Prophet Kautsire confesses meeting witchdoctor

Prophet Trevor Kautsire of the Miracles Ministry has made a startling revelation that he went to South Africa with his friend to meet a witchdoctor and was told of rituals that he had to perform if he were to become a renowned Prophet.

Prophet Kautsire: Magic being used by some of us Prophet Kautsire: Magic being used by some of us

Prophet Kautsire: Magic being used by some of us

Kautsire’s friend in South Africa is Prophet DJ Comfort but he did not mention any name during an interview on Times TV hosted by former president Joyce Banda’s press officer Brian Banda.

“I was in South Africa and I met the who-is-who of the gospel, what they told me is heart-breaking,” said Kautsire.

Kautsire said he was told by the witchdoctor to carry out a ritual that involved sacrifices such as the killing of family members or church members.

“I am speaking this from experience, some Prophets have had to sacrifice their church members to gain fame. You have heard of people dying in places of worship, it is because they are using the people as sacrifices,” said Kautsire, a comment which commentators said he was referring to the Nigerian prophet TB Joshua at whose church over a hundred people died.

Kautsire further said that it was easy to decipher fake Prophets because they do ‘miracles’ for no important reason.

“A miracle is supposed to meet a need, however when a Prophet does a miracle that does not meet any need there is no reason to believe that Prophet,” he said.

Kautsire, who was deported in United States of America for alleged sexual offence, said that Prophets are using magic, witchcraft and Satanism to perform miracles.

“There are some who are told to keep a worm and keep feeding it, the worm grows into a snake and when it comes to that stage where it is a snake, it brings them money. The catch is that one should never sleep with their wife but the snake,” claimed Kautsire.

Kautsire pointed out that that Prophets have turned church into a circus, saying the house of God has become an arena for pathetic theatricals.

He stated that  a prophecy is meant for strengthening, encouraging and comforting.

Times TV will telecast the programme against this Thursday starting 8:00pm so that people can watch and listen to the chilling revelations from Kautsire.

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106 thoughts on “Prophet Kautsire confesses meeting witchdoctor”

  1. cool says:

    This just confirms about the doubts that we have in other prophets. Coze u will find that someone will just wake up in the morning, afternoon is a prophet. Yooo! We r in the last days, so help us us God.

  2. eddie Kumwenda says:

    Thanks Jesus because you told us about this.

  3. Beth says:

    PLEASE do not be led astray by flashy men (or women) claiming to be prophets. This is a legitimate ministry that has been terribly corrupted by self-seeking individuals. If you want to recognize a false prophet (or a true prophet for that matter) you need to base everything on the Word of God.

    Do NOT trust supernatural signs and wonders to authenticate anyone’s ministry. This will lead you into deception. For a free checklist that will help you determine the false from the true you can go to my website

    Jesus said that the final generation would see an increase in false prophets, and we are indeed living in that time. If you want to know more on this subject I have lots of free resources on my website, and I recently wrote an easy to read book titled Tracking the Birth Pains, 14 Significant Signs for the Terminal Generation (I have an entire chapter devoted to false prophets & their deception)

  4. Beth says:

    Please Please Please school yourself in the Bible about true and fake prophets!!!! Jesus said that in the final generation would see an increase in this type of ministry. False prophets always attract crowds & yes they can be miracle workers, but this does not authenticate their ministry. You MUST judge the message that the prophet delivers based on God’s word ALONE. Nothing else. For more information on this subject you can visit my webpage for free resources and a detailed checklist to help you recognize true and false prophets

  5. Brino says:

    Munthu wakuuzani zina za zimene amachuta, mwayamba kumunenanso. Musiyeni

  6. mshani says:

    What was your main aim of visiting witchdoctor? What prompt you to vist him?

  7. Spectator says:

    Kautsire is talking about his experience and he knows some of the prophets who use juju to perform miracles and attract more people. This guy wanted to be famous and make more money through magic while using JESUS CHRIST name but failed because of the terms and conditions of the witch doctor, but for his friends who introduced him to the Sagoma and are able to follow the terms and conditions of the sagoma are doing fine and Kautsire frustrations has led him to spill the beans. If the sagoma had given Kautsire simple terms/conditions, Kautsire could have been one of the best prophet in Malawi and some of you would have been here on nyasa defending him as a man of God the anointed one, prophets of the prophets, Mulungu wamudalisa etc Advice: Kautsire poti waulula now ubwerere kwa Yesu mwana wa mulungu akulandira ndi wabwino nthawizonse.

  8. True reflector says:

    What is happening today , is not from God it is from Satan’s power the way how this so called miracles performed totally different from what Jesus was doing read the Bible and compare what Jesus was doing and what these satanic disguising as followers of Jesus are doing power of Satan can show marvellous things to deceive the ,believers think of the fanancial gains they make out of those so called miracles I ask u true believers did Jesus gained anything from the miracles he performed? Fame and money is the mojor attractions The answer to this was given
    by Jesus himself on Mathew 7 vs 22 and 23 those who is against Jesus are those who attend these gathering and these are enemies of Jesus. .anybody going there he is antichrist

  9. Sake Chilling says:

    It is strange to hear that a Malawian came to South Africa to consult a Witch doctor, South Africans most of the time believe that “real” Witch doctors are found in Malawi. In fact a lot of Malawians have taken advantage of that belief by S. Africans that they have set up “practices” where they dupe the locals.

  10. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    you are talking this shit after you failed to get the powers kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  11. max says:

    Mr. Kautsire
    1. You made a confession to the wrong body. If you have realised your mistake you needed to confess to God
    2. What you have done mr. Kautsire is to hurt the body of Christ. Your actions if not corrected will lead many to follow your way and you know the consequences of your action.
    3. What was your motive ? was it fame, political or just shear jealous of other prophets who are successful ?
    4. Mr. Kautsire will you still have a church and followers to go to come this sunday ?
    5. Mr. Kaustire stop being childsh . Stop harming Jesus body

  12. Okay says:

    When Jesus was doing miracles, was he doing it out of fame or need? ma prophet amasiku ano ndiye mpikisano ati aone kuti weniweni ndiyani. Kuyang’ana zochitikazo zosalemekeza Mulungu. Lero tsono kukhala mipikisano yoti kodi prophet angauluke kwambiri ndani? komadi masiku omaliza.

  13. Kautsire nsanje basi. Ngati inuyo zakukanikani asiyeni anzanuwa. Koma mbali ina ukunena zowona.Koma si onse amapita kwa sing’anga. Ena its from God.

  14. Jarsn Phiko says:

    A Prophet going to a magician? What a surprise? This prophet is not genuine and I can not believe that. He might not either be saying the truth, or he is just one of those prophets seeking riches in the streets. May be TB Joshua should not be captured in this matter for his own failure in his ministry. This is truly regrettable.

  15. The Shunamite Ministry says:

    We need your support. The Shunamite Ministry is a small ministry that has the welfare of Pastors in the rural areas and work hand in hand with them to bring Christ to them. We endeavor to bring the gospel to them in a way that the people will be enlightened and be able to understand with out dwelling on material gains. Pastors in the rural areas live pathetic lives even beyond the poverty level. Rural pastors especially from Pentecostal churches sleep on the floor, sleep on empty stomach others live on ganyu to survive. Most church collections for the whole month cannot buy a bag of maize yet they have families to feed. Our ministry has held crusades, we also preach using the Jesus film and music. On top of all this most Churches congregate in very poor structure s usually grass thatched. Where necessary our ministry has extended a hand by roofing a few church structures.
    Our appeal is for you to help us alleviate poverty by donating old utensils, beddings, food items. Help us with running costs by pledging generator as ours has packed and fuel. For building we can connect you to the Pastors. Please contact us on 0994701211 God will bless you. Many souls will be saved and go to heaven because you ministered to a needy Pastor. We do not collect money during our crusades but we appeal to you to hold hands with us. N. Mwadiwa

  16. lecoliper quizomby says:

    mmmmmmh masiku omalizadi who knwz???

  17. Azungu Misala says:

    Ndizimenezotu za a Christu a lero. Mukamva kuti ali uku inu go konko muzasatila Kautsire wa Satanic komanso magic.

  18. victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi says:

    You so called ‘prophet kautsire’, what made you go to a magician in South Africa.
    i believe in the prophets through prayer to Jesus that He shows me the way.
    If you were told that by a witch doctor, how prove do you have that other prophets went for same and do what you were told by your witch doctor? Was what you did in USA, got arrested and deported influenced by the other prophets you talk ill about? If they play magic to perform miracles, how do you prove to us? What you have said about the need and motive is not true. God can do what humans think is not serious. Stop judging other prophets, leave that to God. Talk about yourself, and not others.

  19. Thako Lambeta says:

    No wonder these so called prophets flock to RSA

  20. Blessed Israel says:

    Believe in his prophets you shall prosper (read chronicles). Malice, anger, jealous, covetousness will not propel you to anywhere… Refuse the spirit of stagnation which has cankered you in the name of Jesus… Jesus said if you receive a prophet in a prophet name, you shall receive a prophet reward. It is not true that only in Africa their are pastors and prophets… This is the season of Africa for revival… Better work up children of God. There was a time America had sweeping revivals of 5 million in one crusade for pastors like Billy Graham, Oral Roberts… Politicians like John Kennedy wanted to use then for polical campaign… In Malawi, that dark cloud veil of ignorance is bringing malice, jealousy, envy, turning swords on each other… Koma nde more prophets are coming bcoz it is time for Africa revival ngati simukuziwa especially Southern Africa… The west anointing is phasing for the glory of the easy revival… Keep on Bushiri, Eubert, Makandiwa whether ur intentions are gud or bad it is time for the Southern Africa revival…

  21. boston mlotha says:

    have the holy spirit to reveal more on the ground


    Chi Kristu chayaluka. Wakumoto/gahena.

  23. Dr Jack says:


  24. Mwanawe says:

    Kautsire ngat prophet weniweni kwa wichdoctor mumakatani? mesa mumafuna mphamvu zau prophet? please dont refer kwa TB Joshua, ndi munthu wa mulungu osati enanu mwangolota lero basi ndine prophet. please zimandiwawa mukamanena TB Joshua, mukuziwa kumene anachokera TB Joshua ndi utumike wake? enanu mutenga tsoka chabe.

  25. Mabotcho says:

    Gud staff to share he who has ears have heard. But where ever there is a fake item means somewhere there is a genuine one. So as there are false prophets there are genuine ones. We need spiritual eyes to see all these. A lot is happening to get fame and money. Blessed is he who recognise his weakness and repent. Enawo akumakatenga mphamvu zawo from their god father in Ghana

  26. siton says:

    Very few men of God can reveal that. Of course I have been to service of Prophet Kautsire, I tell you if you to know more about false men of God with signs just ask him, he reveals everything and although he does not mention names of any false men of God, you are to detect in some of these men of God. We have seen ministries growing out of a blue is that how life is, easy comes easy goes. Mind you about ends times in Mathews. Lets watch pipo.

  27. Syreen says:

    All those that do not follow the word of God are false prophets. A true prophet of God will follow each and every word the biblle says.

    These modern prophets are for money andfor the world not heaven. Because the bible tells us how we will know the false prophets. They walk not by God’s word. Their works are to please people.

    In those days even in our time if there is prophersy, it is meant for the nation to repent or do something. But ehse days the prophersy is about riches, marriages. etc things that have short life span. We have never ever held prophersy about eternity

  28. Hassan says:

    Why did you go to a sangoma in the first place? A man of God vositing singangas. Shame.

  29. kako says:

    nayenso ndi prophet wabodza iiiiiiiiiii shame

  30. phelezunje says:

    that becomes very hard to understand u yourself who claim to be man of God take care ur days are number God will punish u soon.prophecizing to pple with an aim to be rich, shame to u.God already said of end times u will see so many false prophets and so many pple will proclaim in my name and even say GOD is here but will not be there.we followers of these take time and read and understand BIBLE well otherwise u will perish.we are in the days of new generation which jesus already taught that he is the way,the light and truth.

  31. True Believer says:

    End of christianity!

  32. George says:

    Akautsire mukuoneka kuti mudadzisankha nokha kukhala mporofet, mukadakhala osankhidwa ndi Mulungu simukadapitako ku SA komanso mukadawadziwa kale maprophet abodza Mukadapephera kwa Mulungu. Pliz lead (1samuel 28:7-16) sizikusiyana ndinkhani ya Sauli

  33. matako a pusi says:

    Koma this prophet is a shame he was chased from the usa for sex offences, visits a witchdoctor eeeish eereish ma prophet awonjeza so now dont follow them especially our women kutengeka kumpatsa salary all your life savings and houses cars to false prophet zoona kenako akupaseni mimba and aids azimai azimai think before you get involved ndi these false prophets

  34. Chibwito says:

    Za aneneri onyenga, mbava, mahule tidaziona kale zimenezi

  35. hehehe.... says:

    Kkkk,mavuto akunyasaland!!!sungawamvese

  36. God will judge us, Mlekeleni akaweruza yekha

  37. ngulenjet says:

    Nyengo zaumaliro wazgani mateyo 24

  38. You must know!!!!!! says:

    Mr Kautsire , you are the one who is /was/will be a bogus prophet. dont talk about others

  39. JR says:

    Let’s pray hard coz you may never know who is fake & real prophets. Remember the Bible what tells you in these last days. Stop believing in men but GOD only.

  40. You have 2 much jealousies. cry to god not to newspaper.munthu opandA nzelu .

  41. Godwell Manda says:

    A Kautsire inunso musapeze potchukira

  42. Joseph Mwanga says:

    the truth is that u r after money ,no Holy spirit in u,nanga za sex ku america unkapanga ndi ma prophet ,be delivered in JESUS NAME

  43. Allan Lungu says:

    Ziliko nkulinga utatosako, ma prophet pa Malawi

  44. changalikandu pwagu says:

    Oh no! God have mercy!

  45. princelifa says:

    ok tamva nde mufuna ife titani poti kumankhwalako ife kunalibeko. ukungozionetsera uchitsiru onse

  46. OBSERVER says:


  47. mangochi Kabwafu says:

    Takhala tikunena apa. Ma fake prophets awa. Onse china bushiri and all these African prophets. And why only in Africa? Easily brainwashed is the answer. Still very poor, where is your god. The rest of the world is working hard and developing while we remain behind.

  48. angoni apaphata says:

    Psyaaa … Maphulisa. Ntchito iyooo. Atiuze amene anapha anthuwo. Tichedwepo.

  49. tony kanyenda says:

    Thanks trevor for your great exposition. Its a pity that you even contemplated going to a sangoma to get powers, using satanic powers to do God’s things, oh no!. but what you have said about prophets its very true, its a pity that people like No6 have the nerve to dig up your past, and your previous comfi life with your father which is irrelevant , very irrelevant

  50. Bashior says:

    No any other Prophets after Muhammad. What I know we are waiting for Jesus peace be upon him

  51. Watching says:

    I am looking forward to a rebroadcast of this interview. Then I can make my conclusions.

  52. Bashior says:

    If you can’t believe him then you are not true believers. You could have believed him if he could have said somebody will die in Africa? You are deceived with this prophet issue. Work up believe in God not ones who eat, drink,and go to the toilets. Mulungu angangosankha only black people to be prophets? Shame!!!! Kautsire you are indeed a believer and you love your people God bless you

  53. John K Black says:

    If Kautsire is speaking the truth, he should turn the offenders over to the police, here or in South Africa. If he is not speaking the truth he should keep his mouth.

  54. Yam says:

    Very Hard To Bliv, But Measure Every Claim From The Bible.

  55. I am lucky to be a Muslim

  56. LH says:

    you who believe in the so called prophets. You think worshiping is magic, what you call miracles. When somebody buys expensive cars, private jets you rate him as major, behind the curtains he is sacrificing to the devil, and you are cheated. I am challenging, his devil can not do anything to me. I am more than a conqueror in the blood of Jesus.

  57. PMW says:

    Wapenga uyu. Amafuna adye nao za bushiri koma zamukanika

  58. Maggie Lucius says:

    Mathews 7:21-23
    Mathews: 24

    Let he with eyes read and he with ears hear. Why should we be deceived Saints of the Living God when God has given as an opportunity and ability to read the Word of God on our own from His Holy Book? I thank God that I can read His Word with my own naked eyes Amen.

  59. davie john says:

    akkilisitu kuba chifukwa chani kwa asilamu kulibe mapulofeti

  60. Alex says:

    God is watching very soon his is going to render his verdict.

  61. Tili Chenene says:

    Sane people cannot believe the insane Kautsire. What he is saying is his stupidity at its best

  62. mtumbuka1 says:

    I have never seen a white, Chinese or Indian prophet. These things of prophets started in Nigeria, Ghana and Cameroon and it’s a way of stealing from unsuspecting people especially women. Women are told to bring their pay to the so called prophets every month and are promised riches and marriages.

  63. George Thindwa says:

    God Business at best. This prophets or pastors business is nonsense. there has never been such and never ever but the usual crooks who can cheat you because you are cheatable and easily hoodwinked! Wake up Malawians there is a new team of crooks in town called Prophets or Pastors!!!!!!!!

  64. The real ujeni says:

    The truth is Kautsire you are the one who went to a witchdoctor and you were afraid to be found out hence smearing others. Talk about yourself fake prophet. Jealous too much, you need to go to Church and get deliverance not going to the media for an interview, does that help your spiritual life? Did Brian Banda deliver you from the demons you have that you got at the witchdoctor?

  65. commenter says:


  66. Mike says:

    Please people lets understand this.he says he also wanted his church to grow.he never asked to go to a witch doctor but he was told that for his church to grow he needs to go and kill relations and rituals but he refused.Trevor Kautsire is only helping us understand what happens in the spiritual realms of demonic possessed prophets.can we pause a bit and think about the other prophets wer seeing recently.what was the prophet for?why should one walk on air?for whose benefit?does God get the glory?why does a prophet tell you your phone number? why? and he tells you wher ur house is,really what for? please lets taste the spirits

  67. Enligthened says:

    Why should we listen to his story? And then what? what the purpose? Is it towards the Kingdom of God? Is it to give a platform to people so that they can castigate whoever for whatever reason. So what’s the motive really? Are we trying to pull people away from God, you know some are easily swayed. Whose side are you? You celebrate when many are perishing, lost? Do you know the truth, way and life as a Christian. The headline would rather be Prophet Kautsire Confesses Christ. You may say am in denial but who does not that in this world there are sins even as a child we are told about what’s right and wrong. How many know that God loves them really loves them, that God forgives, he is the creator. And I know some people do not believe in God anyway thus them but why do the bother with God whom they say don’t exist. You cannot say of something which doesn’t exist as if it exists. If you say it doesn’t exist, go on living your life without it existing in your life.

  68. Taelo says:

    its very pathetic to see people who are calling themselves men of God are slunderous. Leave everthing to God and he will judge. A Trevor this is a big mistake . Confess your sins to be forgiven. How is ur wife feeling? this is what we call SATANA AT ITS PEAK. mwayamba kale kupsya ndi moto. Lord have mercy on all of us . Disgusting news and revelations.

  69. amiene says:

    pipo be composed. the truth is may be. the saying goes; send a thief to catch a thief.

  70. REX MSISKA says:

    These are the last days people. Read…………….. your Bibles.

  71. DRAKE says:

    Pastor Kautsire,
    What you have done is an abomination to GOD, not all Prophets of GOD are fake and not all Pastors are fake, you are the one who is fake and you visited a witch doctor against the Scriptures what was the point of for you to visit the Witchdoctor, what did you want or what were you after?
    Do you know that visiting witchdoctors is rebellion to GOD? Read 1st Samuel 15:23
    Israel provoked GOD by their belief in Witchcraft and Magic Deut 32:16-19. Instaed of you driving out demons you want to join them Deut 18:9-14.
    Becareful when you are trying to attack your fellow men of GOD you will end up blaspheming the almighty which may be Dangerous to your Ministry and yourself.
    Please do not please the crowd but try to please GOD not Man, the ones interviewing you may be a non believer and what is it that you want to achieve

  72. elija says:

    Believe in God,, nobody else…..

  73. NKHULANG'ÖNA says:

    its better to blv no prophet other than being deceived. surely, you cnt lose even a single hair by being urself n God.

  74. Concerned Malawian says:

    and why should we believe you if you yourself went to the witch doctor? you are one of them!!

  75. Wes says:

    No true prophet nowadays

  76. Patricia says:

    Silly men, in these mordern day still having chicken brains.

  77. Mzungumbuli says:

    Old prophets in the Bible were revealing what God was going to do in future. They did not prophesy about personal prosperity, eg Yohane on patmos islands prophesised things that will occur in the last days. hence he wrote the book of “Revelation” Nowadays pple are floacking to these so called prophets for personal gains. My Bible says “Iyeseni mizimu ngati ichokera kwa Mulungu” Please go and read from books of Daniel, Revelation, Jeremia, Izikiel and others for you to know the truth of the Bible and no-one will cheat you in these last days:

  78. Lottie says:

    Wau! We need more information on these things. People have always suspected that some of these so called men of God are actually in sync with the Devil. Obviously, it is not all of them. The question is who are these devil worshipers? Jesus said not everyone who says Lord, Lord will inherit the Kingdom of God. Some are just looking for worldly glory.

    In addition, one really wonders about the value of some of the so called ‘miracles’. What is the spirit behind that? If it is God – fine. If it isn’t God, we are being hoodwinked. We really need to question and critique what we see. The Bible advises us not to believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world (1 John 4:1).

  79. promi says:

    Mmmmmmmm what?????

  80. mbi says:

    Yankhulani zanu. Zizimba zakanika basi munene anzanu. Mwapindula chani. Uhule number 1, ufitinso number 1. koma kumadzitchula kuti Prophetic. You stink

  81. Otengeka apita nawo says:

    Ziyalutsanani,mudzawulura tsiku lina

  82. Anabanda says:

    Thanks for sharing this with us, Amalawi samafuna kuwuzidwa zachilungamo…

  83. saido says:

    I say time and again that some people even though you tell them your wife is playing sex with mr x won’t believe intill she sees it with open eyes. This man is telling the truth. In Zambia two months ago a number of pastors admitted going to with doctors to get charms to become Prophets. Who are you to deny this. People are telling you what is write but you ceal your ears. Do you want him to tell you when is naked and then you get the message. Amalawi kugona! Mr keep on updating us and zisiyeni mbuzi zosanvazo zizitsutsa because they are the beneficiaries. Not so long ago a pastor got eaten with a big snake because he broke the covenant between that snake and him. The snake wanted a sacrifice which the man failed to accomplish later the snake ate the prophet. What else do you want to believe that these pastors and prophets are syphoning money in your pockets. Think please!

  84. MKAZI WA ABUSA says:

    iiiiiii owooo? kani? ok? mmmmmmmmm! ayayayayayaya

  85. vwendenga says:

    failures always try to blackmail others

  86. Kwangwagwa says:

    Ine ndikudabwatu kuti kodi ma profetiwa zimawachitikira kukhala profeti wosaphunzira wokhawokha. Sindinamvepo profeti wa degree yeniyeni ya school yovomerezeka ndi boma maters, kapena doctor of philosophy (Phd), kapena professor. Inu zowona chauta angangofikira wosaphunzira wokhawokha kuwapanga ma profeti basi. Kunanama basi. Foolish fools.

  87. fedrevolution says:

    Better them that confess and their sins will be made whiter than snow.Thats all i know and its up to the reader to take or leave it this isnt being forced on anyones throat

  88. Willie Chirwa says:

    Times TV I would like to ask you not to waste your time rebrocasting this interview. Secondly call the guy Trevor Kautsire not Prophet or Pastor because he is not one. The whole thing is fake he say he went to SA with a friend to see a sang’oma (witchdoctor) for his church to grow which means the guy is taking religion for bussiness purposes. He wants to be famous and have riches in the name of God which is wrong. God will curse you for what you are doing. Suppose the magic ward from the sangoma had worked would you have go to Times TV to say my church is growing because of magic. No! So shut your beak and secondly deregistered your bussiness disguised as Miracles Minstries and start vending in the streets. Hope you will take this advice seriously let God punish you instantly.

  89. "A NATIVE OF NOWHERE" says:

    Trevor Kautsire is a very scandalous person and very self centred guy. He is not a man of God and in the first place why seek powers from the witch doctor? It is God who calls and anoints His servants for ministry and the dunamis of the Holy Spirit works thru them. Repent and repent. You bring shame to the Name of Christ.

  90. Bigman munthuwaMulungu says:

    A real man of God will not visit the sangoma & he has nothing to say about real men of God. Viva TBJ, viva genuine prophets. Touch not my annointed!!

  91. mtochi says:


  92. The game says:

    Well said and agreed.Akhutukumve enanu osamangonyoza koma kumva kaye munthuyu akunena zoona bolaniso iyeyu popeza akunena zomwe anachita.Zima prophet zanuzo plus iyeyu ndi okuba okhaokha business basi.

  93. i miss kamuzu says:

    1) you’re a man of god who went to a witchdoctor, why?
    2) we don’t know you
    3) you were deported because of a sex crime
    4) only a failiure trashes others in public to try to get attention
    5) only desperate or weak minded people believe these silly miracles. a real healer would be doing his healing in the hospitals at no charge. one your friends ‘miracles’ is so silly that it’s now a joke all over the web. (

    conclusion: you are a bitter, jealous man who would like to be as rich and famous as your prophet friends.

  94. mlomwe mnzanga says:

    i knew it! ndimanena ine kuti mamiracle enawa are nt frm God this pipo u called prophetes are using satanic powers….this is true.wina ndi uyu wayamba kuulula muyaluka nonse

  95. JB says:

    This sex offender has run out of ideas. Get a job brother you have exposed yourself. Do you really want us to believe that you didnt get anything from this witch doctor of yours? You are a self confessed witch stay very far away from the pulpit or ufa imfa yowawa.

  96. Gift Nkhoma says:

    We are really in the last days

  97. amidu says:

    Mmmmm, so whom do u thnk u r degrading??? Just mind ur business. The calling of God is not an easy ride , it require strong faith .

  98. Miccateez says:

    Tavumbura aise, ma Past0r acuruka kwambiri, Mbava z0se, D0rrar patsg0r0 zausiru,

  99. Wawa says:

    Ukudziyalutsa wekha Trevor, i think maybe because your home isnt what it used to be when ur father was with NICO. Things completely changed. Why did you go to a witch doctor? I thot we are not supposed to see witch doctors as men of God, if indeed you are one? An accident can happen at anytime, anywhere but people always find fault on others. Unkakatani kwa singanga munthu wopemphera, just to hear what is happening there or he didnt give you the right charms you wanted? Wake up man, kuyalukatu uku. That means you started long time ago visiting witch doctors and nothing works on you.

    Miracles do happen, the lame walk that even a witchdoctor can not do. The blind see, the deaf hear so is this withccraft? What about the mentally retarded? Last days

    1. drogba says:

      You must be dumb stupid Wawa @6. performing “miracles” does not necessarily mean that one has God’s backing. Didn’t Pharaoh’s magicians turn rods into snakes? Did those wicked men have God’s backing?? Jesus performed miracles, yes but his miracles weren’t selective. Why do you only mention about “lame” ones walking and “blind” ones seeing?? Why don’t you tell us that even the DEAD are being resurrected as Jesus did?? Aren’t we Africans especially Malawians that stupid to be worshiping men than God?? When these so called prophets of yours perform their magical miracles, do they honestly strive to bring the glory to themselves or to God?? You will die of ignorance and naivety and laziness to learn the truth from the Bible, because most men have left the understanding of the Bible in the hands of their religious leaders. Instead of them themselves examining what the Bible says (the truth), they always to hear what their religious leaders say or do. Changing even in how they speak and walk just because they are “men of god”, kkkkkk. I cry for billions of people in finding truth in falsehood

  100. Highly Favoured says:

    Man of God, why were you going to a witch doctor? Don’t you know that witch doctors are liars? How sure are you that he told you the truth on this one? Don’t you think he lied to you?
    By virtue of you going to see a witch doctor, it means you have back sliden.

  101. matako a pusi says:

    False false false pastors prophets and apostles please give us s break we are now tired of gearing ur stories fake ipad video and other false miracles. I like my moslem friends their religion is well regulated no body just wakes up and self poclaim that he or she is a prophet or prophetess a christu mukutipangitsa manyazi l thinking of joining Islam now and ve started reafing the Holy Koran there is yoo much falsehood by our modern prophets and church leaders

  102. Nyonyo says:

    Ok tamva

  103. Jamison Lungu says:

    thank you for shedding light on what is becoming a notorious business venture.

  104. wabonza says:

    he said he went to south afruca out of desperation to have a church with large following ,while there its when now pipo started offrring him rituals if he wants his church to grow. He was not offered to kill anyone sizoona.

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