MP Lunguzi says 2 die of hunger in Malawi: ‘Pupils starved to death’

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Dedza east MP Juliana Lunguzi  has said two school going children have died of hunger related diseases in her constituency.

The picture shows part of the crowd that was being denied maize in Dedza east. Sales began only after MP Lunguzi forced the clerks to open the market

The picture shows part of the crowd that was being denied maize in Dedza east. Sales began only after MP Lunguzi forced the clerks to open the market

MP Lunguzi at Admarc market in her constituency

MP Lunguzi at Admarc market in her constituency

Lunguzi said the children, from Lumwira village in traditional authority Kachindamoto’s area in Dedza had gone for days without food because their parents could not access cheap maize from an Admarc market in the area.

“What I am saying is very true. The children have indeed died due to hunger related diseases. Any one disputing this can go to Lumwira village to get detsils. People are dying of hunger, very sad,” said Lunguzi.

Senior chief Kachindamoto could not comment on the specific two deaths but said Admarc should ensure maize is sold to people in her area to avert deaths.

On Thursday she was meeting Admarc officials to chart the way forward so that maize is available to people to avert more deaths.

People called her when Admarc officials were refusing to sell maize yet there were 4172 bags in stock, forcing endless queues of people waiting to buy just a 20kg of maize.

“It is unhumane. It is against human rights principles,” said Lunguzi.

She said the situation was pathetic at the Admarc market in her area as clerks told her they could not sell the maize because their superiors in Salima told them to hold.

“In a desperate situation, I started making panic calls, even to the media, this is when the clerks started selling the maize. The people told me not to leave the place until they all bought fearing if I left, the clerks would stop the sale immediately,” she said. J

Just last week, the government went onslaught with the Daily Times  newspaper and its reporter who reported that a middle aged man had died of hunger in Mzimba.

Government called the newspaper unprofessional, unethical and all descriptive words that would successfully demean and discredit the oldest media group in the country.

President Peter Mutharika says no one will die of hunger.

Malawi is the country worst-affected by food insecurity in southern Africa, where about 2.8 million people need assistance. This situation is due to severe flooding at the beginning of last year followed by prolonged dry spells that have been exacerbated by the global El Nino weather phenomenon.

In addition, more than 23,500 refugees at Dzaleka Refugee Camp, and new asylum seekers who have recently arrived from Mozambique,also require assistance, according to the United Nations World Food Programme and the UN Refugee Agenc.

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mercy Nyirongo

Truth always pains MPs need to tell the truth if malawi is to develop not propaganda…. MPs should be able to ask and answer tough questions we pay them with our taxes….let’s stop propaganda with peoples life line things can turn against you people know better now


As much as we appreciate that there is hunger in the country; politicians should stop pretending why is the DAY govt denying the facts here. u want to gain your political milage by buying maize in our admarc depots and satellites then distribute kuti aziti ndinu abwino. God has decided and it shall come to pass u fools.

Brian Longwe

Its unfair dat Admarc officials were jst holdin on de maize while de people starved wit hunger. Wat oz de meanin of dat? So y is admarc there for?

Merciless Nyorongo

One Merciless Nyirongo from Hinyaland wants to tackle issues from our constituency which she doesn’t know anything about. If you’ve got an axe to grind against our beloved Mp you had better shut up your stinking beak. How many MPs stay in their constituencies? Its their efficiency that matters and our Julie is better on that front . And again she visits the constituency quite often. Julie keep up the good work and dont let this clueless and good for nothing govt rest on its rails. Our fire brand! BIG UP SISSIE AND KEEP THE FIRE BURNING!

Francis Kaisi
It is only a person with a chicken brain can not understand what Ms Lunguzi is doing. This is what a sane politician has to do to his/her people. Hw is she going to hold debates when she don’t know what the people going through? It is not a secret that people are dying, some of us we watched Aljazeera network. Tokyo Sekwale the former human settlement minister in Zuma government, at one time he spent a night in a shark just to experience what people go through. Kenneth Kaunda could ride a bicycle vising local markets un announced. Are… Read more »

nanga ndi ine? yanyamuka mix minyama!




The issue here is not that my MP( Deza East) is wrong but because of some un proffessional publicity Govnt. fools were denying deaths of some people related to hunger. After all Dedza East is for MCP so all these comments against her are baseless, I for one I come from Dedza East. These Admarc Officials are selling maize to vendors at night. Fine why did they resume selling maize after the MP’S Presence. Admarc is another sinking ship. Kudos Juliana

lackson nyasulu

za ziiiiiii


Keep it up mama. Do not forget rosary and keep on attending holy mass when you have time.

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