Mutharika at night of prayers: ‘No fear, faith gives us courage’

Malawi President Peter Mutharika has called upon Malawians – home and abroad- to always respect the God-given laws that guide human society in line with various -if not all- religious beliefs.

Apostle Stanley Ndovi of Living Waters Church greets President Mutharika at the night of prayers

Apostle Stanley Ndovi of Living Waters Church greets President Mutharika at the night of prayers

President Mutharika and First Lady at Living Waters Church night of prayers on Friday

President Mutharika and First Lady at Living Waters Church night of prayers on Friday

He made the remarks on Friday night when he launched a marathon of night of prayers for Malawi organized by Living Waters International Church at Kamuzu Stadium in Blantyre.

Addressing thousands of Christians at the event – whose theme was ‘Fear of God , Foundation of a Prosperous Malawi’ – President Mutharika highlighted the need for the citizens to hold on to religious values in all endeavors.

“While we trust in God, let us remember our sense of duty and responsibility. This is the foundation of national building,” said Mutharika who was accompanied by First Lady.

“ Freedom without responsibility is nothing but anarchy. And there is no freedom without fear of limits; no freedom without accountability; because there is no freedom without responsibility. Let us be a responsible nation,” said the President.

He went further to discredit all demonic machinations against the institutions of the state and the population in general.

“Sometimes, we are tempted to fear evil because we are engaged in a war between good and evil. We cannot fear those fallen angels whose agenda is nothing but to destroy everything we build.

“Many of us fear terror that is slaughtering innocent children, mothers and fathers all over the world. Many of us fear climate change and fear for our survival. When our crop fails, we fear for our lives, and fear for our future. But every challenge only demands our sense of duty for us to prevail,” said he.

President Mutharika added: “Our trust in God must assure us that we shall always prosper when we define our goals and pursue them. With God, we will prevail. I know that sometimes we fear things we shouldn’t fear.”

As a God-fearing leader, President Mutharika testified how faith in God has seen him through tough times both as a person and leader of a country.

“For me, and I know so for many of you, faith is the cure against fear. Very often, it takes faith to step out of demanding situations. Faith gives us courage. It takes wisdom to choose the right decisions; courage to do what is right; and faith to keep the right decisions we make.

“As for me, my life has a good story to tell. A story that increases my trust in God! I have suffered personal tragedies in my life. I have suffered political persecution and public humiliation. But being a leader means rising above our personal needs to focus on the goals and needs of those we serve. Love for others conquers fear,” he said.

The petitions at the prayers centred on critical issues like the spiritual values of Malawians, economy, love for humanity and nature among other areas.

Ndovi, in his sermon, likened Malawi to an ancient Jerusalem which was besieged by an all powerful Assyrian king who wanted to defeat it.

The Israel King Hezekia was helpless and fear gripped him and ordered the construction of a fortication which did not deter his enemy from attacking him.

It was until Hezekiah turned to Isaiah the prophet that tables turned as the prophet prayed to God who sent an angel who killed Assyrian soldiers and defeated the Assyrian King.

Ndovi therefore asked Mutharika to turn to religious people for divine intervention to deal with Malawi problems.

“Let all Malawians unite and become one so that God should bless us. Let us surround our president and pray for him,” said Ndovi.

Mutharika attended the prayers against a background of a widely claimed prophecy of his death by Nigerian ‘prophet’ Temitope Balugon (TB) Joshua.

Mutharika recently dubbed  Joshua of the Synagogue Church of All Nations, SCOAN, as a ‘fake man’, following an alleged prophecy that the Malawi leader would die.

The President did not say when or where Joshua made the latest prophesy, he however recalled that in 2012, the controversial Nigerian preacher reportedly predicted the death of Mutharika’s brother, Bingu, who was president at the time, and died within the predicted time frame, giving the said prophesy strong belief in Malawi.

“Let me tell you, Joshua… you will fail. What you did in 2012 will not happen again this year,” Mutharika said recently  in the capital Lilongwe

But government spokesman Jappie Mhango said Mutharika’s attendance at the Living Waters Church International-led prayers has “nothing to do with with TB Joshua  prophecy”.

Organising Chairperson of the event, Muusa Kaunda, said Mutharika was invited as the Head of State.

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38 thoughts on “Mutharika at night of prayers: ‘No fear, faith gives us courage’”

  1. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    this man and his bootleakers are bad leaders

  2. Bandawe says:

    We fear because our President said alibe pulobulemu when Malawians are despondent.

  3. Tukombo says:

    APM you need to repent or else the all nighter was in vain

  4. Kadakwiza says:

    Our President speech at night of prayers is touching, so we as Malawians, don’t have to fear even if the kwacha goes down to K1,000 to US dollar. We don’t have to fear even if K577 Billion is stolen. We don’t have to fear even if people are killed for body parts, so don’t have to fear even if we have only one meal at our public hospitals, so we don’t have to fear even if we are jobless. We don’t have to fear even if the donors have stopped supporting our country. We fear because we are hungry, we are unemployed we fear because we have got no hope. We fear because we are hacked by pangas at political party rallies. We ask our president to give us hope. Otherwise we are afraid.

  5. Chambe says:

    This prayer vigil was for the nation and not entirely for the President. That’s why it was performed at a public Stadium instead of the Presidential Residence.
    If all the people in the world obeyed God and loved one another as they loved themselves, our problems could have been negligible. Ceaseless Prayer is the only way to go!

  6. Winston Msowoya says:

    Malawians,why are you so easily bamboozled by your leaders?Do you believe that God would listen to Muthalika’s prayers? Banda as we were told he was a Church Elder,but he became one of the ungodly leaders Africa had ever seen,throwing innocent citizens into the Shire River for crocodiles’lunch and breakfast.You had seen Mathanyula’s brother Bingu looting government funds for his own greedy ends while our people are struggling to survive and yes,you are now engulfed in CASHGATE SCANDAL involving KWACHA 577billion and yet,he is rigidly unrepentant.Does God forgive such people? Malawians are now facing ascetic shortage of food and the leader doesn’t care a dame,is this Christianity? Indeed,Muthalika’s actions are directly opposite to God’s wishes and this is identical to blasphemy.

  7. mubulundi says:

    Why we malawians like organising prayers whenever we sees problems coming ahead ov us?

  8. Charo chiwawa says:

    How about Malawi missing EU deadline of March 31st for budgetary support. What are you doing about that? We need more than an all night prayer vigil Mr President, you need to work your ass off.

  9. major says:



    LETS WAIT AND SEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Dwambazi says:

    Munthu owopa Mulungu amaoneka ndi ntchito zake. Izi ndizibwana ndithu

  11. changa chako says:

    zako izo ife zisatikhuze

  12. Chola says:

    Faith without action z dead

  13. Lupwito says:

    Afabe by the end of this month aona. Fokofu zake..

  14. Truth says:

    Peter Mutharika says he was persecuted. Nobody persecuted him. He was arrested for trying to subert the constitutional order. If his calls for patriotism are he needs to address the serious economic problems affecting Malawians since he became president in May 2014. If his prayers are to be heard by god let him bring to book the killers of Njaunju and Chasowa. He needs to stop making public appointments on the basis of tribe. And the K577 billion that cannot be reconciled during the rule of his brother Bingu wa Mutharika.

  15. muckracker2 says:

    Mr. President,
    We are going into right direction. The power of God is much better than the satanic demons that have been unleashed by the devil.
    Pray unceasingly and pray for God’s wisdom to take us out of this situation we are in.

  16. samuel says:

    talandilitsani anthuwo Yesu osangopemphera pali ndondomeko yache

  17. santana says:

    Look here number 9, za Roberto: APM asked one question to the so called man of God as well as people like you; where was God when his money-making hotel was falling? Why did not the good Lord told him that he should evacuate the customers from his hotel because there was that accident coming? Those 116 people were somebody’s uncle, aunt, brother and sisters. Some were bread earners for their families but they are not with us today because the man of God did not prophesy the impending accident. We should ask ourselves why God can visit him to prophesy many far away accidents and not tell him the accident in his own business house. This is what APM was asking about. Answer him and I for one would also like to know why God looked aside on this accident. Why should a prophesy of somebody’s tragedy be publicized as if it is a wedding? What interest has God have in these prophesies? We may not be wrong if we say these tragedies are just the machinations of the same prophets who really want to suck money from desperate people. But one day God will show what He really is. The falling of his house is one warning to this prophet that God is not a playing thing. APM needs an answer on the fall of this house of the prophet. Where was his God?

  18. Jokujoku says:

    What i can’t agree is that”There were thousands and thousands of people at the stadium ” Aaaaaaah Ilo ndi bodza lowonekerathu! I saw on our TVM that it was just a handful of hundreds inhabitants and NOT likewise. Our good cameramen could have shown us if there were indeed multitudes of. Hhhhhmm lembani zoona abale!

  19. Gogodapamutru Chikalimba says:

    Tiyeni timulemekeze president wathu. Zinthu zikalakwika tiyankhule nayo mwaulemu

  20. Mukalira mutopa says:

    Nkhani yakula apa ndi nsanje ndi umphawi. Mapemphero anali bwino ngakhale muwafunse o pulezidenti o MCP. By the way, where was he? I think it was a good opportunity for him to combine forces with his former prayer fighters shouting to the Lord.

  21. chief says:

    If FAITH derives FEAR out, what can derive POVERTY out from our nation?

  22. Grant says:

    With God Everything Is Possible.May The Good Lord Continue To Guide You Mr President.

  23. Kamtedza Mwale says:

    Zina kambu zina leku – I have been a born again christian for many many years (over 30) here in Malawi. I have gone to many nights of prayers BUT HONESTLY THIS WAS A NIGHT OF PRAYER WITH A BIG DIFFERENCE ONE OF THE BEST EVER AND THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH NDALE. I am just a simple born again Christian who desire the Lord Jesus Christ and who prays for Malawi and Malawians. I left the stadium at 4.55am and people were still praising the Lord. To God alone be all the Glory.

  24. Mbili ya bakha says:

    U kawaditu osewu wasting taxpayers money. Kodi amafuna solo safuna kufa .za zii . and ndithu anthu nose kukaunjikana kumeneku dzul Lima kukapempherera ziwanda za joshwa?? Kkkkkkk brainwashed ndithu


    He is a paranoid leader. He went to the all night prayer just becoz of TB Joshua prophecy. The bona fide prophet’s prophecy was not referring to Mutharika and TB Joshua did not name any leader. The fact that his brother died after the prophecy compelled the leader to attend the prayers fearing probably this time is next for him to die.

  26. nixonmzakwacha says:

    Mr president,be free.Let them talk,thats a human being.What they need is ur chair.I repeat,u will be there up to 2024.I dont see anyone to lead malawh than u.No one is 100%.U have done many goods things in malawi,why dont them shoult in appreciation?Keep it up APM.Mzakwacha Nixon.+27731440799.Pretoria west.

  27. chipo says:

    we really need serious prayers. nanga doctors,nurses and all hospital staff not paid up to now, 2 apr? odwala safera mmacorridor a zipatala due to go slows by hospl staff?

  28. Aro, says:

    Mutharika was made a fool by his advisor on religious matters, he was supposed to listen to the prophesy first and then advise the president accordingly rather than allowing Pitala to shame himself by castigating Prophet TB Joshua on issues that do not concern him as an individual.

  29. tuvitwana says:

    Kkkkkk, we are in BIG problems as a country, we have no leader.

  30. Ze Roberto says:

    Prophecy ya TB Joshua yamtenthetsa mdala. Imfa ndiyoopsadi nthuni.Nanga anayamba wapangapo izi mkuluyi? Tidikire mpaka April 30. Nanga mwina ananeri muli nawo ku stadium ko ndi a Baal. kkkkkk kkkkkk


    This is what we must do as a nation. There is power in prayer. Our president keep it up!!! ziko lizipephera

  32. vendor says:

    za mulungu zilibe mpikisano. just worship God

  33. Enawa says:

    May the good lord God almighty bless; protect me; mutharika and mother Malawi

  34. Mark wa Kumbukani says:

    Bravo APM for the prayers. I am encouraged by your words that you shared. We need to set a day for national prayers as this can bring answers to our problems in Malawi. God bless and guide you.

  35. Palibechilripo apa says:

    He launched overnight prayers , it means he only launched not went for prayers , that’s why he is sitting on a red presidential chair together with his wife . His late brother the Late President Bingu Wa Munthalika went to pray with his fellow Cathoric Christians he never went to Church with a special red presidential chair , he sat on a bench just like every common Catholic Christian , if AMP wants to prove this he should one day go to St Patrick’s Cathoric Church in area 18 where his Vice President goes to pray every Sunday and whenever there are some functions he does not even come with a special chair marked for “Vice President Souls Chilima “. Whatever AMP has done for just launching an overnight prayer the Alminghty God Has not given APM any credit if He ment to give APM any point. When going to worship you don’t go to show the wealth or position which you have.

  36. ineyo says:

    Just one simple question to APM and his bunch of foolish advisors; if it was the same Madalitsi Mbewe who had prophesied and made the recommendations as TB Joshua did, would u have attended the prayers? I remember TB Joshua recommended for such events (praying for leaders in the designated southern Africa region). And I am pretty certain Madalitso mbewe has just done.

    Secondly, Jappie Mhango, know your boundaries of works. APM was invited as head of state yes! but to me it was all personal gains; it was not a government sponsored event therefore no need of your comments as govt spokesperson.
    ….Peter has advisors on religious matters who I feel are well placed to be making comments on such issues……kuphangira basi!…..

    It was the same fear that made u Mr president attend the night of prayers! fear of death…… remember what u said after the prophecy by TB Joshua. …. though he did not mention you as a subject of his prophecy fulfilment.

  37. magawagawa says:

    Keep it up mr. A.P.M. this is the only way that devil connot attack you. offcouse you can’t die as other people would like to. Ndovi and others are strong men of God. You know, life is in the hands God only.

  38. Wampingo says:

    osafuna Mulungu chifukwa cha mavuto okha. nthawi zonse muzimukumbuka. komanso mukayamba kynyoza atsogoleri amipingo yosiyanasiyana, mupita msanga inu!!!!!

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