Nyondo’s body back in Malawi

Minister of Information Kondwani Nankhumwa and Minister of Home Affairs Atupele Muluzi were among those who gathered at Kamuzu International Airport in Lilongwe on Thursday yto greet the plane carrying late James Mbowe Nyondo, president of National Salvation Front (NASAF) who died at the age of 47 last week in South Africa.

Nankhumwa comforting Nyondo's brother, Fiskani

Nankhumwa comforting Nyondo’s brother, Fiskani

Atupele with Bruce Munthali at the ariport to welcome Nyondo's remains

Atupele with Bruce Munthali at the ariport to welcome Nyondo’s remains

Carrying the casket of Nyondo

Carrying the casket of Nyondo

The plane according to records at Malawi Cargo Centre was expected at the Airport at 12:20 but it delayed till around 1:50.

Briefing reporters, Nankhumwa said the President Peter Mutharika is saddened over the untimely demise of Nyondo.

“Nyondo was a person who used to give positive advice to Mutharika, that is why the President has ordered that government should do everything possible in making sure that it takes care of all arrangements leading to the burial ceremony,” said Nankhumwa.

Other notable people were ruling Democratic Progressive Party(DPP) Secretary General Ecklen Kudontoni, Tobaco Control Commission (TCC) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Dr Bruce Muthali.

Deacon Pius Chavula of Church of Christ said the church has lost a pillar.

Chavula said Nyondo was not an ordinary member but a trained theologian.

Nyondo’s uncle, Blair Nyondo, said the family is very touched over the demise of their relation.

Nyondo died of cancer in the evening of Friday, 17 July 2015, at Steve Biko Hospital in Pretoria, South Africa.

The body of Nyondo has since been taken to his uncle’s residence in Area 47,  where friends and relatives, including  well- wishers have  been holding a funeral vigil since Saturday, last week.

Burial of the body will take place Friday, 24 July 2015, at Area 18 Cemetery in Lilongwe. The burial ceremony will be preceded by a funeral service, which will be conducted from 10 A.M at Church of Christ, in Area 47, Lilongwe.

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47 thoughts on “Nyondo’s body back in Malawi”

  1. singogo says:


  2. kamowa John says:

    The country has lost a patriot.

  3. stenson says:

    Nyondo was so patriotic and courage in his carrier as a politician. May his soul rest in peace.

  4. May his soul rest in peace!

  5. zanga phee says:

    R I P

  6. Nasan says:

    Kodi mukukamba zamalilo kapena kukumbana mitundu Nose palibe zazelu mukukamba apa

  7. Chindazi says:

    1- Nonse mukutokota nthawi iyi ya maliro ndinu zisilu.
    2- All those talking shit at this time of funeral are big fools.
    3- Mose mukuyowoya vyabwekabweka nyengo iyi muli vindele vyakufikapo.
    4- Mose mukamba vyo muli wa bwekabweka.
    5- Mosa imwe muyowa vya matinkho apa muli wakonyofu.

    James Mbowe Nyondo…. RIP…

  8. Julius says:

    May his soul rest in peace

  9. namwali says:

    kodi a nyasa tafufuzani kuti kwao kwa malemuwa ndi kuti, nanga akuikidwa ku Lilongwe chifukwa chani? kodi anali ndi mkazi ndi ana?

  10. Sapitwa says:

    This issue of name tribe calling is getting out of hand now. There are some stupid idiots who think that by belonging to a certain tribe makes the superhuman or inferior etcetera. Each and every tribe has it’s own people with high and low IQs, stupid fools, clever ones, intelligent ones, dull ones etc. Education alone is not a measure to define a tribe any better than the other. We are all just people, same in all categories and Malawians period!
    I was born in Southern Region bearing a name from the North and lived in all the Regions in my life. There are some fools who ask me questions as to why Iam from the South yet bear a name from the North. Many of these are educated people asking such a silly question. You see folks, they are educated but with low IQs, thus why they ask such a stupid question.
    No one tribe owns Malawi and we should leave together without tribal issues at the back of our minds. This is what Kamuzu preached and unfortunately all the leaders after him stopped preaching about this.

    1. Justin says:

      Thank you very much Sapitwa

  11. Alungwana says:

    So government should take care of everything. Did the government take care of his sickness? Why do we scatter roses when someone is gone?

  12. Joseph. says:

    May his soul rest in peace;He had enomous kilometres of ideas and perceptions extendind skywards that could hardly be realized in our current chashgated economy.Nevetheless he was good at dreaming in colour for Malawians.

  13. mtumbuka1 says:

    Malopa Jnr, there’s no issue here but you seem to beat yourself up for nothing. Your earlier comment was a very unfortunate one because you mixed politics, religion and nepotism in it and went flat out attacking tumbukas left right and centre, matter of fact tumbukas had entirely nothing to do with your wayward thinking and one can be forgiven to conclude that you are so scared of tumbukas even before they lift a finger. One thing you must know is that when you die you will not be judged by the synod you belong or the tribe you belong. Leave those that are obsessed with synods alone as this is a time to mourn our comrade.. Rest in peace young man.

  14. MALOPA Jnr says:

    Munju and Zomba Market first you got to know that Late Nyondo belonged to Church of Christ and not CCAP LIVINGSTONIA SYNOD and therefore completely out of order and wrong for Livingstonia Synod to steal the show of presiding over funeral vigil and funeral main servicr. PERIOD. Thats why people say Livingstonia Synod, their primary agenda in encroaching Nkhoma Synods territory is vexed about tribalism, nepotism, money and myopic church politics. All these things are earthly things that the Synod was supposed to condemn in strongest terms and then concentrate pa ndale zakumwamba kuti tikapulumuka bwanji? If I may ask kodi salvation is only for the rich in town? Why is Livingstonia synod only targetting towns and cities? Dont rural people need salvation and gud churches. Livingstonia is even failing to construct better churches in their territory and instead busy building magnificent structures in central region. Useless thinking for Livingstonia leadership.

    Now my humble plea to livingstonia synod, tikakhala kuti we are bearing northern region names like Nyoni, kaunda, Moyo, Chipeta etc and that we are northeners residing in central region doesnt mean that by default we are members of Livingstonia Synod neither do we all subscribe to your divisive, archaic and ungodly ideologies. Check your cobducts to avoid bringing shame to dignified functions like maliro a James Mbowe Nyondo.

    Those of you who take unnecessary spin on issues hovering around Livingstonia Synod shud use your heads and feel ashamed. Am a northener myself but I allow my head to critique issues sobery and not seeing things on narrow window of tribalism and nepotism. A Zomba Market dont you know that chichewa language is spoken and understood by majority of Malawians and therefore was assumed to be a national language. Khalani amanyazi. We cant develop with that mentality.

    1. Liniana says:

      Shaaah! You have a very personal issue with Livinstonia Synod. The article here is about the departed Nyondo. Why did you bring in your hate views about Sinodi? By the way,please tune in FM100.5. in the south and 99 4 in the. centre and listen to Voice of Livinstonia- “Kutebetela munthu Ku. mzimu na Ku thupi”.

  15. burning says:

    So so sad can’t find words to comfort my brothers and sisters in my country

  16. lucianoh says:

    may Nyondos soul rest in piece. tanks to the APM govt for honouring Nyondos remains.

  17. Shekman says:

    A Livingstonia Synod Munayambapo Kakalakakala Maliro A Eniake Anakupemphani? Mumafuna Kuyamba Ma Arrangement A Transpot Kuptitsa Kwanu Koma Ntchito Nde Mulinacho Chincthito Padziko Lapansi, Asiileni A Church Of Christ Apitilize Mwambo Wa Maliro Anali Member Wawo Osati Wanu Paja Munkamudandaulaso AKB Kuti Akanakaikidwaso Ku Mpoto Kodi Anakusankhani Ndani

  18. Shekman says:

    A Livingstonia Synod Munayambapo Kakalakakala Maliro A Eniake Anakupemphani? Mumafuna Kuyamba Ma Arrangement A Transpot Kuptitsa Kwanu Koma Ntchito Nde Mulinayo Padziko Lapansi, Asiileni A Church Of Christ Apitilize Anali Wawo Paja Munkamudandaulaso AKB Kuti Akanakaikidwaso Ku Mpoto Kodi Anakusankhani Ndani

  19. MDULI says:


  20. A True Fighter says:

    May your Soul Rest in Peace

    What a Friend we have lost. We arrived on the same day at Dedza Secondary School to start form one and we were both allocated to Zomba/Chongoni Hostel and we continued to be true and close friends. Were both elected prefects during our form 3 and because Nyondo liked reading various books and literature he was a Library Prefect. Now to think that James is no longer with us is not easy to imagine.

    Thank you APM for honoring the true sun of Malawi

    Condolences to the family

  21. mcmillan nankhonya says:

    Rest in peace Mr Nyondo

  22. Win says:

    me too I’ll come to claim the money becoz my grandpa died early this year. He was calling you a lot to give some advise but you never help on the funeral……….

  23. Ng'ombeyavuka says:

    What a loss? May his soul rest in peace.

  24. sabata Fakufaku says:

    we have missed a great young guy. Well educated and visionary. Your politics were smart after loss you moved around looking for positions in the winning party

  25. First offender says:

    No.6 take your emotions to your family not Namkhumwa,don’t you know that there is some kind of people who can gave the president negative advice? You just comment for the sake of commenting

  26. Kadakwiza says:

    Very Sad indeed, Rest In Peace.

  27. zomba market says:

    Malopa jnr, who told you that when someone is a chewa is more important than any other person? If there was half tumbukas and half chewas at the church then it was a wise idea to have a tumbuka service and your stupid brave chikopa was gonna have his turn also for another useless language. Why do you think Chichewa is a universal language..zakumachende basi leave the tumbukas alone guys they are our brothers and they have the freedom to speak their language even if it is in Blantyre (chifukwa kwa anthu osayenda Blantyre ndi Ku Sweden kkkk)

  28. Munju waku Embangweni says:

    Please Lomwe’s respect the death and don’t associate it with Livingstonia CCAP church. We have our own problems and you have yours.No way can Livingstonia snatch a funel. Stupid idiot Lomwe’s.your government should give people food, better basic services full stop.

  29. Zondiwe says:

    No. 4,
    Why do you show so much contempt and hatred to all the people from the North?
    You are bringing gossip and unfounded stories on the net in order to denigrate a whole people. Why?
    If you have local gossip at Blantyre Synod, do you share it in the manner you are doing? What type of Christian are you? Would Jesus condone what you are doing?
    If you hate our brothers and sisters at St Columba, tell them in a Christian way. How do you label your fellow members as ‘tidzitsiru tina take’? Remember, the Church belongs to Christ, and not you. You have no right to show contempt over somebody else’s property.
    You should know that there are many people from the South and Central Regions who are spread out throughout the Northern Region. There are many thousands actually, in the cities as well as villages. Any bad thing that you do against Northerners can be replicated almost instantly. But why go into this type of retrogressive thinking?
    If you have a specific problem with anybody, deal with that problem, rather than escalating innuendos and gossip around. The massacres in Rwanda a few years ago started in a similar manner to what you are doing. You are lighting flames of hatred against people of the North, and this is totally unacceptable. It is abhorent, and all right thinking people ought to condemn people like you. Malawi is a peace-loving Nation where any citizen is free to live and work anywhere they choose. This is enshrined in our Constitution, but as Mr Msowoya wrote recently, some of you have not even seen it, let alone read it. You are going about life though instinct, and ignoring the Laws of the land. I actually feel sorry for you. I cannot afford to be angry with you as people will not tell the difference.
    You attend Church, but you have no idea what Jesus meant when He cried: ‘Father, forgive them for they know not what they do’.
    Not all Northerners belong tho Livingstonia Synod. Regardless of their beliefs, as long as they are malawians, they belong to our country, full stop.

    1. Malawian says:

      .These people who are constantly trying to mobilize mobs against northerners are actually DPP thugs who want to divert attention from their MRA looting
      “let’s keep our unsuspecting and semi literate southerners busy with atumbuka castigating while we clean out the coffers”.

  30. RIP nyondo a MCP nenamponi kanthu panja a DPP said manfesto yawo was the same with nyondo

  31. Kandulu says:

    may his soul rest in peace, kumwalira ali zaka 47, maliro akulira ku 47

  32. tony says:

    may your soul rest in peace mr nyondo

  33. Jastin Mavuto says:

    Shame, R.I.P Mr Nyondo

  34. VIYAZI TEMBO says:


  35. Richard. Banda says:

    What a Big Bro 2 Malawi

  36. mo says:

    RIP Nyondo,but he would have been burried at his home village

  37. Tinamvesedwa kuti zovuta zikafikira Ku Likuni koma a bale awo a kana chifukwa cha khalidwe la malemuwa NDE m’malo make afikira Ku 47 kwa anzawo kaya ndizoona sitikudziwa.RIP

  38. Zondiwe says:

    No. 2,
    The President has made a decision, rightly or wrongly. It is his prerogative.
    Reserve your questions until after the burial.
    What did you want to happen?
    One does not query a good gesture. Our bureaucrats have budgeted for things like these.
    Raise your queries after Mr Nyondo has been buried. People are too stressed now to give
    you a sensible answer. In death, all our heads stop (mitu imaima).
    I hope you understand what I am talking about.

  39. makito says:

    Sometimes Ministers, in trying to please the President all the time, make silly mistakes. Nankhumwa should not have given such a reason for the President’s decision to have government foot the bills for Nyondo’s funeral. Nyondo was a public figure who wanted the country to develop, that is enough reason. Not that he was giving positive advice to Mutharika. Chonde pay attention to detail please.

  40. Dickens M Chima says:

    Agreat Loss To The Nation Since Nyondo Was Young And Visionally Politician.May His Soul Rest In Eternal Peace.

  41. MALOPA Jnr says:

    Livingstonia Synod wanted to snatch maliro. Shame. Akuti wanted to be associated with men of influence and money from Northern Region. Try to do zopusa zanuzo ndi kuno ku Blantyre Synod mudzanya. Tidzitsiru tina take had started akuti chitumbuka sercvice at St Columba church, thanks to our brave and wise moderator Brave Chikopa for not entertaining zopusa zawozo.

  42. Dr K.K. says:


  43. May His Soul Rest in eternal Peace

    Having said that I am surprised that Peter has authorised that the government should take care of all funeral arrangements on the basis that Nyondo used to give positive advice to muntharika – who is footing the bill – Government or Munthalika?
    If it is us tax payers – Does our budget accommodate that?
    What if another presidential contender dies will he be accorded the same treatment or it is only on the basis of being in good books with the president? Oh Malawi Malawi why our presidents fill they are at liberty of using government’s money as they wish ? Something is seriously wrong with the way this country is governed. I thought Peter would was serious about public reform – mmmm just a waste of government stationary and money

  44. opportunist says:

    Fair thee well

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