Ntata: The right man for the job

If you are a Christian, even a bad one, then at least, you should be very familiar with the man, Apostle Paul. Also called Saul of Tarsus, he was a politician of the Pharisaic Party (Party of Pharisees) which was the most influential Party and had huge representation in the Jewish Parliament called the Sanhedrin. He was a graduate from the University of Tarsus and he had a strong legal background having been trained in Law by Professor Gamaliel, the Doctor of Law.



Between 31CE and 33 CE, the Jewish government became too dictatorial and intolerant of criticism, and begun to persecute believers in Christ. Though only a youth, Paul was a brilliant and bold member of government and when the regime begun persecution, Paul was entrusted by the leadership to lead the persecution campaign, so much that though he did not murder, he was there standing and watching and supervising even as Stephen, the first martyr was getting stoned to death in Jerusalem in 34 CE.

Though young Paul was part of government that was persecuting its own people, God in heaven had a different plan for brilliant Paul. At the peak of persecution and suffering, God intervened in about 35 CE. While on his way to Syria, God appeared to Paul, and called him to be the instrument of heaven, and fight against his own Pharisaic Party and the very Jewish government that he had been part of.

But the task was not easy for Paul, because believers did not believe that despite being part of the Party and government that was persecuting them, God had separated Paul and given him a special task to establish a new Christian movement that would rebuke the Pharisees of their evils and condemn the poor governance of the Jewish government. There were better people than Paul; I mean the twelve disciples and their leader Simon Peter could have led new Christian movement to the gentiles, but God knew that Paul, the former Pharisee, was the best man for the Job.

The personal story of Paul, and the politics of his time, reminds me of our one and only Z Allan Ntata, who despite being part of the DPP government which caused serious suffering, threatened critics, plunged the economy and caused serious political instability, between 2011 and 2012, I am very sure that God has all along had a different plan for this young man.

Just like the misplacement of Paul among the Pharisees, I strongly feel that working with DPP was a waste of talent and skill for Ntata. And I am very certain that even while Ntata worked with DPP he still stood for what he believed was right that is why until now, both governments of PP and DPP have failed to accuse Ntata of any corruption or evil deed when he was in government. And as a mere legal advisor to the President, none of the atrocities, and failures of Bingu can solely be blamed on him unless one knows for certain what Ntata had advised the President on particular issues behind the scenes.

People might choose to question why Ntata never rose against corruption and bad governance while he was in DPP and why he only started the fight, when he was no longer in government. This is a very brilliant and logical question, but remember that Apostle Paul did not fight against his fellow Pharisees and Jewish government, until God called him out of the Party and government, and gave him his own special task.

There are definitely better people in Malawi than Ntata who can lead the fight against corruption and bad governance in Malawi. But like I said earlier, God ignored his own twelve disciples that he had worked with for three and half years, and instead chose Paul to lead the Gospel movement to the gentiles, because Paul was the right man for the Job. Only Paul had the needed intelligence, academic qualification, political experience and zeal for the job. Therefore, having followed Ntata and dug deeper into his life, I can boldly declare that Ntata is the right man for the job in Malawi.

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Jazila chigwenembe ~balaka

Good for what job? If there is a vacancy somewhere let him apply.

Kabwira Kapasula

Zolemba za akulu awa ndi zotopesa ndi zopanda nzeru . ” Ntata , the right man for the job , which job Mr mtumbuka ? ” Nthawi zina atumbuka muzilembako za nzeru .


Anyone is better that this…….ANYONE.

Mathasimo Muhiye

Z. Allan Ntata is an opportunistic fellow who wants to be rewarded for nothing. Please shut up and continue with your own work in order to earn your living


The argument of the article is rubbish. Ntata is fighting for his stomach and wallet not for Malawians.

Good samaritan

mwina ndi ma hope amenewa eti? kkkkkkkk!!!!!!!

Sir Bentby



Which God is Ntata serving? Chakwera? Or Baphomet? Chakwera’s god?


I like comment ya inu

Joseph Banda

THEN REPENT BY REVEALING ALL THOSE THAT SUFFERED UNDER BINGU SO THAT THEIR CASES ARE REVIEWED AND DISCONTINUED. Innocent professionals had their names blacken by the immature behaviour of NTata inorder to gain favors from Bingu. WHAT A SILLY MAN!!!!

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