PP says night of prayer event had ‘bad motives’

The opposition Peoples Party (PP) are  disappointed lot after they were left out of a night of prayer event attended by President Peter Mutharika at Kamuzu Stadium in Blantyre on Friday, April 1.

President Mutharika with Apostle Madalitso Mbewe of Calvary Family Church at the night of prayer event

President Mutharika with Apostle Madalitso Mbewe of Calvary Family Church at the night of prayer event

The prayers were organized by Apostle  Stanley Ndovi of Living Waters Church (LWC) and
Madalitso Mbewe of Calvary Family Church (CFC).

Mutharika’s attendance came on the background of alleged prophecy by Nigerian ‘prophet’ T.B. Joshua who recently prophesized that one of the Southern African presidents would die soon.

President Mutharika then infuriated by the alleged prophecy which many people believed targeted the Malawian leader, dubbed Joshua of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (Scoan) as a ‘fake man’.

The prayers, which attracted believers from all corners of the country, were meant to seek God’s grace on Malawi as well as to pray for Mutharika.

However, PP who did not attend the event could not hide their frustration for being left out, insinuating the “prayers were organized in bad faith with bad intentions and bad motives”.

The party’s Publicity Secretary, Ken Msonda told Nyasa Times they have always respected  the churches  and if invited he has attended prayers organized by religious and faith groups.

“We did not attend the night of prayers because we were not invited; even had we been invited we would have given it a second thought whether to attend or not for several reasons,” argues Msonda.

Msonda ignited the bitter war of words with the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) claiming it organized the prayers to counter national day of prayer event religious and faith leaders organized in January this year at Bingu International Conference Centre (BICC) in Lilongwe.

“History has it that DPP administration is specialized in countering events; during July 20th, 2011 demonstrations, they organized their own demonstrations; Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) organized demonstrations and DPP came up with a fake CSO carnival to counter,” he said.

Msonda labelled the night prayers as a desperate resort for DPP after realizing that the Mutharika goofed ‘big time’ for castigating servants of God- the Catholic bishops and T.B. Joshua as well as prophet Sheppard Bushiri.

There is no immediate response from DPP.

Aside PP, the main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) also did not attend the prayers.

“It is sad and unfortunate that some respected servants of God have been involved in organizing these night of prayers innocently without knowing the DPP agenda, motive and  purpose for these prayers,” added Msonda.

During the night of prayer, faith and religious leaders asked God to bless the country on several aspects including peace, political stability, noting that God is the only one with capacity to solve
problems facing the nation.

Malawi has been facing a difficult phase with economic instability causing general increase in prices of goods and services; increase in brutal attacks and killing of people with albinism; pull-out of donor
support due to continued plunder of public resources as well as a dry spell resulting in food drought.

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Cash Gate

Pemphero la anthu ochimwa ochimwa silimamveka, ndimaona ngati alapa zomwe akhala akuchita monga kubera chisankho, anayenera kuwulula kuti anabera, Mulungu akanawamvera chisoni.


Ndi wodwala amene amafuna doctor


Za ziiiii ka pp ndi chaninso? kuyankhula mopusa pa gulu a Msondawo ngati mankhwala awazunguza mutu asiye kulankhula monyasa, Ngati munthu siunaitanidwe ku phwando umakhala mulandu? kuitanidwa ku mapemphero ndi Gods’ calling iweyo ngati uli mfiti khala nawo ufiti wakowo ife ndi Mulungu wathu patsogolo.

The night of prayer was very powerful. APM is also a believer. he has power and authority as a child of God to respond to all prophecies which Man of God can fore-tell over him. Muthalika’s faith is so great than other other malawian religious leaders. With his faith he will survive till the time of God comes. I like that faith. Even you the one who is reading this message you dont have this kind of faith. I have cling on Muthalika’s faith. God is on his side he will not shame him. till 2019-2024. PP is just envy… Read more »
Wananyongo Violet PKG
Wananyongo Violet PKG

Munthali even where demons gather there power manifest too.
Which Power was manifesting at your night prayers? was is it the power of the devil and its demons or The True God? Can God Power manifest in someone who is refusing that truth should be known about the stolen K577 billion and K61 billion? munthari play with other things not God’s Power?

munthari you are truly demonized and you need overhauling deliverance?

Zondwayo Kamutchayeni

The prophets dont do politics.Prblms of these pent.prophets they are here to do bussness to enrich themselves.As for this night of prayers there was no need to sagregate,and left other political parties to attend.

Prophet Mboro

By the way, what is this that the mouthpiece of MCP, Zodiak radio Station is airing now concerning the refusal of Nsonda to go to bed with one Lazaro Judas Iscariot in BT today? Indeed the Bible is true that enemies will come from one direction but will be scattered in seven. Opposition mgwirizano KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK.

Wananyongo Violet PKG
Wananyongo Violet PKG
In truth in times of Prophet Elijah and Prophet Elisha false prophets, priests arose to cling to evil leaders like King Ahab. The few Truth and God directed Prophets and Priest stood to proclaim God’s Word in Truth and Righteousness. Prophet Elijah and Elisha stood yo tell the evil prophets and Kings that God was not on their side but still these evil preachers and leaders also stood that they are of God. The same thing happened to Kings during Prophet Jeremiah’s time who thought that Jeremiah was evil but the God of Heaven and the Righteous Holy One accomplished… Read more »
christopher banda

During aparpheid rule in RSA pentecostals stand up to rebuke the regime,in Liberia during Doe’s time they were quite watching pple victimised and here in MW the stand with gvt that put he ppl in dire poverty,they don’t kow their role nsanje ndi Bushiri sinanga asiya kutchuka -shame!


Kutchalitchi timangoyika chikwangwani anthu amabwera okha. No comment on zochitika kumeneko.

Ruben Kacheche
TB Joshua did not mention any leader in Africa. He said two leaders in Southern Africa and this leader of South Korea and went further to say its sensitive. Now you can see events in RSA with Zuma. So I don’t know where Mutharika was mentioned. Beside that President of Zambia(current and Chiluba) used to attend prayers but they go silently not with the whole convoy like…to God. The idea of praying is good my President but leave the heavenly positions when you go there. If Malawi is God fearing Nation it is good to have God fearing President….but the… Read more »

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