Prophet Kautsire confesses meeting witchdoctor

Prophet Trevor Kautsire of the Miracles Ministry has made a startling revelation that he went to South Africa with his friend to meet a witchdoctor and was told of rituals that he had to perform if he were to become a renowned Prophet.

Prophet Kautsire: Magic being used by some of us Prophet Kautsire: Magic being used by some of us

Prophet Kautsire: Magic being used by some of us

Kautsire’s friend in South Africa is Prophet DJ Comfort but he did not mention any name during an interview on Times TV hosted by former president Joyce Banda’s press officer Brian Banda.

“I was in South Africa and I met the who-is-who of the gospel, what they told me is heart-breaking,” said Kautsire.

Kautsire said he was told by the witchdoctor to carry out a ritual that involved sacrifices such as the killing of family members or church members.

“I am speaking this from experience, some Prophets have had to sacrifice their church members to gain fame. You have heard of people dying in places of worship, it is because they are using the people as sacrifices,” said Kautsire, a comment which commentators said he was referring to the Nigerian prophet TB Joshua at whose church over a hundred people died.

Kautsire further said that it was easy to decipher fake Prophets because they do ‘miracles’ for no important reason.

“A miracle is supposed to meet a need, however when a Prophet does a miracle that does not meet any need there is no reason to believe that Prophet,” he said.

Kautsire, who was deported in United States of America for alleged sexual offence, said that Prophets are using magic, witchcraft and Satanism to perform miracles.

“There are some who are told to keep a worm and keep feeding it, the worm grows into a snake and when it comes to that stage where it is a snake, it brings them money. The catch is that one should never sleep with their wife but the snake,” claimed Kautsire.

Kautsire pointed out that that Prophets have turned church into a circus, saying the house of God has become an arena for pathetic theatricals.

He stated that  a prophecy is meant for strengthening, encouraging and comforting.

Times TV will telecast the programme against this Thursday starting 8:00pm so that people can watch and listen to the chilling revelations from Kautsire.

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This just confirms about the doubts that we have in other prophets. Coze u will find that someone will just wake up in the morning, afternoon is a prophet. Yooo! We r in the last days, so help us us God.

eddie Kumwenda

Thanks Jesus because you told us about this.

PLEASE do not be led astray by flashy men (or women) claiming to be prophets. This is a legitimate ministry that has been terribly corrupted by self-seeking individuals. If you want to recognize a false prophet (or a true prophet for that matter) you need to base everything on the Word of God. Do NOT trust supernatural signs and wonders to authenticate anyone’s ministry. This will lead you into deception. For a free checklist that will help you determine the false from the true you can go to my website Jesus said that the final generation would see an… Read more »

Please Please Please school yourself in the Bible about true and fake prophets!!!! Jesus said that in the final generation would see an increase in this type of ministry. False prophets always attract crowds & yes they can be miracle workers, but this does not authenticate their ministry. You MUST judge the message that the prophet delivers based on God’s word ALONE. Nothing else. For more information on this subject you can visit my webpage for free resources and a detailed checklist to help you recognize true and false prophets


Munthu wakuuzani zina za zimene amachuta, mwayamba kumunenanso. Musiyeni


What was your main aim of visiting witchdoctor? What prompt you to vist him?

Kautsire is talking about his experience and he knows some of the prophets who use juju to perform miracles and attract more people. This guy wanted to be famous and make more money through magic while using JESUS CHRIST name but failed because of the terms and conditions of the witch doctor, but for his friends who introduced him to the Sagoma and are able to follow the terms and conditions of the sagoma are doing fine and Kautsire frustrations has led him to spill the beans. If the sagoma had given Kautsire simple terms/conditions, Kautsire could have been one… Read more »
True reflector
What is happening today , is not from God it is from Satan’s power the way how this so called miracles performed totally different from what Jesus was doing read the Bible and compare what Jesus was doing and what these satanic disguising as followers of Jesus are doing power of Satan can show marvellous things to deceive the ,believers think of the fanancial gains they make out of those so called miracles I ask u true believers did Jesus gained anything from the miracles he performed? Fame and money is the mojor attractions The answer to this was given… Read more »
Sake Chilling

It is strange to hear that a Malawian came to South Africa to consult a Witch doctor, South Africans most of the time believe that “real” Witch doctors are found in Malawi. In fact a lot of Malawians have taken advantage of that belief by S. Africans that they have set up “practices” where they dupe the locals.

Chilungamo Chimawawa

you are talking this shit after you failed to get the powers kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

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