Our tongue has the power to create things with Spirit of God that dwells in us

Many times people have wondered why other people are successful and yet some are not, no matter how hard they try. The main thing that determines our destiny is how we think, talk, or look at our self. People will always judge or associate us with the status that we chose to be associated with. jesus bible

The Bible tells us in Proverbs 18:21 that; “Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they who love it shall eat the fruit thereof”. These are very few words but have a great meaning therefore impacts a lot in people’s lives.

I was just thinking about a job interview. It is a person that is capable of selling themselves well that gets a job. Some people can know how to do a job but are not able to tell a prospective employer what assets they will bring with them if hired. This is why in most cases you find a person who is very educated but does not get a job while someone not educated than them is able to get a job all because they failed to use an interview as an opportunity to brag about themselves with their tongue. The tongue creates things, because as you are speaking something is released from inside of you.

Remember that the moment we say yes to Jesus, the spirit of God comes and dwells inside of us. This is the God that spoke with His mouth; Let there be light: and there was light (Genesis 1:3). So if His Spirit dwells in us, then we have the same power to speak to things in the same way that God spoke and things have to be created just as light was created with God’s mouth (1 Corinthians 3:16).

I remember when I was in Secondary School, I used to write my name on my notebooks and put an address of one of the big banks in Malawi. I kept on doing this not knowing that I was creating because I could sometimes read my name, followed by the address of this bank very loud, but it happened that this is the place where I have worked for many years.

Someone may say that it was a coincident, but I want to tell you that I know for sure that it was not. I created this for many years with a simple childlike trust. What I am trying to say is that the power is actually in you. You do not need anyone to come and release this on your behalf because it is already in you as the Spirit of God lives inside of you (1 Corinthians 6: 19).

This is why you see other people who have realized this principal long time ago are doing well in everything that they do to an extent that sometimes we have given them all sorts of names because they talk too much about themselves.

One thing that you will notice about these types of people is that they are very ambitious; they have also set standards about the kind of life they want to live which has worked very well for them and they exhale in everything they do because they believe in themselves and their tongue helps them release their God given purpose for their lives.

It is important to change our tongues and start talking good about ourselves even when situations don’t look good. It is God’s purpose that we should do well in all areas of our lives, therefore start talking good about yourself, children, and family and see what God is going to do for you. This is a great treasure beyond imagining knowing that as God’s children we are able to create things with our mouth. Therefore, do not take Him for granted or despise this great gift that has been given to us freely as joint heirs with Him.

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Rose Phiri

You bless us Madam Cindy. keep up the good work. Do not be put off by the negative comments. May God give you more wisdom to write more of such articles. Stay Blessed.


No 7, are you talking about exegesis or the hermeneutics?


We were made in the image of God, if God used His word to create good things, in the same image of God we can do the same…..doubt will always pull you down. I pray that God’s words be fulfilled in our lives and may His Kingdom Come. Hallelujah!!!!!


Don’t translate “creating” in a literal sense. The content signifies the ability to bring forth positive into your life or others by speaking positively. That you mostly get what you are positive into.


Your teaching is full of bias my dear, coz you are trying so hard to mix logical reasoning and faith which everyone with half the brains of a chimpanzee knows very well that they don’t mix like water and oil. What would your conclusions be bearing in mind that millions of innocent newborns die every year, why don’t their tongues make them realise their god given purpose in life?


Excellent article Cindy!!To those against article,please know that we have the power create things through Our tongues in Jesus’s Name!Mark 9 :23 says if u can believe all things are possible!Until You know it you may continue to suffer(Hosea 4:6).


This Article lacks solid exegesis. The writer has done disservice to the clear meaning of Proverbs 18:21. Only God is Creator. We are not the sub total of our thought life. Definitely not less than that.


Its true. Am also a living testimony. I remember 10 years ago I was talking with my fiancee who is my beloved wife that one day I will be working as Accountant in Zomba. As am talking it’s now 4 years working as accountant in Zomba. Our tongue has power.


Amen. This quality food for the spirit of believers.

Keeping on blessing us Cindy.

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