Nkhotakota MP opposes calls to legalise Chamba

Quiet astonishing given the historical records in as far as Marijuana, locally known as Chamba is concerned for a Nkhotakota person to trash calls against legalising what is termed as “holy plant” by the Rasta denomination.

 Mazizi against legal Indian Hemp in Malawi.-Photo-by-Rehoboth-Multimedia

Mazizi against legal Indian Hemp in Malawi.-Photo-by-Rehoboth-Multimedia

Wonders shall indeed never end and on the mention of the subject, Nkhotakota Central Constituency MP Peter Mazizi says government should not legalise the weed and according to him, this call is purely “nonsensical” coming from sullen people.

“I don’t think that’s a good move for government to legalise Chamba because this plant is very strong and most of our boys have gone mad and certainly, I disagree with our friend who brought this issue forward in parliament,” he told Nyasa Times in an exclusive interview..

“He might have highlighted all the good uses of Chamba and how he believes it will boost the economy of the country, but what he has failed to put into account are the effects of Chamba which we all know are far more deadly to our boys and everyone that smokes,” explained Mazizi.

Calls to legalise Chamba originated from Malawi Congress  Party (MCP) lawmaker for Ntchisi North, Boniface Kadzamira who said Chamba is a “viable alternative that can help drive in forex  into Malawi.”

“An acre of Marijuana produces more paper than wood pulp or tree. Apart from paper, you can produce fibre, fabric, soap, lighting oil, medicines, food oil and proteins for both humans and animals,” said Kadzamira

Malawi Gold is the name given to cannabis originating in Malawi. In Chichewa, it is locally known as Chamba. It is internationally renowned as one of the finest sativas from Africa.

The Malawi Health Equity Network (Mhen), the Drug Fight Malawi have called for proper research on the proposal while prominent University of Malawi professor of economist, Ben Kalua, argues that industrial hemp fibres are used to manufacture a wide-range of items like textiles, cosmetics, specialised concrete applications and medicines.

He said industrial hemp has enormous potential as an agricultural crop, saying people don’t understand the economic benefits of industrial hemp because of the confusion caused with the illicit drug – Chamba.

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59 thoughts on “Nkhotakota MP opposes calls to legalise Chamba”

  1. nyavizwazwa says:

    Those who get mad choose to. Tobacco is also poisonous to our health. Poeple always look to the physical madness but there are other causes of diseases from tobacco and other plants like tea, coffee etc.

    Chamba will be legalised with some dos and don’ts. Those who want to smooke chamba are smooking right now. But otherwise this can not fail us to cultivate chamba for economic growth.

    Government should look into things which can make Malawi’s economy grow fast. Mining – Kayelekela, uranium is full of radiation but was accepted. yet there is nothing Malawian benefits from uranium.

    Legalise chamba for he better,ment of our country.

  2. Chekambewa says:

    Investigate the M.P. Kadzamira may be he is one of those people smuglling chamba

  3. fumbanie says:

    Otsasuta chamba it is evil

  4. fumbanie says:

    Chamba has a negative impact of intoxication once smoked especially to our youths and even reading to madness. So should not be legalised please this is our beloved country and its citizens.

  5. fumbanie says:

    I think other MP’s whom we call them honourables aren’t need deliverance

  6. hugo says:

    mr mp sir wats ur problem

  7. chriskay prod kavute says:

    As of me, its a gud idea to legalise. coz, whether banned or legalised, i wont smoke and those who smoke will do so. do u thnk kuti mukavomera, zichititsa aliyense kut azisuta? why dont i drink beer pamene it is legalised? mxiew!

  8. Kamkhwezule Kakang'ono says:

    Tiyeni tilimbikitse kuti chamba chitipatse mwayi WA forex polima chambiri choti fiber ndi Mankhwala Ena adzipangidwa. Nkhani yogwiritsa ntchito chamba ngati fodya watsangulutso ayenera kuti ayiwunike. Ku Maiko otsogola anthu Ena akuwalora kugwiritsa ntchito chambo muyezo woyenera.

  9. icon wotchuja uja says:

    Hehehe its surprising how you can defend urself Mr MP. I think when doing things lets not dwell much on the disadvantages if they are few. This plant in the nsmame of “holly plant ” has lots aof advantages than disasdvantages ..

    Mr MP, when. you are building a house we look at the advantages and not the dissadvantages … houses when they collapse they kill people but we don’t take that into account ..

    think positive. Mr MP

  10. Mazizi line of thinking is nothing but a colonial twisted one. These are the type that will always wait for washington to think and plan for them. 50years having no indipendend mind?

  11. Williams says:

    Chamba its a big dhilu but once regalised ll lose value the best way is jst minimise the consequences tht coms after been found with marijuana pple shld nt get arrested bt rather shld be fined equivarently to th amount of drag found in so doing gvnmnt ll be getting money.

  12. Mpakani says:

    Ku KK kunali a Bonyole ndi a Mkolokita kwa Vinjenje ndipo amadya fodya ameneyu kwa zaka zambiri, moti pomwe ife timakula tinawapeza akudya fodya ameneyu ndipo anali ndi mphamvu moti amasenza drum la diseal, anakhala zaka zambiri padziko lino mwina enafe sitidzakhala. Komaso kunali a Chiwaula omwe amavala African clothes, you can agree with me especially those who came from Linga.

  13. Kwangwagwa says:

    Za chamba basi

  14. inkata be says:

    Mp Mazizi,
    Plse.don’t interfer with nature.
    Hon. Kadzamiras proposal can’t be understood by those whose perception of issues is narrow and based more on ignorance than knowledge.
    You can’t tell me all mad people in your area took the holy leaf

  15. balotelli says:

    izi ndiye zachamba

  16. Malomo Ntchisi says:

    Kadzamila si Mp WA MCP…ndiwoyima payekha.Ife kuno ku malomo tidambakale kumuuza kuti alowe kongelesi koma amakana moti pano tapeza kale shadow WA kongelesi.

  17. Man P Chitsa says:

    Who so ever gain madness is only his or her time since every individual has a percentage of madness only that it can be gained sometimes when wisdom is too much and when the capacity of thinking is more as Mandela had . Ganja can not promote misala . Ngati ndichoncho asing’anganso asiyitsidwe amapengetsa anthu ndi ma herbs awowo !!!!

  18. tadyanso says:

    more fire, no matter what , good things always hated , zomela ziyenela kudyedwa unless the one who created this get down and stop His people not to take but other wise legalize or not we Rasters forever go forward with it .!!!!

  19. haward says:

    Kodi panopa sakusuta anawo? Mukunamatu inu osuta zinthuzi simungawaletse ndipo mukulephera kuwaletsa mpaka pano. Ndiye mukanene kuti ana athu achita misala chifukwa cha kupanga regalise chamba aaaaa zabodza zimenezo. Wosuta ndi wosuta basi

  20. CLEANZ says:

    wosuta ndiwosuta basi regalisation can not make others start smoking weed….why do others don’t drink,,,,, is beer illegal?

  21. Mtundu wanga says:

    well thought hon Mazizi, kip it up

  22. Mtundu wanga says:

    well thought hon Mazizi.

  23. nanaphiri says:

    amazizi ndi achitsiru ,,inu mulawako chamba mkuwona kuti chimapengetsa ?ngakhale boma litakana legalisation chizasutidwa basi,,,ngati yahova wapeleka mvula chidzamela basi,,stop dat nonsense

  24. Nyirenda says:

    Malawi needs people who can think very wide and subdue us from this bondage of poverty not depending on donors and some donors plant chamba in their countries.Malawians please please think like human beings of 21st century.Do you think this MP can bring development in his area? We do not want these old MPs with old thinking.

  25. Issa Kabudula says:

    We don’t think the other side of Chamba that it can be medicine? The time when Indian hemp as it is famous of, will be legalised, its when the effect will die down. I have a lot of experience to do with the so called black market business – drugs which are sold secretly in large numbers will not be available when it is legalized to be sold openly.

    Who is manufacturing the drugs? Why are drugs of such kind are manufactured at first place, knowing pretty well that the drugs will make people drunk? Why is Indian herb planted at first place? Knowing that its effect is not constructive? Why we banning the users instead of the producers?

    There is politics of market here, the same thing if it is handled by a certain group, it is business and when it comes to the poor man, let alone black person of Africa – it turns to be dangerous and illegal.

    Iran is in problem of its mineral which they are saying its for energy usage, but those certain people are saying its illegal and it will be used to manufacture weapons of mass destruction, yet weapons of mass destruction can be traced some other countries who are protected with international law to make, market, sale and distribute those type of weapons – and no black member of parliament can dispute that, no African president can tell American weapon manufacture to stop their business, or stop the wars around the world, yet we are talking of a weed, some they cook it as ndiwo (vegetable) who am I to stop a person who eat cabbage because it will make him/her to be high? If a person chose to be high and his highness makes him to trouble others – its the police work to deal with the man – simple.

  26. Elias says:

    small cigarrettes!!,very dangerous and this nkhotakota MP once tasted it .

  27. Immaculate says:

    Only if government legalize it for international trade to generate forex but not domestic use then in no time the weed will injure the nation,dare try it this weed is very strong and hazardous

  28. Marley says:

    better than masacheti

  29. glen says:

    Personally i think Chamba production is better than mining!

  30. Charlie Hebdo says:

    Chamba fetches high prices now because it is a banned product. Once it is legalised, it will no longer be scarce and therefore the price will considerably go down. Simple laws of demand and supply. In our efforts to get the most out of chamba economically, have we considered the social ills this product will have on our society as the good MP is suggesting?

    Back then at the height of America’s civil rights movements, black communities were flooded with drugs. According to one civil rights leader, this was a calculated attempt by whites to foster black self-destruction. They miscalculated their strategy as these drugs found their way to white communities and have been a problem to date. Easy access to drugs increases the chance of their use. I for one believe legalizing chamba will not be in the best interest of the country as it will increase its usage as a drug despite being other beneficial industrial uses. Have we not seen people taking ethanol (masacheti) notwithstanding its many other industrial uses? Should we legalise it now and have problems later controlling it?

  31. Ngongoliwa says:

    MP uyu sakudziwa ndikubvetsa mtundu wa chamba chimene ena akunena kuti tidzipezera makobiri. Si chamba chomwe chimapezeka ku KK kapena chimene anthu amasuta, chamba chimenechi ndi COMMERCIAL HERB momwe mulibe utsi wopangitsa misala, komanso commercial herb samasuta monga kaka a Mazizi akuganizira. Chonde osamachita za mazizi. Maganizo anu ndichimodzimodzi kusephana ndi galimoto ya malipiro. Do no think retrogressively, this is an opportunity Malawi can not afford to ignore. Let me ask Parliament to invite those in the KNOW HOW to briefly address this august house on the merits of COMMERCIAL HERB

  32. Wa Nzeru Wa Kummawa says:

    I grow chamba but none of my boys smoke it because of the measures and mechanisms I put in place. Talk of market, I have a ready market which is growing by the day.
    Nobody can school me of the benefits of chamba. Let sleeping dogs sleep. Infact it does me good for others not to grow it for I will maintain my customer base.
    I have been smoking chamba from the age of 20, I’m now 40 but I am not mad. I am just as sound as the honorable MP who is against growing of chamba for fear of his boys getting mad.
    My question to the honorable is: has he smoked chamba before? Is he mad now? Is what he is saying from a mad man?
    We do not need further research on this plan for a lot of researches have already been conducted and results are already there for anyone to see that there are enormous benefits ranging from medicinal to industrial.
    Those small minds who abuse this plant let them go mad who cares, it’s survival of the fittest. These small minds should not deprive the majority of us of these great benefits presented by the plant.

  33. A Mazizi please understand!It is industrial hemp that is being talked about here.Ignorance shall kill you!

  34. Malengachanzi says:

    Hon Member of Parliament, Nkhotakota is Malawi’s leading producer of cannabis sativa aka Chamba. I will therefore take your comment with caution. Inuyo you want to protect your market. Mukufuna anthu anu azilima okha. Nafenso tikufuna tilime nawo kungoti ifeyo sitingakwanise kulima mwanseli that is why we want Chamba production legalized. Inu mumalima with or without legalizing it koma ife ukaidi umatiwopsa. Tiganizireni Hon.

  35. herb plants says:

    industrial estates will be protected like suger plantations.
    don’t just comment for the sake of it.what proof have you got that hemp can drive one insane or mad? alcoholism is more degerous than hemp.if you check most of the mad people at metal hospitals did you came up with the proof that the causes is hemp related? Dr Felix Kauye please make a comment on this subject wherever you are. yes let the nation be updated on the side effects of the Malawi gold.

  36. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk koma nde eeeeeh ma member a weed, how do you feel this heat????????????

  37. Atcheya says:

    Just shows our ignorance of the issue on those for and against this debate. Industrial hemp is not the same as the hemp that we smoke as it has less Tetrahydrocannabinoids (about 0.3-1.5%), the chemical that produces the psychoactive effects in chamba (which has 5-10% THC). To become ‘aile’ with industrial hemp one would have to smoke at least 10 hemp cigars within a very short period of time. The advantages of the industrial hemp are many as describe by Professor Kalua above. But I think the main challenge would be that legalising it would lead to other people cultivating the chamba we smoke. In the US, you need a permit to grow it and the plant has to be grown in a secured place, with a fence, etc. I don’t think as a country we can manage policing the cultivation of the hemp. It would open a can of worms that we would never control

  38. carseat says:

    Adzikaniza kusuta koma kugulitsa kunja asakanize chifukwa ndi ndalama zimenezi. Most of the celebrities in the world got rich thru this weed and malawi weed is the best everywhere. Tidzisauka tili ndi export quality zoona?

  39. ntopwito says:

    kadzamira is not an MCP MP he is independent sitting on the independent side

  40. commentator says:

    Oh oh sorry…
    That was for the Nsanje port post…

  41. commentator says:

    I totally disagree! This is too little, too wise, too late! Neither Nsanje nor Quelimane have dropped from heaven this week. Don’t be a wet blanket about Nsanje. It’s OK if we do both but campaign to drop the Nsanje dream is less than patriotic. We should use good nighbouriness and every ounce of diplomatic clout we have to make MBQ soften up. Never give that dream up. On this project and others like ntchisi chitipa and capital city center and the dream mall in Lilongwe, you can assess bingu to be no common political material. He was a visionary nationalist. We need a few more like him (except for the bad ending). True leaders operate beyond the difficult and impossible. They create by operating in the arena of the “impossible”. Remember Steve jobs? Remember Apollo 11 and the trip to the moon? Remember Dubai is in the middle of a desert? Remember Zimbabwe ruins? Leave a mark here before you die, not this “realist” stuff.

  42. Howard Kachipanda says:

    Mbeu zambirimbiri zabwino ziripozi zomwe zingabweretse forex zutikanika kulima ndiye tiziganizira chamba, olemekezeka a kwathu ku Ntchisi mwatani? Mtichititsa manyazi. Kachiteni move motion ya Paprika nkuthandizani info ya market ndi ntchito zake, infact Fodya akulenga kwa Paprika. Funseni nkuuzani.

  43. James mwandama says:

    Umbuli wathu amalawi umandipweteka zedi. hey, the proposed hemp looks the same but is a variety that is different from our sativa that has serious effects when consumed including hallucinations.

  44. Kadakwiza says:

    This shows how poor we are. Chamba?

  45. Thanduxolo says:

    Quite and quiet are two different words with two different meanings. Quite astonishing…

  46. Really says:

    Shortly we were fighting drug abuse (alcohol) now another entrusted elected person brought about this issue. Kk mp thus wonderful, considering our up coming generation

  47. Allion Banda says:

    Kuloleza malonda a chamba ndi kwabwino, chuma cha dziko lino chidzakwera. Komanso pakufunika ndondomeko zokwanira chifukwa pali zabwino palinso zovuta, walira mvula walira matope. Ndi Chimodzi ndi fodya wamba amene a malimidwa alinso ndi zovuta zake, Ngakhale mowa uli ndi zovuta zakenso.

  48. By legalising chamba malawi’s economy will boost up. Despite the bad effects of this plant to those who smoke, but it has a potential role on malawis economy. I do hope it can make malawi come out of poverty

  49. Kadzamira never said goverment should legalise illicit drag usage, what he said is growihemp for industrial purposes. Should Malawi fail to diversify its revernue base simply becoz of some individuals who choose to abuse its usage? In as far as illicit drug is concerned the law will remain intact people must only focus on rnforcement of the law. Khotakota is one of the district that grows chamba but is the mp nuts himself?

  50. black and Red church says:

    Ask the solders how some bombers are made of. Chamba is one of the substances used for the bombs.nowif tmalawiangovernment Iralis to legalise it , they shiuld expect alot in years to come.

  51. Chamba ndchofunika kwambiri kuposa fodya pa chuma cha dziko lino apo ayi mawondo azatha ndkuagwadira azungu.anthu mmizi amaphika mowa,kulima fodya koma ana sagwirisa ntchito znthuzo.amene angamasute n’zake zmenezo.

  52. Chamba ndchofunika kwambiri kuposa fodya pa chuma cha dziko lino apo azi mawondo azatha ndkuagwadira azungu.anthu mmizi amaphika mowa,kulima fodya koma ana sagwirisa ntchito znthuzo.amene angamasute n’zake zmenezo.

  53. April 21 says:

    kadzamira sakukamba zosuta chamba koma za industrial herbs muzimvetsetsa komaso kusiyanitsa…mukakamba zosuta ndiye nokha mukudziwaso kuti aliyese pamalawinpano amasuta mmene angafunire nthawi kiliyose komaso malo aliose…ndipemphekoso kuti ngati mumakondaso dziko lanu mupange zoti mowa usamaloledwe pamalawi pano coz last time I check, malawi akuonongeka chifukwa chamowa osati chamba…mp uyu akungofuna kuti aoneke ngati wabwino pagulu yet maubwino achamba akuwadziwa kwambiri…get a life and move on

  54. xander mbewe says:

    Do not legalise chamba becoz its negative effects are higher than positive effects

  55. A Cuthbert says:

    Tobacco will soon be illegal in most western co and then what? Think far ahead you loser. The shocking lack of entreprrneurial sporit in Malawo and sheer lack innovation and creativity will doom Malawi to failed nation status. We need forex and all we produce to generate this is tobacco but we dont smoke it ourselves. So what about chamba? Chamba tourism is the way to go- it will bring millions to MAlawi just like in Colorado where it is legal.

  56. Banet says:

    Vote yanga sindinabetse kwa bwana mazizi Nkhotakota Centre. Kulankhura kwa wamkulu wampingo kumeneko wawa bwana Deputy GS Nkhotakota All saints Angrican Church

  57. Chief says:

    Mbuzi, mungotsutsira kusadziwa kapena poti MP wanena izi ndiwa congress nde you have some scores to settle? google hemp, and find out for yourself.

  58. NYAU says:

    Big up Mazizi !!

    Osati Atombolombo A Mcp

  59. mbwinde wa bwide says:

    Uku ndiye kuganiza, as much as we appreciate the benefit of weed but ana apa nyasaland will take advantage and get high kenaka awononga future

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