Mutharika Facebook page a fake: Malawi leader’s comments about fall disowned

The Facebook account of ‘His Excellency the Malawi President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika’ purporting to be that of the Head of State is a fake, Nyasa Times has learnt.

Mutharika: Imposter has created a  fake Facebook page about Malawi President

Mutharika: Imposter has created a fake Facebook page about Malawi President

This Facebook page is said to be a sham

This Facebook page is said to be a sham

The account has a post claiming to be President Mutharika’s comments on his much-publicised fall outside of Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe during a tree-planting ceremony last Friday , describing the incident as “nothing to worry about”.

But Nyasa Times independently verified with State House which disowned the comments not coming from Mutharika and also the page as bogus.

Nyasa Times learnt that the official Facebook page of the presidency is:

The Facebook page which posted comments about Mutharika’s fall is said to be put up by impostors claiming to speak on behalf of the man holding the highest office in the land and that investigations are being carried to track down the culprits.

State House warned users of social media to be cautious of a fake Facebook page being operated in Mutharika’s name.

Law scholar Sunduzwayo Madise had taken the comments about Mutharika on the Facebook page with a pinch of a salt suspecting it to be a sham.

Mutharika’s fall continues to be a hot subject of social media debate, with some saying there was nothing newsworthy about it as everyone has fallen at one time or another and argued that it showed he was human.

Others however, poked fun of his fall and the incident as embarrassing

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12 thoughts on “Mutharika Facebook page a fake: Malawi leader’s comments about fall disowned”

  1. artist f says:

    a Malawi ochedwa ndi worthless stories never seen-

  2. bamusi says:

    Its about time here. Pepani bwana

  3. Malaka says:

    We all fall but no cameras around. We all fall but bodyguards around.
    We all fall but no journalists to spread the news.
    We all fall cant make any news.
    The falling of our president is not a problem. It happens to every1 but it is surrounded by suspicious events.

    Some1 somewhere is not doing his job right to protect the dignity of our president.

    Things happening at Palace coming out instantly??? Thoz who defend the issue pay no attention to the fact that some1 or some pipo right close to the president arent doing well.

    We hear a lot of palace issues as if its a mere exposed home.

    We all fall but pipo dont know whats happening in our homes.
    We all fall but we stand on our own.
    We all fall but able to tell friends why we fell.
    We all fall but some fallings are bigger than other fallings.

  4. Pempho banda says:


  5. Waku Mulanje says:

    Palibepo Chachilendo Apa!! Nosense!!!!

  6. Nyovinyovi says:

    what leaves most of Malawians and non-malawians speculate about the heaith of APM is the fact that he failed to attend John Chilembwe’s memorial and the burial of Rose Chibambo. Now this falling down………. We are left in the dark. Who is to blame here?

  7. Ha zina ukaona! says:

    Takhala mu umbuli nthwi yayitali

  8. Kaitano says:


  9. baggio says:

    Mai Malawi

  10. JB says:

    pliz a Malawi , iyi sinkhani, munthu aliyense amatha kuterela kugwa. Mind u APM is not God he is human just just like u

  11. ngwazi Njoloma says:

    every one falls but not everyone is the president of Malawi. The people are interested in his fall not because he is Peter Mutharika but because He is Peter Mutharika the leader of the Peoples Republic of Malawi. Period.

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