‘Sex-selfie’ videos for Malawi women on the rise

Pornographic materials about Malawian women circulating are going viral on social media platforms  as of late, with reports emerging that the many are in “corporate prostitution” and others joining the sex trade especially Malawians in Ireland and Britain.

Ndaule captured in selfie video porn

Ndaule captured in selfie video porn

Malawian woman in selfie-sex video act

Malawian woman in selfie-sex video act

Last week, a video went viral of a Malawian woman based in Ireland, who filmed helself in a self-sex pleasure.

And another video clip has been leaked of another Malawian woman in the same act.

The local woman, believed to be from Area 18 in Lilongwe proved the idea of taking selfies is taking a different dimension, now with sex . She could not use a vibrator but the help of a green sizeable banana for a selfie-romp.

In the 02:46 minutes long video clip seen by Nyasa Times, the woman whose particulars were not independently verified, starts by using her finger to pleasure herself while she is licking a green banana .

Then she uses a penis-shape like banana to heighten her sexual pleasure. She used it for masturbation while erotically moaning.

In the video, the woman spew out to finish off her act.

Last week, nude photos of a Malawian woman Pilirani Chilindanji, who was in an affair with Blue Eagles and national team player Mecium Mhone, were also leaked on social media by the angry girlfriend of Mhone after she found them in his Facebook account.

Malawian woman based in Ireland identified as Sophie Ndaule had also her selfie-sex video gone viral.

It is widely believed that corporate prostitution is on the rise in Malawi.

And a number of Malawi girls are said to be working as high-class sex workers or escort in Ireland and Britain.

Many Malawian girls are being recruited to travel to Ireland with false offers of marriage, study, or employment.

But it is reported that they end up doing escort work to earn a living and that others do port videos for money.

In Britain, some Malawian women are also said to be selling sex “to make ends meet.” West Africans are said to be “good clients” for Malawian women.

Speaking to Nyasa Times on the grounds of anonymity,  one Malawian woman in Ireland said that not all women in the sex trade are being exploited, saying they choose to become sex workers.

Recently, a Malawian-born woman based in Manchester  hit headlines in Ireland  for blackmailing an Irish VIP after secretly recording him during a sleazy sex session.

‘Flora’ ( her full name has been withheld for legal reasons) referred in the Sunday World as a “prostitute”  and openly confesses that she tried to blackmail the man after sending him video clips taken during their liaisons, which were shot without his knowledge.

According to Flora,  she first met the businessman at Manchester’s swish Lowry Hotel – a popular haunt of Premiership footballers – last April.

The Malawian woman says she offers a variety of sexual services, including “BDSM (giving), foot worship, hand relief and oral”.

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Nthenga za Gure

Woooow apa zinthu ndiye ziribwino kusiyana ndikumapannga mobisa, if its business niyabwino choncho ubwino sakubera munthu or kuchita kukamiza azimuna kudya buya, but azimunao akumapitako okha, better kusiyana ni umbava or ufiti..chachikuru osamaiwara ma condom,zinthuz sizikusiya madera kumidzi,matown ariyese amazikonda only that ambiri sizinaonekere poyera ohho,zikumayambira ku school, ku church, ku misika, ku office, mu bus, moyendamu paripose ndi Ana omwe akuzinva bwino anbiri zangowafarikira ayayaya

Chiye Nang'omba

Ambuye musaotche moto mudikire mwina ndisitha achulukisa phulupulu athuwanuwa koma mwina asitha


After filming themselves, they look for customers by asking every jim and jack to add them on Whatsapp. Then the do the trade by sending the film through whatsapp. Whatsapp yavuta.


Ai khani yabwino poti nayoso ndibusiness yabwino kusiyana ndikuba

Wellings Gondwe

We are in the last days, its not a strange story

Alex kapanga

God should do something, that is the only solution.

Ma student

Create jobs for our girls you bastards

Dont just eat our tax payers money for doing nothing in offices

nyasa boy

I don’t think its bad Malawi Garverment must legal it there is no marage thise days for me go ahead its your body


What’s the problem with you people? It’s there private life. This is not news. It seems the reporter is a horny guy out with a vendetta of attacking the women that he probably couldn’t get for himself. Malawian men a worse here in the UK and Ireland. They just can’t leave their trousers on. They cheat on their hard working wives and you justify this as okay. Remove the speck from your eyes before tarnishing others. Typical lack of professional journalism

jen Msiyeni

Iwe wakumalawi stop generalising that all illegals are prostitutes.Im illegal here and have a very good job and i’m a very decent person.Stop kunyoza ma illegal ngati onse amagona kunyumba kwako.Akupweteka ma Nigerian akowo kufera timapepala ta zii.Uhule ndi mtima wamunthu.Ena amapanga uhule kwawo chuma chili mbwee.

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