Mutharika, Goodall in mudslinging podium politics

President Peter Mutharika and his Finance minister on Monday engaged in mudslinging politics against the opposition, saying Malawi Congress Party  (MCP) failed to develop Malawi during its 31 year rule because it was busy suppressing dissent by throwing dissidents in crocodile infested rivers as food for the animals.

President Peter Mutharika speaks

President Peter Mutharika speaks

Speaking during the opening of Nkhata Bay District Hospital, Mutharika said within two years, the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) led government has fulfilled a number of its campaign promises and added new development projects.

“So what is the opposition saying? They have nothing to offer to you. What the MCP (Malawi Congress Party) knew was to throw dissidents in rivers as food for crocodiles. They were in power for 31 years but look at what they have done,” said Mutharika without giving evidence and stating how many were given to crocodiles as their meal and where.

The DPP under Bingu is also accused of killing Robert Chasowa, a Polytechnic student who was a political activist and the police killing of 20 people on July 20,2011 for participating in peaceful protests.

Mutharika described the 2016/17 K1.3 trillion budget as the best ever, saying it was pro-development.

“This is the best budget I have ever seen. Twenty five percent of the budget is developmental,” he said.

Finance minister Gondwe, on the other hand said Peoples Party officials were busy looting public resources instead of developing the country.

“We lent this government to them. We were lending them the government,  we briefed them on development projects they were to finish, but lol they came in to help themselves. We, the owners of the government are back now, we have kicked out those whom we lent,” said Gondwe in Tumbuka.

Gondwe also served in the PP government as Minister of Economic Planning.

The government function was highly politicised as most speakers, including DPP secretary general Ecklen Kudontoni mocked, demonised, insulted and humiliated the opposition whilst glorifying Mutharika and heaping praises on the DPP government fot its successes.

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16 thoughts on “Mutharika, Goodall in mudslinging podium politics”

  1. Walota Wagona says:

    I agree with Chingolopiyo 100%. Those who support MCP are toddlers. They don’t know what hell we went through during the reign of that dictator. May I ask, is it not possible to posthumously try somebody in a court of law? How I wish Kamuzu was tried by that court in Senegal, together with Joyce Banda so that Kamuzu gets a post humous life imprisonment but Joyce goes there to warm the cells while alive?

  2. Dwambazi says:

    Unbelievable!!! Can someone be the grown up in this administration pleeeeeese! ……..politics as usual! What a shame!

  3. Aubrey and Gloria says:

    I am totally at a loss, I don’t even know where to begin from. However, I will try to clarify a thing or two. The DPP led government is too economical with the truth to say the least. It is unfair to point a finger at MCP’s 31 year rule. Everyone will agree with me that during the MCP one party rule under the late Dr. Hastings Kamuzu Banda (RIP), the country’s grain reserves never ran dry, the state run Agricultural Development Market Corporation (ADMARC) was vibrant and never ran short of produce commodities. The health system never collapsed, there was no drug theft and shortages in our public health points. The country’s four referral hospitals were built during the MCP under the wise and dynamic rule of HKB. The education system was up to standards in our government institutions. The economy was ticking and the inflation and bank lending rates were low, conducive to investors. Under MCP there was no Cashgate, Jetgate, Embassygate, Tractorgate, etc. You may also wish to know that it is the MCP led government that established and constructed the University of Malawi. The M1 road was constructed by the original Ngwazi under the mighty MCP. There was law and order during the MCP regime as the country was founded under the four cornerstone of Unity, Obedience, Loyalty and Discipline. There was sense of ownership in whatever the government and the general public were doing unlike you DPP idiots. In this regard, I find it baffling to see the whole president on the podium busy castigating the MCP instead of just opening the hospital, after all it was not a party event but rather a government function. When will you begin drawing lines between party and government events? Why not just concentrating on tackling the social and economic hardships the country is going through? How long will we bid bye to cheap politics? Fotseki ZANU nkhalamba inu! Tatopa nanu zedi, kaya mufa liti? I think Regime change is what we need, the earlier the better.

    1. Chingolopiyo says:

      Aubrey and Gloria
      You must have been born in the multi-party era. You should be cheating toddlers. There was hunger during Kamuzu time time and not once but several times. However, Kamuzu never allowed dissent. There was only one newspaper belonging to congress party, the dailytimes/malawi news and ther was only one radio station belonging to government which was controlled by MCP. These could not publish hunger situations in the country and no one would dare publicize the hunger problems in the country lest they be turned into meat for crocodiles. In 1982, for example, there was unprecedented hunger problem in the country that people were dying on Admarc depots. In Zomba, near, community centre, 3 women dying of hunger at Admarc depots while waiting to purchase maize. So stop coming here yavi yavi lying to unsuspecting youths who have not leaved in the Kamuzu era that there was no hunger in Malawi.

  4. Mutharika knows me says:

    And by the way under Kamuzu donors never withheld aid, and every project had donors prepared to fund. You Mutharika and Gondwe have set Malawians who steal from the Treasury, or drugs or public resources also to join you in stealing. After all Bingu and you Peter stole billion. Dumbo!

    1. Chingolopiyo says:

      You are lying again. Either you never leaved in the Kamuzu era or your have just decided to economical with the truth. Everyone knows that Kamuzu bowed to pressure to have a referendum on multi-party democracy because donor pressurized him by withdrawing aid to Malawi. Unless you were born after the multi-party referendum you are supposed to know this simple fact. I have noted here that defenders of MCP have resorted to using lies to defend their party. Either they were born after the 1994 or they think Malawians are stupid and they easily forget.

    2. Samatero says:

      And Civil servants were paid on time

  5. Youna says:

    Is it true that MCP did nothing?! Please learn to tell people the truth Sir.

    1. Chimwene Jamali says:

      Is it true that DPP is doing nothing learn to say the truth

  6. Boko says:

    Malawi’s economy is worse under DPP. This party is the worst in Malawi’s history. It will never win again, and once kicked out of govt most of its leaders will be arrested for stealing govt money.

  7. Mutharika knows who I am says:

    Peter Mutharika and his DPP need to learn that:
    Kamuzu ensured that primary health care was available to all Malawians in hospitals which had medicines to give to patients, you Mutharika and your DPP are failing to do this.
    Kamuzu ensured thousands of Malawians were educated, and obtained high paying jobs in Malawi and neighbouring states, you Mutharika and your DPP have failed to sustain our university as a center of learning instead you kill students.
    Kamuzu ensured that Malawians grow enough food to feed themselves and did not starve you Mutharika and yoyr DPP used the fertilizer subsidy programme instead to corruptly acquire funds for you and your family..
    Kamuzu ensured that the like of Bingu and Peter Mutharika did not steal billions from the treasury.
    Kamuzu ensured that crooked Indians were deported and kept out of Malawi, you Mutharika work with Indians to steal billions.
    Kamuzu ensured an efficient Police Force and Army and Prison Services, you Mutharika have LOMWENISED the police, army and prisons services.
    ALL the above have failed Mutharika to provide or to sustain. Mutharika and DPP have reduced Malawians to killing ALBINOS and each other to sell as body parts.
    Mutharika your brother Bingu aspired to be like Kamuzu, Bingu praised Kamuzu and wanted to be known as Ngwazi.
    So shut up your big mouth because you are a thief. Those who steal drugs or public resources are only following the example that you and your brother set by stealing billions.

    1. Chingolopiyo says:

      You are lying through your teeth yet again. There was hunger during Kamuzu time only that people could not talk about it. People were dying of hunger right at Admarc depots. I gave elsewhere an example of women who died at Zomba Admarc depots while waiting to purchase maize.

      About the Army, police and nepotism these were worse under the Army, for example, Kamuzu made sure that only people from the central region were either Army commanders or deputies. The first Army commander was general Matewere from Zomba and his deputy was general nam wail from Mulanje. These were appointed because during the colonial rule these were the most highly ranked Malawians in the Army. When Kamuzu took over he had no choice but to pick these two individuals. However he ensured that he groomed soldiers from the central region to takeover. This is the reason nam wail was suspiciously retired just before Matewere retired in1978. When this happened Kamuzu appointed Khanga from Ntcheu whose promotions were fast-tracked by Kamuzu so that he takes over from Matewere. Kamuzu appointed Yohane from mchinji as Khanga’s deputy. After this all other army commanders during Kamuzu rule were only those that came from the central region. The situation was similar in the police. Kamwanja, from Zomba, became the first inspector general of police because he was the most visible senior police officer as we attained independence and Kamuzu had no choice but to appoint him as Army commander. After that he made sure all other inspector generals were from the central region I.e. the lunguzis from dedza, the nkhatas from Kasungu etc. again after kakhobwe all other chief principal secretaries were from the central region talk of the pashanes from mchinji, malewezis from ntchisi etc. when you talk of his cabinet the all powerful ministers again came from the central region. Talk of the muwalos, matenjes, gadamas, etc. you would not hear of an excessively powerful minister from the other regions. They all came from the central region.

      On killings Kamuzu era was worse. Talk of the thousands who were turned into food for crocodiles. Have you ever heard of ‘kupopa magazi at night during Kamuzu era? Hundreds of people died in their homes after some mysterious people went into their homes and ‘sucked’ blood from their bodies. When things became very tense in the country Kamuzu had to find scape goats for the murders. So don’t come here with quarter truths about Kamuzu. He was worse in almost everything that you can accuse the other politicians. As I said either you don’t know Kamuzu well or you were born after his rule and your parents never told you anything about Kamuzu and the MCP

      1. chidede chotendela says:

        Anzathu a Ngolopiyo. Ine ndadabwa di ndondomeko yanuyi. Koma kodi mukuti kuti a Inspector General Namasani adali a ku Central Region? ngati si choncho, nawonso was groomed by the colonialists? Mafunso ndi ambiri koma zoonadi ena dati ukanama sukuchedwa kucha!!. This is highly selective intelligence.

  8. koma Kumeneko says:

    outdated politics , cant work in the modern politics it only worked for Bakili but not now my grandfathers , just leave the politics to youth.

  9. Kanthu Ako says:

    What’s the point here?

    MCP does the same to DPP,
    PP does the same to DPP.,
    When opposition does it its not mudslinging?

    This is what they call “Chakomela mbuzi kugunda galu”

    All parties in Malawi are the same.

    Did MCP not throw people to crocodiles?

    Too much Hypocrisy in Malawi. When someone tell the truth, we do not like it.

    1. Honeycomb Chidyaudzu says:

      If there are any developements worth mentioning in this country they were done during Kamuzu and MCP’s rule. The 20 years of democracy has been a waste. Ndikutukwanana kokha ndi kuphana basi. Please learn to tell the truth

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