Mzuzu Central Market gutted again

Mzuzu Main Market on Wednesday night was gutted by massive fire which destroying hundreds of stores and nearby high-risk buildings, the third inferno since April last year.

Fire fighting

Fire fighting

People looking at the mystery fire in Mzuzu

People looking at the mystery fire in Mzuzu

It tarted around 7.30pm with some streetside vendors still selling their merchandise at the heart of the city.

The fire reportedly began in a store made of residual timber before spreading to multimillion-kwacha goods in surrounding shops that cram the fire-prone market adjacent two relatively tall buildings that were equally hit.

Mzuzu deputy Mayor Farzer Chunga said it was shocking that a nocturnal fire had hit the market the third time since last year.

“This situation is very pathetic in the country as we are facing economic challenges but on this we need immediate intervention in which government alone cannot manage to settle it hence am pleading with the well wishers and nongovernmental organization to take an upper handing in helping the victims,” said Chunga.

The catastrophe comes as the city council is yet to come clear on similar tragedies at Vigwagwa Market in the vicinity last month.

Malawi has been engulfed with fire related disaster including the burning of Vigwagwa Market, a village in Neno, Chilomoni People’s Supermarket, Mkanda Post Office in Mchinji and Dedza Market since last month.

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15 thoughts on “Mzuzu Central Market gutted again”

  1. TT says:

    Can someone tell if these are accidents, why it it that they only occur in places of business? Coz if fires were this common, then one would expect many homes to be on fire. This seems to be arson

  2. Patriotic malawian says:

    Ntchito za manja a DPP

  3. titus says:

    The main problem and azathu a city assembly chifukwa amatikaniza ife ma vendor kuti timange ma structures a njerwa, these city officials keep on telling use that the place that we occupy in the markets are temporary hence we can’t buld permanent structures…

  4. mfana wa ma plain says:

    guys, kodi ndiye kuti this country of 15 million inhabitants is failing to solve such a simple issue? kudi simungathe kuyika ma sprinkler, extinguisher, fire alarms, pitch in to hire and train fire fighting personel, hire more watchmen, ask the police to get to the bottom of this.

    do you realise that every time something like this happens it just shows the world how hopelessly useless we are as human beings? one market three fires? seriously?

  5. raings says:

    Lets talk as adults. Govt should put bylaws that can standardise stracture in all markets.All goods must be insured Osangochitapo mwachifunilo

  6. jere says:

    Boma liletse kumanga ma shop azigwagwa m’misika yonse ndikulimbikitsa kuti aliyense amene akufuna kupanga business munsika amange shop ya njerwa.

  7. Kumbani says:

    Instead of getting to the bottom of these fires and ensuring that buildings and other premises adhere to fire safety standards, the major is talking of well wishers! Damn! Are these fires a way of fund raising? Get your priorities right Mr Deputy Mayor

  8. Attention Seeker says:

    What were recommendations from the so called cabinet committee on fires which was established? I guess they must have held their meeting at some hotel pocketed allowances and by now none of the members can remember what they discussed hahahaha

  9. Domingo says:

    DPP Moto Kuti buuu that’s what they used to say during their campaign and you are wondering why? Infernos and I say more infernos is what you should expect and that’s the DPP for you. You can count the number of fires during the DPP reign and then you will know what I mean. It’s not a coincidence it’s well orchestrated. Part of DPP.

  10. Wayithayima bangalala says:

    Eishhhhh but wats happening ndi mimotoyi pseeee

  11. Issa Kabudula says:

    The system of marketing burning, I don’t think is the proper way of democracy. The democracy in Malawi is translated in the way far from the way it suppose to.
    Some of this is that of burning markets for no proper reason, our opposition parties lack of political will, our supporters lack of understanding of politics and human rights and many others. NGOs in Malawi, instead of assisting the government to work better, are busy critiquing the government. The system of divisions based on the race and clan will create trouble in future even if we are happy to be Lomwe one side, Yao, Sena, Chewa – for me this is future dangers and our policy makers must manage this now, including the Gule wamkulu where if they feel like can go and terrorise families or other groups for the sake of democracy – care must be taken – I thank you.

  12. Zoonazake says:

    A Peter mwatibweretsera tembelero, mliritu uwu

  13. KoKolikoko says:

    Mavuto amenewa akuchokekera kuti?????

  14. Nankununkha sadzimva says:

    When something like this happens, do we draw lessons and try to put in place mechanisms to avoid recurrence? Do we have authorities to look into these issues to identify quality controls ? Does this justify that we are a country of baboons? For how long shall we sing the same song?

    1. Hd says:

      Thank you for you are a big baboon

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