Mutharika appoints Voice Mhone as NGO Board CEO : CSOs warns against witch-hunting

Malawi President Peter Mutharika has appointed former Council for Non Governmental Organisations(CONGOMA) board Chair Voice Mhone as its Chief Executive Officer.

Voice Mhone:  CEO

Voice Mhone: CEO

In a statement signed by NGO board chair, Emily Banda, the appointment is with immediate effect.

This is in conformity of NGO Law section 5 subsections 19 (1) when it is said that the board shall appoint the Registrar who will be known as its Chief Executive Officer.

Mhone will be the first NGO board CEO since the organization was formed.

All along the Government has been designating or seconding a civil servant as a Registrar of the Board.

Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR) Executive Director Timothy Mambo, has congratulated Mhone for the appointment.

Mtambo has since advised Mhone to be independent in his execution of duties.

“Sometimes people dance to the tune of appointing authorities,” said Mtambo.

Mtambo said he is hoping that Mhone’s appointment will improve the relationship amongst government and NGOs.

Centre for Development of people (CEDEP) executive director, Gift Trapence, cautioned against the politicization of the office.

“It is our belief that Mr Voice Mhone will be professional. The challenge that professionals have had is to be non-partisan when appointed into such Government positions. Some quarters may look at the appointment as compensation after PAC rejected his appointment for the position of Ambassador in Germany. It is also important to note that the NGO Board has always been used as a political tool to silence CSOs leaders. That has been part of its history,” said Trapence.

Trapence said  NGO Board was formed to fight CSOs who were against the third term bid of Bakili Muluzi.

“It will be very difficult for Mr Voice Mhone to work against this historical political culture that is entrenched in the NGO Board. No wonder the Chair of the Board herself has demonstrated her political behaviours in running the affairs of the board,” said Trapence.

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26 thoughts on “Mutharika appoints Voice Mhone as NGO Board CEO : CSOs warns against witch-hunting”

  1. Kent Mphepo says:

    Countrymen, I am a member of this board. What has been portrayed in this story is not true. Unlike other statutory boards, the State President has no legal powers to appoint either board members or the CEO (i.e. Registrar) of the NGO Board of Malawi. For example, the current board was nominated during the CONGOMA AGM that took place at Lilongwe Hotel in October 2012. Unlike what happened in 2009 when the Bingu wa Mutharika government replaced names nominated during the CONGOMA AGM with political appointees, the Joyce Banda administration did not change this list but went ahead to confirm or appoint them according to the law. The Peter Mutharika government has, to the best of my knowledge, not interferred with the operations of the Board. The board advertised, Mr. Mhone applied, he was shortlisted, interviewed and appointed by the Board sitting in Lilongwe in May,2015. The law is clear on this matter.The press release is clear. May I request Malawians to observe the rule of law. Running NGOs that are not registered with a legally constituted regulatory body like the Ngo board must be a cause of concetn for all of us citizens. What are they running from? What ar ethey hiding? Kent Mphepo, Blantyre.

  2. Kent Y.G. Mphepo says:

    I am Kent Mphepo a member of the NGO Board of Malawi since 2012. I write in my unofficial capacity to straighten the record on the coming of Voice Mhone to the NGO Board of Malawi last month. It is plain from the NGO Act of 2001 that the Registrar of the Board shall appointed by the Board. The President has no powers to fill this position. Mr. Mhone applied for this position, shortlisted, interviewed and appointed by the Board – a group of Malawian local NGO player who were themselves openly nominated by the CONGOMA AGM at Lilongwe Hotel in October, 2012. Unlike the Bingu wa Mutharika government in 2009, the Joyce Banda Government did not change the names of people nominated by the NGOs during the Congoma AGM. What this means is that both the Board and the CEO are not political appointees like it happened in 2009. It is unfortunate therefore for respected men in the NGO sector to deliberately miss the point on the matter. Just to repeat: Mr. Mhone was not appointed by the State
    President. It was the Board sitting in Lilongwe that appointed Mr. Mhone. The Law is clear and the press release is also clear unless some people have decided to put both Mr. Nhone and the Board in bad light for personal reason. Malawians lets begin to cultiivate the culture of truthfulness, honesty
    and uprightness and rule of law. Registering our NGOs with Board, which is a regulator just
    like MACRA, MERA,

  3. Chancy Chisambi says:

    Congrats to my Cousin for the appointment. We need to go to Zowe to celebrate this weekend for this KKKKK!!

  4. Bangor says:

    Stupid appointment since Voice is but an empty head. Remember he is the same guy who gave Patricia Kaliati advocate Madises number for Kaliati to shout at Madise. Tithane nawe iwe ife alhomwe enipeni we are left behind and you are taken from nowhere.

  5. Israel says:

    The voice is now no more. Independence ‘kulibenso’. Kikikiki. . . .

  6. Ngwinde says:

    Experienced prifessionals should be brought in to silence them. Ampaka kale mafuta ameneyo azingonyambitira forgetting fighting for the good course of all Malawians. Yet to see more troubles, poti tazolowera.

  7. phodos says:

    Number 19, really the voice has been silenced.The country is quiet. A good number of them are busy kunyong’olera the big bans including those who voiced and reminded the big man that he has forgotten to silence him. kkkkkkkkkkkk Pamalawi.

  8. Bwanji says:

    The voice has been silenced………..Malawian politics at its best

  9. John Tomoka says:

    Zilibe tsogolo chifukwa popano zikhale mbali yina

  10. Bornface c Mwale says:


  11. First offender says:

    Amuhone nkhope ngati izeki wazisuzo uja

  12. zaluma says:

    Congrats ada Mhone. Do your job professionally. Forget Mtambo and Trepence the half-baked students and homosexual practitioners. kkkkkkkkkk. What they are saying is any indicator of jealousy. One of their associates told me that they are making noise together with Ntata for APM to recognise them. They are forgetting that APM is an intellectual who does not accommodate mpwepwa in the system. Zabwino zones achikulire ada Mhone.

  13. AMUNA BAWO says:

    Voiceless Chindere Mhone!!!

  14. boma lanthu says:

    Mr Gift Traapence read the press release in nation newspaer 13th July, 2015. nothing like appointment by HE. osatha mau mukamwa bamboo. The board that shall mean board members it is said in this release that it conducted an open recruitment process. do not politicize everything. The issue should be is he competent and professional. Nothing to do with Germany issue but efforts to bring sanity in the NGO community without being used by politicians. all sectors have regulatory bodies like medicines and poinsons board, MERA MACRA why too much against an NGO regulatory body. mubisa chani??

  15. Zondi says:

    Congrates Mr Mhone the experience you got from CONGOMA should help you….ammmm i know some will be worried the unregistered and arrogant NGOs welcome Mrs kwataine and MHEN

  16. Concerned citizen says:

    Mhone woyee! Mwana wa Mlomwe weniweni. Congluts! But be focus, wise, and couragous enough to meet and defeat those snakes in the bushes (CSOs) which are not accountable and are not ready to be registed.They only lost their track and start acting as if opposition political parties.They have no time other than painting Malawi with bad images in order to attrack more financial support from foreigners for their pockets.Shame to devil and his followers.

  17. Catch a Fire says:

    A Mhone, you spent your time in CSOs betraying your colleagues to the DPP and now you are DPP. sINKING SO LOW. tIWONA MMENE MUTHERE POTI YOU SAY YOU ARE FROM Mlhakho kingdom

  18. BISM says:

    Hmm,, we need a proper quote! If the NGO Law section 5 says, “The Board shall appoint the CEO,,,” how come the CEO is appointed by the Head of State??? Is the Head of State the board or part-thereof???

  19. Xeenoph says:

    That’s his end. He has been eaten up because he has eaten a big bUNN

  20. Xeenoph says:

    That’s his end. He is eaten up because he has eaten the big buNN

  21. Pacharo says:

    Silencing him?

  22. kambwali says:

    Mr mhorny has eaten banz

  23. Mathanyula says:

    Malawians must learn to tell the truth. Which Mutharika us this? This Govt dumped Voice.And a Gift Trapence pangani as mathanyula basi osalimbana with Chair. Ngati its jealousy then go and wipe her butt. Paja you are used and experienced. Feel sorry for you! The press release is clear!what wrong did Mutharika do to you that all the time you are attacking him! He will rule for 10 years mulira pyoooooo!

  24. MALOPA Jnr says:

    A Mhone aku Thyolo kkkkk chi ndere chakufikapo. Partsan civil righs campaigner

  25. Khuth'upa o'Machemba says:

    Mr Mhone must support the push by the government to have NGOs register according to the law. Transparency must be practiced by civil society, just as we expect the same from the government.
    Who do NGOs think they are? What makes them special, other than the fact that they are funded by foreigners, some of whom have questionable ulterior motives.
    The time to stop some NGO bosses from enriching themselves with the aid money is overdue. Moreover these bosses cannot claim to have worked hard for their money. No way.

  26. Moya says:

    Congrats leave a legacy as the first C.E.O koma mukathamangira kuti mumange yanu ku area 43 mupwetekeka ngati anthu ena aja…free advice.

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