Mutharika should not resign, ‘asova’!

I respectfully differ with furious calls from some sections of the civil society that APM – thus Arthur Peter Mutharika – Malawi Head of State, should step down.Loose cannon

The activists argue that Malawi cannot continue with a President who fails to bail out Malawians from numerous challenges including dwindling of health, education, water, power, and road networks services, scarcity of the Malawi Kwacha, skyrocketing prices of goods and services and a cloud of uncertainty over Farm Input Subsidy Program (FISP) in the agriculture sector among others.

I strongly believe that the President should hang in there.

And I only buy the line of argument by the CSO’s that challenges Mutharika to take charge of state affairs by fixing the social-economic turmoil the citizens are facing.

Yes APM got angry this other day when he was addressing a news conference, banging tables and went on ng’we, ng’we, ng’we lingua.

It was uncharacteristic of APM to be arrogant and talk about his wealth at the news conference.

Malawi is facing huge problems. Actually the country is in trouble and Mutharika says it himself that we are broke. Malawians need to see the President take part in austerity and not boasting that he can’t stop travelling in jet because it befits the presidency.

Malawians want a President who will share their suffering.

Has APM crossed the line like his brother late Bingu wa Mutharika to deserve resignation as CSOs are demanding?

I think not. He should be calm in face of crisis, as a proper captain of a ship is supposed to behave.

If I were APM, I would hire a proper communication team. The UN debacle was about failure of communication and that failure is still there despite the disastrous news conference which did nothing to put the matter to rest.

Malawians do not have the list of those who travelled to UN. The President waved a list but it was not given to the journalists who gathered.

There are also positives to look at the news conference. A change from a culture of presidential press rallies where party zealots outnumbered and intimidated the scribes. Still, more need to be done to ensure journalists are given ample time and ‘freedom’ to grill our leader.

And President Mutharika has sworn his commitment and leadership in the struggle to end corruption – a campaign essential to the future well-being of the country. Like charity, political morality begins at home – and it never comes easily. APM should ensure to be on top of his game to crackdown on wrongful self-enrichment within the rank and file of his administration other than selective prosecution targeting at political competitors and amnesty to corrupt fat cats in blue camp.

I encourage the CSO’s and my media colleagues to continue the watchdog role and the opposition to ensure active checks and balances.

Mutharika should not go, he should fix the problems , roll out his manifesto pledges and let’s judge him at the end of his term.

I look forward to three more years of governing of Mutharika. As for the crippling economic crisis the country faces, asova!

“I will not pursue trickle-down economics, but will implement bottom-up economics aimed at getting the poor out of poverty into prosperity.” –President Peter Mutharika

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A Malawi wachuluka ndi stanic no president or any human being is 100%. Even King Solomon or his father King David had his own mistakes. What do you want Malawians. Father, send your warrior angels of Michales group and fight for our president. let the angel of deliverance deliver Malawi yes!

jackson j

its matter of time am stll pray untill God reveal smethng to dis country,, azandiuza zifukwazomwe zinthu zina zimapangika mosamveseseka to our lovery country

Dr gabriel mugabe

Ana aku Poly mpaka pano ndalama simudawapatse akapanga maDemo muziti akulakwa….shupit!


tisova ngati mmene munasovera inuyo……………..mind u sitonse amene tikumva kukoma, ngat zanu zili bwino just thank God………


Shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa stupid man

His Excellency the Life President Wolemekezeka Mkango Lion Chivomorezi Chisokonezo Manthakanjenjemereza
His Excellency the Life President Wolemekezeka Mkango Lion Chivomorezi Chisokonezo Manthakanjenjemereza

Amwene a Pitala ndi dawavotera. Koma ndidakadziwa?

Guyz lachuluka ndi dyela ife president wathu ndi Peter pls leave him alone musamuphenso ndimaganizo ngati Brother wake uja mwamva. Amalawi samayamuka mukufuna chiani? You mean to say all the President are failiers no no no this too much munthu akamalamulira basi zifukwa zifukwa,Bakili anali woyipa,Bingu anali woyipa,Amayi anali woyipa pano ndi Peter woyipa this Nation really needs deliverance no wonder wolembe nyimbo yafuko lathu uja anayikapo nsanje i think anationadi Ambuye Atithandize zedi m’malo mothandizana timakhala busy pulling our friends down busy cheking mistakes ayi Bonke abweledi this is not normal God should intervine, even anthu Amulungu wina Mulungu… Read more »
Sir Bentby

This author is too smart, he use positive heading, but the story body is full of criticisms,thus we call creativeness, this president (Ayobe peter muthalika)is indeed lacking some sense of readership skills, hw can he use ,ng’we,ng’we,ng’we,ng’we,lingue and bang tables infront of his people. This president need to change,or else should go kwa ATATE as his brother did

Captain Mediocrity
I would like to take this time to add that news sites like nyasatimes need to refrain from publishing sensationalised stories and should stick to reporting on facts and also use disclaimers where information is not verified. Another thing is the nonsense that is spewed about elections being rigged. I CHALLENGE MALAWIANS TO READ AND FIND REPORTS ON THE INTERNET (AS THEY ARE READILY AVAILABLE) ON THE 2014 TRIPARTITE ELECTIONS. Why must we only rely on what has been written by groups of people who may very well have their own agendas to advance. The biggest shame to Malawi today… Read more »

No. 41 / Dominic you are so stupid how dare u say Kazako is from the centre? Just because you hate people from the centre should not blind you. You are dull you are dull full stop. You have failed to run govt and capable people like Chakwera shud take over. Malawi requires serious level-headed patriotic people at the helm of its affairs. God help us

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