Mutharika should not resign, ‘asova’!

I respectfully differ with furious calls from some sections of the civil society that APM – thus Arthur Peter Mutharika – Malawi Head of State, should step down.Loose cannon

The activists argue that Malawi cannot continue with a President who fails to bail out Malawians from numerous challenges including dwindling of health, education, water, power, and road networks services, scarcity of the Malawi Kwacha, skyrocketing prices of goods and services and a cloud of uncertainty over Farm Input Subsidy Program (FISP) in the agriculture sector among others.

I strongly believe that the President should hang in there.

And I only buy the line of argument by the CSO’s that challenges Mutharika to take charge of state affairs by fixing the social-economic turmoil the citizens are facing.

Yes APM got angry this other day when he was addressing a news conference, banging tables and went on ng’we, ng’we, ng’we lingua.

It was uncharacteristic of APM to be arrogant and talk about his wealth at the news conference.

Malawi is facing huge problems. Actually the country is in trouble and Mutharika says it himself that we are broke. Malawians need to see the President take part in austerity and not boasting that he can’t stop travelling in jet because it befits the presidency.

Malawians want a President who will share their suffering.

Has APM crossed the line like his brother late Bingu wa Mutharika to deserve resignation as CSOs are demanding?

I think not. He should be calm in face of crisis, as a proper captain of a ship is supposed to behave.

If I were APM, I would hire a proper communication team. The UN debacle was about failure of communication and that failure is still there despite the disastrous news conference which did nothing to put the matter to rest.

Malawians do not have the list of those who travelled to UN. The President waved a list but it was not given to the journalists who gathered.

There are also positives to look at the news conference. A change from a culture of presidential press rallies where party zealots outnumbered and intimidated the scribes. Still, more need to be done to ensure journalists are given ample time and ‘freedom’ to grill our leader.

And President Mutharika has sworn his commitment and leadership in the struggle to end corruption – a campaign essential to the future well-being of the country. Like charity, political morality begins at home – and it never comes easily. APM should ensure to be on top of his game to crackdown on wrongful self-enrichment within the rank and file of his administration other than selective prosecution targeting at political competitors and amnesty to corrupt fat cats in blue camp.

I encourage the CSO’s and my media colleagues to continue the watchdog role and the opposition to ensure active checks and balances.

Mutharika should not go, he should fix the problems , roll out his manifesto pledges and let’s judge him at the end of his term.

I look forward to three more years of governing of Mutharika. As for the crippling economic crisis the country faces, asova!

“I will not pursue trickle-down economics, but will implement bottom-up economics aimed at getting the poor out of poverty into prosperity.” –President Peter Mutharika

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59 thoughts on “Mutharika should not resign, ‘asova’!”

  1. Zodabwits says:

    A Malawi wachuluka ndi stanic no president or any human being is 100%. Even King Solomon or his father King David had his own mistakes. What do you want Malawians. Father, send your warrior angels of Michales group and fight for our president. let the angel of deliverance deliver Malawi yes!

  2. jackson j says:

    its matter of time am stll pray untill God reveal smethng to dis country,, azandiuza zifukwazomwe zinthu zina zimapangika mosamveseseka to our lovery country

  3. Dr gabriel mugabe says:

    Ana aku Poly mpaka pano ndalama simudawapatse akapanga maDemo muziti akulakwa….shupit!

  4. gibbbbbbo says:

    tisova ngati mmene munasovera inuyo……………..mind u sitonse amene tikumva kukoma, ngat zanu zili bwino just thank God………

  5. MaKopa says:

    Shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa stupid man

  6. His Excellency the Life President Wolemekezeka Mkango Lion Chivomorezi Chisokonezo Manthakanjenjemereza says:

    Amwene a Pitala ndi dawavotera. Koma ndidakadziwa?

  7. edna says:

    Guyz lachuluka ndi dyela ife president wathu ndi Peter pls leave him alone musamuphenso ndimaganizo ngati Brother wake uja mwamva. Amalawi samayamuka mukufuna chiani? You mean to say all the President are failiers no no no this too much munthu akamalamulira basi zifukwa zifukwa,Bakili anali woyipa,Bingu anali woyipa,Amayi anali woyipa pano ndi Peter woyipa this Nation really needs deliverance no wonder wolembe nyimbo yafuko lathu uja anayikapo nsanje i think anationadi Ambuye Atithandize zedi m’malo mothandizana timakhala busy pulling our friends down busy cheking mistakes ayi Bonke abweledi this is not normal God should intervine, even anthu Amulungu wina Mulungu akamamugwilitsa ntchito amzakewo amvekele ndiwasanic Mulungu yendelani dziko lathuli mwapadedela ayi pali bvuto ndithu. May God help us and help our Presedent is God who choses people into positions and ther’s always one President at a time inde munthuyi analakwitsa koma pamenepa palibe nkhani kumangoikoka ayi chonde Amalawi.

  8. Sir Bentby says:

    This author is too smart, he use positive heading, but the story body is full of criticisms,thus we call creativeness, this president (Ayobe peter muthalika)is indeed lacking some sense of readership skills, hw can he use ,ng’we,ng’we,ng’we,ng’we,lingue and bang tables infront of his people. This president need to change,or else should go kwa ATATE as his brother did

  9. Captain Mediocrity says:

    I would like to take this time to add that news sites like nyasatimes need to refrain from publishing sensationalised stories and should stick to reporting on facts and also use disclaimers where information is not verified.

    Another thing is the nonsense that is spewed about elections being rigged. I CHALLENGE MALAWIANS TO READ AND FIND REPORTS ON THE INTERNET (AS THEY ARE READILY AVAILABLE) ON THE 2014 TRIPARTITE ELECTIONS. Why must we only rely on what has been written by groups of people who may very well have their own agendas to advance. The biggest shame to Malawi today is the inability of its citizens to want to seek the truth through their own initiative. From the EU report it states “that it is improbable that there was rigging because the irregularities/anomolies that were observed were too random, with no pattern and no clear beneficiary to the said irregularities”. In essence that rigging is highly unlikely. FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO BELIEVE I MUST BE A BOOTLICKER OR SOMETHING, GO ON GOOGLESEARCH AND TYPE IN “European Union EOM Malawi Final Report 2014”, AND THEN REEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAD IT!!!!!

  10. Khodoba says:

    No. 41 / Dominic you are so stupid how dare u say Kazako is from the centre? Just because you hate people from the centre should not blind you. You are dull you are dull full stop. You have failed to run govt and capable people like Chakwera shud take over. Malawi requires serious level-headed patriotic people at the helm of its affairs. God help us

  11. Yoswa Kaungazi says:

    Why do we need people or Leaders to resign before their term is finished. Us Malawians are somehow to good. We elect a leader and think that the problems we have can came to an end as fast as the leader starts his term. That is not good at all why can’t we give them chance and ideas on how can they make the change we want. That is said in giving facts, we must not forget that only facts can convince.

    In my on point of view other questions are not that intelligent, for instance asking the president with whom did you travel to the UN meeting in the USA. to me this is a stupid question because we all know that the president does not travel alone. He either travels with the Minister of foreign affairs and other government staffs such as his wife the first lady and others as recomendaded by his faithful assesories that is the way all Leaders are organized.
    Let the president and observe his works by refering him back to his manifesto because we voted for the manifesto. So the manifesto is not a one day work to be fulfilled in one day it need time. So please anzanga amalawi tieni tithandizane naye kuti zimene tinavotera zichitike.

  12. Kanyimbi says:

    If APM wants to make a name in the history of Malawi then this is the time. Fix the problems and then he will be a hero. By the way we Malawians need to know the policies that will help us to move out of these troubles. May APM learn from Zambia, Mozambique etc to learn why their economy is progressing not that of Malawi.

  13. Mapwevupwevu says:

    Kodi who chooses these stupid so called CSO leaders?

  14. Kenneth Bwanali says:

    I agree with Thom. There is no need for APM to resign. Those that are demanding for his resignation are doing so not for the good of the nation but because they are working for a certain political party in opposition whose interest is nothing but to frustrate the rulling party. Those of us who love our country should offer wise advise to the government that will benefit all Malawians. It is becoming now a tendency that each government that comes we want to fight it. This will not take us forward as a country

  15. kwalewera Zinyemba says:

    Thoms article is s marvel to read. You sre not sure he is agreeing or not with the calls from the CSos. Is it sarcasm or mockery! The author is the only judge.
    However Malawi continues coz it belings to God not s human mortal being. What is your take.

  16. Vizete says:

    The problem is that some stupid CSOs bankrolled by a certain stupid party in opposition which thinks it was robbed of victory is the root cause of this myopic request. Who stole the money? When was donor support withheld? When our maize, jet were sold, where were these foolish CSOs? What did DPP pledge in their manifesto? Are they implementing it?
    This party whose lieutenants take any advantage of a gathering and vilify DPP think they will go into government the backdoor way Abiti Cashgate did. You have got it wrong! The funny thing is that those big dancers who did not vote for APM think they can remove him. One thing they pretty know is that if APM come to 2018, he will start opening one development activity to another, so they are jealous. Even this so called former man of God is so jittery on this one. So DPP, never be derailed, we are seeing signs of development that these fools can’t see. I applaud the media for civic educating people on the root cause f the problems we have here in Malawi. It’s not of APMs making. So CSOs, and this stupid party, Once again, you have got it wrong. Wait for 2019 then you will know what DPP means!

  17. aurora says:

    i support APM….ndipo U shud not step down…………………….

  18. Dominic says:

    It is not the issue of poor communication – it is choice of hearing and believing. People have the right to choice so they chose to listen to Zodiak and CSOs BUT not those in government. Until now, others are still talking of all the 106 people being sponsored by government to UN General Assembly despite the President’s clafirications on the matter including the issue of the hired jet. Zodiak wants MCP to be in power because Gospel Kazako comes from the centre, period. We know this man inside out. He can not accept this BUt it is a fact. This is why Zodiak news is all about NEGATIVES. To Zodiak, positives are not good NEWS.

    1. Souja says:

      Gospel Kazako is not from the central region,idiot!

  19. salims says:

    Achita resign ndi chakwelayo. Don’t worry Thom. Jessy ndale sakuzidziwatu ndichimkuza mau chabe. Akafuna kudziwa ndale akafuse JZU.

  20. naperi says:

    Failure to recognize that political decisions and processes are linked to financial consequences is emblematic of poor thinking, lack of exucation,plain idiocy, political naivete or all of the above. If you take 100 people to the UN it requires a lot of tax payers money. If you ask a president to resign it will require new elections or a security nightmare or a constitutional crisis all of which will requires large sums of money to effect. Xods Malawi have that money? It cant even buy medicine for its own people nor feed its own people wiţhout NGO intervention. Democracy has a price and the choices u make are simply a matter of opportunity cost. Do you want a well staffed and well stocked medical system or do you want new elections. Both are credible choices. It takes an adult to make that decision not a child or an adult with a childish, selfish and 8mpulsive mind.

  21. Joe says:

    Men and brethren Harken unto me. To err is human. I believe the president has learned a lesson. For him to solve some of the problems surely he deserves more time. Lets give him time. He is our president to solve our problems. Mwala omangogubuduka suyanga ndele.

  22. Ulunji says:

    The problem here is the trend of arrogance in our leaders.

  23. Matako says:

    Chiumia, I beg to differ with your argument. Muthalika as a leader of this country has admited we are broke and doomed. When a leader throws in a towel that means he has had enough and there is absolutely nothing else he can do. Here is why I think Muthalika should resign. By his very own admittance that Malawi is broke. While he made that statement he had the effrontery to take an entourage of over 100 people to the UNGA. What kind of a leader is he? Is it just the country that is broke and that the DPP is not? By the look of the way he behaved it looks as if he is dipping in a different treasury other than the one he is telling us is broke. As a leader Muthgalika fails to lead by example. He does not have empathy. He does not own the economic crisis Malawi is going through. But rather he is a president who is doing us a favorl or is in the position to try and help poor Malawians. I will say this, Malawians do not need a messiah. They need a leader who will understand their plight. As you pointed out. Malawians need a leader who will share their pain. At this juncture Muthalika is not that leader. He has to go by any means necessary!!

  24. chitsa boys says:

    Atule pansi asogoleli amabungwe chifukwa akuonelela mavenda akukweza chimanga mpaka 900.00 kwacha bigili iwo ali khale agaru awanthu tapitani kwa
    Phalula mukaone nokha chimene angaziwe ndi ichi chimanga chinaonongeka ndi mvula palibe amene anagulisa

  25. Peter Mathanyula says:

    Does Malawi have a president, tell me who?????

  26. Yasin Yusuf Sanud says:

    Yes, and truly asova!

    He should not resign when you have managed to list down challenges Malawians are cruising through and none of his achievements.

    I salute you for the systmatic editorial expatise.

    Has to gooooo

  27. Mbwiye says:


  28. The first to resign should be the CSO leadership. It is so selfish and clueless.

  29. Mtundu says:

    Thom Chiumia, what do you mean when you say dwindling health? Whose health? And scarcity of the Malawi Kwacha? Is the kwacha scarce? Are you sure? Or perhaps you meant forex

  30. YAKI says:

    Mula ndi wa cashgate basi why amayi you want another plunder to our economy the effects are now being blamed on munthalika , you are silly

  31. mtate mike rsa says:

    Ndalama akuzipopanazozo ndizakuba chitsilu pitala

  32. The real ujeni says:

    He failed as a cabinet minister in three ministries and you vote and trust him to excel as a president, chamba chani?

  33. mbuli ya ku south and central says:

    Malawi can not survive without aid and that’s the bottom line. Do not fool yourself that DPP can get aid out there because donors know that the people in government now are the ones who started cash gate under UDF and now are DPP. How can a thief catch his fellow thief. Malawian please think. We elected hyenas to look after goats and wonder why when they eat the goats. Doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a defferent outcome is the definition of insanity and that’s what we malawians do by electing the same politician over and over. Mbava izi.

  34. Ya komabe bwana APM ndawalangiza kuti asapitilize nkonono ndipo kuti anthu akati awadzitse asamachite makani ndi mwano ndipo kuti asdzabwelezenso fwe fwe fwe kapena ngwe ngwe ngwe chifukwa tsiku lina adzangozindikila ali kunja kwa state house atidye nawo ndi ma bootlicker sadzakwanitsa kuwaikila kumbuyo ndipo udzakhala ngati moto wa mdondo!.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Rodgers Banda says:

    Mtalika should continue? Malawi should continue suffering? What a childish idea. What will he amend? Will he not make things worse after 3 yrs? Let govt of national unity take over. Your Professor is a failure. MCP PP and others cam amend jointly whilst awaiting 2019. Leaving to continue his mess is destruction at its best. Let’s all fight for the betterment of Malawi. Remember SLEEPY people support Mtarika with the intention of destroying. They want personal riches, WATCH OUT!!!

  36. Zeks Cheyembekeza says:

    Why Malawians want APM to resign, he is out of steam to steer ship. If he failed to run Ministry of Foreign affairs–leading to deportation of British envoy, he failed Ministry of Education leading to freedom of expression movements, Failed Ministry of Justice leading to nationwide judicial staff strikes, we Malawians are careless, how can we allow him to go to State house? For heavens sake, minimum gift for a preacher is to preach and communicate, minimum gift for a teacher is to speak clearly, where did peter do his school…Malawi nnneed a paradigm shift…peter doest have what it takes, am sorry, we cant be going round and round, if I were him, I wouldn’t even dare talk of standing or what, I have failed full stop, and these billions went missing during his time in cabinet, why he is not talking aboyt them, thinks we will forget? Just go Bwana Malawi will always be there….All this is the making of Muluzi, who should be in jail by now, his son hangs go Government so they don’t do his fathers cases, dunderhead atupepel blinding who

  37. Concerned citizen says:

    As long as you call your self a Malawian, then you are part of the problem. The great news is we can all be part of the solution. The question is what are you waiting for?

    Cash gate was happening as we were all live. The jet was stolen as we watched. The list is continuous. Don’t always blame the leader. In football, you may have an excellent coach, forarguments sake say Morohnio, but with poor player, there is nothing the coach can do. In this case the players are you and me. Let all change our mindset from fault finding to problem solving and developing.

  38. mula says:

    He must resign.Nde bola amayitu.

  39. rough kwasambala says:

    Ndiye tiziti bola amayi?

  40. Zagwa says:

    The UNGA debacle was not a result of communication break down as the columnist would have us believe. It is just sheer dishonesty, arrogance and foolishness. Period….don’t try to speak on behalf of the president. He knew what he was getting himself into when his team rigged the ballot.

  41. mbuyankhoma says:

    There shall always be one leader at a time, being critical of apm,is counterproductive.remember, He is mandated to sit on the Mantle for the next few years. Come up with constructive advices.complaining will not help the situation.

  42. belekiya says:

    Iagree withyou 100%. Not everyone hasto quit when wemake mistakes. We only need to learn to correct our mistakes and forge ahead. When we fall we need to wake up and continue. At least those advocating for the quiting of the president should have floated several options and quiting would just be oneof those options. To conclude that once the president makes a mistake then he/she quits is being childish. How many of us are angelic? Ye he goofef big timebut let him come up with a solution

  43. Stambuli wa ku karonga says:

    Mutharika understanding of economics is completely up side down . And please let him note that he shall never change the economic theory of trimble down effect in economics that is the only path in which poverty can be eradicated . Mutharika must and should aim at building up the middle class who are critical in creating jobs and broadening of tax base .

  44. Souja says:

    APM knows nothing dude,we cannot just sit and see our country nose diving,am sorry but we want a President who is sensitive to our suffering not a US trained Millionaire who just want a private jet,hotels,mapwevupwevu,APM has to show malawians that he is capable of changing our situation,he should start from simple things like electricity and water then more complex issues like economy and IMF shit,then create jobs not malata and cement shit we will gain nothing as a country from cheap malata but create jobs and opportunities so that people will work and earn money and malawi will earn much needed taxes

  45. Donald Trump advisor on Malawi affairs says:

    interesting observation from a great journalist and I can’t agree with you more,what is letting our president down is his incompetent Communication Team,am not worried with Gerald Viola because every one knows that he is an uneducated person but am disappointed with Bright Malopa,he surely can do better than this, Malawi is experiencing the Worst Presidency in terms of public speaking and communication output and all this is happening under Bright Malopa’s guidance,what a shame,my friend Malopa if you are frustrated like many Malawians just resign,don’t work against your conscious just because of money and pride.
    And just to add more on what Thom chiumia has said,I think the media is also to blame,they are not doing their job fairly,they are sensationalising these things just to evoke anger in Malawians by giving out inaccurate information.
    Zodiak broadcasting station,I know you stand and represent a voice for the poor and the less privileged but don’t be obsessed in politicising every thing, am not a DPP supporter but I always find your radio to be obsessed in airing negative things about government,always negative negative negative,you mean there’s nothing positive happening in government that we can build on,come on guys,instill positive spirit in Malawians,by the way you are already famous,why all this fuss,let’s join hands in developing our country.
    Mind you there will never be a government that will be perfect its just a matter of politely conferring and telling each other alternatives,not destroying and forcing leaders out of office because even if the president and the DPP decides to say we have had enough of your insults here’s your government run it yourself,the MCP that you are canvassing support for will also have its own ills.

  46. tsetsefly says:

    Yes, resigning is not an answer. I know cashgate has a long term impact. Shame to all persons and political parties that had a hand in cashgate. I know that others continue to do so now. The issue is its now 18 months into APM’s rule and we needed to begin to see the economy shaping up for the better. What we see is like we may continue wailing and blaming cashgate for the rest of our lives. By the way a few months ago MBC used to make noise that for the first time Malawi had an import cover of some 5 months or so. Where on earth have we lost that grip on the economy? Do our economists report real or fake figures? Often times good numbers are reported the situation on the ground seems to be different. With the abundant natural resources we have you mean we can not think of ways and means to lift ourselves from this solid poverty? As Mr Kachaje said in one of his posts, we are a doomed nation.

  47. drzeus says:

    Asova? We need a blue print of his solutions to the myriad of problems he has found himself in. For example we need a new economics team at the Ministry of Finance as the team which is there now is completely hopeless and is not doing anything apart from waiting for God to Intervene.

  48. Mussa Bramu says:

    APM must resign with immediate effect. He has no leadership character.

  49. The Only Democrat Left says:

    Only way to resolve Malawi’s immense economic problems is for dunderhead Mutharika to return to Malawi’s treasury the billions that he and his brother Bingu Galoo stole from us. And to understand that Malawi has a parliamentary democracy not a dictatorship like Mugabe’s which he aspires to. I am afraid that Dunderhead Mutharika is provoking the man in the barracks to arrest him and make him accountable for his theft and corrupt ways.

  50. bina says:

    Wish peter to stepdown peacefully cz its not easy for Malawians to suffer because of one person’s need

  51. nganituwe says:

    Eeeyadi asova, wakula watha

  52. Rus-san says:

    Dear Thom Chiumia and Fellow Malawians,

    It appears you have written something positive now for the good of the country!! I wonder if it is indeed you Thom writing this article. Your article is similar to one by JIka, Undule and other patriotic citizens.

    You have just shown patriotism by writing something positive about the president and MAlawi. We need more of objective articles like this one – not just hate hate and hate stories about government or the president.

    One more thing: how come that this Nyasatimes is not monitored by the so- called MISA-Malawi or Media Council of Malawi -specifically on comments? I am saying this because you allow sarcastic comments (ma comments otukwana) from commentators to appear. Why? and Why?. Please censor those comments that redicule our president or our leaders. They dont potray a good image outside the country – or even within. Pple and journalists should not be allowed to publish hate stories and then macomments otukwana mkumalembedwa inu a Nyasatimes mkuwapanga publish. Why?

    I dont understand. Only when you will improve on this one, then I will say Nyasatimes is good.

    I am looking forward to a day when fellow Malawians will say enough is enough and demonstrate against the illmannared CSOs and Media that perptrate hate and immolarity. That time citizens will also demand these gurus (hatrated CSOs/NGOs/media) to resign and dessappera from Malawi. Why are some CSOs/NGOs/Media working of devide and rule principle?

    All the best Thom and my fellow country men, THANK YOU

  53. Achimidzimidzi says:

    I hear subsidy money is being used for fuel and that’s why fuel price is not raised despite depreciation of the kwacha.

    And if this year people do not harvest enough food, then next year be a big show of misery.

    Asovadi ameneyo

  54. Dwamazi says:

    I read this article 3 times over, I still can’t get it. Not so sure if its sarcasm or not. I cant believe that anyone who really knows the pathetic state of ordinary Malawians would give Mutharika a chance. Remember he has a failing record as Education minister and Foreign affairs minister. He has done nothing remarkable since he assumed presidency other than being remembered as the president who bangs the tables and pointing fingers at people he is supposed to lead. Mr Chiumia, I don’t know if you are one of the journalists who benefitted from Mathanyula’s “vision of Malawi”and pocketed MK50,000.00 but pease don’t insult s with this foolishness

  55. mtumbuka1 says:

    Thom what did you smoke before writing this article? I hope it wasn’t weed.

  56. Telling the Truth says:

    I read Nyasatimes report of the demand by CSOs that APM should resign. The CSOs said that if Mutharika does not address the various problems rocking the country then he should resign. Is Loose Cannon saying that if APM fails to address the problems he should not resign? The press conference was a disaster. Peter Mutharika insulted Malawians by saying that he is very rich, told civil servants if they want to be rich they should join the private sector and defiantly stated that he will continue hiring expensive jets for his travels. If working in the public service entails sacrifice as he himself APM put it then he should lead by example by stopping to travel using hired jets. Let me remind Loose Canon that during the campaign Peter Mutharika told Malawians that he has the solutions to the problems caused by cashgate that includes withdrawal of donor budgetary aid (donors are still supporting Malawi but outside the Malawi government budget for example the global fund that pays for ARVs to treat HIV so it is not true that APM is running the country without the support of donors) So Malawians are asking where are the solutions? APM should not be blaming Joyce. Banda. As for cashgate APM needs to be reminded that Malawians and donors are still waiting for the forensic audit of K92billion cashgate which later ballooned to K577bn that occurred from 2005 to 2012 during his brother Bingu wa Mutharika rule. Paja miyambi kuti mubvi or mpaliro woyang’anila udalasa mmaso, zengelezu adalinda kwaukwau ndipo pakadafunda padadziwitsa galu. In short APM needs to address the problems as he promised Malawians and when Malawians ask him to explain he should never insult them as he did during the press conference. Indeed if I were APM I would start appearing in parliament to answer questions and open up MBC Radio and Tv.

  57. mfwethu says:

    Koma nde asova! otherwise tingamusove ndife

  58. Zondi says:

    Asova wa grower watha.

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