Mphwiyo rearrested: Banda nabbed over tax evasion

It never rains but pours for  former Ministry of Finance Budget Director Paul Mphwiyo who was Friday rearrested together with businessman   Nelson Kauwa of  South African-based Thuso Group.

Mphwiyo: Gun shot survivor rearrested

Mphwiyo: Gun shot survivor rearrested

Nyasa Times understands that the suspects have been arrested on tax issues.

Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA)  deputy director responsible for corporate affairs, Steve Kapoloma, confirmed the arrests.

Kapoloma said MRA in the “joint operation” with graft-busting arrested  the three in connection to “ tax evasion”.

“They have been arrested for tax evasion malpractices,” said Kapoloma.

“Investigations are on going,” he added.

Malawi Police Service (MPS) spokesperson Rhoda Manjoro confirmed Mphwiyo was in police custody but  could not say if they will be released after questioning on Friday.

Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) said with the help of the Reserve Bank of Malawi (RBM), they probed  some companies who were defrauding government.

The South African-based Thuso Group, owned by Alexander Banda and Nelson Kauwa, is alleged to have received $4.8-million in the cashgate scandal.

This is the second arrest for Mphwiyo  who is expected to appear in court to answer ‘cashgate’-related charges.

Mphwiyo was arrested on October 19, 2014 alongside his wife, Thandizo.

Anti Corruption Bureau pressed charges of theft, money laundering and defeating the course of justice

Mphwiyo, now 38, was shot on September 13 last year as he drove into his villa in the capital, Lilongwe. Soon after his shooting former president Joyce Banda declared she knew who shot Mphwiyo who she described as her anti-corruption crusader in government.

The unprecedented shooting unravelled ‘cashgate’, the systematic plunder of public resources where businessmen and politicians connived with civil servants to skim millions of dollars from the government payment system in payment for goods and services not rendered to government.

Mphwiyo had four bullets removed from his body and had his face reconstructed in South Africa.

Former Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism, Theresa Senzani was first to be convicted in ‘cashgate’-related charges. She is now serving a three-year jail term.

An  Accounts Assistant in the Ministry of Energy, Mining and Natural Resources, Victor Sithole, was also convicted in the ‘cashgate’-related charges and is serving a nine year jail term.

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55 thoughts on “Mphwiyo rearrested: Banda nabbed over tax evasion”

  1. Wilima says:

    Bad tyms which were already prophesied in the Bible. “People shall lov themselves” Accepting to allow the multitude to liv in dire poverty as many us ordinary Mwians are.
    Very pathetic !

  2. Mwenecho says:

    MSRIP and we r waiting for 92 anatafuna ndani pasavute

  3. chikondi mtengowaminga says:

    Mbabvanu! Mmaso muli ptiiii ndizakuba. wobeledwa sagona kuchedzera kuphemphera, dziwani kuti maso a Namalenga sagona. ONE DAY IS ONE DAY.

  4. mr chimbwititi says:

    ingoululirati mphiyo anthu asanamphwitikulenso mbali inayo kuti akutuma amaiwa

  5. Mic says:

    Don’t run away from the thruth. These guys stole our money and must be punished. It is common thruth that JB was behind this. some fools are saying that prosecuting them will not benefit the country. Think properly and do ur research b4 saying that nonsense. So u want APM to perform when the gvt does nt hv cash due to cashgate?

  6. anakamodzi says:

    Zomvesa cison kwambr guys anthu Pano tikupwetekedwa ndi ndi misonkho, not just tax only…….ma bzness athu alowa pansi, wina Akungopita ku USA ngati ku toilet ndalama zake za cashgate zoooooona??????

  7. wawaruh says:

    monga ife anthu opanda ntchito kwa inu ogawa ndiwo pamene mphikawo simunasonkheze nawo ,tavomeleza kukhala chete kuwonelela zopusa izo mukupanga nthawi ifika zilango mulandila ngati sipansi pano kwa mulungu mukayaluka just keep on cheating us but u cant hide from your own shadow


  9. Sapitwa kakulanye says:

    The problem we have in Malawi is that most politicians, rich, powerful and connected people always want to get free services. They want to get everything for free. Please change and learn to get your wealth through genuine hard work not crooked means.

  10. All these you call leaders in Malawi are seated on looted money from the thief Muluzi to the rest.Was Peter rich when he came from the states after spending almost 40yrs?No.People in Malawi join politics to help themselves not the ordinary povos who scrapes for a living.These opportunists use gullible Malawians to win their votes from the same stolen funds.These winding cases of the cashgates and the rest do not take Malawi anywhere.His fallen Brother Bingu became rich overnight in his old age without even enjoying the looted funds.Even this woman you call JB is another useless person.She knew all what was happening in front of her eyes.His bespectacled potbellied son Roy was also involved in massive deals during his Mum short term leadership.They are no made self made people here in Malawi from hardworking.We lost respect for all these thieves some time back.The useless banks were also involved in these cashgate.They never questioned millions of money that were getting into peoples account for doing nothing.An average Malawian only thinks of stealing whenever he is working somewhere.There is no spirit of hardworking in Malawi.All these arguments you see with these fake politicians is because of money.There is no one who is clean here even Pitala who beneffited from his eccentric brothers rule.Its time Malawians demonstrated in the streets for this substandard living.The standard of living have gone so low.This docility of us Malawians is not taking us anywhere.There are only few people who are beneffiting from the corrupt crooked system.The mphwiyos,Senzani,Sithole and other cashgate thieves were living Hollywood lifestyles without their salaries muching their lifestyles while an ordinary Malawian was reeling in stinking poverty.To conclude Malawians do not love each other.What Malawians knows to be respected as bwanas.Akatero kumtima mbee.If our courts do not do us justice God will do something.These heartless thieves hv killed Malawi because of their senseless greediness.

  11. Zanga Phee says:

    Mbamva Zoopsa ndi a DPP 92 billion, ndikukazimangira manda rubish!

  12. sherry says:

    usaloze chala nzako kuti uyuso anapanga nawo ayi ngati wagwidwa iweyo tipange zaiweyo basi mbiri yayipitsa malawi kuti mpaka madona atitaye padzuwa ndi ya cashgate ya joice banda resime kaya za 92 billion mukuzidziwa ndi inu tiribe nazo umboni n wina wayankhula mwaumbuli kuti ‘tiyeni tipange focus kuti tiwachotse anthu muumphawi’ mesa solution ndikuthana ndi mbava za cashgatezi? dats da term we were given by da donaz.kupanda kuteri sitithandidwa tikhalabe muumphawi.zigwidwe basi shupiti ndalama kubedwa kma olo ndi nsewu omwe osapangidwako, n’gombe zitithandiza chani.?

  13. chatonda says:

    Where was MRA when this was happening? Why arresting them now than earlier? What were you waiting for?

  14. Kali says:

    Basitu big Fish uja amutchula. Koma Ali ndi phuma uyo watulusa statement. Ine ndinabweresa fuel zikugwilizana? Mfiti ya munthu inaphwa Bingu. Kumakauza azungu asamathandize dziko Lino kenako watuma Gotani Hara kwa a sing’anga ku Tanzania kuti aphe Bingu cholinga uzitibera. Stupid woman. Mulungu sanakalola mfiti yayikazi, wamandasi ntchito phokoso basi. Mchifukwa chake chipani chakomunazaza mabulutu

  15. Peter Mathanyula Wakuba says:

    Hehehe this is good news. Ena ake atengerepo phunziro

  16. TWELVE 12 says:

    Comment loading……. 92%

    had iknown sindikadapeleka msonkho guyz ndikumva kuwawa hevey ndalama zanga izi


  17. simulemba says:

    Many Malawians evade tax. Whats special with Mpwiyo? Honestly which political party has never stolen. I dare the ACB and othet so called law enforcement guys to probe the police. Am sure it wont happen. Dont forget that our surname is corruption.

  18. Moses maganga says:

    Much as we are on the edge to have known those behind the cash gate I find lutepo compliments as false?? How could we trust his say when he had lied before the court about his so called cash gate endvours.

    Of course it make sense to have noted that the so said lutepo has been behind the PP sponsorship it also gives a benefit of doubt to have noted the twist of his dancing tunes.

    Let one the state provide the cc to camera stipulating the cash giving to the state lady by then.

    Lutepo and the rest deserve stiff punishment.

  19. Zaziii,boma likukuvutani kuyendetsa apa nde mukuyesa ngat ndalama zomwe mungatenge kwa iwowa muyendetsera dziko for 5 yrs,ng’ooooo zakukanikani basi a Dpp,mbava ndinu nomwe.

  20. Ramsey Majiga says:

    Wasting time and resources, mupindulapo chani anthu akuvutika ndi umphawi, why cant you first seek for better solutions of the problems Malawi is facing?

  21. Iam stii waiting the arrest of former President JB bcz tatopa ndikuwonelera ma juniors akumangidwa , where are the Big fish yemwe amalemba ma cheaque

    1. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

      I am waiting for the arrest of Peter Mutharika for his involvement in the cashgate by the time his brother was a president and alive. Even now he has inherited billions of kwachas and millions of dollars. Look now Malawians are starving to death by this idiot dpp government!

    2. illiterate says:

      Also waiting for those involved on the 92 billion scam to be put behind bars

  22. JAYJAY says:

    kodi ndi mtundu wanji wa munthu ameneyo,phwiyo ,si mu Lomwe ameneyo, kunyasa nkhope ndi mtima womwe.MOB JUSTICE BASI AKATULUTSIDWA PA BELO.GALU ,CHITSIRU.

  23. JAYJAY says:

    chimangidwe chigalu chimenechi.aschipatsenso belo.mmene chimapelekera umboni ushootidwa ngati zenizeni.nkumanena kuti “am a hard working young guy and pippo are are jealousy of me.” zopusa basi.asatuluke ,akangoduluka pa belo ofunika mob justice ameneyo ndi mzake Lutepo.

  24. Old APM says:

    Abwana Mphwiyo amati akafuna kusangalala, kaya kumwa mowa, kaya kunyenga akazi, zonsezi amkwerera ndege nkukapanga pa joni nkubwerako same day. Koma pano la fouty lakwana aone mavuto omwe a Malawife tikukumana nawo kamba kakusimbwa kwaoko. Welcome to real Malawi abwana.

  25. bypartisan says:

    The three recently firedMDF Generals must now be feeling the heat! Shiraz Ferreira was untouchable, Lieutenant Colonel Nelson Kauwa is supposed to be arrested and handed over to Military Police to guard him koma ayi amponya mu Police Cell ngati mbava wamba! Ai anayambitsa ndi Chiziko kuponya ma senior officer ku Police Cell lero Odillo, Kafuwa ndi Msonthi ayembekezele kukaponyedwa mu police cell, mudazisiilira ndizi zakupezani! Nthawi ya General Maulana pamene President analamula kuti Col Njoloma amangidwe chifukwa choganizilidwa kuti amafuna kulanda boma asilikari anamumanga okha ndikumamulondera ku Officers Mess. Mmene anapezeka wolakwa ndi Court Martial pamodzi ndi High Court ndi pamene anamuchotsa ntchito ndikumpititsa ku Prison, sanagone mu Police Cell. MDF mwaononga malamulo nokha ndipo mukupwetekana nazo nokha!

  26. Babalu says:

    Kodi Mphwiyo ndi ena onse a cashgatewa, mmatulutsiranji pa belo? Ife a Malawi zikutiwawa kumaona anthu okubawa aku mashopa mma shoprite mu kudzadza trolley ndi ndalama zathu zamisonkho pamene eni akafe tikusaukira kugula ka buledi kenikenika! Shame

  27. YOKWIYA says:

    Bad timing for the arrests. The judiciary is on strike. Which court are you going to take them? Hope this will not cause problems regarding the 48 hour requirement. Of course you like taking in people on Fridays but will the judiciary have started work on Tuesday?

  28. getrude says:

    im toally comfused with cashgate alltogether…. lost for words

  29. Nganga! says:

    Where are the other guys arrested? Paul tatopa naye.

  30. Bantu says:

    So this man was fighting corruption by being the number 1 corrupt person and thief in the history of Malawi? I wonder what would have happened if PP had won the elections.

  31. Sosten Gwengwe says:

    Galu ameneyo awole mundende, matama too much

  32. Sindi says:

    The taxation act requires anyone who earns income, stolen or otherwise, to pay tax on such income. All who benefited from cashgate but never paid tax on the stolen money will face the same song.

  33. PHIRI says:


  34. Nachipati says:

    Anthu awa atizuza kwambiri anthu tikuvutika kamba kazigawenga zimenezi.
    Choncho boma likanaoda boko haram kuti athanenawo zilombo zimenezi

    Mwadya zochuluka anthu oipa inu

  35. Abiti Mtila says:

    What’s wrong with our judiciary system? Can we say we don’t have good prosecutors to put all the Cash gate suspects behind the bar? Where is Mrs Zangazanga a good woman prosecutor? Why can’t you look up all these thugs and recover our money? Malawi is crumbling because of these thieves! Come on Prosecutors/ Police/Judges! Convict all these and have our donors back!

  36. Civil servant says:


  37. ken says:

    very soon we will hear that he is free.Kwasala tizangowotcha tsopano

  38. Joseph Pakhosi says:

    Osamangoyimba nyimbo of Cashgate you must frozen their Bank accounts and take all their money and put in Government that’s why Donors are refusing to her us with Aid because of these Cashgate people.Its time to act time is running out.

  39. nhlanhla mzwakali says:

    and the courts are not functioning, you will face the music, idiot. its payback time!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. osuma says:

    No.3 iwe pamenepo a president akulakwa chiani pepempha thandizo. Iwe ndi mmodzi wa anthu amene mwakhala kudya ndalama za cashgate. Munthu wanzeru sangamapereke fundo zozizira ngati zakozo ai. Takhala tikunena kuti abale anu aja Lutepo akubvutika zinthu zoti sizawo ai. Look today uti chiani iwe mbuzi ngati iwe. Mphwiyo wakoyo ndiye wabvutitsa chuma cha dziko lino ndi manuyo, nonse mbuzi.

  41. abiti says:


  42. Francis Chaonaone says:

    pay back time …these guys should indeed payback or else rot in prison. The goverment should not grant any bail to many bails anyway? We suffered and it’s their turn to suffer…..kadauluka kadzatela……..kodi mungomamga Nelson basi? What about the signatories for the cheque which were given to a Nelson? When they were giving money to Nelson , what services were they paying for?

  43. tier 4 says:

    The problem he is now an easy target. Where were the police before? Remember, when he had the power they were busy protect him and his property. When have our MRA friends realised he has a case to answer? The truth of the matter is, there are many criminals walking free because they have protection. There is no justice in this land and unfortunately, donor r wise enough to tell genuine effort from politics. What we need is a system that doesn’t have sacred cows. There should b political will to ensure that the law is applicable anyone at anytime regardless of political affiliations or position in government.

  44. Mafikizolo says:

    Pa Shiraz pokhapo ndakondwera kwambiri . Anthu amenewa adya ndalama za boma la Malawi ngati tomato ndithu . When Mphwiyo is finally convicted, please take the jail key, borrow a helicopter from somewhere, and throw the key into Lake Malawi . I don’t think many Malawians fully realise the exact damage these young boys, including Kasambara, have caused to this country .

  45. mbuya says:

    tiyeni nawo amenewa abweze basi nanga dzi ndalama zonsezi

  46. Antundile says:

    Welcome back home Paul. This is where you belong.

  47. tiziona says:

    zoona amenewa amangidwebasi,koma tiwonepothelakhani sizoti zithelem’malele

  48. kukukuki says:

    Mphwiyo koma ziyendapo apa game tembenu

  49. Chiletso says:

    We all know what this scumbug did he stole millions but you are failing to sentence him and then your president is busy begging for Aid . Disgraceful people the whole lot of you.

    1. l says:

      your ndekuti chani. u uncircumcised bastard. And you know its true. Kununkha.

  50. Asatulukenso ngati akufuna bail abweze ndalama zones zimene anaba apo ayi Avunde awolele kundende komweko Nyani, Fiti, Galu
    Kuyipa ngati chiphwisi chasatana

    1. zaya says:

      nkhani yake iti? mufa ndi mkwiyo ndi umphawi

  51. Giffy says:

    Mtendere ukusowani ndithu……eish!!!

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