I’m absolutely falling apart – Gwanda Chakuamba

Malawi veteran politician in retirement from front line politics, Gwanda Chakuamba, has said he is living a destitute life due to financial problems, according to press reports.

Chakuamba: Penniless

Chakuamba: Penniless

Chakuamba, 81 told The Nation newspaper of Thursday that he is penniless and struggling to live a normal life.

The paper reports that Chakuamba is having constant threats of eviction from Malawi Housing Corporation house in Chimwankhunda where he resides.

“I also have problems with water and electricity bills,” the paper quoted the veteran politician as saying.

Chakuamba owned several properties, including Mount Pleasant No 1 house, Milare house, one house each in Chigumula and Nyambadwe in Blantyre, an inn in Mangochi and a number of farms.

He told the paper that while his United States of America-based children occasionally assist him, the assistance is not enough.

Former minister Moses Dossi, a close ally to Chakuamba, commented: “In Malawi we honour people when they die and not necessarily when they are alive.”

Meanwhile, a reports indicate Chakuamba be conferred with an honorary Doctor of Philosophy degree by Cyprus International Institute of Texas in United States of America this Saturday.

Chakuamba, who retired from active politics, would be awarded the doctorate in line with his invaluable contribution to the country having served in almost all ruling parties, as former minister and once a leader of opposition.

Cyprus International Institute second Vice Chancellor Professor Gusto Tuweh Gadama said Chakuamba will be honoured during a graduation ceremony to be held at Bingu International Conference Centre in Lilongwe.

In his prime as a politician, Chakuamba held various Cabinet portifolios in the one-party State of founding president Hastings Kamuzu Banda from the late 1960s to 1980 when he was arrested and charged with treason. He was released in 1993 after the dawn of plural politics through a national referendum.

After his release, Chakuamba rejoined Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and served in a three-member presidential council that managed State affairs after Kamuzu was taken ill.

After the 1994 general elections won by the first post-independence multiparty president Bakili Muluzi and his United Democratic Front (UDF), Chakuamba became leader of opposition in Parliament. He later served as Cabinet minister in Bingu wa Mutharika’s administration in 2004.

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the patriot

I am tempted to feel sorry for mbuya, but when I remember the past I, instead, say “you deserve everything coming your way now”.

Unfortunately, those in power now will not take this as a learning point. The belief is that “it can never happen to them”.

Well, mbuya, for 90% of us here in Malawi, this is the life we have ever known and, I am, again tempted to say, will ever know, thanks to greedy, selfish, cruel politicians like yourselves.

Judging from the comments here, it don’t look like you have very many sympathizers.

Chakuamba sold his properties and used the money for politics. He used it for campaigns and for the little girls he paid school fees for and made pregnant. He spent money on the likes of Munlo, Masauli, Ntaba, Mpinganjira, Chimera, Sabadia, Mia, Mhango and the like. He never gave money to his children, Kwafaani and Zuwere in the states, Martin in Malawi and Aubrey in England. Even after all this his daughter, Zuwere, took care of him. She rented him a house, paid for his medical trips to South Africa, bought him clothes, food, you name it. When I visited… Read more »
Pika wa Cashgate

Only thieves like the Bakilis survive in Malawi. The honest will not. Businesses are like to decline. That is what Malawi is all about. That is why we have many bootlickers.

tain kutala

There r so many people who contributed to the development of this country and are in pathetic lives. Do you mean this guy is so special? Or just because was/is a politician? Not taxpayers money!


Send me your account number.

Real Patriot

Iwe Dossi nawenso kagwere uko.Ngati ndale zinakukanika you better shut up.How many Malawians are suffering in Malawi because of poverty?At least Mbuya amasungunula tima dollars tochoka Ku US pamene amalawi ena alibe mwayi ngati umenewu.Ma politicians amawabela amalawi and they think it is also the responsibility of tax payers to look after them in their old lives.Palibe nzeru apa.Ambuya angomanga wa kumudzi Ku Nsanje.

ibrahim makwati

inenso ndikuvutika ndikusowa ondithandiza zikomo bwana


Osamangotamba bwanji?? Fwerseki. This is why MCP will never rule Malawi


Choyipa chitsata mwini komanso ana ali mthengo.Kumbukani makolo ana inu.


I hope you rot Gwanda. My family lost everything while you were in power in those days but you know what the children of that family are doing well thank you very much,I remember you saying that you have children in the USA who will help you. So what has happened to them? You really deserve what is going on in your life now

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