Mwenefumbo calls for carbon tax imposition: ‘Malawi doing little in climate change issues’

An independent member of parliament for Karonga Central, Frank Mwenefumbo, has proposed that Malawi should consider introducing a carbon tax.

Mwenefumbo,  Independent MP:  Carbon tax

Mwenefumbo, Independent MP: Carbon tax

“I would like to propose that there must be an imposition of carbon tax,” Mwenefumbo told parliament.

“If you go to our neighbouring countries and when you are driving, you are asked to pay something towards carbon tax, and the revenue realised from the initiative, goes a long way in raising funds for supporting in road maintenance endeavours, the environmental pollution preservation is enhanced. I, therefore, ask the Executive to take this proposal seriously so that it should help to preserve our environment,” he said.

He was contributing to a report on Natural Resources and Climate Change.

Mwenefumbo bemoaned that the issues of climate change and natural resource are not receiving the required attention in the country.

“We have just passed a bill here on emergency recovery. I look at the floods that occurred recently and the droughts as a result of negligence and also due to carelessness in the way we have approached our natural resources,” said Mwenefumbo, warning that “if we are not careful, these disasters or calamities are here to stay with us for a long time to come, unless we take a stand to address them.”

He said the disasters occurred because of the country’s carelessness on the environment in upland areas of Malawi.

“We have wantonly cut down our trees in upland areas, as it has been said earlier, our rivers are silting and the river banks have been destroyed through cultivation and we don’t have sustainable agriculture because of the practice. May I therefore, request that, government should mainstream issues of environmental preservation in all sectors of our economy and irrigation farming practices,” said the Karonga central MP.

Mwenefumbo also told parliament that the generation of power at Wovwe is being affected by “wanton cutting down of trees and carelessness in general on the environment at Fulirwa.”

Her asked government to “heavily invest” in the conservation of Uliwa River so that power generation capacity at Wovwe Hydro should be normalized.

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27 thoughts on “Mwenefumbo calls for carbon tax imposition: ‘Malawi doing little in climate change issues’”

  1. vilimmwera says:

    A 25 samva chizungu cha mwenefumbo, that is why angomutukwana, sibwino kusonyeza umbuli pa media. mwenefumbo has talked or written sense, werenganinso zomwe walemba kapena funsani kwa ozindikira akutanthauzeni, kutukwana mukusonyeza umbuli mapeto. be polite to some issues and emotions without direction palibe akutameni a Mr 25

  2. Frank mwenifumbo says:

    Thank you people for all your comments and feedbacks. I have viewed and received all comments in a positive way . It is is very heartening to note that I have partners who are passionate about issues of the environment. However , I realised that my statement on the issue was not put in its right perspective as to who was liable to this carbon tax , but for those who are well travelled may have understood me instantly . In countries where this tax is levied it’s done only on foreign vehicles . This is why I used the language of reciprocity. In simple language I meant that this carbon tax should only apply to foreign vehicles upon entry on our boarders just as the way our neighbouring counties are doing . Whether one likes it or not issues of climate change are here to stay along with the disasters that a company them and the price paid is colossal. Just look at our budget that was presented yesterday it has taken a fair share of the national cake which obviously will see other sectors suffering . Let’s meet the challenges of climate change collectively. I thank you all you lovely people who pay attention to what I say inside or outside parliament.

  3. Botawkaju says:

    this guy is full of shit.akukhala ngati akuyankhulira pamunyero bwanji.ngati ukufuna pita uzikakhala ku neighbouring country.kuno ayi.lipira ndalama zako zathu ayi.nyani ameneyo.

  4. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    Do Malawians really need to have to pay more than what we are already paying on so many levys on energy especially fuel apart from what we already paying.

    This going to be too much for a poor Malawian , let’s not be coping what our neighbours are doing , the one open pit mine called Kayerekera should not fool Malawians at all , our friends have had mines in their countries for over 100 years ago and when they are talking about carbon tax they know what they are talking about , not just trying to punish poor Malawians for the useless open pit mine which is benefiting the president and yourself the time you were close to DPP and Bingu.

  5. Kenkkk says:

    Very commendable suggestion. No need to throw insults at the mp. We need to start somewhere to combat the effects of environmental abuse and climate change. Even Peter is now an advocate of environmental protection, why are you not throwing insults at him?

  6. JCInLA says:

    What a fool! This guy is drinking the wrong cool aid!

  7. mai wathu says:

    hon mwnenefumbo you know very well that MRA has no capacity to collect taxes. So you want to introduce carbon taxes for you to CASHGATE, if MRA could collect taxes you would not be a billionaire.

  8. Daniel Phiri says:

    He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. What’s Malawi’s contribution to carbon emissions? Negligible! Why tax malawians more? Will carbon tax stop the corrupt government from giving Paladin a license to pollute our rivers and lake?? Will it stop people from using charcoal? Will it bring affordable and reliable electricity to all?

  9. Tim Masamba says:

    This man was a Deputy Minister? What a fool!!!!! In a country that depends heavily on petroleum fuel and coal to drive the economy who will you be punishing? Idiot………….

  10. Chikopa says:

    Anthu amene amalandira ndalama from our taxes such as MPs, Judiciary, Ministers etc are so obsessed with taxes so that they can milk us more. This is very shameful. Floods which hit Malawi early this year had nothing to do with environment. We were in the path of tropical storm and it landed (died) in Malawi – period! Most affected people were those who built houses where ground water was passing through. Iwe MP wa ku Karonga impose tax in your district where there is radio active waste and give the rest of us a break.

  11. daud says:

    Cash gate

  12. nYAU SITHOBWA says:

    The problem is with our southeners failing to utilies the rivers -cutting down trees number one

  13. peter says:

    Why should responsible citizens who do not take part in unsustainable forest harvesting be asked to pay for such a cause? Isn’t it time that those responsible should be held accountable and mechanisms be put in place to empower people in sustainable practices? We already pay too much money to the thieving governments and let our money work for us first before you could ask for more!

  14. popapo says:

    Momumo Mwenifumbo, in fact if you take the so called Kwekwelere road from Bembeke to Golomoti it is pathetic. Huge trees that have been there for years are being chopped down indiscriminately. Where are our forest officers from Dedza, please go to this area and see the damage. Mua mission please also sensitise your people on this plunder of our forest because without trees Gule Wankulu will have no cover as well.

  15. Ngongoliwa says:


  16. Namate says:

    i for one do not agree on carbon tax because Malawians are already heavily taxed. We also need to come up with scientific evidence on the amount of carbon dioxide malawians produce. The amount of carbon produced is negligible, so is not just about if X does this then we should just follow blindly Are friends within SADC countries higher salaries than we malawians why do you not want to follow suit, Also the price of fuel is cheaper than here why do you fight to adjust it downwards.
    If hon Mp has ran out of ideas he should just remain silent rather than provoking poor Malawians. Any additional tax on fuel will have a multiplier cost effect on poor malawians ie prices of commodities will go up is this what you want. Introduce tax on the allowances you are getting if you want to increase tax base

  17. tuvi says:

    No sense, tax!, tax! tax! what is the use of fuel levy?

  18. Concerned Malawian says:

    If only we can have parliamentarians with this mind, am sure Malawi will change in less than 5 years. but alas! we only hear things of crossing the floor; issues of no value to this country! mxiiiii

  19. John Thomas says:

    well said Frank. keep up the good work my friend

  20. hon says:

    We pay carbon tax in Zimbabwe as much as $30/month per truck and Zambia K28,000 per 3-6 months but here nothing. In Zimbabwe there is $30to$120 per truck called environmental management fee . All these go to environmental department to be used for planting trees and other responses within the ministry

  21. tuvitwana says:


  22. Concerned Citizen says:

    Yes Sir! Nice move. We need such taxes. Let us learn from others. Siltation is our great enemy.
    Let us also be encouraged to use less of our firewood and use more of electricity.
    Lets fight hard to have electricity everywhere

  23. Kadakwiza says:

    He has a point. And he is good.

  24. Mthandeni says:

    People from north will always talk sensible things.

  25. Joelnyirongo says:

    So many levies on fuel can the government not use of the funds realized towards that cause? Imposition of other taxes is like milking the already thin cow

  26. Kareem Longwe says:

    You talked sence mwanafyare. I agree and support everything said here. The recent disasters we have experienced, I can term them much more as ‘man made’.
    There is two much siltation and deforestation, these exercabated floods situation and lack of irrigation is intensfying effects of drought.

  27. Kareem Longwe says:

    You talked sence mwanafyare. I agree and support everything said here. The recent disasters we have experienced, I can term.

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