Shire -Zambezi waterway report awaits SADC nod – Malawi official

The fate of the joint feasibility report of the Shire – Zambezi waterway project awaits the scrutiny and approval of three transport ministers from Malawi, Zambia and Mozambique before it can be submitted to SADC.

Molande: Port still

Molande: Port dream lives on

For this year’s summit that is impossible because the three minsters that were scheduled to meet in Malawi from 6 – 7th August failed to meet to study the report, according to director of Information Dr Bright Molande.

Molande said this during an impromptu news conference held at the Gaborone International Convention Centre on Saturday.

Implicitly, the government’s action is a direct response to a story Nyasa Times carried last week.

He claimed that Malawi remained high on the SADC development agenda citing the inclusion of Malawi’s connectivity and infrastructure projects in SADC’s Regional Infrastructure Development Master Plan (RIDMP).

The RIDMPis a US$500 billion harmonised infrastructure blue printaims to deal with the region’s deficit in road, rail, ports, power, communication, water infrastructure and meteorology.

But combing through the 40 pages plan – – there is no mention of the Shire – Zambezi waterway project.

Nyasa Times found the projects listed below.

“A number of dry port projects are under construction or in the planning stages to facilitate mode interface in the network. The rail link from Mchinji (Malawi) toChipata (Zambia) will have a cargo terminal to serve the adjacent part of Zambia with rail access through Malawi to the Mozambican seaports.

“A dry port at Dona Ana and a container terminal at Tete (Mozambique) are planned in conjunction with the rehabilitation of the Sena railway line to serve Malawi and eastern Zambia. Other dry ports are planned for Lusaka, Kitwe and Edeola in Zambia, outside Dar-esSalaam in Tanzania, at the Lebombo/Ressano Garcia border between South Africa and Mozambique and at Walvis Bay in Namibia,” reads the RIDMP.

Under the transport sector in the 40 pages RIDMP, some projects under Malawi are; the Dar-es-Salaam to Chalinze toll road, under the Tanzania, Zambia, DRC and Malawi SADC Dares-Salaam corridor.

The Nakonde – Tunduma OSBP Tanzania, Zambia, DRC and Malawi SADC Dares-Salaam corridor. Feasibility studies completed and construction started on Zambian side. MOU signed.

The Mtwara – Liganga -Muchuchuma – Songea – Mbamba railway Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique SADC Mtwara corridor.

However, Molande is unrepentant: “Let me point that SADC is still pursuing the Shire – Zambezi waterway project as one of the regional projects. In March 2015, SADC Executive Secretary Dr Stergomena Lawrence Tax told the Council of Ministers meeting in Harare Zimbabwe, that SADC Secretariat is coordinating the on-going feasibility of the navigability of the Shire – Zambezi waterway.”

  • Collins Mtika is reporting for Nyasa Times at SADC summit in Gaberone, Botswana.
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24 thoughts on “Shire -Zambezi waterway report awaits SADC nod – Malawi official”

  1. Correction says:

    Nyasatimes be serious, that is not Molandes face. Be serious please!

  2. chilipaine says:

    This is a very important initiative which needs diplomatic skill to convince our colleagues in Mozambique who obviously feel threatened by Malawi being from their shackles that have enslaved Malawi to depend on road and rail through Mozambique.

  3. kamete says:

    molannde pofuna kujambulisa uziyamba wameta kaye ndevu zakozo zikutinyasa tikulephera kulowa pa net chifukwa cha ndevu zakozo wamva?

  4. Yamwe ake Chibisa says:

    Ndevuzo unasungila akazi ako kuti azikusisita dzisamale chotsa ndevuzo you are very young

  5. So people are happy that something that if materialises then our country can benefit immensely, simply cos it was started by Bingu. As Malawians we don’t care who can start a project, whether it’s Kamuzu, Muluzi, Bingu, Joyce, Peter or Chakwera as long as it good to the developmental aspect of our country.

  6. Gas Machine Head says:

    A Mollande, do not spin now that you are in. It is a fact that that dream has never received the blessings of the major partner, Mozambique. Until Mozambique allows us to use the Zambezi river while at the same time depleting the ecosystem associated with such navigation, forget it. I say forger it. Kupupuluma.

  7. drakes says:

    People from the North are still fighting against this project. They will end up failing and getting a shamed because the Government in Mocambique is very supportive

  8. ziphaliwali says:

    Stupid dreams & yet he claimed that he dreamt in living colour, but from the look of things this is pure black & white

  9. Daniel Phiri says:

    By the way, ndevu zimenezi zopita nazo ku Botswana? That’s why Malawi is a laughing stock in SADC. mukalandila malawansi, please buy Gillette and clear that ugly bush!

  10. Daniel Phiri says:

    Mako, northern corridor doesn’t feature because it’s already been built. What’s in the plan is just a wishlist. Remember SADC is not a funding organization. It has no money. What’s important is that countries involved must come up with the money or borrow from international development banks (World Bank or African Development Bank) or beg from donor countries. What this means is that Malawi is not bound by the SADC wishlist. As a country we need our own national transport master plan. This will prevent greedy leaders from prioritizing roads to their home villages like Bakili and Bingu did. We need roads to all our national parks, all the fertile valleys to unlock agriculture and tourism. We need proper roads to all mining areas. But as a landlocked country we also need to be part of regional transportation corridor to make our trade more competitive

  11. nick says:

    I wish Mphwache (comment above) could represent Malawi at future SADC meetings and save us from this nonsense about “on-going feasibility” This project was NEVER feasible and NEVER will be — except for a few canoes

  12. Gwamba says:

    A big white elephant.

  13. Wa Nzeru Wa Kummawa says:

    A dokotala ndevu ngati apana kamwana ka nkhuku kukamwa

  14. pat says:

    @Mphwache are you a Malawian????????

  15. myao says:

    The beard is testifying the status of Nsanje port kkk. Poyanikira Mphenembe.

  16. Munthuwamba says:

    You could do with a shave of the beard though.

  17. Munthuwamba says:

    You could do with a shave ofthe beard though.

  18. i love sindi simutowe says:

    kamete ndebvu iwe

  19. chepetsani says:

    Ndebvuzo bwanji tateeee. Kukhalangati ngati khuku madzi sanapsya kwambili ndiye kusosola kumabvuta. Osango meta bwanji?

  20. Truck says:

    Am telling again and again am doing Civil Engineering for 20 years and am working under Water department sector that Shire Zambezi can work only from where Zambezi joins the Shire not on Shire River its impossible due to low level of water on Shire River.We must just pray that Mozambiquan Government must accept that we must use their Zambezi River.

  21. alexanda says:

    malawi should learn the tactics of how to PUSH for regional projects that benefit its people. learn from zambia: LUSAKA, KITWE AND NDOLA dry ports. IMAGINE. Malawi – NOTHING, NOTHING. SHAME. Midiocre sleeping leadership. MBATATA, MWANKOLE, KAPOLI, CHIMBWI, KAPALA, ……..

  22. mphwache says:

    Just trying to save face, instead of owning up and admitting to the nation that the Shire Zambezi Waterway project was a dream of a mad man and a scheme to steal money from a poor nation. Thanx Mozambique for exposing this.

  23. Kwataine says:

    koma ndevuzo ayiayiiiaaa

  24. MAKO says:

    Where is NORTHERN CORRIDOR ?,,

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