Zodiak yet to apologise to Malawi President Mutharika

Private electronic media group, Zodiak Broadcasting Station (ZBS) is yet to apologise to President Peter Mutharika exactly a week after he demanded an unconditional apology.

Kazako: No  apology yet

Kazako: No apology yet

Zodiak has been under intense fire from Mutharika who accuses the station of “irrensponsible journallism” following a story that revealled that the president is secretly chartering presidential jets costing the tax payer as huge as K300m at one trip as the country is going through harsh economic times.

The broadcasting house’s managing director and founder, Gospel Kazako could not comment but sources said the station cannot apologise because they stand by their report, though disputed.

“Even the President himself did not dispute the facts, actually he acknowedged the government was chartering the presidential jets for him,” said our source.

Mutharika said at the news conference that he will continue hiring the jets, saying he cannot be held up at airports for hours in flight connections and delays.

“What I want this radio station to do is to tell me how I should be travelling to other countries,” said Mutharika in reference to Zodiak.

But Mutharika disputed Zodiak report and gave his version giving out information where the jet was hired and challenged Malawi journalists to investigate and report on facts and not speculations.

Since this last Thursday news conference, Zodiak has been quiet on the matter, probably deliberately avoiding a political storm with the Head of State .

Speaking defiantly, Mutharika said he would be up in the skies in the chartered presidential mood heading to India and UK.

The country’s economy is down on its knees with the country experiencing drug shortages in public hospitals, high food and basic commodity prices and low education standards in public schools.

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If there is any one to apologize is our gay president who can’t control his temper tantrums like a two year old. the crazy act he performed for Malawians was totally uncalled for especially considering that his salary is cut from our tax payer’s money. A president is supposed to be level headed, so what if he is faced with a real serious situation, his anger will cloud his objective thinking. ………. Mathanyula, don’t you EVER perfom like a two year old ever again


Peter should be the first to apologize for swindling Malawi govt money through allowances paid to chiefs at UN

timve Mbwatalika

Chartering Planes,

Once the plane crashes, and Bingu plus his stooges will all perish. I will then be given a PhD in Knowledge Management, another PhD in Prophesising. Amen. alal wake baluuhhhhhhh.

timve Mbwatalika

Chartered Presidential Plane.

Never mind , let Peter continue chartering these planes, one day one of the will CRASH IN THE RED SEA. And then, all Malawians (64%) that did not vote for him, will celebrate like we did with his brother!!!! alah wak baluhhhhhhhhh, Amen.


to hell with zodiak…….


Do not be afraid Zodiak, we here the truth from Zodiak because does not hide. Why you Peter want to deprive the rights of Malawians to access information. Zodiak is right and no need to apologise. Bwampini ameneyu ativuta kwabasi ndinabesadi voti langa eti? ndinaferadi chipani ndaona, ndiye bola akanakhala Chakwera di.

Kirth konshens masangano
Kirth konshens masangano

Big up to Zodiak coz ankhala nditimatha


Palibe zopepesa apart. Why mkuluyu akudana ndi ngamo?

Brian M Manda

Hahaha mbwiyache!! isii matoyamba chiwewe? bwanj mufuna muziopseza aliyese mbwiyache asaa!! mufuna apepese a Zodiak? mesa titabera zisankho tikavera pa ZBS pompa kuti mwapambana koma titabera? nde lero ayamba kunama? iiiiih mbwiyache kukhala satokhala choncho zalakwika zalakwika basi tiyeni tivomereze iiiiiih koma mbwiyache ukali ngati tsabola wakamphiripiri bwanj? asaaa mkwiyo ngati mmatomwa paraffin kapena kuti chakudya chanu amatophikira diesel bwanj? isiiiiih tadekhani mbwiyache ifetu kuno kuthekerani timatomvera ZBS yomweyo ndiye muti yakunamizilani? nde kuti inatokunamizilaniso kuti mwawina eti? aaaah mbwiyache mumagwa chifufu kapena? asaaa

Keen Observer
You’re crying that the President is chartering a plane!??????? We as a nation we had a plane but you were clapping hands when that acting president sold it. People said that time that this is not a good idea to sell it. Munkati ayi it’s better to sell the plane inorder to buy maize, really????? Now there is no any other way the president can travel. Even if Mutharika goes any president who comes will need to travel & the only way to trave for the head of state is to charter a plane. That story which Mrs Joyce Banda… Read more »

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