Pay taxes, Mutharika appeals: ‘Donors not ready to resume aid’

Malawi President Peter Mutharika has appealed to citizens and corporate organisation not to evade tax, saying the government needs to collect enough revenue to run the affairs of the country after it adopted the zero aid budget.

President Mutharika:  We are on our own

President Mutharika: We are on our own

He said Malawians should  understand the obligations of being a good citizen and pay tax to run the state operations.

“Let us all pay taxes to have some money to run the country. We are now on our own there is no one who is going to give us money” said Mutharika.

He admitted for the first time that Western donor nations and agencies, who bankroll up to 40 percent of the national budget, are not ready to bail out Malawi any time soon.

“We’re on our own; nobody is giving us any money,” President Mutharika said at a rally he addressed in the eastern town of Balaka. “We just have to work hard and pay tax.”

Donors are withholding 40% of budgetary support following allegations of corruption and systematic looting of state resources by senior civil servants and politicians.

The budget has been called “zero-aid”, and it has a 107billion kwacha (£167m) deficit. So far, the government has not explained how it will cover the deficit.

Critics predict that the government may eventually have to raise taxes, increase fees for government services, and resort to local borrowing to plug the deficit.

It is not the first time Malawi has had to do without some budget support. During the 2011-12 fiscal year, under President Bingu wa Mutharika (the current president’s older brother) donors withdrew budgetary support because of poor governance and the then president’s increasing autocracy. He resorted to a “zero-deficit” budget in defiance of the donor community, implying Malawi could do well enough on its own.

The zero-deficit budget led to fuel shortages, erratic power supplies and the scarcity of commodities such as sugar. This was largely caused by lack of foreign exchange to import goods and raw materials.

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87 thoughts on “Pay taxes, Mutharika appeals: ‘Donors not ready to resume aid’”

  1. Big Kahuna says:

    This idiot has to get rid of the so called advisors because its a waste of money.Government departments have way too many cats that are missused,you dont need a driver to travel from Blantyre to lilongwe,get on a coach

  2. Baba says:

    95% ya abthu ogwira mboma ndi ma cashgate.Tafufuzani anyamata ndi atsijana aku MRA kowombola katundu, office yopanga ma drivers licence, apolisi just to mention a few. Malawi is in a total mess. Pple. #SAY NO TO CASHGATE.# HELP MALAWI TO DEVELOP.

  3. Malawi says:

    107bn is 40% deficit and one individual looting 92bn. Then others loot 20 bn. From 2005 to 2013/14= 112bn ???? more looted. What is this?
    Zinthu zavuta. Mavuto awa ndi atonse but at the same time someone is having the guts to claim 3billion. Kumangokawa dziko. Ndalama zina zili padela for compesation. At the same time we want the donors to help. Zoona zimenezi?

  4. Abale anzanga, nkhani ili apa ndiyokuti takula tatha, tingovomera kuti tili patokha ndipo tivale zirimbe. Azunguwa ndalama zawo auma nazo mtima. Let’s all be patriotic and work very hard for our own survival. This means casting away selfishness. Kuba kwamtundu ulionse, cashgate or cronyism, kumangodzipaka kwa anthu a ndale kuti tidzidya nawo ndalama za boma, zitheretu. Let’s change our mindset completely about ndalama za boma, nkumati ndi zopanda mwini. It will not take us anywhere.

  5. matako says:

    Its interesting that APM is urging us to pay taxes. Nobody has enough balls to tell this corrupt leader that he should bring back what his brother store and is in foreign accounts. I am sure that loot alone can make a diffrence in supporting part of the budget. So Mr president charity begins at home. Lets recover stolen loot starting with you and the houses you bought at below market value. That is how you should approach this issue.

  6. Alungwana says:

    Then dont be careless with our taxes because we taxpayers shall even demand an audit report from our money. Zathuzisakhale zophweka kuba.


    @Thoko at 70. How will poor old APM tackle this? Will he tackle himself? Have you ever heard of munthu kidzigiligisha yekha? Tickling oneself? It’s never possible. It’s a shame coz we have sleeping dogs in the name of MCP who should be doing the tickling, but where are they? Nobody knows.

    1. Zamadula says:

      I must say I am greatly disappointed in MCP. This is the time for them to show leadership on this issue – DPP is using cashgate as a way of killing PP. However, everyone knows that It is not just PP who plundered public coffers – DPP was heavily involved from 2005 to 2012 as well. The evidence is in the obscene wealth DPP and individuals close to the party amassed in this period.

      MCP should put pressure on APM to have this period forensically audited as well. This is the main reason donors are still withholding aid – they are not happy with selective justice. MCP please wake up from your slumber!

  8. Malindima says:

    Let’s just get used to our resources without Donors. It is time to be innovative. Nothing wrong with aggressive tax collections. There are many people who are evading tax these need to be targeted. Cut spending. All working class and informal business people MUST pay for medication at public hospitals. Erect tolls on national roads and collect as much revenue as possible.Traffic Offenders MUST pay! All cash gate assests MUST be confiscated and sold on public Auctions to recoup the looses. Encourage hardworking people to export their produce for more profit and more tax. Come on guys, anything is just possible!

  9. Minofu Jekete says:

    Where is the list of Cashgate names in the cashgate report? The minister of Finance stated that you would release the names in August 2014 but to-date no names. Once you release these names and punish those people then people will pay taxes and have confidence in you and the Government. Some of the cashgate peo[ple you are eating with them and protecting them. By the way where is the cashgate report you said you are reading? Did you find your name in it? or the name of Gondwe? What then?

    By the way which people are you talking about? People on the workforce are paying taxes. Are you talking about informal sector or What? Please clarify?

  10. Thoko says:

    MK92 billion will solve all this mess. APM you need to tackle that first

  11. Zoona says:

    Till when shall we beg let’s stand on our feet 1964 is not a joke we are a grown up nation. Hope our development partners are just too diplomatic on this aspect

  12. John Maweska says:

    APM is so naive to think that Malawians are happy and can pay taxes that are siphoned because we have been docile condemning and pressuring him and his government to clean up the mess, seal the treasury bucket that still leaks today and be transparent and accountable with our tax money. We have to wake up Malawians otherwise we will remain undeveloped and envy our neighbours.

    Churches, NGOs, civil society and general public let us condemn the culture of cashgate that has paralysed development in Malawi since the late 1990s’ by organizing and mobilizing ourselves to boycott paying taxes by first January 2015 unless the cash gaters list is released and government has suspended or interdicted and/or put chashgaters on trial and the judiciary is serious to dispense justice.

  13. Mlinda says:

    Nothing to worry about just do good administration of our taxes and prevent future cashgate

  14. Nothe says:

    Mutharika please don’t be disturbed with this situation just make a good Tax administration everyone will adjust to it and our economy will be on the right track

  15. Milleniun Years says:

    This is a way to go and No crying babies here. Let’s take a bold step. Tax is a way to go now.

    No one will tell us we are an independent nation. Ourseves can

  16. Mzeka says:

    No crying babies here. Let’s take a bold step. Tax is a way to go now.

    No one will tell us we are an independent nation. Ourseves can

  17. Ntombi Zlemma says:

    Malawians why being good at comolaining. Do you think this is impssible to stand own our own at this time?

    Yes we can and the good example is Malaysian government which at some point decided to pay its huge IMF debt using money from its citizens. It worked though it was hard time then.

    Now Malaysia is one of the economies which is doing great own its own. Why not Malawi.

  18. Mlozi says:

    If our taxes will properly be used and with good administration of tax issues . there is no need to worry.

  19. Observer says:

    This country will never change and will get poorer no matter who comes into government, otherwise what is the opposition doing checking the Government to show that if they came into power they would do things differently? they must start showing us now not talking during campaign! But you will see that they are all quiet including UDF, MCP. only when it comes to increasing their salaries do you see them supporting the bill, all the want is money, nothing will change.

  20. Mwenecho Mlowoka says:

    As long as JB is on the loose the squeeze on financial help will not relent. If you recall it was herself and the PP cohorts who did the same during late Bingu’s reign. Unfortunately the wrong assertion is falling on the ears of western donor nations who too are struggling to run their own governments business. Therefore they are taking this lame excuse on board. But now one thing those going about to various western capital cities talking evil of their state are the same people who think are rich through their sweat and yet the wealth is from plundered finances from government. Fortunately these western countries have embassies in Lilongwe and are following all that has led us to where we are as a country but they deliberately choose to ignore realities, swallowing hook and sinker as presented to them by JB and her cheerleaders. As Malawians let us brace ourselves for the worst and if we can overcome these temporally ripples, in a few years we are going to be all smiles. If we had listened to the “Zero Deficit Budget” school of thought, to day we could have been able to notice the fruits but people chose to follow the destructive ideologies as preached by JB with the rest of her “AKAPILIKONI”.

  21. Nkosi says:

    We are better off by ourselves we can build our nation together

  22. Sosoma says:

    No problem with this. We cab do it own our own

  23. NO says:

    Oh no, we are in for it, we are now going to really shoot down hill!!! No fuel no money no nothing.. While he builds a huge house for himself!! I feel sorry for the masses eish!! Rot in hell APM!

  24. Mbwiye Wapata says:

    Yes we will pay Taxes so that you can construct Mpumulo wa Bata 2….because you wont finish your term. We all know the Zambia/Malawi thriller….Sata won a hard fought election from Lupiya Banda who had taken over from a President who died in office Levi Mwanawasa…You won and took over from Joyce Banda,who had taken over from a deceased President Bingu Wamutharika…Both Wamthurika and Mwanawasa were handpicked by Bakili Muluzi and Fredrick Chiluba tried or attempted to run a third term but people rejected them…both Chiluba and Mutharika took over from the nations founding fathers Kamuzu Banda and Keneth Kaunda..who were very close friends…it is said these two Guys spoke every day over the phone during their presidency…..Now the Cobra who won the election in 2011 has passed on…who is next,,,this story can not be stopped,it must continue…and it will come to pass…no one know why or how it is unfolding but it will happen!!!!! so yes we will pay Taxes bwana

  25. Nkemu wanguo says:

    Kleptomaniacs are always isolated by people! The moment you decided to rig the elections, you decided to be on your own. Don’t cry like a baby, the road is very long for you to walk and you may not finish the journey. Malawians are resilient, we will survive until our votes will be stolen again.

  26. nkhedu says:

    another watste of resources. kupangitsa nsonkhano koma zoyankhula zake ngati CD yokandika.zosamveka ata.kkkkk shame

  27. The Patriot says:

    The problem is NOT the tax collection but the accountability Mr President! Misonkho tikasonkha mukupita ndi anthu 68 ku USA and stay in the most expensive hotel for 1 month! Tingapeleke misonkhoyo koma ngati mukungotafuna makobi palibe chilipo!!

  28. lead by example says:

    mr president the tax should start with sir, tell us how much do you pay for tax since you are also working.

  29. john mterezi says:

    any way the taxes will be paid due to unoptional situation. if we eat to survivor surely we are going to pay taxes, but let our taxes not be abused as you have been doing and as you are doing now. okay????????????

  30. United Party says:

    Lead by example Mr President. Your salary is not subject to tax, yet all you need is already provided for. Change the law. Have the salary of the president taxed. The president and our MP’s have the luxury of importing vehicles duty free. Change that. Most of our MP’s are already better off. Paying duty is not a problem at all. Everyone should sacrifice a little for the benefit of our country. We all need to feel the pinch of this zero aid budget. Why should a common man wallow in poverty while our president and the MP’s are swimming in abundance.


  32. Kikikiki says:

    Is it possible to get court injuction to stop government from getting tax from its people until all money has been recovered? Dpp, bring back our hard earned money both locally and internationally. How on earth a sensitive, responsible and leader stuff 92 billion in his family bank accounts. Meanwhile, you’ve had entitlement perivileges that comes with the throne but that was not enough. One day you’ll be answerable to God. Gods children can’t be crying all day and night searching for basic health needs and food. Yet deep down your evil spirts; you know that you know, you’re the reasons to all this mess. GOD forbid Khabayaa!

  33. Peter Muthanyula says:

    Don’t waste the tax money on useless political rallies. These are the wasteful activities that drain government resources and make us poorer. Invest that money in productive activities that will generate more money for the government. You could have conveyed this message to the public through radio, TV and newspapers, without having to pay allowances to police officers, government officials and party officials; without spending on fuel; and without spending on all the fanfare and pomp that go with such rallies. Use your brains, learned professori

  34. dadaboma says:

    Donors are ready to help Malawi as they always have been. But Malawi is not ready to receive any aid. Our aid receptacle is still leaking and the holes have not been sealed. APM should seal the leaking hole that caused loss of the 92 bn kwacha under DPP. It is that hole that continued the leakage during Dr JB’s administration. APM does not seem ready to seal that hole and DPP cannot seal that hole. By voting for DPP we rejected all the good things for this country. For now Malawi should brace for real hard times ahead. I stopped paying tax to this DPP govt, and I urge all Malawians (except Lomwes who have a duty to feed their president) to stop paying any tax because the money won’t be prudently used. Donors should continue withholding their money – Malawi is no longer a country ready for any help.

  35. Let’s pay taxes guys

  36. fkr says:

    Pay tax so that the government can buy new luxury cars for themselves? If the West did give budgetary support would we not have to pay tax? Iam sorry every kwacha we pay tax is wasted by this government how can you fly to Newyork with 68 people and stay at the waldof hotel and we are the worlds 8th poorest County? And then beg for money.

  37. Abwana siyani kudalira m’maona ngati gate gate myipanganso.Tango tengani 92billion yimene mnasunga ija yidibwe pano.Fede pasogolo donor aid pambuyo wamva mukulu ngati uchedwetsa Fede uziwe Aid nso yichedwa zinthuzi zalowa Japan.USOVA!

  38. King says:

    My Malawi In Hot Soup

  39. machitidwe a atumwui says:

    phanani agalu inu!!!!!!!!!!!!! bwanji mumalimbana ndi zithu zoti sizkuthandizani!!!!!! mbuzi!!!

  40. Central says:

    A Lhomwe tazipitani kumakapeleka misonkho!! Why should I pay tax when I know that it will go into somebody’s pocket through “taxgate” and on the worst part it will never provide any social services to none of my kinsmen.

    Kodi mukamati we Malawians should triple our efforts in paying and not evade tax, what do you actually mean? Is it that you think that Malawians can be taken for ride and are not as bitter as the donors? You must be stupid! Which is important here: to show us the depth you have gone in closing the bucket and recovering the stolen resources versus telling us to pay tax the more!!

    After all you were the very team who made the loudest noise when it came to demanding the cashgate names from PP government, and made numerous promises during campaign, and convinced people you would be prompt, but now here we are half a year, you are still shifting goal posts and claim to us that it i the donors shifting the goal posts!!

    Pano bwanji? If Senzani has paid back, MK63m, whether you want it or not, you too will pay back!! Timadadwa ife a Bingu, Gondwe, a Peter, a Msaka, etc kumanga dzi ma mansion, pano bwanji, mukungolota nyau zokhazokha zikukupilikitsani and mukaona kuti your names are in the report, nde kayaaaaaaaaaaa, time will still catch-up with you!! Palibe wamuyaya under the sun! Mukamufuse Kamuzu, ana a lucifer inu, eti nyonyonyooooooooooo, ndimayesa ndalama zili ndi inu, bwanji osangouzana kuti muzikakhoma mitsonkhoyo bwa??

  41. lionel says:

    muyambe inuyo kupereka msonkho!!! Pay taxes?!! as if u pay urself!!!

  42. Chulu says:

    Kusamva a Malawi. Mumva nkwangwa ili mmutu! How on earth did Malawians vote back into power these thieves responsible for stealing over MK92bn?????????

    I think God gave Malawians a chance put the country in order. He even gave Malawi a God fearing leader Chakwera whom donors would have trusted but Malawians rejected him.

    Zimbabwe could not survive without donors, you can only predict what will happen to Malawi. We have less than 20% of the population in meaningful employment to contributing on taxes. Malawians are already overtaxed.

  43. Phwitiko says:

    The president call is sound but not valid. The problem is not with people not paying tax but you thieves stealing the little that we pay. Why did you steal 92 billion which is huge amount? Why did Bingu steal 62 billion? Why did JB steal 13 billion? And why did Muluzi steal 1.7 billion? Why do you make an alliance with a Mbava Muluzi? If you ask me, it is only a fool that will pay tax voluntarily.

  44. jumujum says:

    Amalawi chilungamo chimatibvuta kodi maina a anthu akuba ndalamawa simukwadziwa kapena muchita mantha kwachula mupweteketsa anthu inu osalakwa ngati inu mainawo simwachula ife tiyenda panseu kuti inu anthu mwagwire apatu zinthu zafika pobvuto. muyang’ane kumene tikuchokera kunali zothani mwayiwala kodi

  45. nikisi says:

    Please Peter try to build your image with the traditional donors and get them in your confidence as a representative of 15 million people in malawi. Your improved PR is important to win their their trust and confidence. You need to engage a high profile PR consultant to woo donors to your side for the benefit of the malawian people,and not small boys fighting at state house. Get good and mature advisers that are independent and not yes bwanas.

  46. Bongololo says:

    He wants us to pay more taxes that way he can spend it on the stupid advisors he appointed.

  47. JAYJAY says:


  48. Nganga! says:

    Chindere ichi sono! Your stupid government owes the corporate sector K158 billion and you them to pay taxes. Do they print money?

  49. Cashgate 1 says:

    Its not just about paying taxes that is required here. BUT, after tax is paid USE IT ON PRIORITIES. We normally spend tax money like we have a lot where it is coming from. Use it wisely. Otherwise why should I pay lots of tax yet it will be used by someone in drinking joint or paying some party cohorts.

  50. M'Malawi weniweni says:

    Mutsogolere ndinu poti ndiye mumatapa zambiri yet without qualification. You spend a lot carelessly yet you do not pay tax. It is high time our presidents, ministers and MP’s lead by example not exploiting the poor who get peanuts for salaries to be sponsoring their lavish living. Takutoperani ife iyaaaa!

  51. M'Malawi weniweni says:

    Mutsogolere ndinu poti ndiye mumatapa zambiri. You spend a lot carelessly yet you do not pay tax. It is high time that our presidents, ministers and MP’s lead by example not exploiting the poor who get peanuts for salaries to be sponsoring their lavish living.

  52. Mfwethu says:

    We are willing to pay taxes but them should also change, why do they want to buy prados for mayors and councillors if they don’t have money? Why buy an expensive benz for the president that the country doesn’t need at all? Why appoint so many advisors for jobs that PSs can effectively do for the president? There are so many whys and when you hear this lecturer saying pay taxes so that the govt can provide for the citizenry you really wonder from which module he is teaching us.
    The best would be for corporate organisations to channel taxes thru NGOs just as the donors are doing, in tht way our taxes will be safe. And its also high time the freebies that the president and his cabinet pocket be revised so that it shows that they are with the ordinary folks when it comes to austerity and not just lame talks.

  53. yuona says:

    Inu aku State House chonde akonzereni a President kaguwa kaoko. It can not cost much.

  54. vindere says:

    No 10 if the chinese are erecting more buildings in Lilongwe, that”s infrastructure development.You should be happy about it. May be just blame the Arabs and Indians for stealing from us and not bringing any meaningful development.

  55. Anonymous says:

    olo asatipatse ndalama sikuti tifa koma tizingovutika akhale nazo ndalama zaozo za usatanikizo, i once heard Joice Banda said she cant cry like a baby to berg the donors to give her money if they dont want, Malawians why always we depend this donors let we do things on our own

  56. loveness says:

    bring back all the money you and your brother siphoned, it will be enough to run the country for another 10 years.

  57. Chibiliti says:

    Just follow Michael Sata. We are already fed up with you.

  58. jona says:

    mukufuna misonkho yathu mupangile cashgate ina, zitsilu inu eti, panyelo pamako iwe munthalika.

  59. kadamanja says:


  60. TRUCK says:

    Problem solved take Cashgate money and put in Government to run its departments I don’t I understand why you already know that such people have stolen Government money but you are failing to take back the money its our problem its not the Donors problem.

  61. Henga says:

    Mmene mmakakamila kuba bomali a Mbendera ndikumalira mumayesa sweet????? it is only few months down the line kumene tithere zaka ziwiri???? A chilima, Mulimmboma mommo kapena mwatuluka kaye? You will reap what you saw? Ife A Malawi amatimenyera nkhondo ndi Ambuye. We can not trust you Mr President with uor taxes when the 92 billion went missing you were in Government, mmene Calister amathawitsa ma Dollars you were there, MUSOVA!!!!

  62. makito says:

    So that you cantinue sleeping at Astoria hotel in NY?

  63. big boy says:

    I wonder why we erected another mutharika as president of this great nation. I suppose its because of uneducatedness. I wish to encourage all malawians wherever they are to pray for this nation and also practically take part in resolving these issues locking our mother. Enough is enough and I thnk its time we have to call sin by its name. Peter shud not go but our money shud be paid back or else we will be back in the streets.

    1. babie jay says:

      big boy,,,a malawi akamva kuti munthu anali kunja ,mitu yawo siigwira,,dats why Amakonda the muntharikaz,,,

  64. Patriot says:

    1. And tisamve mawa kuti Barrack wakuyitanani, nkumapita ku america kukagona ku waldorf astoria ndi delegatiin ya anthu 70 kumeneko.
    2. Nthawi ya campaign ija munkati muzakhala mu ofesi ku gwira ntchito. Apa taona kale kuti mukungoyenda yenda (box 42 DZ, Mulakho, Ndata etc). Zikutionetsera kuti mukusowa chochita ku ofesiko.
    Mukutiwonongera misonkho yathu in term of fat allowances. Pitani ku Capital hill mukagwire ntchito.
    3. Convoy ya magalito 6 for first lady chifukwa chani? Mukuwononga mafuta. 2 vehicles are enough ndipo azidutsa incognito (wopanda siren. Siren attracts pipoz attention always).
    4. No offense

    1. mchinji says:

      Akuyendayendansokuti? osathokoza bwanji kuti uyu sakuyenda and most of the times ali mu office? kupita ku box 48, ukunena mmalawi mommuno? JB uja si anali pa msewu 24/7 kunjanso for that matter.

  65. Owonelera says:

    I would not waste my money by paying tax to this greedy bunch of liers. And i think its high time that Malawians use our constitutional right to demonstrate against this unpatriotic government.

  66. Patriot says:

    Britain rebuked the DPP regime becoz of the hide and seek of the K92 billion scandle his brother stole from malawians and he and his family are enjoying today.
    Nevin said pay back the K92 bilion to Malawians

  67. mary says:

    It’s not a lie, westners hate the Muthalikas.

  68. Simon Demba says:

    The more things turn sour on us the citizens because we are the ones who feel the pinch, the more likely we are to go to the streets, the more likely we are to take the law into our hands to manhandle Cashgate suspects!! It hurts!! We are going to stone them and burn their properties!! Believe it or not, ask what Mulli once saw!! We are simply waiting for the match that will spark the flame!! Those suspects on bail would regret having come out of the cells because it is going to be hard!!

  69. chilungamo says:

    Indians are the biggest crooks and tax evaders, most of Indian big traders have resorted in importing Indians and Pakistans to do simple jobs like shopkeepers on salaries ranging from $10000 and above, yet in actual fact the actual pay is far much less than this. The Indian traders externalize millions of $s in this way. The Indians who r emloyed as shopkeepers, drivers, clerks etc r housed in dormitories and r provided with all their basic needs. Its a very big syndicate. This trend has also gone to the Chinese investors! Do u know that all the materials for the construction of the new Stadium r supplied by the Chinese? There is a lot of welding of the steel structures yet they don’t buy even a single bottle of oxygen or acetylene or welding rods from Malawi! They manufacture the oxygen and acetylene using very crudr means which the Malawi Bereau would not certify. Yuo have also seen that every time the Chinese give us a grant to build for example the Hotel Complex in LL, Parliament, Stadium they have always come out with a side project? For example when they were building Parliament they came up with Golden Peacock, when they were building the Presidential Hotel and BICC they came up with the second phase of thr Golden Peacock Hotel and now when they r building the Stadium they have a Residential Project at the same site and r also building their new Embassy near the Presidential Villas, mind these are prime lands which Malawians have toiled to secure but the Chinese get the Land Rights within 3months! What am I insinuating? The Indians and the Chinese are the biggest tax evaders in Malawi, they want to externalize all their profits and they don’t want to pay even a single cent to the government. The MRA can get the shortfall from the Indians and the Chinese but the problem is that the MRA officers are also involved in this racket including Immigration officers who issue TIPs to the bogus Indian, Pakistan and Chinese expatriates! Ndalemba kwambiri ndipume!

    1. Jabulosi says:


    2. Chulu says:

      Stop blaming Indians and Chinese people for the stupidity of Malawians in voting back into power thieves for who plundered the Malawi economy with impunity. If you had voted in somebody with clean hands like Chakwera donors would have had some confidence.

      How on earth can donors trust people who were in charge when more than MK92bn went missing?????????????? By the way the figure could have gone high as Bingu stopped the audit. The difference with Joyce was that she allowed an independent audit. I will always commend her for that.

      If Zimbabwe failed to survive without donors, can Malawi stand? Mark my words by the time we rich another Tobacco selling season, things will go back to the Bingu time. We are lucky that the prices of fuel have been going down.

    3. johnM says:

      Blah blah blah blah, there is a saying in English, beggars are not choosers!!!!. If you are against the practices of the Chinese when constructing various projects, just go ahead and use your own resources. These practices happen when we are relying on others to do the work which we are suppose to do ourselves.

      As for Indians evading taxes, if Government is just sitting down and not prosecuting the tax evaders then clearly we have a stupid Government.

    4. Thoko says:

      Didnt you just tell the Chinese last week that they can import our goods duty free..????

  70. John says:

    As good citizens, we need to see/hear you accepting the fact that cashgate was DPP creation and a lot of money got lost during that period (2005-2012). We need to see you acting upon those DPP kleptomaniacs who you know, but desperately trying to protect, that stole our money but drive around as if they own the world. As malawians, we know we deserve way much better than the ducking and diving you are practicing when you know the right thing. As good malawians, you have to earn our trust with actions, not just rhetoric, and at the moment, you are not doing so good on both extremities.

  71. taxation says:

    Yes let’s pay taxes so that the types of Mulli can be paid and more Lomwes employed.

  72. ganimunthu says:

    good let us support our president. Mr President all NGOs In Malawi are not doing its work yet they are getting billions from outside. Please Mr President use the NGO board to make them all accountable. How much are they receiving and how much are they spending it to the rural areas. Please Mr President make the board work.

    1. chiperoni2 says:

      Before going that far he should put his house in order and clear the mess from 2005 to date.As long as he is playing double standards we should bless for hard times of our selfish leaders making. Where is the opposition to put pressure on him and his gafment? They are busy caring for themselves.

  73. the abductor says:

    I can foresee and smell those long quees of vehicles on the filling station knocking at our doors. Running government is a very serious business especially when you rig and the majority are not in support of you. Isolation follows. This is exactly what is and will still happen to the DPP Government. No aid.

  74. Mphuno Pakhosi says:

    As citizens of this country, we also need to see prudence in the way our taxes are used. We do not pay the taxes to be stolen by a few greedy individuals in government – the Mphwiyos, Sitholes, and those connected to the ruling parties. Our taxes are not also meant for allowances to civil servant workshops that have never made any impact and changed the efficiency of government operations – no government workshop has ever changed things – believe it or not. They just some form of legitimised Cashgate!!! Period!!

  75. Vyachalo says:

    A begger need to be calm. Do you remember that you said when you take over government all donors will start helping us because they trust you.

  76. Vyachalo says:

    A begger need to be calm. Do you remember that you said when you take over government all donors will start helping us because they trust you. Where is JB?

  77. Akilly 2 says:


  78. chefourpence says:

    intensify tax compliance on Indians and restrict extrernalisation of profits by these people. 107 billion will come from there. Easy money

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