidated.”

On Monday  President Peter Mutharika gave the legislator  24-hour ultimatum to disclose names of serving Cabinet ministers implicated in the recent forensic audit report.

Kalua insists  he has the names  of cashgate suspects but  challenged that he would not provide the names as per Mutharika’s request because he had no such mandate to name and shame.

“Is he [the President] serious that I should travel from [in Lilongwe] just to give him names when there is an office responsible right there, the Anti-Corruption Bureau [ACB] and the Auditor General which have these files and are public offices?

“The President has told Malawians that he does not work on ultimatums, but he is issuing one to me. I also don’t like ultimatums,” Kalua is quoted as saying.

Kalua argued that the President could not claim that he did not have the names when the Attorney General had advised the Auditor General against releasing the names when the demand was first made after the forensic audit was released.

He said: “How can the President reconcile that the Auditor General went to the Attorney General to seek guidance on releasing names and he was advised against the idea? What names was the Auditor General referring to?”

Auditor General Stepheson Kamphasa said the Attorney General’s office had advised against releasing the names of individuals and businesses named in the audit report for fear of legal implications and jeopardising investigations.

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24 thoughts on “MP Kamlepo alleges receiving death threats from DPP, reveals the names”

  1. Wokonda Malawi says:

    I don’t think Kamlepo Kaliwo (KK) is the right person to mention these 7 names. He is blowing the whistle. when has it become wrong to blow such an important wizulo? If he is lying he will be ashamed and if he is telling the truth, let the truth prevail. It is the responsibility of AG and ACB or even the president himself if indeed he has the names to let the cat out of the sack. Why are we wasting much of our time discussing results of which require a competent governance structure to respond/ act to? APM should help and save this nation (irrespective of both tribal and party affiliations) on this one. Otherwise KK simuthana naye I tell you. He might have a point in his assertion. Wamisala anawona nkhondo guys and lets not take his statements for granted because if KK was lying akadasiya kale kale cheap politics imeneyi. Lets be objective and support KK claims and if it happens to be true then he is innocent and has saved our democracy. If he is lying then he will be ashamed. But I don’t think its right to be caught sleeping on this issue because its KK speaking because he is a PP member or he comes from the North. Lets learn to separate political party affiliation and regionalism out of these issue. I am sure that the list doesn’t only contain names of akuba from South and DDP related. Others named in this report are even from the North or Central regions and from other political parties. Tisachite mantha a DPP. be objective. Ngati pali mayina tiwadziwe and move forward and ngati palibe basi. Koma I for one I am very much convinced that whether KK is lying or not mainawo alipo at all cost but andani ndipamene pagona funso?
    KK might have a point and we need to pressurise our APM to act for the good of the nation or face demonstration. on another note ma NGOs or CSOs muli kuti pankhaniyi? Mangoti zii bwanji? Nanunso kapena malumitsidwa chisikono? I wonder why the delay when the final report is out there. Are we editing the final report? Why edit the final report because amene amalembawo had a final say. Lero chili mbale mwanu and you are failing to act and mawa it will be others and lets hope they will fail to act.
    JB abwere kumene alikoko.
    And for those who are against Michael Nevin are just missing his points and arguments. Lets o back to his points and mumumvetse what he is saying. He is very objective.

  2. Chilungamo says:

    why is Kamlepo failing to name the 7 ministers? If what he is saying is true, let him come to the open name the ministers for the world to see else he should shut up and will conclude that he really smokes marijuana!

  3. Kamlepo is very stupid indeed. He has been asked to name the 7 ministers and he is not. He is a LIER PERIOD. He thinks Prof Peter is like ACHEYA when he was bloke could make noise and ACHEYA wetted in his pant thereafter giving him money / minibus / hospital bills for his father.kikikikikiki….Prof Peter cant be moved with Kamlepop’s threat. Prof Peter is a great Statesman and an International Lawyer cant be swayed by a JC holder Kamlepo and all those that admire Kamlepo’s empty head

  4. concerned citizen says:

    KANCHENGA.. There is no reason to mention a tribe of people. Address your comments to the MPs who have been mentioned by Mr Kamlepo. There is nothing wrong to be Sena. They are people just as good as any peopLe / tribe in Malawi. There are a lot of bad cultural practices in Malawi among the different tribes in the country. So, have manners in your comments.

    1. Wokonda Malawi says:

      Good point Concerned citizen. I totally agree with you. there are bad cultures out there and really no need to castigate a culture

  5. Maunisi says:

    There are names but Kamlepo is right AG office and ACB office are held responsible. This will mean that no trust in Mathanyula and we will demand a new govt to see who are these minister hidden under the rap to face justice and therefore we need this just to prevail no wonder Joice Banda said there should be stubborn link yes.

  6. griff says:

    Malawi is really out of track, political hatred is not a solution to the sinking ship that we are in, frankly speaking with a sober mind pple like kamplepo are of great significance to the political drive that we have, when commenting be realistic and think about our sons and daughters, if the situation continues to be like this where will malawi be in ten yrs to come,this is a simple issue the report is out then let names be released if APM is innocent lest he not interfere with findings, i think he’s vested with powers to work out on this for the interest of a local malawian ogulitsa makala, anthu omwe amatha chaka osamwa ndi tea yemwe,malawi is rich but the leadership is poor coz of greedy, scrutinize our politicians in two yrs time their financial stand trails high,while we ordinaries continues to starve…. Kamplepo give me the names i will blow the whistle i have worked with these dudes, both UDF,DPP,PP,MAFUNDE,NARC and Katsonga’s party .. they are all the same and you are just like them.. though at atime you can distance yourself because of your craftness in politics….APM give malawians these names…

  7. Chambe says:

    I strongly believe that Kamlepo wastes his energy on wrong issues and wrong platforms. Yes we have rampant corruption in this country and firing the 7 unknown Ministers is just removing the symptom and not the disease. The right platform is the very Parliament where Kamlepo and others would pressurize government to put systems that would remove excessive powers from the executive in appointments of people. Iam of the view that even before a cabinet Minister is sworn in, parliament should scrutinize such appointments( Malawi way). These are the issues that Kamlepo should have been fighting instead of becoming personal with APM. Such personal fights are reserved for fools and not objective people called “Honorable”.

  8. Kenkkk says:

    Now you know why I always call them dpp thugs.
    Mbendera has gone mysteriously simply because he could have revealed what really happened in 2014 elections. He was now dispensable like a condom. Also because he comes from the same district as the vp who you dpp thugs from the south hate.

    Watch anyani inu, if you kill kamlepo, you will see what will follow.

    It is your incompetence and corruption right from the dpp head to the foot soldiers bootlickers that is bringing the country down. Honestly no person in his right mind can vote for these dpp thugs and their head. Tribalism at the expense of the whole country, how foolish can people be?

  9. chilungamo chimawawa says:

    DPP ndi chipani cha zigawenga. no wonder pano anthu angophedwa chisawawa mmanyumba mwawo. But i doubt if Peter Mutharika himself will not see the axe that has fallen on some of those who have tortured Malawians recently…

  10. David Nyirongo says:

    Honestly i lost my trust in Kamlepo Kalua including British Ambassador Micheal Nevin reason during 2012 and 2013 cashgate years they kept so quite because they were eating…believing in fake former president joyce banda….kamlepo and nevin please just shut up for a second… you sold malawi big time…let others speak maybe not you too…..

    1. GADDAFI says:

      Mkangopha kamlepo next day yake president wanu cardic arrest naye pompompo.ndinu akuba y mkukana kuulula maina ,iwe nyapapi maina ulinawo bkma nawe unaba nawo ndie ukuona .i like kamlepo amakonda kunena chilungamo ,akangofa kamlepo mdziwanso ndithu

  11. The Analyst says:

    Some of us were grossly wrong to see an angel in APM, that would grace the DPP with a touch of civilisation hence make it stop looking at threats or violence as their only tool.
    . . . Nanga inu, who doesnt know that to mention the word “crocodile” in whatever circumstance – relevant or not; is the surest and quickest way of making enemies, if in the company of MCP supporters?
    . . . Truth is – history always lives to haunt individuals or groups.
    Now . . .
    . . . Is the DPP not concerned when its always reported that, “DPP has a history of killings and abductions.”?
    . . . Why is no one ashamed hence motivated to pick up the broken pieces of DPP’s reputation? Et tu Brute?
    . . . Paja it takes wisdom and/or intelligence for one to be ashamed; and a slight touch of civilisation for one to not always resort to violence or threats. And looking at their faces and names, its not surprising.
    . . . Yes some people may think that its just some random overzealous MPs making these threats, but is the silence from APM not telling us he is party to it? Isnt there consent in silence?
    . . . But whether there is consent or not; its high time the DPP stopped boasting authority over determination of whether someone lives or not; lest they provoke chagrin in the one who has such authority.

  12. mwai says:

    A mapanti aja nthawi yawo inali imeneyi Winiko where are you braza

  13. Eugene says:

    Midnight Six thieves running scared eti? Viva Kamlepo Viva!

  14. Pantomime says:

    Vuto ndi lakuti Malawians are stupid people. Instead of civil society organisations and all opposition parties rallying behind Kamlepo to pressure Mathanyura to expel from government those ministers, aliyense wangopinda manja ku msiya yekha Kalua, as if he is fighting for something that is not for the benefit of the whole nation.

    When it is won, they will be the people to benefit from it, as some of them will be appointed to fill those vacancies straight away. For sure it won’t be Kamlepo. If he looses and gets killed his family alone will shoulder the burden on their own.

    Malawians are real rats and foolish hyenas. Ongofunika kuvidyetsa GMO foods viamalawi vithepo ndi cancer! And don’t give them ARVs asesedweko ndi aids, mtundu wobowa zedi!

    1. bullshit says:

      Totally agree with you

  15. santana says:

    A Kamlepo akakuphani ndi m’mene mukudyera m’menemo ndiye musachite mantha ufera zako. How many times have you been asked to reveal the names if you are saying the truth? Why have you revealed the names of those who want to kill you and hide the names of those ministers? Kalua you are a cheat and you deserve any kind of punishment.Period.

    1. kanchenga says:

      Kamlepo is clever. He has an application that recorded the phone calls that these people made. So he has evidence. If I am lying let these people go to court. Foolish MPs. A Sena anzao akufa ndi aids chifukwa cha miyambo yausilu Iwo busy kukhalira kumbuyo Mbava mmalo momakaphuzitsa anthu awo chikhalidwe cha makono.

  16. Nonsense says:

    Said Kalua: “Malawians are still waiting to hear the verdict on the deaths we have witnessed during the DPP era: Robert Chasowa (RIP) 20 July victims (RIP).

    Now Mr Kalua did you ask Joyce Banda to tell the truth about this? Where were you during that rare and golden opportunity? How hypocritical! All your efforts are from self-interest.

    1. International Observer says:

      The mouth is a very powerful weapon – People have insinuated. The noise Mr Kamlepo is doing will one day come to pass, he won’t be killed as such but nature will take its course and he will unfortunately die a very poor and miserable person because his goals will not have been attained due to pursuing wrong choices. Attention seeking is out of this world. Others are becoming successful in life because of hard work and not through buying cheap sympathy. For how many times is Mr Kalua going to be told that he should come up in the open and reveal to the public the whole list of those who are involved in the CASHGATE in order for the law to punish them? Actually, by him being threatened of death by those he has mentioned is something he must report to the law enforcers other than crying in the media because all people will do is basically read and forget about it. Give us a break Mr Kamlepo Kalua and be seen to be serious by adhering to the proper process.

      1. Nabitiya says:

        aaaaaa koma inu a International Observer u mean u don’t find any substance in Kamlepo’s points? u want him to report to the law enforcers-which law enforcers? are u still in Malawi that you don’t know how useless these law enforcers are? even if he reports to them do you think they will do anything? or are you part of these murderers? shame

    2. Citizen says:

      Iwedi ndiwe wopanda nzeru (no sense). Kamlepo is talking sense & he is doing it for most of us in this country. If you have nothing to say just shut up. Useless man.

      1. Nonsense says:

        You have ignored a simple question. Where was Kaluwa or “most of you in this country” during the 2 years of Joyce Banda? Was that not the golden opportunity to know the issues of Chasowa and July 20? Can’t you see a problem there? Do not let hate obscure your reason. Mind you I don’t support the current government. I don’t trust Kalua or Chakwera either. These are hypocrites as far as I can see.

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