Mutharika meets Zambia, Mozambique counterparts: Nsanje Inland Port now within arms length

The leaders of Malawi, Zambia and Mozambique have given the Shire-Zambezi Waterway project a boost when they agreed to expedite all the processes that have been hanging thereby delaying the realization of a project that was hatched by former leader Bingu wa Mutharika.

Successfull meeting: Mutharika, Lungu and Nyusi

Successfull meeting: Mutharika, Lungu and Nyusi

Malawian President Mutharika hosts Zambia and Mozambique leaders for talks

Malawian President Mutharika hosts Zambia and Mozambique leaders for talks

Malawi President Arthur Peter Mutharika, Fillipe Nyusi of Mozambique and Zambia’s Edgar Lungu told a joint news conference after their meeting that all outstanding issues on the much-touted project have been ironed out at the top level and what remains is implementation by various stakeholders.

The two visiting Presidents jetted into the country on Monday morning and held talks with Mutharika on issues that are currently affecting the collective population of the three

The waterway project has been high on Malawi government’s agenda as it is expected to transform the economy through reduced transport costs and other off-shoot business opportunities.

Zambia also stands to benefit through reduced importing costs because transporters will pick their goods from Nsanje Inland Port.

Over the years it has been Mozambique government that has been treading with caution on the issue in fear that it might lose on revenue it collects from its ports once Malawi and Zambia find an
alternative port.

However, their new President Nyusi has shown interest for the issue to be discussed earnestly with Malawi and Zambia in a bid to reach an amicable and workable resolution.

As such the high-level meeting sets on pace a new chapter of the discussions that had stalled for some years.

Communication from the Malawi Presidency indicates that the talks yielded what was expected.

“During our fruitful meeting we agreed to work hand in hand to make Nsanje Inland Port viable to enhance economic growth of this region,” said Mutharika.

The three leaders also discussed the rising number of Mozambicans entering Malawi due to political tension on the other side and  politics in their respective countries.

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29 thoughts on “Mutharika meets Zambia, Mozambique counterparts: Nsanje Inland Port now within arms length”

  1. Alex masano says:

    Thats a really good news to any resonable malawian,if zambezi water way was the main topic,i salute the president,hope it gonna cuts the transport costs to beira and maputu,bravo Peter,fullfill your brothers dreams,DPP woyeeeeee

  2. Masozi Mwenifumbo says:

    Thanks to Your Excellencies the Presidents of Malawi, Zambia, and Mozambique for such friendly developmental (and I should believe this next hot issue was also tackled) and peace discussions for the peaceful co-existence and symbiosis that all goodwill leaders and citizens of these countries should actively cherish and involve themselves in as we sojourn in the earth here.

    As peace and development-loving peoples, we continue to pray to the Almighty and Gracious Father, that wars should end speedily in Mozambique, and that the well-envisioned and articulated Nsanje inland port/ Waterway Project should now take its shape, with such continued-concerted efforts from all of us, the region, and beyond.

    God bless you, our Presidents!!!!!!!


  3. Watereka says:

    This is a good move, i for one support the initiative taken

  4. kk says:

    Mmalawi umbuli siudzathabe eti?
    munava kuti zoti President amakhala ndi mphavu yonse ngati mmene akuchitila Ibu wanuyu?
    This guy from Moz akapita kwaoko akakukmana ndi anthu akwao amene angakathe kuvomelezana naye kapena kutsutsana naye pa nkhani iyi mukunenayi.
    Kodi nthawi ya Bingu kunalibe President ku Moz? kikkkkk Nanga poti ozathuwa omadandaula nsomba zao, pano zinatha nsombazo mu ocean mo?
    Inu mukakamba za kupambana chisankho chifukwa cha doko, likavota ndi dokolo?
    Kumayendako koona agalu amichombo,Ndipo ngato Dokolo lingatheke child trafficking ifika pati?
    Nanga kuphedwa kwa albinos kufika pooo? nanga Edzi kumeneko ndi umbuli wathu tilinawou? Nanga Uchembele wati wana kumeneko ndiye zifika pota?
    Awa ndimafunso ena amene tikuyenela kudziwa sinanga tikukula kikkkkkkkk

  5. Phwisa says:

    But our opposition cant support this. The way I see Chakwera, Kabwila and Msowoya they will try to frustrate the move. See they have never supported Govt efforts on cashgate

  6. The voice says:

    bravo Mr the end of it all,all will be well.Our God is a living God.

  7. Nyanga Times says:

    I don’t believe this! I dont think it is true that they were discussing nsanje port. If that was the case, why now? Why today? And why Lungu and Nyusi coming to Malawi? Mmayesa nyani ndiye amayendera Phiri. Kapena otsegula mmimba amadikirira kaye anzake amutsegulire chitseko?

    I think this is a replica of Samora, Kaunda, Mugabe vs Kamuzu one day visit way back in the 80s to discuss Renamo! Kungoti we don’t have investigative journalists in Malawi.

    History is repeating itself here, period!

  8. the from the east says:

    It’s good to live in hope because hope attaches meaning to life. And for Malawians who live in perpetual penury hoping for a prosperous future that comes through Nsanje Inland port should indeed be glittering news worth our talk. But how many times have we heard good news about the future and that future has turned into vanity. When the privatization of state owned businesses started in the early/mid ’90s the UDF government promised Malawi a glorious future but today Malawians are worse off than when government owned business enterprises. Today we are excited with the news of Zambezi water way. Really! I personally believe that Malawi will prosper when she starts a journey of building a meritocractic society. There is just too much mediocrity in our society that fueled by our politics of destruction [ndale]

  9. sosholoza says:

    The issue of Nsanje Water way is good but the problem will be security. There will be a lot of security instability. We need to be careful.

  10. GONANI says:

    This is what we need to see. Well done to the three presidents.
    Transport has been making importing and exporting a nightmare for us. This is going to change everything. Well done, Mr President.

  11. Iwe aise Nsanje inland port, usaphyetse wanthu enawa mitima chifukwatu Bingu (rip) ndi Peter ndi ana a Mutharika. Ukumva? Sindinena zambiri koma kungoti Peter uyu Mulungu amusunge ndithu kuti 2019 ndidzamupatsenso vote yanga yachiwiri.

  12. Bande Brian,MBA,BAac says:

    I believe implementation of the project will be done soon and if the government implements shire river irrigation scheme,the two projects will work hand in hand.Malawi lets support gvt in its projects.One day we shall overcome.

  13. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    There are many people who are frothing at the mouth, when anything substantial seems to be developing these days, and giving Malawi a chance at real economic progress. These are people who can’t wait to see the government fail. And then fall; most satisfying to them would be when APM’s efforts flop, so they can say, “we told you so!” These development plans are NOT APM’s personal projects; they are Malawi’s. This statement should need to be made at all.
    So, let us all support projects like these, regardless of who initiated them, and regardless of which President is championing them. Because we all stand to benefit.

  14. Zenizeni says:

    We need to be realistic on this project. If at all it will be implemented it will be 10years from now. It is a very expensive project. At one point it was estimated by SADC to cost 500 million US Dollars and funding has not yet been secured. Secondly as this is a multimodal transport system as there will be a lot of offloading and loading of goods it is sheer exaggeration that transport costs will go down by 60%. In fact no one knows where this figure of 60% is coming from. Thirdly as goods will still pass through Mozambique Malawi will still remain a landlocked country. These are objective facts which experts in govt may be afraid to tell Peter Mutharika for fear of losing their jobs. My advice to Peter Mutharika is to focus on policies and measures to reverse the economic decline that is making the lives of the majority of ordinary Malawians very difficult since he became President in May 2014. More and more ordinary Malawians are failing to afford basic necessities of life due to the skyrocketing cost of living. In fact the so called lean cabinet of 20 has produced the worst economic outcome since May 2014 with the Kwacha declining to K700 from K450 and inflation skyrocketing to 24% from 16%.

    1. sd says:

      Being expensive project doesn’t mean its impossible 500million is just papers. If u assume it can take 10years to implement..Do u thnk thus 2much time?if it is as u say its no surprise thus typical of a black mans thnkng. Average black man long term plan is 6months. Wat a fuck!even sortng problems that R in Malawi can’t take a year. It need long term planning with vision just like the waterway project itself. OK?

  15. Roza Muroma says:

    Reminds me of the ‘launching’ when Bingu and Mugabe stood looking, waiting for a burge which never came.
    We should stop being arrogant, we need Moshko for this to materialise.

  16. Nsanje inland port says:

    Chakwera ndi mnzako wa pp kumva izi mnyero mmwamba ngati wakamwazi… kkkkkk Uziwanso We told u 2019 mkutali anything can turn around kkkk… ndiye olo chifufucho munthu wa misempha yokwanira mkumafuna APM achite resign.. kkkkkk….. mwalemba mmadzi minyero yamanu yawerenga….. Viva Nsanje inland port..

  17. Ze Roberto says:

    Truck owners in Mozambique are the ones to resist this. It’s the kind of the same mindset where Bakili Muluzi suffocated the railway transport in Malawi so that his truck business should flourish. Having that said, I still wonder as to what is more viable between rehabilitation of the already existing railway route and starting work on Shire-Zambezi waterways? Furthermore, imagine both options have come into operation, between water and railway transportation which one has more limited cargo carrying capacity than the other? I still believe it would be better if Malawi embarked on rehabilitation of the railway line.

  18. Nelson says:

    Shire-Zambezi WaterWay Project re-surfacing? Probably, the best good economic news I’ve heard since April, 2012. Way to Go Project! I thought it died with Bingu. Let me say this, I dont know what’s wrong with us or our neighbours. When we wanted to start the inland port project they disrupted it, politically. Though I am told that ‘wena wa mommuno, Mmalawi’ were behind that, but I will let that slide (insuficient intel). Malawi started thinking about drilling oil from Lake Malawi (an idea I so dislike *) our neighbours again disrupted, again and again! What are they so afraid of??? Or, is it that Malawi is holding its peace/kindness just too much to remember valuing its best interests first?

    *Oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, 2008 took developed countries-Oh! excuse me, it was supercountries, America and Queen land itself. The spillage took them how many months? And how about the environmental costs? Remember the 1000 unique species in Lake Malawi.

  19. Mzozodo says:

    Don’t forget the late Bingu was also given false hopes by Guebuza, I don’t trust these Mozambican leaders

  20. Kenkkk says:

    Zabweka, this moz president is not interested in the waterway project. If there were discussions on it, it was just a minor side issue more likely instigated by Peter.

    The real reason for the meeting of the three presidents is about fighting in moz and the influx of refugees.

    You can tell that this meeting is unusual. First it was never announced in advance that the three would meet in malawi to discuss the waterway. Second it came as a sudden or like any emergency meeting taking most people unawares when the two presidents started arriving in malawi almost simultaneously. You can’t have an emergency meeting of three presidents just to discuss a waterway but you can if you have an influx of refugees and fighting plus increasing international concerns.

  21. Mvula J. Mvula says:

    This is indeed a very good development. This will open a wider market for Malawi at competitive costs. Since I have heard it from President Nyusi, I would like to give this project my trust. I hope some greedy Malawians who ply the truck businesses will not back stab this brilliant project. You only need to look at the opening of routes to Zambia, Malawi and even Mozambique for one to begin dreaming in real colors.

  22. Wakwiya ndinfiti yosafunira dziko lake zabwino
    Kungotheka Inland Port imeneyi
    2019 kudzakhala landslide victory.
    Achakwera mukalambira pa bench u president simungawununkhe

  23. Themba la Mathemba says:

    good story worth sharing

  24. Zabweka says:

    Get the burges coming, start small then grow big. I hope this man from Mozambuque is honest is not treaking our Mtchona.

  25. Ngangi says:

    Tiziona zikatheka tipindula zedi

  26. Africa says:

    The proof is in the pudding. I will have to wait and see what will happens. I don’t see Mozambicans cooperating in this.

  27. Kenkkk says:

    Mozambique cannot lose any revenue if nsanje port is implemented. Nsanje port will still need the shire part in moz, the Zambezi in moz and the Indian Ocean port in moz, so moz will charge malawi for using its territories as usual. Nsanje port is not an alternative route because it still relies on Mozambique and can’t work without moz. So how can moz lose revenues from its ports or rivers?

  28. KUKHALA says:


Comments are closed.

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