BWB sorry for dry taps, restores water supply

Blantyre Water Board (BWB) has apologised to its consumers in and around Blantyre City for water outages.

Mateyu: BWB sorry for water outage

Mateyu: BWB sorry for water outage

BWB working on the burst pipes

BWB working on the burst pipes

Queen Central Hospital, one of Malawi’s referral hospitals, is failing to carry out surgical operations due dry taps  that have hit Blantyre hard.

The commercial city has at least gone for four days without running water, forcing the referral hospital to scale down clinical operations.

BWB public affairs officer Priscilla Mateyu  said the board regret very much the discomfort it caused and  attributed the problem to a burst main supply pipe from Walker’s Ferry near Makata Industrial Area.

Mateyu said the fault was fixed by 2pm on Thursday and that supply had been restored to over half of the city.

“Our main supply pipe that distributes water to various parts of Blantyre City townships from Walker’s Ferry to Nyambadwe burst on Tuesday night and our engineers had been working on it until Thursday. It has been fixed now and all areas that had been affected will start receiving water as has been the case. Only parts of Limbe will continue experiencing the water problem due to some other issues beyond our control,” she said.

Children’s Feeding Centre, which is under the Community of Sait Igidio in Machinjiri,  also failed to provided meals to children on Thursday due water problems.

The centre provide meals to orphans and children living with HIV/AIDS and some elderly persons in the area.

“We could not keep them (children) because we are unable to prepare food for them due to water problems. We don’t have water here; water tanks are empty, no drop in there,” said one of the officials (name withheld) at the centre

Meanwhile, affected Blantyre residents have been subjected to unsafe water as they have been seen drawing water from unsafe water sources at their disposal.

The  Queens hospital and most residents rely on BWB.

Mateyu conceded that the situation has worsen further with the drying of Mudi Dam.

This, Mateyu said, has resulted in stoppage of production from Mudi treatment plant, consequently resulting in reduction of the total production capacity by 10 percent.

She also said Blantyre residents will continue to experience water shortage  until January 2015.

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Hahahahahaha usova mateyu ndikamabwera ku holiday akhale madzi akutuluka wamva……..umangodzimva ubwana kamba ka ku matako kofiirako……tawona mabwana ife ma PAO thats why you are failling to give real reasons for water shortages mxiiiiiiii……….mbuzi ya munthu

Wayne Kazima

No excuse for having no water in MAlawi

This govt has become so incompetent that the publick is put under unbearable stress, no water, price increses, no forex. These people never even expected to be in govt. How does water situation deteriorate when their predecesors run the things without problems. They even lauched the rehab of the water system and were planning to complete by August this year. DPP comes in then everything is upside down. Never has this country experienced such. Imagine water from Shire is trekking down to the Zambezi and we are in such situation. How can Minister of Agriculture look after water which is… Read more »

Ndibwela kwanu konko ndizasambe!Shupiti!! Nawexo usiye kusamba wamv tifanane!Mil0m0 !Mxieew!




Koma apa ndiye chmene tikuwonapo ndi milomo yofiiratu….azimayi a ku Malawi put off the gear please.Its only ladies in Malawi who have the luxury of putting lipsticks on the mouths.Go to Zimbabwe,Botswana,Swaziland,Lesotho,South Africa…they don’t have that time…but you rubbish elephants.

M'Malawi weniweni

Ife tisamba sorry wakoyo? Ma bill akungobwera yet there has been no water from the taps for quite some months now. Should we just be paying meter rentals without water? Ndiye wina woduka mutu ali sorry? Stupid bitch! Umadya chiyani kukamwa kwakoko?


Stupid woman with huge red lips and rosy cheeks making us suffer with no water while she baths like a huge elephant at her house!!!


Mayi imeneyi milomo?

Shiraz Gani
Please sort out water in BCA there has been no water for over 2 weeks now even the fellow Malawians are suffering queuing and walking long distances in search of water. Water is a necessity but we in BCA hardly get water for some time it is now seeming that water for us is a luxury please can you assist. Also city assembly view the roads in BCA they are pathetic what do you do with the city rates you collect please Hon Mayor Chalamanda please do something fix roads street lights lets get our act together and make Malawi… Read more »

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