Prophet Bushiri launches Shepherd Mining Ltd in Zambia ahead of  PSB network launch in South Africa

The charismatic leader of the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) church, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, was in Zambia on Tuesday where he launched his mining company – Shepherd Bushiri (SB) Mining in Ndola.

Bushiri visit deep at the mine site in Ndola, Zambia - Photo by Kelvin Sulungwe

Bushiri visit deep at the mine site in Ndola, Zambia – Photo by Kelvin Sulugwe


Bushiri inspecting machinery at the mine site in Ndola - Photo by Klevin Sulunguwe

Bushiri inspecting machinery at the mine site in Ndola – Photo by Kelvin Sulugwe

Bushiri speaking at the launch of his mine in Ndola , Zambia

Bushiri speaking at the launch of his mine in Ndola , Zambia

Nick Muluzi, the project

Nick Muluzi, the project

Bushiri (centre) being briefed about the mining

Bushiri (centre) being briefed about the mining

Bushiri officially launching Shephered Mining in Zambia - Photo by Kelvin Sulungwe

Bushiri officially launching Shephered Mining in Zambia – Photo by Kelvin Sulugwe

The Billionaire Prophet is also expected to officiate the launch of his mobile company called PSB Network this weekend in Johannesburg.

The mine, located in the outskirts of Ndola is a joint venture between Shepherd Bushiri and Malabwe Mines Ltd, with Bushiri as the major shareholder.

Malabwe Mines has been in existence for some time but it was dormant for a long period due to non availability of necessary funds to sustainably spearhead the mining operations.

“Our friends have been there for long but had financial challenges and that is the reason they approached the Shepherd Bushiri Mining few months ago for financial assistance (as an investor). The result is this venture in the name of Shepherd Bushiri Mining being here,” explained Nicholas Muluzi, Project Manager for Shepherd Bushiri Investment.

According to Muluzi, Shepherd Bushiri Mining Ltd also owns a number of mines across Africa with more mines being in Tanzania.

“Our focus now is to uplift this mine with full force to achieve our goal and among others, we have dewatered the pits which were flooded, and are now are dry. All moblization has already been carried out such as to enable outright commencement of operations,” he explained. The mine is estimated to produce a minimum of $10 million USD a month.

According to Muluzi, this particular mine is expected to produce a number of minerals including emeralds. According to the mine documents, the whole mining area and expected minerals is valued at $1.2 billion USD.

Speaking during the ceremony, his Royalness Chief Lumpuma thanked Prophet Bushiri for following all the necessary procedures to commence the project.

He explained that he has always been cautious with people coming to mine in his area who lacked proper papers from the Zambian government.

“I wish to extend my gratitude to Shepherd Bushiri Mining Ltd and to the Prophet in particular for following all procedure necessary to establish this mining.”

“It is unfortunate that my area has been fighting illegal miners, but for you Prophet, I am happy to acknowledge your patience in obtaining all necessary papers to begin work on this place and already, I see most of my people have already found employment,”

Addressing the mine workers and people that gathered at the event, Prophet Bushiri assured them of good working conditions and better social responsibility in that order.

He then anointed the place and prayed for everyone who was present at the event.

The billionaire Prophet is expected to fly back to South Africa for the official launch of PSB Network on his third private jet.

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28 thoughts on “Prophet Bushiri launches Shepherd Mining Ltd in Zambia ahead of  PSB network launch in South Africa”

  1. True Patriot says:

    Love him loathe him this guy has got guts! Why we are not utilizing his massive resources is beyond compression. Problem is that we are generally jealous people and we will never get out of poverty!

  2. The future president says:

    This man is living a life Christians are supposed to be living but alas ignorance has lobbed us of all this Hosea 4:6……………………..Major ndakufira……………………..inu ndi biggy……………………….a doro eni eni.

  3. Gama Wear says:

    a prophet tazaseguleni company yamagesi kuno

  4. Katakwe says:

    Welo done, bola pamenepa zikuoneka. Koma funso ndilakuti munatiuza mutsegula banki ku South Africa mu March, ili kuti? pano ndi September. Ma mine enawo simumatha kuwanena bwanj? Sitikukana kuti munthu wa mulungu zikumuyendela, koma bodza asiye! sizigwilizana ndi ubusa zimenezo. The first question I will ask him when I meet him is , kodi munayendadi mmalere? If not, WHY munatinamiza inu ngati munthu wa mulungu?

  5. Girllady says:

    I take that Grace Major 1 I receive it in Jesus name

  6. Manyasa says:

    I wish malawi leaders can work up and utilise this opportunity for the sake of our economy and pple

  7. Nkula says:

    Respect to you young man Bushiri! You can not invest in Malawi, a country of jealous leaders of course – but just come and give motivational speeches to the suffering young directionless Malawian ruled by old hardened fools

  8. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Well done Major !!!! You need to open more businesses to create jobs in those countries who accept you.
    I am happy that your businesses are not in Malawi otherwise they would be stories of cash gate to pull you down.

  9. Kamampheska Kamilaza says:

    Pitala is busy creating fake stories that link Bushiri and JB to the death of musicin Grace Chinga. Cholinga? To tarnish the image of Major 1 and JB. Why does Pitala hate these pple too much like this? Pitala is a real failure.

  10. Bandawe says:

    Is this real? How old is this Bushire? How can someone with that age accumulate so much worthy?

    1. Beyonce says:

      Because he is smart, and you lot waste time complaining and castigating him, while he works.

    2. KKKK says:

      You Mr doubting Thomas. Get life.

      1. JK Swift says:

        How old is Mark Zuckerberg? richness aint about age but guts bro

        1. Girllady says:

          Kho Kho Kho Kho The Answer is Thinking…………. basituuuu

    3. November Rain says:

      Bandawe, you are stupid and foolish!

    4. Mtavuma says:

      Its worth not worthy idiot

    5. Kalipo Kagwa says:

      Mark Zuckerberg is just 32 years old and he is the 5th richest billionaire in the world. He has over 54 billion USD. Are we questioning Bushiri because he’s a Malawian or what?

  11. acquilla says:

    Grace upon grace. I admire you Major 1.

  12. Beyonce says:

    Well done SB. Here some people in government are so scared of you. They will not allow you such a huge investment in Malawi because it exposes their failures and also because there is no cut for them.

  13. Silly Malawi says:

    If all business ventures are/will be registered in the name of Major Prophet Bushiri, what benefit goes to the church and the congregants who tithe? Just being curious!

    1. KKKK says:

      The investment is not coming from tithe. He has been rich before he launched ECG in Pretoria Showground. I went there in 2014, the congregants could not even fill the main auditorium, but he was owning a 2 Bentleys worth $500,0000 each. The problem with Malawians is that our mind is crippled by poverty.

  14. MWIZA says:


  15. The Patriot says:

    If only we could stop politicking for once, all these developments would have been happening here in Malawi. The government has been trying to woo foreign investors but for some political reasons they can court one of their own to invest here in Malawi! Koma ndale pa Malawi stinks!! These companies are creating jobs and forex in other countries! Multiparty ndi nkhondodi, anatero Kamuzu!!!

    1. Mayonaise says:

      Ndipo inu, chilichonse amapititsa ku ndale nde kuti akufuna mMalawi muno musakhale anthu olemera? Kodi si iwowo ankati ndi olemera kale? Shame……

  16. The Oracle says:

    Bushiri ndi yakawawa.I am speechless. God blessing him more and more.

  17. Mmalawi We Niweni says:

    Jesus Christ is Lord

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