PP expels ‘rebel’ Mzomera again

Opposition People’s Party (PP) has, for the second time, fired its controversial provincial chairperson for the northern region Christopher Mzomera Ngwira and has since replaced him with Sherbone Mchizi in an acting capacity.

Mzomera Ngwira: Expelled from PP

Mzomera Ngwira: Expelled from PP

Ngwira confirmed receiving his dismissal letter signed by PP’s vice-president (central region), Uladi Mussa on Wednesday.

He was once dismissed from PP in September this year for creating ‘confusion’ in the party before its president Joyce Banda intervened and rescinded the decision.

Ngwira, according to the latest dismissal letter, he is being accused of destablizing the party, the accusation he denied.

He is reported to have obtained injunction stopping any party official from executing their duties without his consent.

But in an interview, Ngwira accused Mussa and other party officials of advancing hidden agenda rather than the party’s interest.

”I am accused of proposing honourable Khumbo Kachali who happens to be from north, to be the party’s interim president,” said Ngwira.

Ngwira accused Banda, currently outside the country, of appointing people who are not qualified to perfectly run the affairs of the party.

”The party needs a leadership chosen by people and not those appointed by one person. People are acting just to please her (Banda)”.

He added that some of the people in the party including Mussa were eying for Banda’s position and ”are doing everything possible to get rid of people like because I stand for the truth”,

He argued the choice of Kachali was based on his ability to lead and rebuild the party from the grassroot.

”I suggested honourable Kachili not because he is from north but because he has experience and he is loved by Malawians. While president Banda is outside, he can help to rebuild the party. He was
born a leader”.

Meanwhile, Ngwira said was consulting his followers on what action to take against the party following the dismissal.

In September Ngwira and Cliffer Kondowe were fired as provincial chairpersons for the north on accusations that the two were creating “confusion” in the party.


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21 thoughts on “PP expels ‘rebel’ Mzomera again”

  1. Band Yanu Ikadzasharing Equip,,,,, Joyce..Joyce.. Joyce..Joyce How Many Times Have I Called You..Chinsalu….Fearing Afraid Joy Cash Ujeni Uuuh Ujeni Idzakupha..Chinsalu

  2. devilsadvocate says:

    Hey you people from the north you are eating time the north will never give us a leader. Your duty in Malawi is kuphula njerwa zamoto. The leaders will always vcome from the south count your fingers after Angwazi MHSRIP so leadership issues among the northerners is just a waste of time mukamufunse tambala wakuda amuphalireninge

  3. weniweni balakasa says:

    Mzomera, ngwakujitemwa chomeni. Asamati aku mpoto akufuna khumbo kuti akhale leader wa PP party. Am frm Nbay never at any time we have dreamed khumbo to be our leader. Aziti anthu akuMZIMBA ndi ku constituency kwake ndi amene akufuna mu ngoni mzawo. Mwachita makola kumufumya mchipani

  4. Njalayamalamuchiuno says:

    As Party supporters, care must be excircised not to wash our dirty linen in public and also not to intertain immotional thinkers who lose their logical thinking and never mind how to deliver their undeciphered messages and choice of the target odience. Organisations that respect their hieracy and have spokes persons first discuss issues and agree on issues that are for public consumption. That is what forms part of the party displine. Democracy is not caos as what Mr. Mzomera is, unfortunately, trying to potray( as a messanger or otherwise). We must have a better system to resolve issues in our parties and control our emotions.

  5. elias odala says:

    mzomera is an innocent person, see we have four regions in our country but pp was vry popular in north coz of mzomera so today u fished him out! i think mr mussa u must b crazy. Even the decision he made for khumbo to b a president of pp was right coz khumbo has an experience of leadership, oooh yes! ppppppp! yanyamukadi ulendo osabwerera

  6. ngongoliwa says:

    Mzomera, don’t think ur intelligent, we know u.
    U have stolen a lot of wazungu money n u call urself pastor CHOKA MFANA.
    Zikani mwawana, Ur just useless the three of u.

  7. savimbi steve says:

    pp is just useless.It was Mzomera Ngwira who worked so had for pp to win more MPs in the North.Now you expell him.Be warned, PP forget about the North even JB can come today she won’t have the same support she had at first.PP will now be in the Southern Region.

  8. male pipo says:

    Chindere ichi chakufikapo

  9. Nelo says:

    Ngwira is kamlepo type of a politician… Confusionist and lacking credibility

  10. vyanowa says:

    a bambo Mussa I thought you are a President of a certain party…? i have forgotten its name, why running the affairs of PP. Tilipo ife we are still members of your party.

  11. savimbi steve says:

    Expelling Mzomera Ngwira is a BIG MISTAKE,you PP and you will REGRET it.For Northern Region to Vote overwhelmingly ,it was bcoz of had work of Mzomera and Harry Mkandawire .Now you will see Mzomera forming PP for only the Northern region called by another name and then you will cry.

  12. Teneti Lutchnza says:

    PP 2019 Bomaaaaaaaaaaa

  13. Patriot says:

    Ndi wa DPP Mafia.
    Achita bwino kumuchokocha

  14. kate says:

    Musanyoze mayi Joyce Banda. Amayi 2 yrs only mBoma, pa Malawi pano zinthu zinasintha for the better, pamadziwika kuti pali President osati za DPP tikuwonazi. Dzikoli likuyenda lokha lopanda mtsogoleri. Ngakhale pali za Cash geti koma moyo unali bwino ndi Amayi nthawi imene ija. makobidi amapezeka, tima business timachitika timapezeko koti munthu utha kuchita koma pano woti akugule malonda sakuwoneka anthu alibe ndalama ndiye muzinyoza a Mayi Joyce Banda? iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. Kwali.

  15. azathu says:

    shaaaa! zafika pamenepa

  16. Kanyimbi says:

    A party for mental patients.

  17. Nkhoko says:

    Kachali can rebuild PP from grassroot level? eHe he he he he he he he he he he! Uluuuuuuu! Anthu simuli serious .

  18. mapapaya says:

    Ine ndi wa DPP koma Ngwira akunena za nzeru.

  19. Uchindami says:

    A Ngwira ndi puludzu weniweni. Mwina nchiyambi chofuna kubwelera ku DPP! Who knows?

  20. gulugunya says:

    Mzomera busy tearing PP. All due to JB cowardice. Come back mama and lead your party while you will be under house arrest for different cases.

  21. mapwevupwevu says:

    Musatinyanse ndi zachipani cha anthu opepela okhaokha ngati iti!

    Imagine putting together the following people; Joyce Banda, Brown Mpinganjira, Khumbo Kachali, Uladi Mussa, Andekuche Chanthunya, Mzomera Ngwira and people of similar characteristics pangakhale chanzeru?

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