Shock as Justice Mbendera no more: Malawi polls chair dies after collapse at meeting

Malawi Electoral Commission Chairperson Justice Maxon Mbendera collapsed during a meeting in Lilongwe on Thursday and was pronounced dead hours later.

Justice Maxon Mbendera: We need research on voter apathy

Justice Maxon Mbendera: We need research on voter apathy

Mbendera, was given cardiopulmonary resuscitation by first aiders and taken to the City Centre clinic,  but he died while doctors attempted to save his life.

“His heart had almost stopped by the time he reached hospital,” said a hospital source.

Judiciary spokesman Mlenga Mvula and MEC spokesman Sangwani Mwafulirwa both confirmed the sudden death of the Supreme Court justice.

“We are in grief,” Mvula said.

While Mwafulirwa said: “It’s shocking death.”

Many people will remember Mbendera as a man who broke down in tears as he presided over the announcement of presidential results in 2014.

He confessed that he had an emotional attack after realising that he was about to make a declaration that would spark wild celebrations for the winning party when one family elsewhere was mourning.

Mbendera was referring to the man who died in Mangochi during electoral protests earlier in the day.

“I was there making a statement on the elections and there was a family in Mangochi. The death in Mangochi was unnecessary. The party they were protesting for, United Democratic Front (UDF), was trailing fourth, so what was the protest all about?” he asked.

Mbendera said he was afraid that the violence in Mangochi would escalate nationally, saying: “I feared nationwide bloodshed.”

However, many claimed he wept because he realised he made announcement that President Peter Mutharika won the elections which were controversial and fraudulent.

Mbendera indeed wept and that is history, now the nation will shed tears and mourn the learn legal brains and a gentleman of high repute.

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65 thoughts on “Shock as Justice Mbendera no more: Malawi polls chair dies after collapse at meeting”

  1. Ungwelu says:

    This is very sad. He was a good person in very bad environment. May his soul RIP

  2. mtayamakoko says:

    May his soul rest in peace, Almighty Lord, being a true friend to everybody, comfort the family and children

  3. Death Peoples Party (DPP) says:

    Malawi Daily Mail


    Information reaching our desk from City Centre Clinic shows that Justice Mackson Mbendera has been poisoned inside the office of Auditor General (AG) by operative of Democratic Progressing Party (DPP) in partner with Auditor General.

    It is further reported that with directive from above,Auditor General got money from Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) and gave it to DPP which they used to purchase ten Toyota Fortuners for the party’s National Executive Committee members.

    Justice Mbendera was however pressurized to account for the money which he never used and refused to be used anymore and threaten to spill the beans, Mbendera said ‘its against my conscious to continue be used on expense of poor Malawians who are suffering. 

    There has been tag of war between Justice Mbendera,AG and DPP the past two weeks.

    Surprisingly,Justice Mbendera came out of Auditor General’s office crawling and lifeless,he was assisted by his driver who rushed with him to the nearby clinic were he was pronnounced dead,said our source. Will keep you updated

  4. mtayamakoko says:

    May his soul rest in peace, Almighty God you being the only true friend comfort his family and children

  5. akuka says:

    Mwatisiyila moto munatipalilawu… Bwanji simunadikile tiothele limodzi mpaka nzaka 5 zithe.

  6. Trendex says:

    After his (Mbendera’s) death, there was money discovered in the pockets of police officers at Bunda Road Block. For more information, ask the Deputy Inspector General of Police who was doing the searching.

  7. Mapwevupwevu says:

    Anthu a MCP amulodza!

  8. Kenkkk says:

    May he rest in peace despite any human errors he might have made.

    This is a warning to you politicians or other important people that ignore putting in place excellent medical or health facilities in Malawi hospitals simply because you use tax payers money to get better treatment abroad while the rest of the country languishes. Mbemdera could have been saved if we had good medical facilities.

    Severe heart attacks can come any time before you even run abroad for treatment. You will be dead by then. So please concentrate on making our hospitals well equipped, next it will be you tax payers thieves or me facing the same fate.

    Having said that it was his day to go, that is what God decided.

  9. Jok says:

    I don’t think the nation is mourning. More like celebrating now. One by one let them go. Mulungu amanva!

    1. Phiri says:

      Up to that extent? What wrong did he do to you? If dpp anabera ma vote, its not him komanso no proof. His duty was to announce the results, thats all. Next its you! RIP Justice.

      1. he played a role in rigging he had all the authorities to make the results credible, wafa basi zake izo

        1. mpoloni says:


  10. chilungamo chimawawa says:

    PETER Mutharika must learn a lesson. Our God is not a sleeping God.

    1. Bonafide says:

      You too must learn as well

  11. Winston Msowoya says:

    When people die,we tend to feel a little bit disoriented,and when we recall his past sins against humanity,we change our spiritual feelings.Mbendela’s sudden demise seems to have given people different judgements as a result of the last rigged national elections.No matter what,he is gone and the living people are left with differing attitudes,those are enjoying the outcome of the elections and those who are languishing under the government he illegally helped to grab power.Bad luck Mbendela!!!

  12. Three Angels message says:

    May his death serve as a stern warning to the current president and all the top politicians out there busy and preoccupied with enriching themselves with early riches while forgetting eternity. Konzani njira zanu lero. Repent or else face God’s wrath

  13. Mwananyanian says:

    MBINGWANI (a giant tree) has fallen, and breaks the silence in the forest!
    Mr Mbendera is and will be respected in this country, personally and professionally, for a long time regardless of a wrongly perceived role in the last elections. He was only a messenger, for crying out loud, conveying the wishes of the people!
    Really pathetic is the state of our health care system. Lacks everything that is meaningful in terms of emergency interventions. Mr Mbendera is but one of hundreds of people who die here every year, unnecessarily.
    When are the politicians going to wake up, and listen to health policy advisers? Majority cannot afford to fly to SA for emergencies, or to India for other major conditions. Why the … do we fly patients to SA for angioplasty, when we have internal medicine people at Mwaiwathu who could easily train in this procedure, to mention but one example? Sure Cashgate and PP should be blamed, but that is NOT the whole story!
    Many “Malawians” living outside the country, in the sixties and beyond, are lucky: they would be dead by now if they still lived here. Dead of curable ailments; and they know it.

  14. Gonthi says:

    Some deaths are no bigger than the sins and atrocities we commit against our communities. He deserves his death to rest in peace.

    1. GADDAFI says:


  15. Chitsilu says:

    Couldn’t even imagine of people being happy at someones death.
    Wait for the next one to come and finish you guys up. You are destroying each other. Soon Malawi shall doom.
    Who will save her when she is being killed by her own men

  16. Fisi Dausi says:

    Ine imfa ya a Mbendera sindingalire nawo. Chifukwa ndi ichi: the man was highly respected – yes. The man held a high position in government – true. But the man presided over one of the most ridiculous electrol process Malawi or probably the entire southern Africa region had ever seen. The man went ahead and announced the result despite the widely reported fraudulent activities that should have nullified the result.

    As if that was not enough, the highly educated man managed to stay put at the MEC without any conscious to excuse himself from carrying out any further elections tasks, so he could protect his integrity, despite a national outcry for the man to resign.

    The man was setting himself a very bad precedence of people in high office. It is good he is dead. Probably just like Bingu, people who have no concise to leave office when they should, having messed up in their duties of a public office, death is a welcome thing for them and a huge relief to those that yearn for good governance.

    Of course you can RIP Mbendera, but know that your departure is good riddance. Probably it is out of God’s love of our country that this type of government cleansing is happening.

  17. Jelbin Mk says:

    “When good people die there is grief in the streets but when bad people die is joy the streets” thats what the bible says in proverbs and that’s what happened when Bingu died now there is no doubt there are very few people feeling sad for Mbendera’s departure and am sorry to announce that am not one of them. We found ourselves into this today because of this very departed guy now someone calls him a of his repute???? No unless the meaning of the word repute changed its meaning all I’m all he was a to our justice system and to the electoral body.

  18. Hewe says:

    Death is death. No need to celebrate. Even death of an enemy is not celebratable. How amazing some people have taken the seat of the Judge of Judges, and keep on pronouncing nonsense as if they have power to life. Ranging from the so called Analyst and whoever. Surely, God is not man. His ways are not our ways. So beware of making sweeping conclusions. Only God, and not even your false prophets of today, knew that Mbendera would go like this as one MCP MP Kanjira did as one Bingu did as well as so many others.

  19. Maunisi says:

    Results of rigging elections are coming out now. It will carry on. This country is a God fearing country and wait you will see someone is hiding thieves God does not watch where people are crying to him on a thing of a national importance like that. It is step after step up to the top. Evils always go to devil and devil only know to do it but fails to protect it that’s why God is kings of kings.

  20. Adzonzi says:

    Rest in peace, my deepest condolence to the family. May God comfort them.

  21. Huuwiiii aGondwe says:

    You see guys the only safeguard from deaths like these is to have a highly trained and well equipped paramedics unit that is highly responsive, arriving on the scene in no time at all.

    But what do we have in Malawi? Ambulances without fuel. Paramedic teams that are substandard, and disgruntled.

    Why? There’s no money. All money for such services has been lost to corruption so they can use it in the next election.

    Ndiye poti macadet sakhulupirira, basitu tiyeni nazoni. Zidze pano nzatonse. Inu mmayesa it’s only the poor who are to feel it because you could easily be airlifted to South Africa, forgetting before you can get there a local nurse or junior doctor is your first point of contact.

    1. Anon says:

      We have ambulances????!!!!

  22. The Analyst says:

    Ohhhhhh this is very sad!
    Inuuu, memories are still fresh, I swear;
    of this man known as Maxon Mbendera;
    And how he maintained his cool and confidently declared;
    that there were no serious irregularities in the 2014 election even when people’s tempers, flared.
    The pressure was so immense and tangible, most of us couldnt bear.
    In honesty, we can agree that such courage is rare.
    Memories are still fresh, on the night leading to DPPs great feast;
    when, after declaring APM as the winner; tears rolled down his cheeks;
    A sign of relief from the untold burden of a basketful of insults he endured for weeks.
    from high profile people to the common man in the streets.
    Yet when asked; he lied that for some boy who died from election violence, he had to weep;
    And in so short but powerful a speach;
    “Concetrate on things that matter,” he told APM;
    implicitly dismissing Joyce Banda who spent at least 90% of her time, distributing ducks from AM to PM.
    “Dont let the people of Malawi down”, he said; and am not lying; even radios can testify, both AMs & FMs.
    Little did he know how unavailable APM would become.
    I admired his courage and envied his equanimity.
    Indeed death; just as “time, is a savage.” – Sangie (Ndangozizidwa video).
    . . . But, “We only part; to meet again.” – John Gay
    To thee, I say thus; “fare thee well.”

  23. observer says:

    very sad development. a man of high repute is gone. may the soul rest in peace

  24. The Next President says:



    He cried when announcing the fraudulent results. HE CHEATED MALAWIANS

    2. A final investigative audit report that covers July 2012 to December 2014 now obtained by Nyasa Times issued on 4th August 2015 to the recipient of Dr Ronald Mangani, Secretary to the Treasury, has exposed fraud and expenses scandal at the Malawi Electoral Commission. HE CHEATED MALAWIANS

    3.Malawi Electoral Commission’s (MEC) chairperson, Maxon Mbendera, may face contempt of court charges for going ahead with the ballot recount even though a High Court in Malawi’s capital, Lilongwe, ruled the results can only be challenged after they have been announced. HE CHEATED MALAWIANS

    4. Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) has once again trashed the recent report conducted by Central Internal Audit Unit exposing dubious deals at the electoral body that left money amounting to MK1.6 billion an accounted for. MBENDERA TRASHED THE REPORT . HE CHEATED

  25. Mgeme Kalirani says:

    Misozi ya munthu wamkulu sipiata pa chabe, trust me

  26. eeee ndalama mudadya zija kugulitsa chisankho lero ndi izo mwafa ngati galu kuwasiya amphawi mudawapachika aja akudya mbewa ndi zitete, we reap what we sow, this is the only life we have, if we mes up, we ll be judged right hre

    1. Nachi says:

      Osamayankhula mopusa ngati ndinu wa mbeu.

      1. wanena ndani kuti ndine wa mbewu, stupid Nachi-panti?

  27. GIBBOLANTOS says:

    nkulu oyendetsa zisankho analira…….singing a song done by PHUNGU JOSEPH NKASA

  28. I am sure TB Joshua will now come out and show a video of the prophecy. Or is it heads of state only prophecies? ki ki ki

    1. Bolero says:

      Zikakuvutani siyani ma comment on people not involved on this, please. Leave the man of God alone and repent. Hate remarks won’t help you at all.

  29. Zowazowa says:

    stupid deaths continue to happen in our motherland. I bet the people around him at the meeting were just watching in sorrow as the man struggled to breath – all he needed was defibrator to restart his heart. Kumangoti maso ng’wii munthu akufa apa. Kupusa basi a Malawi waiting for donors. Every public facility must have a defibrator and staff with CPR training

    1. Huuwiiii aGondwe says:

      I agree with you. But there is no money to buy defibrators or even to have well equipped and trained paramedics in Malawi my friend. All public money has been looted by those 7 thieves who Mathanyura who was elected by the very dead Mbendera is shielding.

      Expect even more deaths my friend. There are no hospitals, there is no power supply there is no nothing.

      Moti akagwa a Gondwe basitu satsitsimukanso!

  30. kantukodooka says:

    Someone bigger than Maxon Mbendera is next mark my words Mulungu simunthu

    1. J. Chagoma says:

      I suspect that person is you.

      1. GIBBOLANTOS says:


      2. rob says:

        the one u r suspecting died a long time ago. He is writing from there

      3. B Malopa says:

        It’s Peter mutharika achimwene lady’s kalisita is back in Mw

      4. Joy Mpo says:

        That person is Peter Mathanyula, oikidwa pa mpando ndi malemu Mbendera

  31. BIGGIE says:

    aliyense adzapita ndi ntchito zake, “All atrocities such as diseases, fornication, death, corruption etc, they are home and we are the ones who are strangers, hence we need to purify ourselves to reach our destination”

  32. Padziko lapansi lino pali chinthu chimodzi chimene chiri chachalungamo, Imfa ndiyokhayo yachilungamo
    chifukwa simayang’ana kulemera kwamunthu , kutchuka,maonekedwe, kapena kusauka.
    Olo titanena rest in peace 1 million times means nothing chifukwa Mulungu gonna judge us according to our deeds……choyenera kunena munthu akafa ndichakuti( Mulungu tinachokera ndipo kwa Mulungu tidzabwelera )not rest in peace

  33. Mgift says:

    Mbendera sold mwians ,he announced untrue results, cheating all mwians plus his friend xwrong judge nyilenda.

  34. Jah Man says:

    What is wrong with Lilongwe? All cardiac collapse happening in that haunted city of Lilongwe. Bingu was there, Munyenyembe was there, MP of Mchinji Kanjira was there, A pastor collapse in church there, etc

    RIP Judge

    1. Padepade says:

      Lilongwe is a ‘Think Hub’ of Malawi and therefore no wonder such type of death are happening there than anywhere else. If Lilongwe people stop thinking then Malawi is dead.

    2. Theory says:

      Lilongwe is the city of the Government of the Republic of Malawi. As a result it has the highest concentration of Government and Public Administration operatives and that statistically will mean a higher record of cardiac arrest deaths of ‘high profile’ people. People in high positions despite all the elegance, big cars, titles and big houses etc. Are under heavy stress and when something goes overboard the chances of heart attacks is high.

  35. prof. Odiyayo says:

    shocked and left without an explanation. This is sad news to all people. may his soul rest in eternal peace.

  36. kawonga says:

    so sad indeed, MHSRIP

  37. Malawi One says:

    RIP. malawi is worse than before cos of ur silly decision.

  38. chiphwisi ntibule says:

    sombre well and in the Lord of Laws Ur honor.

  39. Lost says:

    Election issues aside, Malawi has lost a very important figure, decreasing the number of judges. May he rest in peace.

  40. Nganga says:

    Sad. Who Next to die like that?

    1. Alfred Minjo says:

      Next is You! Watch out!

    2. Pitala says:

      Ndizimenezo mzifa ngati nkhuku za chitopa ndalama zomwe mumaba zili ku bank chete . Malawi ndi ziko lochitisa manyazi kulitchula. Ndalama amaba kumayendesera chipani ena kumazilemeresa okha osaganizira ngozi ngati izi no ambulance no paramedics ziko lake lotani chifukwa chake enaso anagwa ku palace ndikusiya ma million dollars mnyumba osawathandiza atha anapita chifukwa chopanda nzeru next ndi 7 thieves ministers kkkkkkkkkkkkk a mbendera kubera mavoti kuti mudye zambiri mwazisiyaso pano hahahaha ife osauka ambuye akumatikonderabe.

      1. Khwinda says:


  41. OMEX70 says:

    Very sad and shocking!

  42. WAKO says:


  43. Zinka sikhala ndi nkhawa says:

    Oh my GOD , gone too early , May His Soul Rest In Peace

  44. Kwacha Malawi says:

    May his soul rest in peace

  45. sabata says:

    This is a very sad development.

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