Mutharika makes Cabinet reorganisation: Ndau now Malawi govt spokesman,  cashgate ministers retained, new ministry created

Malawi President Peter Mutharika has  made  changes to his cabinet in what is billed as a cabinet reorganization to ensure service delivery and has created a new ministry of civic  education, culture and community development, naming Patricia Kaliati as portfolio holder.  Mutharika has also re-allocated some ministers.

Kaliati: No longer government spokesperson, head new ministry of civic education

Kaliati: No longer government spokesperson, head new ministry of civic education

Chiumia: Now minister of home affairs from sports and culture

Chiumia: Now minister of home affairs from sports and culture

Jappie: Moved from Home Affairs to Transport

Jappie: Moved from Home Affairs to Transport

New Minister of Information Malison Ndau with President Mutharika

New Minister of Information Malison Ndau with President Mutharika

Kaliati was previously Ministers of Information Minister, Civic Education and ICT developmen. But now the ministry is called Ministry of Information and Communication Technology which has gone to Malison Ndau.

Ndau now becomes the official government spokesman. He has been moved from  Transport  and Public works which has gone to Jappie Mhango  after he has been relocated from Home Affairs and Internal Security.

Grace Chiumia who was minister of sports and culture is now the new home affairs and internal security minister.

President Mutharika has merged Ministry of Sports and Youth with Ministry of Labour and Manpower Development in what will be now known as Ministry of Labour and Manpower Development  and Henry Musa is heading the ministry.

The President has maintained the rest of the portfolios and did not axe any minister in his lean 20 member cabinet.

The cabinet changes were announced by Chief Secretray to government George Mkondiwa.

He said the changes aim at enhancing service delivery in the public sector and drive the economic growth of the country.

President has also introduced a deputy minister at Home Affairs and Internal Security filled by Aggrey Masi who was appointed in April, Deputy Minister of Defence. His post has been filled by Vincent Ghambi, formerly Deputy Minister of Education, Science and Technology, a position that has since been scrapped off.

Mutharika last reshuffled his Cabinet in April this year when Allan Chiyembekeza, former Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development, was dropped.

This was the fifth reshuffle since the President assumed office in May 2014.

By maintaining the same faces in cabinet, President Mutharika will annoy the opposition lawmakers who has been accusing the Malawi leader for shielding cabinet ministers who have been implicated in a  K236 billion grand corruption scam.

But Mutharika has vehemently rejected the accusation, claiming he did not know names of the implicated ministers and that he could not sack his ministers as he did not have the names.

Outgoing British High Commissioner to Malawi, Michael Nevin, also bemoaned the higher levels of corruption in Malawi, exacerbated by a culture of impunity.

He told a local paper that the country’s rule of law could be permanently undermined by failure to bring to book those who break the law.

“The cancer of corruption is the most dangerous element that can undermine Malawi’s instability,” Nevin said, adding, “Corruption, fraud are not sufficiently challenged.”

President Mutharika publicly conceded that corruption was seen worsening in Malawi and his administration.

Besides the current corruption scandal, Malawi is yet to recover from another scam called Cashgate, in which at least  K24 billion of Malawian state funds was stolen by government officials in just six months between April and October 2013.

Below is the full list of the reorganized cabinet.

  1. President of the Republic of Malawi and Minister of Defence:
    His Excellency Prof. Arthur Peter Mutharika
    Vice President of the Republic of Malawi:
    Right Honorable Dr. Saulos Klaus Chilima
    3. Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development:
    Honourable Goodall Gondwe
    4. Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development:
    Honourable Dr. George Chaponda, M.P.
    5. Minister of Labour, Sports, Youth and Manpower Development:
    Honourable Henry Mussa, M.P.
    6. Minister of Civic Education, Culture and Community Development
    Honourable Patricia Kaliati, M.P.
    7. Minister of Gender, Children, Disability and Social Welfare:
    Honourable Dr. Jean Kalilani, M.P.
    8. Minister of Lands, Housing and Urban Development:
    Honourable Atupele Muluzi, M.P.
    9. Minister of Local Government and Rural Development:
    Honourable Kondwani Nankhumwa, M.P.
    10. Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation:
    Honourable Francis Kasaila, M.P.
    11. Minister of Natural Resources, Energy and Mining:
    Honourable Bright Msaka, SC
    12. Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism:
    Honourable Joseph Mwanamvekha, M.P.
    13. Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs:
    Honourable Samuel Tembenu, SC
    14. Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security:
    Honourable Grace Chiumia M.P.
    15. Minister of Information and Communication Technology
  2. Honourable Malison Ndau
    16. Minister of Health:
    Honourable Dr Peter Kumpalume, M.P.
    17. Minister of Education, Science and Technology:
    Honourable Dr Emmanuel Fabiano, M.P.
    18. Minister of Transport and Public Works:
    Honourable Jappie Mhango, M.P.
    19. Deputy Minister of Defence; Honourable Vincent Ghambi, M.P.
  3.   20. Deputy Minister of Home affairs and Internal Security:  Honourable Aggrey Massi, M.P
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23 thoughts on “Mutharika makes Cabinet reorganisation: Ndau now Malawi govt spokesman,  cashgate ministers retained, new ministry created”

  1. Eberechi Ogechi says:

    A bunch of idiots. Kuyambila che Dyumo mpaka ma wailers ake onse opepera

  2. Tadala Themba says:

    What ministerial portfolio is Claus Chilima holding? Bambo awa amandimvetsa chifundo – he is just a pendant!

  3. be humane says:

    Vuto lathu ndi loti kuMalawi kuno sakuwoneka wina amene angatilamulire bwino. Poyamba tinkaona ngati kubwera kwa Chakwera is ahope koma with time wationetsa kuti mmmmmmmmmmmm another silly barking dog, okuwa atathawira mnyumba. We are bound to repeat this problem in 2019. Cut my fingers

  4. Bubu Leze says:

    Why are you keeping Obama and Patricia Kaliati. Kukwanilitsa Gender Equality or chani? It show plainly that these two have nothing to do in the cabinet. Our President, are you sure what you call Obama can manage internal security. Be serious! You guys wherever you meet. Awaso apongozi anga akulimba just because she has that identity of Lomwe otherwise it is an empty tin. She only knows shouting. I mark you right the president to remove her from government spokesperson. What she was doing was just kulalata not kugwira ntchito. How can one each and every time shouting at journalists. “Ngati inu a Zodiak mwatumidwa”. “Mukufuna kutipheraso uyunso” A mature person at the same government spokesperson can not have such irritating remarks.

  5. BlackImage says:

    Same old assholes

  6. CHIKUTUMBWE says:


  7. CHIKUTUMBWE says:



  8. Lichenya says:

    (a) Ministry of civic education, culture and community development (Irrelevant because these elements can be departments in other ministries
    (b) Sports, youth, labour and manpower development (these could be departments within ministries of economic planning, especially if we are planning to commercialise sports and arts to create jobs)
    (c) Give Chilima the ministry of finance – goodall has been involved in both phases of cashgate. We as a country are dome with him.
    (d) We need a ministry that looks at wealth creation and investments (Give this to Ben Kalua at Chancellor College or mkwezalamba who is at world bank or IMF)
    (d) Give the agriculture ministry to someone reputable like MCP’s Jumbe.
    (e) Bright msaka is an experienced diplomat – give him the foreign ministry
    (f) Science and technology should be a ministry on its own (and that one could have a good scientist such as Ambali at Nepad, even Kumpalume)
    (g) Education should become Education and Training (that includes manpower development)
    (h) Create a ministry of acquisition of illegally acquired wealth (that should ensure that wealth invested by thieves outside the country is returned)
    (i) Internal security should have a retired military or police person

    Mr president, can’t you think like a PhD? There are people outside DPP who have a lot to offer this country, why are you thinking like a village headman?

    1. Gratitude says:

      You sound like a DPP member on the face of it. However, you are somehow rational. I am somewhat impressed. I don’t come across this kind of thinking easily. The other rational thinker that I have ever met is one DPP youth cadet who analyses matters as they are and is never carried by emotions. Keep it up.

  9. charo cha yehova says:

    malawi malawi malawi, my country which we should be expecting not to move forward for the next 5 years your killing things which was not suppose to be killed and promoting things which was not suppose to be there. people who dont think, leaders who are inconsiderate, selfish, the cabinet has been reshuffled to the worse, now no ministry of youth while we have a lot of youth in the country, our athletes continue to be a nightmare and your killing the sports again, i wonder what type of people has surrounded the president

  10. Charombanthu says:

    How do you expect a different result by doing the same thing? What is the rationale behind this shake up? I, for one, do not see any improvement henceforth. Same old story. One would have expected new faces for a change. Retain the performers and drop the dead wood…

  11. Nabetha says:

    Sports and labour are totally two different things. I tried to search the reasons behind this decision, unfortunately I don’t see any relevance here. Can someone justify the reason of combining these two. As a nation, we have a very serious problem, the big man is totally lost.

  12. The Analyst says:

    Kodi what wrong did Malawi do to deserve such leaders who always refuse to think?
    . . . Malawi has never been at wholesale-war with any country and does not intent to, as far as current data is concerned. Now, what’s more important in such an environment, than internal security?
    . . . Does APM know that internal security has a bearing on performance of the economy via foreign and/or domestic investments? Then why not take such matters [internal security] seriously?
    . . . Is it not a malpropos for APM to regard issues of internal security as “unimportant” as issues of sports? What does Grace Chiumia know about security, be it internal or otherwise?
    . . . Cant APM think that if an army officer [serving or retired] is appointed minister of internal security, coordination between him/her and the law enforcers would be enhanced? Since is one of their own?
    And besides some few faces, what happened to matching people’s skills and ministerial requirements?
    . . . Why, for instance; is George Chaponda [a lawyer] maintained as minister of Agriculture? So, there is no one in the whole Malawi with relevant agricultural skills to take up this post?
    . . . And can anyone be crazier than the one who combines sports and labour? Isnt labour about job creation and placements et cetera? What then has this to do with sports?
    . . . Is it hard to see that if Malawi presidents continue to be as chaotic hence appoint people into these ministerial posts just to fill up the vacancies, then we shall continue to wallow in untold misery.
    . . . Nanga, how different are these appointments from the ones we used to have [in the days of untold chaos] when we even had ministers without portfolio [minister oti alibe chochita]? e.g. Rudoviko Shati?
    . . . Wise up Malawi presidents! You are not helping or doing justice to this country!

    1. AG27GA says:

      I agree, I don’t trust Honourable Chiumia to handle the security portfolio well. That’s a critical portfolio to use for Political Appeasement, things like sports and culture can be use to reward people for political loyalty but Home Affairs you need someone who has actual knowledge of the job.

      1. chiza says:

        True, internal security needs someone with military background.

        1. Memory says:

          This is a reward to Obama for declaring APM life president

    2. charo cha yehova says:

      leaders who dont think, malawi ahhhh we have very panthetic leadership

    3. Kanthu Ako!! says:

      You may be right, I do not know, but the problem is, if we make up our minds that she can not do it, even before she starts, it will be very difficult to see her good work, because we are waiting for the failures.

      A minister is as good as the top civil servants in the ministry.

    4. mgezenge says:

      No she is very very courageous she will handle it very well pali chani apa Obama woooooyeeeeh

  13. NZIKA says:

    I see a number or red lights in this reshuffle
    1. The reshuffle is a sign of no confidence on PK who is in my view the main culprit in the reshuffle. The only thing that has saved her is the Lomwe flag and the “mid night” involvement otherwise the new ministry is just a diplomatic leniency tag on her head.It shows the media hasn’t had a replacement of Moses Kunkuyu yet as far as their meaningful interface with Government is concerned. I can quickly see Ndau fitting in little Kunkuyus shoes.

    2. The coming of Ndau to the government microphone is an attempt to face dress the undercurrents in Ntcheu regarding the political future of the VP. This is to tell the Ngonis of Ntcheu that their recognition and prominence in government is not on account of Chilima so should anything happen to Chilima, politically, there will be another prominent face from Ntcheu hence “No Ngonis No cry”.

    3. I see confusion between those holding the ministries of Local government and Rural Development and that of Civic education and Community Development mainly on the understanding of the roles of a RURAL developer and a COMMUNITY developer since we have ‘RURAL’ ‘COMMUNITIES’ that need development. Who will be responsible for the development of Rural Communities?

    Am out

  14. Chalo says:

    How I wish I was born in a different focused country. The Malawi stories can give you endless headaches.

    1. mang\'ina says:

      migrate, the world is big!

      1. triple C says:

        Useless president , PITALA I cry for my beloved malawi

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