Of Mutharika’s graffiti and doctor who? …Here comes the ‘Loose Cannon’

Welcome on board to my first newslog of the Loose Cannon. In Malawi there are plenty of  authoritative newspaper columnists such as Raphael Tenthani, Graciun Tukula, Edward Chitsulo, George Kasakula, Ephraim Munthali and also prominent bloggers Dr Steve Sharra and  Dr Boniface Dulani. These are but some influential opinion makers.  I am very conscious that I am joining a formidable tradition of political commentary and will also be tackling other issues including treading where even angels fear to.Loose cannon

I have picked President Prof. Arthur Peter Mutharika as my first entry.

Mutharika is a learned lawyer and has a wealth of experience in life under his belt. Academic-turned-politician, APM as he is fondly called by his supporters, is a new crop of leaders who had stayed in the diaspora. Many expect him to rise above mbofo-mboyo politicians or the so called village idiots in our parties. Sadly, APM was during the week stampeded by the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) zealots for spending hard earned tax-payers money to commemorate the second anniversary of Mutharika and ‘Midnight Six’ arrest on treason charges in March 2013.

I will focus on the celebration style that the President and his front line troops did when they visited their jail cell. They had the audacity to write their names on the walls of the cells– graffiti!! The whole President leading in graffiti action and more so a learned lawyer! He should have known much better than Nicholas Dausi or Symon Vuwa Kaunda that graffiti in prison is illegal. And what message has he sent to the youth? That graffiti is a cool thing?

I echo the  remarks University of Malawi’s Chancellor College political commentator, Dr Boniface Dulani, made in criticising the DPP zealots for political hero-worshipping and valuing mediocrity. But Mutharika is not a ‘baby’ to say he was misled by DPP or his league of advisors. He knew what he was up to. And his action has clearly demonstrated that  civil society leaders will be negligent if they don’t demonstrate on the streets where they were shot at, insulted, assaulted and protestors killed, come July 20.

As one top notch lawyer pointed out,  the commemoration of APMs arrest is indeed a mockery to not only the rule of law but also an insult to all those that died fighting for the freedom of this nation including but not limited to those who were arrested and brutally treated at every turn of our governance clock.

What freedom was APM fighting for when he got arrested for treason?  Need a reminder?  Yes, Mutharika  was arrested in 2013 for his role in an alleged attempt to usurp power from former vice-president Joyce Banda following the death of president Bingu wa Mutharika in April 2012. Cabinet ministers reportedly convened a meeting without the then Vice President Joyce Banda immediately after Mutharika’s death and plotted to prevent Mrs Banda, the vice-president, from taking over and to thrust the late president’s brother, Peter, into power in her stead.

Six ministers– Patricia Kaliati, Simon Vuwa Kaunda, Dr. Jean Kalilani, Henry Mussa, Nicholas Dausi and Kondwani Nakhumwa– dubbed the ‘Midnight 6’ – held a news conference in the dead of the night on April 6, 2012, on state-run MBC television, telling the nation that the Vice President had no authority to act as president. On 7 April, when Mutharika’s death could no longer be hidden, Malawi’s Cabinet sought a court order to block Joyce Banda from taking over as President.

But former Malawi army Chief, Henry Odillo, backed the constitutional order and stationed troops around Banda’s  house  to allow her take over power. The former ministers agreed to seek a court interpretation on the matter and asked the then Attorney General Maxon Mbendera to get a court order stopping any swearing-in of Banda. Apparently, the swearing ceremony of Banda was cancelled by the then Chief Justice Lovemore  Munlo, saying  he had forgotten his ceremonial robes and wig in Blantyre, 360 kilometres away from Lilongwe.

At that time there were still some behind-the-scenes manouvrings to side-step the constitutional order. But after a two-hour delay, Banda was at last sworn in. Some Malawians expressed concern that the ‘mid night 6’ action undermined the constitution which, they said, could have led to violence and chaos. The charges were dropped because Mutharika was elected President and he enjoys immunity from prosecution. But, as Malawi Law Society (MLS) secretary Khumbo Soko has put it; as a matter of law, any case can be resurrected, especially where evidence could have been discontinued without conviction.

I strongly feel the commemoration was wholly unacceptable.

No fake doctors

During the said commemoration, Mutharika claimed he never got sick while at Lumbadzi Police Station in Lilongwe. The government should make sure their promise to pass the Access to Information Bill is fulfilled. We will need more records to be flashed out.

Mutharika: Writting the walls of his jail cell

Mutharika: Writting the walls of his jail cell

The President’s claims are frivolous. The truth is there and cannot be twisted for political or whatever gains. With all due respect, upon arrest, Goodall Gondwe collapsed for Blood Pressure and up until now he has a walking stick. Jean Kalilani immediately got herself a hospital bed. And the President with his henchmen were reportedly  “sick”.

It was Dr Hetherwick Ntaba who phoned the then Attorney General and Justice Minister, Ralph Kasambara, seeking help that doctors should visit Mutharika and others as they were sick. Kasambara  then told Inspector General of Police Loti Dzonzi  (now retired) to allow them seek medical attention.

Dr. Jonathan Ngoma from Kamuzu Central Hospital was assigned to attend to Mutharika and others. When he first reached the cell, he was welcomed by DPP Cadets and he together with two nurses were humiliated and forced back. But later, after proper communication, they  were given the passage to treat  Mutharika.

He kept giving Mutharika the medical attention while in the cell and they exchanged numbers. When Mutharika assumed power, Dr Ngoma was promoted. After the cell ‘vacation’, Mutharika also had a sworn affidavit in court seeking a passport to travel to the United States for a medical treatment. He explained his ailment in that affidavit – I cannot disclose the ailment as President’s health is personal prerogative information .

I have explained this for the President at least to know  the reasons behind his detention as well as the doctors who were sent for him. The President has said he has signed an affidavit with the Inspector General of Police  which he  will produce “at an appropriate time” and I beg him also to produce that court affidavit that persuaded the judge to give him a passport to travel to the US for medical treatment . We need to compare notes, APM.

Sad that instead of discussing real matters of national development, the leadership has made the nation to be preoccupied by trivia. There are real issues to sort out in our country. Unemployment, the widening gap between the rich and the poor, fiscal policies to work on in the wake of donor absence, reforms  and other substative matters of the nation.

Most columnists have adopted a style of starting with a notable quote. I will be a ‘Loose Cannon’ and do differently by only ending my newslog with a quote.

 “Running a government is serious business,” Dr Bakili Muluzi, former president who ruled Malawi from 1994 to 2004

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90 thoughts on “Of Mutharika’s graffiti and doctor who? …Here comes the ‘Loose Cannon’”

  1. tikhala says:

    NO! NO!NO!NO! Bakili never said “running goverment is serious business” He said ” Amai ndi abambo, lunning gafment is serious business” If dead peple could talk again, Edward Chitsulo could have quoted this better! RIP Edward

  2. Gladson Ritche says:

    i wonder what politicians take Malawians for, they should learn to differentiate between politics and work. We employee them to work and manage the affairs of our finances not abuse the resources. Spending lots of money for personal affiliations is not worthy acceptable, this must stop and use funds for public interest. You are not employed to enjoy on our taxes but exercise ethical in ensuring our taxes are well managed to meet the poor and those in poverty.

  3. Aferazao says:

    Mr Peter is a shame and disappointment to the learned. He has painted a very black picture of himself. We are fed up with his repeated lies as well, can he for once stop feeding us with this crap of his?

  4. sabiti says:

    This is it becoz of ur arrogancy yowill be exposed and brought to shame for sure, why is it that the accutual date of former president a mistry although he died here what were u concealling

  5. Nenazako says:

    The truth shall set us free. The constitution is clear on this matter so if the then VP did not attend cabinet meetings for 6 months legally she was still VP and legally to reign this country in the event of death of the then President as it happened. I can see some quarters have run out of ideas on how to run govt and they are wasting time on triviAl issues. YES RUNNING GOVT IS A SERIOUS GOVT AS OUR FORMER HAD ONCE SAID.

  6. Za Chingambwe says:

    Kodi a MBC simutitumizirako video pa youtube ya apulofesa akutisonyeza luso la manjaa wao pazolembalemba za pa khoma?

  7. phwado la mlakho says:

    I will also come with my column’loose asshole’!APM uli mmadzi.Indeed you’re insane.A bustard!

  8. Liberalist says:

    Mutharika as a graduate knows that 90% of Malawians are either totally illiterate or educated but uncivilised unable to judge wisely. Fools follow a fool blindly with all their soul, heart & energy. Where do you belong; illiterate or uncivilised but educated? With such mentality Malawi will take 250 years for it to start developing. Shame on those that support foolish leadership. APA Pali Mavuto (APM)

  9. ZBS zikachitika mumvera kwaife program and nyasatimes carried the fake doctoring to APM on 12-03-2013 ten oclock,the rest of media outlets never tackled the story and ZBS and nyasatimes never repeated the story or they just retracted.If youre not sure consult your archives.On consulting the then vp, that is insane as she stayed over 8 months without attending any cabinet meeting after being expelled from the DPP for allegedly parallel structuring not from being a vp as she continued enjoying free water,electricity,free rent,food,security even though her convoy was reduced.These lumpsum previledges were being shouldered by taxpayers money,but she waited to be invited to address the shocking eventuality.Theres no where in the history of Malawi that it is written that the then vp was expelled from a cabinet meeting but a DPP meeting.Freedom of expression the birthright of all but what Thom Chiumia and other mackrakers are doing is the job which was done by PR Pottiger a British firm hired to prop the image of the ousted interim leader in the aftermath of jetgate,cashgate,maizegate,cowgate,armsdealgate with Paramount group and many other gates.

  10. Kapenandiye says:

    U Gimbogo why did u not elect ur most stupid or stupidiest leader who left his calling in pursuant of earthly worthy, bet u me, he will never never rule this country. Mcp, what ever good leder u will choose, mcp will take over sixty years to be in government. This party is cursed coz of too much sufering and blood it shed secretly. Many are following this party blindly, i have said it take it or leave it. Over 60 years

  11. ChizaLi says:

    Malawi a banana Republic with a string of mediocre leaders. I expect more for Peter Mutharika who happens to be a professor. Slowly I see traits of a leader growing too old and becoming big headed like his late brother like the old leader, Robert Mugabe.
    Lets for once get serious with core issues that matter the country is currently facing.
    Indeed running a country a serious business and not what this so called professor is doing.
    An excellent piece of writing. Nice one Thom.

  12. Simama says:

    JB was not democratically elected…??what do u mean…mbuzi iwe eti…its the democratic constitution that elected her…and your M’tchona wasnt elected through ballot…we all know what happened..no nid to go thru it…God is watching though…and soon or later truth shall come out…He is not blind that he cant see nor ias he deaf that cant hear..wait Malawi…we as believers we know God has a purpose….

  13. Ezekiel says:

    This story is solely based on what Mr president has insinuated last week so don’t fault the author but follow the truth please. And it is not about cash gate but exchange of words. Why don’t he just throw it away rather than telling people as if it is a big issue, people are still suffering each and everyday you can a complaint when you walk in streets, village even offices pipo saying about poor leadership which is not even focussing it’s future and am here not supporting where former rulers never but we need the government to move forward than going backward. I cherished his speeches before election but nothing tangible I have seen apart from only government reforms . So this chiumia is just putting matters where it suppose to be than tellin pipo what is wrong, you know when you say the truth it’s the truth wil set you free so here Mr president is just showing himself that is not capable. Asamakhale ndi mangawa ayi Chifukwa zikakuvuta umakhala pa chipsyinjo ngati ichi upange yichi osatheka yichi osayenda so be careful when a snake swallows it’s tale it makes a circle so that’s how a world is, abwana asamangomvemera china chili chonse ayi zina kumakana monga program yopita ku cell m’paka commemoration zoona nkhani yake yiti nzosekesa kwabasi. Akanango pita mwina kukapereka zinthu zo basi m’paka kuyankhula za former IG analakwitsa chani, nanga ndi amene anapita ko ndi modotolowo ngatidi amafuna kuku pangani zimenezo mukuganizazo mwina you have just blame the authority basi.

  14. Kaidi says:

    What a shame ….this Muthatika Guy is a liar….satan!

  15. ğyu says:

    Come on–Peter new crop of diaspora leaders. Africa has always been led by diaspora eg hkb, bingu

  16. Jelbin mk says:

    Remember my fellow sound citizens I once said in my previous comment that this so called president is the biggest liar of his own type remember the changing of his brother’s name when he was incapacitated, the US hotel lie,the date of his brother’s death, the dream of becoming a president at 5 years of which we all regard it as a blue lie because by the time he was five in all African countries there were no presidents and no any black man thought of becoming one because it never existed and they never heard of the word “president” because the world was so spacious with no tvs no radios and no telephones (he lied to the kids shamelessly), and now he lies about the fake doctors and that he never fell sick and yet he is on court records that he requested for his passport in order to travel in the quest for medical attention. After all this I will die not trusting this fool he doesn’t care doing anything stupid in front of rolling media cameras he thinks they are doing that for funny? He has made history and a very unique stupid one how can the whole president write graffiti on the wall and what kind of massage does he send to Young people out there? Foolish president of yours he too shaming to be under his region.

  17. emwazi says:

    If the DPP wanted to be fair they would have invited all the treason suspects including Bakili Muluzi and the coup Brigadiers and others for the medals! But no they wanted it all to themselves

  18. Mchani says:

    I choose to differ with this Idiot above. You cant velebrate like this when Malawians cant celebrate their lives as they suffer. Inu ma cadet, better stop commenting.

  19. Kadakwiza says:

    My fellow Malawians please don’t call our President an idiot. Let us respect him. Since he is not helping, we can call him useless president. Its better that way. Malawi is rotten, serious! All because of this useless president we have right now. He is not helping, he is useless.

  20. Wailing Soul says:

    Thom, Ive like the second section of you column. The first part is what weve read from many columnists in Malawi News and Weekend Nation yesterday but yôur next section is indepth. It in fact sounds like an interesting news story. Good start though. Thumbs up!

  21. Andrew phiri says:

    Iwe Chiumia and with ur friend Raphael Tenthani tikunyenyanyenyani banonani chomcho. There a lot of issues ranging from social to economic 2 write but just interested in an individual. God shud punish u.

  22. khamani!! says:

    What a fool we have for a president!!!

  23. Malindima says:

    Zasiyana pati poyerekedza ndi uja ankayenda pa convoy naononga K50m kukagawa thumba la ufa ndi chingwe Cha ngombe? Was that not illigal on the part of squandering government funds? She defied all advices from different directions and even boasted that she could not stop traveling senselessly. End result was that she left over K100bn deficit which is affecting every Malawian till today since she left office. Did we see NGOs encouraging to Demonstrate in the streets about these grave mistakes including the rotten and sereous cashgate? Have you heard any columnist pushing the issue of JB interfering the electrol process where she tried to stop it after she saw her party loosing heavily? Wasn’t this very seriouse warranting prosecution? You political commentators please give us a balanced reporting. Do not just wait for APM to miss his step and then feed us with garbage!

  24. ,MYEGHA,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, says:

    There is trueth in the story. what is a cell? Our mindset is still dull. waste of taxpayers money but malawian are silent. donors can’t help us because our president misuses taxpayers money.

  25. musisipala says:

    Leave APM alone. He is our annointed leader. God loves this counbtry. Tawonani zo lalata pa radio. Tvm 24hours zinatha. Kodi Richard Banda alikuti?. Wadyesedwa buluzi ameneyo

  26. Chidzukulu cha Akwitusya says:

    “Munthuyu ngwaboza ndi wakafwakka eti” kkkkkk Chakwamba.

  27. Dear Mr Thom Chiuimia,
    This story is not news it is history. Joyce Banda was out for revenge and she knew that APM was her greatest rival to becoming an elected President, but she never became a democratically elected leader, since Malawian people knew the truth about her and Cashgate, which is still causing a lot of suffering in Malawi today. If you are honest with yourself you will admit that you would like to be President one day, so please just be truthful instead of speaking badly about the President and show some respect

    1. GOGO says:

      A fool is a fool in words only stupit people are against Mutharika you must be very stupid especilly you MCP and PP Mamudzu did this on 3 March May14 its his right

    2. Nkhombokombo says:

      Mr whoever you are, the then Vice President Dr Joyce Banda was dully elected to that office of presidency by yourselves when you entrusted your Gvt to Bingu and his vice. It is just a matter of understanding the Constitution bambo! Gaining political mileage through prison stories is a dead beginning. Imagine the whole Presido stooping so low by messing up the walls of a prison which as usual are rarely painted. Leading by example, if all the prisoners painted their silly names on these walls what type of prisons are we going to have? Silly thinking indeed! It would have been appreciated if he had gone there to repaint the walls and not to dirten them with meaningless messages. The Presido leads by good example, not this one! Mwachititsa manyazi zedi. Thom has written history and not news as you’ve rightly said but the truth must not be twisted for the sake of it.

  28. Gimbogo says:

    Stupid Malawians from thu south elected their felow idiot

  29. Ashraf Kumar says:

    Good start Thom..

  30. grinzo says:

    Kkkkkkkkkk. Koma kumeneko. Bodza la munthu wankulu lawonekera pa mbalambanda.

  31. aMUMA says:

    At least we know who treated him and how they came to visit Lumbadzi cell….of course on request

  32. Peetah is an Idiot. Malawi has an idiot for the president..

  33. Yankees says:

    Comment time to those who are Educated, Thom u have enlighted everything but this time around, from Grassroots level, APM has shown to MW his weaknesses, zoona Presdent wadziko kumakalemba nawo, tikaikitse magalimoto

  34. Wamakala says:

    Please good poeple, I beg you, can a Parliamentarian move a private motion to call for a state ambulance to take our beloved President to Zomba Mental Hospital for a thorough check. I see a serious mental problem here.

  35. Malawi wa Lero says:

    If the other Professor was chindere chakufikapo i really do not know what this ganch is.

  36. Tengupenya says:

    Even in high places in South Africa, they say that leadership was important to Malawi when someone started exposing official corruption in high places. Soon and sometime soon, Malawi shall get the international help needed to stem the corruption in high places. The voter only needs to ensure there is no political dynasty and no preposterous political deals. Five faces are separating Malawi from the required cleaning up.

  37. Tengupenya says:

    An ostrich hiding from black ants by burying its head in the sand risks having its eyes eaten by the ants. It is not easy to suppress the truth by telling the untruth from a position of trust or of respect. Facing no direct challenge and knowing this fact, big men in society tend to get the strange audacity to turn to choreography of the lie using popular media channels seeking cover from the gullible audience. The spin unfortunately can only give some work to opportunist sympathizers and those who share in the shame of choreographic display of lack of respect for the public for they will have to keep lying to themselves or somehow continue to spin. But the ostrich is too big to hide in the sand, in broad day light. After darkness, cometh light. The body of the ostrich is too exposed. When the rains fall, the head will be exposed from the sand anyway. Sadly it may be too late to see the way. The ants may have eaten the eyes of the ostrich before even the daytime rain. More choreography and public stupor may be predicted.

  38. Here we go again says:

    No wonder, that why our country is moving with reverse gear soon we will see ourselves in 1995, believe me, what a president we have, i dont see our country developing

  39. Manzy j says:

    Zafodya basi. Choona akuchidziwa ndi mwini wake peter basi. Enanu ndi ma ant APM. Nde palibe zomwe mungati uze ife adpp. Mukagwereuku ndi mayi anuwo

  40. Tango says:

    Well done Thom, 2points. APM should be shitting his pants right now. He has goofed big time.

  41. ntchende la pitala says:

    Ichi ndiye chilungamo. Pitala is a big liar

  42. Awful President of Malawi (APM) says:

    So he was celebrating a failed coup attempt by writing graffiti in cell walls!!? This coup plotter is indeed garbage

  43. Nyani wa ku Mwananyani says:

    Pretty good write-up here! But the jury is still out as to whose version(s) of the story is/are really correct.
    And a few sentiments also need to be expressed on the other side of the argument. Getting imprisoned, especially for political reasons, is very scary, for anybody.
    APM et al. were imprisoned by Joisi Banda, majorly because her advisers were gang-ho on revenge. Imprisonment need not have occurred at all! Naked revenge gets you nowhere: look at the political landscape, now. JB is in self-imposed exile, for unexplained reason(s); and her party, PP, has sprung a potentially serious, if not fatal leak. And that party has not even an antidote to DPP or UDF.
    Politics cannot remove one’s feelings even from the posturing. So APM and company were acting on a human level. And JB should be called out on this issue, even from afar. A fair political statement. And fair game indeed.
    Finally it’s simplistic to think Malawian kids will just emulate APM’s wall scrawling willy-nilly. Columnists are getting on an anti-APM bandwagon on this issue – sure it’s their bread and butter. But this issue will have no political traction in the final analysis, come 2019. Bao players and game watchers are NOT concerned!

  44. crimebuster says:

    I wonder, how will Ben Phiri react to this article and also the article by Allan Mtata which talks about the duties of Presidential Advisers. Wotsutsa izi ndi mfiti!

  45. atate says:

    Now the whole president lied by saying the fake doctor was bitten by cardets yet he knows that he was professionally treated by the doctor from KCH. So sad

  46. Chimanyisko says:

    Ameneyu president or phwalazident?

  47. emwazi says:

    A court in Singapore recently jailed two german citizens to nine month in prison for spraying graffiti in a depot…In Malawi the whole president leads the nation painting a graffiti on prison walls…I now feel very ashamed to be a Malawian!

  48. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Welcome Thom. And welcome Loose Cannon.

    However, you have missed one fact and thus Malawians should not be bitter with APM because everyone needs to responsible and accountable for his/her actions.

  49. Nam'bwibwi says:

    Ndipo ndizoona Muthalika sakutithandiza ndipo satithandiza ndiopepela.

  50. gracian daneck says:

    anasankha olakwika

  51. I like the column for today and hope next one will be good too. Welcome abode as well

  52. Ngungudya says:

    Wamawu ayankhetu nanga pple hv facts and information kkkkkkk come DPP

  53. tuvitwana says:


  54. Martin says:

    Ho,we were wondering what you would bring.Give us true reflections,timayiwala msanga ife a Malawi

  55. wa Bullets says:

    Good start Thom, keep the fire burning

  56. Chikopa says:

    Most of the commentators here are praising chaff. I am sorry palibe ndiona ine. Unalowako mundende? Pita kaye ndiye udzati wadala.

  57. Hello! says:

    Don’t the laws of Malawi state that lying by a civil servant is tantamount to incompetence and punishable by the law? If not, I think we need to revise the laws so that our politicians don’t take us for a ride.

  58. ujeni says:

    Peter Mutharika needs to make serious change to his leadership, otherwise he wont finish his term, people power is growing everyday. Malawi wa dzuka

  59. Hello! says:

    It appears one of the reasons for this activity was to paint the walls blue so that the police unit knows that DPP is in power. In other words, they are trying to politicize the police.

  60. Charger cha mutu waung'ono says:

    And why was Atupele not given a medal?.. i thought he was also arrested during the rule of chitsiru cha njanje?

  61. Patriot says:

    Lomwe people are known for greatest liars of the land.

  62. amakhosi mukulugenzi says:

    Man mwalankhula chilungamo. Wakhutu wamva

  63. White Achiwajinji says:

    Thanks Loose Cannon. Your account of the events is so credible than the rumblings of our dear learned professor president. Why does APM twist the truth. ‘Say the truth and the truth shall set you free’ – so goes the saying

  64. ujeni says:

    Welcome aboard, like many commentators, lets help our country by being the eyes and ears of the majority poor who are perperually taken for fools because of ignorance. I will also end by saying” peter mutharika is the worst mistake ever to happen to poor Malawi.”

  65. Mngoni says:

    Nice start Thom, though, you have forgotten in your article to stres that the whole deal of the midnight six was but against the law as such those Involved were guilty of treason and needed to face the wrath of the law.
    No need for further evidence the whole nation bares witness.
    No wonder out country doesn’t seem to move forward, its as if we do not have a leader at all. How do we expect some one who wanted to overthrow to leader us.
    This guy is useless and a real failure zinaonekeratu kale lomwe, in all the ministrial positions he was entrusted to lead, the midnight 6 saga, now the cell graffiti! What a dumb leader we have.!

    1. Tengupenya says:

      Midnight six were never convicted in a court of law. The non trial of their case is a shame. But it has to be said that they re-main only suspects, not convicts.

  66. midnight 6 says:

    Well articulated and keep on rocking. Meanwhile, we will be forming a pressure group here in SA not just to criticise him but to force him to resign immediately. We have no leadership in Malawi now

    1. Tengupenya says:

      The midnight six can still be tried. When someone with balls wakes up, they may be tried separately in time and in space. Wait until one of them breaks a symbiotic cord somewhere.

  67. angoni says:

    Serious business Atcheya wawa

  68. Man to man says:

    When is “news” news?

  69. chechisyano says:

    A good start keep the fire burning

  70. eluby says:

    Good start Thom and investigative as some of us didn’t know the doctors and the story behind the allegations

  71. Yobe enala says:

    Firing from the hip Thom. Now this is investigative journalism. Great!

  72. Ahlomwe Ahlomwe says:

    Thumbs up Thom. In Malawi our politicians are still experimenting on how to run the country. In short we have “masanje” a utsogoleli under the much touted wise and dynamic leadership of APM.

  73. Hoitty says:

    My beloved president Peter goofed big time on this one, Olo kubakilako tiyambira pati? Kodi ndani akufuba azinyazitsa mtsogoleri pomamuchititsa zinthu zonyazitsa ngati zimenezi. kulemba khoma pakokha nzochititsa linyazi komanso zikufukulitsa tina ntina tomwe tikuyenela kuyiwalidwa monga kuoletsa mtembo wa president ndikufuna kulowa u president mo venture

  74. ine says:

    The first rule at Secondary xul I went was that Do not write anything on the walls. APM mwaphunzitsa ana khalidwe lopusatu apa. Kodi simupanga manyazi ndi ma president anzanu akunjaku?

  75. Peter Mthiburo says:

    Graffiti is usally associated with hooliganism and nerd or yob life. Was the president high on marijuana on Wednesday?

  76. Fumu says:

    Self creation of Mandela,Machipisa.Need to go back and complete the rest of 29 years in jail.then will welcome graffiti.Good luck.Joke!!!!!!!!

  77. Is this mediocrity that you will be writing? I thought you will be writing serious things but alas it is thhe usual message that you are used to writing.

    1. midnight 6 says:

      iwe mbuzi eti, ukamuuze mathanyula wako uja kuti tithana nayo

    2. ujeni says:

      Iwe Nyapapi why are you reading it, your papa at state house is clueless

    3. Wendoko Gima says:

      Simeon, may be you did, but the rest of us Malawians did not know that it was Dr. Ntaba who had request govt to provide medical attention to the midnight 6. We did not that Peter did after all receive medical support and that he exchanged numbers with Dr. Ngoma. This is a very impotant revelation that exposes Peter’s shocking lies and misrepresentation of facts.

      1. cis says:

        So you believe everything that has been written here?

        Have you checked with Kasambara or Ntaba to verify, or Dr Ngoma?

        I believe it is very easy to dupe Malawians, You do not think for yourselves.

    4. Bob says:

      Galu iwe read between the lines and you will understand what Tehran author is saying.

    5. Bob says:

      I feel pity for being a Malawian. This country is in a mess.

    6. Tchende Limodzi Mtharika says:

      By writing on the wall, Mutharika has proven that he is not the serious type of a leader that Malawi needs.

      Surely with all the poverty, the flood disasters, electricity blackouts, theft in civil service and civil service itself being almost dysfunctional, crime on the increase etc one would have expected a president walking out of state house to address the nation with a message of hope.

      But when you see an old man like him walking into a police cell, proclaiming himself a national hero, a freedom fighter, it all leaves you wondering as to why Mr. Mbendera trusted in this man to give him to us as our next president!

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