Mutharika given new aide de camp: Mukhito plays down State House shake-up

Malawi President Peter Mutharika has been assigned a new Aide-de-Camp (ADC). He is Lieutenant Colonel Gilfred Chafikana.

New ADC spotted behind President Peter Mutharika

New ADC spotted behind President Peter Mutharika

Chafikana has been assigned to State House after Lieutenant Colonel Fostino Gunda-Phiri was controversially removed from his position last week.

State House chief of staff, Peter Mukhito, confirmed that the President has the new ADC.

He called the change if guard on ADC as “not strange within the system.”

Mukhito, the former police chief who once worked at State House as presidential guard commander for late president Bingu wa Mutharika, told Capital Radio on Monday during Daybreak Malawi programme that the appointment of ADC is the prerogative of the Malawi Defence Force commander.

“This is a post occupied by the army officer and it is the Army Commander who has the responsibility to fill the post,” said Mukhito.

He played down on the controversial reason the ADC was removed at State House.

It was earlier reported by Nyasa Times that President’s Special Aide, Ben Phiri, made the order to have ADC removed after they crossed paths over the presidential diary.

Mukhito: Normal shake-up

Mukhito: Normal shake-up

The ADC is responsible for arranging appointments for the President and that there seems to have been disagreements between the two over who should or should not meet President Mutharika, according to sources.

Meanwhile, people commenting on Nyasa Times call for the review of Presidential security arrangement.

“This business of soldiers standing behind the President or carrying umbrellas is simply outdated,” commented one.

Mukhito also told Capital Radio that people should not read too much in the state residences shake-up which has seen a growing list of the President’s aides forced out of State House.

“There is completely nothing wrong with the change of staff ,” said Mukhito

Apart from Lieutenant Colonel Gunda-Phiri , others who have been redeployed from State House are former presidential press secretary Frederick Ndala, presidential secretary Hilda Chapola, personal assistant to the First Lady, Philomena Kasambwe, deputy guard commander a Mr. Chikhungu and second deputy guard commander a Mr. Kabambe out of State House.

The President’s guard commander Duncan Mwapasa is also out of State House after being appointed as Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of Malawi Police Service.

Mukhito said “some of the changes that are made are quite reasonable.”

He cited the redeployment of 46 drivers to PVHO said State House has 85 drivers from a fleet of 40 vehicles and said the number of drivers was excessive.

Mukhito said it not correct to say some of the decision are done without the knowledge of the President.

“There is no way when a decision can be made without that the knowledge of the Head of State,” Mukhito said.

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39 thoughts on “Mutharika given new aide de camp: Mukhito plays down State House shake-up”

  1. Ameneyo ndiye Malawi ndi mziwa ine kodi tidzasintha kuti kodimkamachita zinthu mumaganiza kuti zibalanji? Kulibe dziko limene limalamulidwa mwachibwana ngati la Malawi. Ndidziko limene ngakhale litakhala miyala yonse yamtengo wapatali silingatukuke chifukwa chachibwana….where is stability in our country?leaders are just working for them selves and relatives……. My shameless leaders…..

  2. Cymru says:

    Tsiku la Mowa, thank you for analyzing my comment as very foolish. But even if the money used is from taxpayers, are you sure you are able to dictate how the money could be used at state house? I don’t think so. My arguments are based on facts that even if you cry, vomit foul language and what have you, nothing will change. You cannot influence anything, check your level of importance and influence on this matter then you shall agree with me. Even if you pay tax but it is rare that you can dictate how that tax is to be used. You can make suggestions but its up to the authorities to take or leave such suggestions. Its a reality of life. Re-allocation of staff, I don’t think has anything to do with managing affairs at State House prudently. Don’t mix up issues. I believe the president can only fire somebody if that person is not performing to his satisfaction not that people don’t like the person or the person is becoming more powerful like the past examples you are quoting. Even if the sitting president and his aides are temporary tenants and using taxpayers money, they are human beings and have their rights and wants like every body else. In 2019 any president elected and aides shall likely change who to stay and work with at state house. There is nothing wrong with that. As citizens we cannot choose who should work at state house, there are people entrusted with that responsibilities.

  3. nyabake says:

    Ndimomwe zimakhalira dziko likamalamulidwa.ndiagalu president amangovomera ndikulandirazilizonse

  4. Munthuwamba says:

    Look, it’s not like he is an entirely new ADC. This ADC was deputising the one who has been shown the exit door. Please check your facts correctly.

  5. pasimaro says:

    Hehedeeeee!!!uluuuuu! Ku siteti house kwaphweka mmmmmm…..mpaka amenewo?????

  6. M'Malawi weniweni says:

    Kupusa Peter! Kaya Ben Phiri amamuopa chiyani? Ndiyetu wakutola ngati nsabwe as he can do as he pleases and the president does nothing.

  7. Nkhombokombo says:

    These changes are as usual but ADC is an appointment by the Army General and it sounds abit folly to be fired by some influence other than General himself. This demeaning the authority of the General. Next time you will be hearing worse stories if this tendancy should be tolerated to continue without being checked. ADC has the life of the Presido in his hands and the position should be treated as such. Learn from the past.

  8. Abiti Sipoko says:

    Anthuni mwaonjeza poking your noses in state house affairs its embarassing!. Pls mumati anthu ogwira kumeneko azikhalako mpaka muyaya if they do not comform ndibwino achoke abwerepo ena ntchito zaboma izi aliyense akhonza kugwira bola ngati ali oyenera kutero.

  9. Phodox says:

    Atumbuka mukhalira yomweyo. Aliyense asankhidwe, basi ndi Mlomwe. Oh no we are watching. True you are watching so what?

  10. ndadabwa says:

    nkhatabay yake iti. tha one is pure mulomwe.

  11. mtengo wagwa says:

    From what I heard from other corners, was that Ben was a very junior rank when he was in military. And because he is now Special Adviser to the President, he is taking advantage to ill-treat senior military officers. The President should look into this problem quickly otherwise the problem will not end. Country security falls under Military and Police. Mr Mukhito should look this issue seriously.

  12. ian says:

    Yes chafikana is from nkhatabay, likoma precisely. I know him and is a good man.

  13. tattooman says:

    Kadakwiza, ukufuna uname chiyani apa? Chafikana is a name from Phalombe and not Nkhatabay, you cant find such names in Usisya, Tukombo, Chintheche etc. He is purely Mulakho.

  14. Dr. Vxorexalho says:

    asiyeni ndi nthawi yawo, ifenso yathu idzakwana tidzakakhala a prof. Mudzaziwonanso.

  15. Kadakwiza says:

    At least this time they got it right. As far as I know, Mr. Chafikana is from Nkhata Bay and not from lomwe belt.

  16. Cymru says:

    Leave issues of State House to State House. You can comment whatever but believe me that will never influence anything because what the occupiers of state house want or wish to see is their business. Any where on planet, issues of state house are confidential and actually when a president leaves office, most staff at any state house also leave. Mind you it is state house and who wishes to stay in a house with people who do not conform to the discipline agreed in the house. It is only in Malawi, where people poke their noses in state house issues due to lack of better things to keep us busy. Others are hating certain individuals close to the president as having influence, why should that concern you as if the services are rendered to you?

    1. Tsiku la Mowa says:

      This is a very foolish comment. The State House is funded by us the taxpayers, therefore the goings on there are a matter of concern to us. This is true in all democracies. APM is just a temporary tenant; he (and his aides) is (are) supposed to manage the affairs of that house in a prudent manner.

      This Ben Phiri reminds of KZN in Bingu’s first term – he was so drunk with newly found power and thought that he was too close to Bingu to be fired. His nickname in those heady days was ‘The Prime Minister’. Then the unthinkable happened – Bingu got tired of his antics and fired him!

    2. ujeni says:

      Forseki, are these people paid from Mutharikas pocket money?

  17. John saizi says:

    a MALAWI nsanje basi!!!! Chafikana is capable boy, smart, polite and efficient. He pomwa APM analwa pa mpando 9 months , why all this noise. Some of the sentiments zikuchokera kwa disgruntled wives of officers

  18. chims says:

    off course Ben Phiri is the VP of Malawi. or am i being treasonous? the man wields too much power that’s why some people wanted to do away with him last year.but he should remember there were others there and a day is coming.check me.

  19. mwiithotho says:

    As long as the ADC is fully qualified, chakuvutani ndi chani akhalupa inu. Had you won the elections you would have had your defunct ‘Youth Leaguers’ back to town. Anthu opanda pake




  21. pasimaro says:

    This Chafikana guy, I know him too well. He is Anna Kachikhos brother, walowelako ndale za DPP kumeneko. Akuona ngati ife sitikudziwa shupit. He is very slow,ngakhale ku ofc ntchito imamuvuta. Tikukuonanitu ohoo
    ..mutipeza posachedwa pitala wanuyo akatisiya april uno. Blood fools. Anyani

  22. Jihad John says:

    No one above God and Jesus. Play your games right mudzawona chidameta Bingu mpala. Sikaletu.

  23. mbuyun says:

    Mukhito wil be my state house chief of staff when i will be president .

  24. Andre says:


  25. kalonga stambuli says:

    Chafikana, milakho yokhayokha ya mu Phalombe iyi. Shupiti. Tikukuwonanitu. Dyeranitu God is watching!

  26. john mzunguwalira says:

    Ambale Zikhale Ngoma amateronso ndi malemu Bingu. Tione mene a John Phiri zithere

  27. chilinde guy says:

    my fear is this guy called Gilfred akwanitsa ntchitoyi I remember one time he was ADC to the late Deputy Army General and was removed because of in competence. The guy is dull even General Maulana knows it. Talking of his family the wife is one of the Mzuzu prostitutes and least but not last Malawi lets pray kuti this chafikana guy asawaponyele mankhwala a first lady Getrude Munthalika kuti aunt ake a kachinkho akalowe kumpanda. When he was in zomba the wife confided in her group of friends that APM wants to marry their aunt Anne Kachikho

  28. Thumbwiza says:

    He is capable that man.

  29. Mukhito dont cheat us on those issues there is more to it than the eye sees. Koma muvi oyang’anira umalasa mmaso.

  30. Shoeshine Phiri says:

    Wasn’t chafikana already at state house as deputy to Gundaphiri?…..I have met this fella at state house before……

  31. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Nkhani mwalakwitsa potchulamo ma driver kupita Ku PVHO. Sizikungwirizan.

    Tell us how strong is Ben Phiri and why is he only influencing wrong decisions. Is he drunk all throughout.?

  32. Truth says:

    The president can not remove Ben because he is the one who keeps the presidential charms.

  33. mwamusanga says:

    Manyi mwawene kkkkkkkkk

  34. Patriot says:

    Zachilomwe zimenezo, ziribe ntchito.

  35. Rodriguas Latata says:

    Unrealistic decisions from unstable, goalless people. Living in fear, fear of unknown. Self destructive tendancies.

  36. mulibwanji? says:

    Be ware of Ben Phiri…Am warning you DPP and particulary President APM. Your name is slowly damaged by this naughty boy. By the way,,,what does this guy do behind your sit. I thought that is supposed to be occupied by security personnel?? We are watching! We are watching !

    1. another thought says:

      I have always wondered about the same thing that what business does a presidential advisor have sitting between the ADC and Body guard, Ben Phiri is the REAL VP in Malawi not Saulosi

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