Uladi says PP has no links with Prophet Bushiri

Peoples Party officials are rejecting claims from some quarters that Malawian billionaire prophet, Shepherd Bushiri is the major financier of the party activities.

Uladi Mussa:  Some of PP members belong to Bushiri church like some from DPP and MCP
Uladi Mussa: Some of PP members belong to Bushiri church like some from DPP and MCP

Acting PP president Uladi Mussa said the party has no political connection with Bushiri of the Enlighted Christian Gathering.

“As a party, we know him as a religious leader, he is a preacher and some of our members are members of his church,” said Mussa.

He said him as acting president, he has capacity to raise money for the party as well as the founder of the party Joyce Banda.

Mussa also said the 26 members of parliament who sit on Peoples Party benches in the 193 strong Hous help in fund raising.

Bushiri is apparently facing attacks from DPP government and its agents as they suspect that he may can run for presidency in 2019 elections.

But the South African based preacher has categorically said he is apolitical and has no presidential ambitions.

According to Bushiri, his church has membership of people from all walks of life and different political affiliations including the DPP, MCP, UDF, Aford  and PPM.

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Zamkutu phulamtenga
Zamkutu phulamtenga
8 years ago

Aishoshe ayione,madobadoba kundalenso ndi diudiu! Kumipingo ndiye nyatwa. Podyera jolo…. Mudwaliranji ndi 2019, malo molimbika chitukuko? makape mumandinyasa zedi. nthawi ino siyomamvera nsete zimenezi ife tikufuna chitukuko kuno.zankutu kukhuta eti.

8 years ago

We dont want people who have rummers of Satanic to stand as president here in Malawi. PP ,MCP AND OTHERS TAKE CARE.

God is not happy with where your connections come from.
Adzakuululani olo mubisale. Malawi is a God Fearing country.

Why Atsogoleri oopa mulungu amaskumana ndi ziphinjo akamalamulira ma term awo ku Malawi? Pamene atsogoleri a Maufumu ena sakumana ndi Mabvuto aulamuliro akamalamulira dziko lino.

Ngati inu muli mchristu palibe chifukwa chokhala membala wa MCP kapena PP. Thawaniko.
Azibusa enewa kumadabwa nawo. Muziyamba mwayang’ana mbiri zao. ndi ulamuliro wao.

666 yayandikira.

8 years ago

Why is the Government fighting Bushiri? What wrong has he done. The Government’s failure to improve the standards of lives in Malawi has got nothing to do with Prophet Bushiri. Noone in Malawi knows Bushiri as a politician. The government must not discredit people who have done nothing wrong. By the way if Bushiri would declare presidential candidacy, I would vote for him because he is rich and he wouldn’t steal from the government like our politicians do.

8 years ago

M’mtengo mopanda kanthu sagenda.

8 years ago

If Prophet Bushiri is a Malawian has every right to choose his political affiliation there is no section in the constitution that prevents him to do so. Only crazy or mad people will judge him so.

8 years ago

Even if he was funding pp, so wot??
Who FUNDS DPP? And 2019, he is standing as president, wa independent.

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