The rise, fall, and rise again of Sunduzwayo Madise

Every man’s life is a classroom for the world. But some lives are almost universities; one example being Sunduzwayo Madise’s life which offers all of us one fundamental lesson in life: that whatever happens to us, we can move on and rise again

Sunduzwayo Madise

Sunduzwayo Madise

Sundu was my classmate at French Cultural Centre in 2000. (I wonder if he remembers any French sentence.) Then I was an undergraduate student at Poly, second year, and I knew Sundu as a science product from Chanco, something like a computer scientist. That is still the knowledge, right or wrong, I have about him.

He was working for ESCOM, then, I think. But I am sure he was active either in football or workers unionism or both. In sports, he was vice president of Football Association of Malawi (FAM).

But he appeared in the media more than any other official at FAM. Part of the reason could be that Sundu is friendly and, therefore, media friendly. But most important reason, I think, is that Sundu has an answer for almost every question a journalist can ask. Can Sundu fail to answer a question?

Then, from the famous person built by his work and the media, Sundu fell down. He was implicated in corruption at FAM, tried, convicted and slapped with a suspended sentence. (Do I remember correctly?)

That seemed to be the end of Sundu, a sudden end of a man who was popular in sports and unionism, a man who was able to invite President Bakili Muluzi to Labour Day celebrations. A sure end? Not Sundu. He has risen again, in a bigger way than before, for after the fall he enrolled to study law at Chanco and earned himself an LLB. His academic performance earned him a teaching post in the Faculty of Law at the institution. He went on to study for an LLM and he is now PhD candidate in law.

Now, many years later, it is important to ask the question: was Sundu really in the wrong or his popularity was his enemy? In a country whose national anthem lists envy as one of three important enemies, we can never rule out ill will against a man who was a shining star.

Whatever happened, Sundu has taught all of us one critical lesson. No matter what happens to you or what people may do to you, your brain remains with you. Vampires, as Peter Tosh would call our enemies, cannot take away our brains.

Use your brain and you shall rise again, higher than before!

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110 thoughts on “The rise, fall, and rise again of Sunduzwayo Madise”

  1. macd says:

    dis is insipiring …to all de haters phumakim

  2. Jakala says:

    There is no evidence that Chikaonda stole all that from RBM. If that is the case why is he not a convict like Sunduswayo? Sundu is a known thief period

  3. Chazeru chasunduzwayo wawana eeih!

  4. sundu yemweyo kuti wawa.

  5. wanangwa says:

    Sundu contributes positively to Malawi

  6. wanangwa says:

    Jeke, you don’t know Chikaonda. You also seem to be young. Chikaonda anaba ma plot a Reserve Bank when he was governor there. He also used to claim allowances for fully funded trips. He bought everything at the governance residence including spoons. The money he stole he built and bought so many houses. Go to Lands Department and check how many properties he has. He is now busy milking Press Corporation and TNM in bonuses a sleepy government.

  7. Life has positive and negative, let’s live by positive wawa Su

  8. Lusekelo Mwamlima says:

    I love this article. A man’s greatness is objectively measured and recognized if he recovers from a great fall.

  9. Jakala says:

    Sunduzwa yo is not happy at all to be reminded that he was once mkaidi. A convict. Is he?

  10. Jeke says:

    Do we have to read about thieves? Why don’t we talk about successful business men like Thom Mpinganjira of FDH? Chikaonda of press corporations. Infact chikaonda was only 37 when he became governor of the reserve bank and was already a professor. These have never been thieves.

  11. wayaman says:

    lucious anaimba ikagwa zuka kuzitsatsa kuyambiranso……….even we elected bakali after the Journlist told us about his £6 theft….after ngwazi atasiyana naye… yes positive change is good for development…….nanga tipaseni yanu biography? such type of stories are better wriiten by eni ake….wangowerenga mu news iwe….there are so many gaps in this….did you ask him for additionals or minuses ?waiting to hear his reaction..umudziwa akabwera.

  12. Dapalapa says:

    People, this man has changed and rehabilitated. he is not living in the past anymore. why are you jealous when someone is excelling… this is a living example of how possible it is to move forward. “Dont call me Saul for am Paul” Bravo, bravo!!!!! Sundu.. Dont look back.

  13. Chenda says:

    It is very interesting indeed and I agree with Mr Mtambo concerning what our teachers taught us. Now Madise has excelled in law.

  14. popapo says:

    Aah! a Kasparov, the young man is from Blantyre, I doubt if he visits his village where the parents came from. Kodi simwana wa Nyukase Madise amagwira nchito ku MBC ndi achina Henry Chirwa, Kapote Mwakasungula, Makachi Chirwa, Msena uyu Tony Kandiero,Ndiche Mwalale etc. Ndi mutumbuka zina chabe koma ngwakonko ku BT.

  15. Keen Observer says:

    Very inspiring story indeed, it just shows that the man is blessed with wisdom. And indeed something special can be learnt here. Congrats Sundu you deserve better my brother you’re a hard worker.

  16. Kanyimbi says:

    The man was involved in a corruption scandal and went to the extent of changing career. Now if the man is a lawyer are we going to be able to catch him next time? I think he joined law so that he should be more clever and more crooked like other lawyers. Mr Nkolokosa, there is no good thing here for Malawians to cheer. Otherwise we should be more afraid.


  18. Mayi a Priscilla says:

    Ine ndinaiwala kuti paja Sunduzwayo ndi wokuba . Thank you Mr Mzati Nkolokosa for reminding us . Zimafunika chonchi . Lest we forget .

  19. vitselekwete says:

    Nothing unique here. This is the story of our lives. We have high and low moments till the day we die

  20. mbuzi says:

    Ndine mbuzi ya ku mpoto. Jealous ndilibe. But I think nzati u r becoming dull. Am not an editor but I can confidently say this is one of the worst article av read (disappointing its coming from a graduate). I don’t see how this story is interest at this time. Sundu can keep this story in his biography or diary; we have lots of our own too. Kalembeni za ma flood ngati zolemba zakutherani.

  21. Kachu says:

    Based on the above comments it explains why Malawi will never develop. Many people have rotten minds, they do not know what is good. They like living in the past. Take off their clothes and let them walk naked that’s what they deserve. I rest my case

  22. Makape says:

    Mzati ndiwe wa khaza nzako kumukumba chonchi? Adakulakwira chani this convict?

  23. Kumbukani says:

    Honestly speaking I had forgotten that Sundu is a one time convict. And I think this was the purpose of the story! If I were Sundu I would not pride myself in this questionable article. It has a hidden meaning and probably the intention is to bring back Sundu’s dirty past! Let us be fair on each other.

  24. Maliseni says:

    The article is inspiring and its very true that Dr of Law to be has risen. I happen to have learnt law through his at Chanco and he was inspiring and encouraging throughout the course he taught me. No wonder i become an expert in that area. I remember winning a critical debate at the senior staff conference room that he facilitated. I hope he will be back to continue teaching and representing the voiceless.

    Am looking forward to meet him in court in some of the cases i handle.

  25. Mung'apa vimbwete says:

    Very encouraging stuff infact am learning 2 b a graduate of Bsc…@bunda n am feeling gud 2 lead this moral article wth enviroment i hv gone thru am truely remaining up no matter some resistances. By virtue of the authority invested in me 2 read the post,i am readng dis ever n ever.

  26. Songo says:

    57 If you can’t say something good about somebody, you better shut up. Sundu is NOT a Tumbuka. He is a true Ngoni above all a Malawian just like you may be.

  27. Boy says:

    I love the way Sundu handled his situation though he fell out of FAM after being implicated. However, what inspires me is his never give up fighting spirit, he still moves on. Its like what the Texans say, they are never derailed by their failures, but rather inspired by them. Aliyense ali ndi ubwino ndi kuipa kwake.

  28. Mapuyamurupare says:

    The story is very foolish. There is no substance worth sharing.
    How can we be proud with a thief who was convicted. Unless spiritually at church level
    then thus a plus. Otherwise he is a thief altogether.

    Crook, together with the story writer.

  29. nyengo says:

    PURE TRASH! SO WHAT- what has he done to move Malawi forward?

  30. Zekezeke says:

    I like this article

  31. galiyondo says:

    Aaaah zoona mzati

  32. apao says:

    Anthu opanda masurname kunyoza nzanutu uyo waphuziira

  33. dyson says:

    Hard working rewards

  34. Pauline Jones, USA says:

    @King Big Bullets FC, no wonder your country Malawi is still underdeveloped 50yrs after attaining independence because of shallow minded people like you!
    So you think this is not a story worthy writing?
    We shall trace the gentleman called Sunduz Madisee and call him to come to USA and share his success story to the young generation.
    His story is very encouraging!

    Congrats Sunduz Madisee!

  35. Malawians we are a pathetic lot. You mean we cannot see positives in this story? How many of us commenting here have gone past MSCE? Do we know what it entails to be a PhD student worse still when you are over 40 years and with family. Do we know the sacrifices one has to make? No wonder our country will never develop cause our thinking is just pathetic.

  36. msukwa says:

    Atumbuka waste of time doing school instead of kumalemerapo apa

  37. che Zumba says:

    Mzati: you have done Sundu a great disservice. He is serious about correcting a mistake he made in his life. Leave him alone. Unfortunately for Sundu, history will always judge him harshly: the fact remains that he is a convict. He never appealed his sentence. He can not be employed in any private institution where integrity is cherished. Me thinks. The univetsity is his best shot. Infact he must consider himself lucky. He falls in the same league like Minster Mwawa. So give the guy his space. He is busy correcting his CV. Otherwise he was fairly tried and got convicted. In my view the sentence was very lenient. Ask Mwawa.

  38. Njolinjo says:

    I envy you Sundu. I remember the days we used to chat at MDC club house with Symon Mkandawire as football officials. You are my idol.

  39. Novirhikana Kovahiwa says:

    Are you trying to say the courts were wrong to convict a thief?

  40. I have always wanted someone to write a story about this man. He is a survivor. Most of his friends were swallowed by the earth after failing to cope up with their failures or fall in life. Sundu is an inspiration. The world wrote him off but God did not.

  41. just says:

    Mzati trying to project his own failed self on Sundu. Unfortunately, you shall NEVER rise again like Sundu did. you Mzati have evil blood, tribalism and envy within you

  42. bullzko ndi ineyo says:

    wel said,a life well emulating!

  43. Azijo says:

    Who is Sundu that you should steal space on this colunm and talk highly about him. Look here you so called writer there are several if not many who have gone through alot than this cheap history of Sundu. I am a good example but I wont tell who am I.

  44. NAPEPE says:

    Some people are dull, probably genetically dull…….how do you call Madise a Tumbuka? He is a Ngoni not Tumbuka…exposing their ignorance to nyasatimes……amwene kukhala 9 months m’mimba just to become a Nyau !!!! appalling

  45. Eckson Kaime says:

    Man’s destiny is in the hands of God. Lets just borrow a leaf and get only the good lessons from the post

  46. Mtumbuka samaganiza bwino iyi ndi nkhani yobwela nayo kugulu?

    1. Tiyanjane says:

      Mbuzi yochedwa king bullet nde yachokela kuti? Iwe nde unayenela kukoloka mu shire chifukwa ulibe phindu ku umodzi wa Malawi

  47. OBAMA says:

    gt. That’s pure Malawianish mnzathu asachite bwino koma iwowo. No wonder we even sing in our National anthem “Njala nthenda ndi nsanje”. Is this story really a crap? Are you serious guyz? If you don’t like Sundu the best way is just read and don’t comment anything. I knw its ur right to do so. The moral of the story is on the last paragraph. Period!!

  48. Ngozo says:

    I worthy writing. This is an encouraging story. Never give up in life. Sundu has taught us that. He is a get man surprisingly he is HUMBLE. I have been in his class as a Law Lecturer, all students were always looking forward to his class! He can Teach for 4hrs without anybody getting bored. I personally wish Him all the best and am sure he will one day become a professor.Am a holder of Bsc who also decided to do Law and he is an encouragement. I remember on a personal level he said:” asadzakunamizeni anthu kuti mutu wanu ndi wa Science…… can train yourself to do anything you like in life…” He is now doing a PhD in Law of Trade and Investments. Brave Sundu!

  49. kwangu says:

    If you do not have the brains, obviously it is difficult to appreciate what is in this story. Do not be defeated by envy…..move on

  50. Mwama Du says:

    Sundu is always determined!

  51. kajoti says:

    the fact is he was fairly tried and found guilty. l think the punishment he got corrected his mind set to set his eyes on doing good. it is more reason now that sundu should celebrate if the law looked the other way he would have been a spoiled boy. lastly balance your story plse. he was rightfully punished. it is the punishment that has brought the phd l suppose!

  52. Zosautsa says:

    If the courts found him guilty, that fact still stands until otherwise proved to the contrary. The fact that he is now a lawyer does not erase earlier facts. Am afraid, we may have another corrupt lawyer here who is now more sinister having knowledge of law.

  53. Taelos says:

    I like

  54. nyope says:

    Jst doing law ikhale nkhani imeneyo. Mwasowa zochita I Can see

  55. Todd says:

    This is such a terribly written article. My head hurts from all the grammatical errors.

  56. True patriot says:

    ‘Ukagwa udzuke udzisatse matope ukawoloke yerodani’.Let us all learn to fish out sense from nonsense.Congratulations Sundu.For other achievers,please tell us so that we learn as well.

  57. Munganya says:

    Not news worthy and not worthy coming from from. I got my PhD at age 33. How old is he? 55? And u think this is worthy telling us? This is the rise, fall and fall again of Mzati indeed!

  58. Jenifa says:

    Sewelori analemba ndi Nzati Nkolokosa ndipo Bwande anali Sunduzwayo Madise. Mudzakhale pompo sabata lamawa pomwe bwande adzakhale Polofesa wa zamalamulo.

  59. Blessing says:

    I am sure the article is meant to encrouge all the cash gate families that they will rise again . Malawi is sad

  60. tumbukaz says:

    A robert kdm,,if sundu z a northerner then ur prophesy of him residing in plot #1 its a total lie..a northerner wil never b a Malawiz president me,,not in Malawi.

  61. Makiu says:

    this is just cramp in praise of a nontity

  62. jupiter says:

    kungondithera airtime yanga apa eish!!
    osakangolemba Bukhu bwanji?

  63. Oreta says:

    So inspiring and shame to the devil

  64. Masoapatali says:

    another piece of crap. the guy feels like he has been forgotten and this is just a way to seek attention. just so many great people out there to learn from but not this crap

  65. Mafikizolo says:

    Please help me to understand ……what is “newsworthy” about this story? Or is the author trying to remind us that we have, in our midst, a criminal convict who is now wearing robes of a law lecturer?

  66. Mhesha says:

    This is too a personal story. There are just too many of such stories . This one is not an exception.

  67. C Sekeani says:

    …..A very couragous man, a lesson to draw from.

  68. BUGUDOSHI says:

    Hope ivi vikukhwaskana naimwe mwekha mwawiri osati ndinemwe

  69. namz says:

    What pathetic writing is this? NyasaTimes, be serous with these “journalists” a China mmanyumba mwawowa. This article sounds like yolembedwa ndi wa wa std 5. Disgraceful

  70. Moses says:

    I know him as a tribalist for petty issues.

  71. Dan Phale says:

    This is a very delicious food for everyone’s thought.

    When we fall down, we have to rise up, and must remain focused.

  72. Young Philosopher says:

    The rise,fall and fall of Mzati would an interesting article, what happened to you Mzati?

    1. Wailing Soul says:

      Could it be that this article just parallels the author’s own like story?

  73. mwana mulopwana says:

    i am still waiting for the day when this Genious wll be made a highcourt judge, I still believe that his judgment will be nice to read and a he will make an impact to the judicial system, this guy is an achiever and not a failure, Big up Sunduzwayo, you belong to the elite

  74. Ndani says:

    Za ziiiii. Nde ife tikawerenga titani?

  75. Me says:

    you need to do a thorough research worth the reading effort.This is the type of journalism that makes one loath reading Malawian literature.This is cheap staff.

  76. mwalemera says:

    You need these qualifications before 35 years of age. Kwinako uzilemera basi. Waste of time

    1. mmihavani says:

      Sukunama aise. Common Malawian problems. Munthu zaka 45 or 50 akupangabe school; for what? After 35 you need to make money.

      1. Kenkkk says:

        Education has no beginning or end. Probably he is already rich and now wants to finish his education!!!

        Why can’t you be rich by the age of 35? And then finish your academic education if you so wish?

        Having said that i don’t see the relevancy of this article. I think there are better examples of the fall and rise of people.

  77. Robert jdm says:

    Iam a witness too. Ive continued to learn from his life daily. I even shared with him reports that Bakili was accused of stealing 6pounds (k4300today) but rose to Presidency. I repeat the prophesy i gave him that 2040 will not pass b4 sundu can reside at plot number1

  78. prophet says:

    Is this a style of scribling or just sarcasm.

  79. Tiyanjane says:

    Eeh, who? Nzati? Writing positively about what surname? Miracles do happen indeed. May God Almighty be praised. Thank you Nzati for being so courageous in displaying a new you for a better Malawi for all.

  80. mgemi says:

    People like Mphwiyo with money are shining examples

  81. mgemi says:

    There are so many very successful business men who wete madise ckassmates likes of Ufulu Loga running over 100 trucks and owning several property in town. These are the people worth talking about

    1. aDeaconsss says:

      Ufulu loga started from somewhere his parents already left him an empire (or money)he jus continued wit it and did well coz he is smart, he invested in his own way or had his own vision. He is human, considers the less privileged too, thats why God blesses him. Ya, his worth toking about i guess ……

  82. mtimuni says:

    Madise is close to 50 years. The question is does he have property worthy talking about? PhD adzadya in old age?

  83. Matchado says:

    Mwadya idya zigumu, mwakhuta, mwayamba kukanda zimimba zanu . Kenako mumvekere, “aise, ndilemba nkhani yako, ndiipanga post pa Nyasatimes . Watomva ambwana?”…… Kagweleni uko!

  84. Masharubu says:

    I can’t see any value in this story . This is pure crap . Don’t waste our time please .

  85. OBAMA says:

    True true this guy has been my mentor. I have always cherished this guy’s performance. Also he used to be the pillar on the “Top of the class” MBC program representing his school. I wish I had met him personally and discuss issues.

  86. bizwek Pakhala says:

    I like this man. He is a survivor

  87. PM says:

    Yes, he was also UMSU president as an undergraduate. He paid a fine of about K200,000.00 for that conviction. I agree never let anything stand on your way of progress. Be resolute, that is a lesson in this entry

  88. Banda says:

    What is the writer trying to say? He is failing to communicate and doesn’t seem to have any facts. He isn’t sure as to know the past of Sunduzwayo. Very poor article.

  89. out says:

    Quite interesting.

  90. Jacob David says:

    I totally agree.I have always admired Sundu. When he was reading law at Chanco someone commented:”A Sundu akufunanso chiyani?

  91. gt says:

    Thats exactly what Mzati is saying Kachika.The problem with you is that you are busy looking for the head or tail that you are so blind to get the down the moral of the whole story,kkkk.Learn to rise after falling!!

  92. malawiana says:

    I wonder what the story is here.

  93. mmihavani says:

    Akulipirani zingati a Mzati kuti mupange promote image ya Sundu? Are you doubting the independence and professionalism of the judges who found him guilty? So because a person has excelled in later life it means his past mistakes were not true? Hold on! The aim of the correctional services is in fact to reform us. We can therefore say that after the conviction Sundu was reformed and that’s why he went to do further studies in a new field altogether.

  94. bobo says:

    congratulation sir,i could not think of missing your lecturing since it used to be fantastic

  95. Mngoni says:

    Iwe kachika kagwere uko…, the envy we are talking about is exactly what you are showing in your senseless comment.
    A Malawi if you got nothing to say then its better to keep quiet rather than making irrelevant comments, full of pride, envy and you name it.

  96. msukwa says:

    Nkhani ndi chani kodi? Study PhD is not having money at all. Many professors die in poverty. E.g prof Lungu at Bunda is now masikini. Building financial base is more important than getting so many academic papers in old age

  97. big mac says:

    sindikumvetsa the reason for writing this article. is it hero worship, mukufuna kangachepe or muli nawo ngongole bigi maniwo?

    i ask this because a praise article like this one just doesn’t come out of the blue.

  98. nganga says:

    So u had notn 2 write? Y cnt u jst rlax rathr than writn ths crap? Ther r many ppo worth tekn a leson frm in ths world. Who rily fel , nt d@ kind of faln.

  99. kasparov says:

    This guy was once the president of ewe (Escom workers union, and he was an awesome leader. This guy will be the first president to govern Malawi from the northern region and i am saying this although i come from the centre, to be precise, lilongwe and i will support him like i used to when he was president of ewe.

  100. chongilo says:

    I remember him long time ago i am proud of you boss

  101. Kachika says:

    Mwati..mukuti chiyani a Mzati Nkolokosa in this story? Can’t make head or tail in this crap….

    1. Elhapo says:

      “You will fall in life. Successful people are those who pick themselves up and move on”. I think that is the moral of the story.

    2. Kalulu says:

      You must be a RETARD if you can’t even read the and understand the last sentence.

      Very true Mr Nkolokosa and Congrats Sundu.

    3. woitsata nyasa says:

      That’s how people miss out good points of a matter. Ine ndaphunzirapo kuti we should never be discouraged in life and the brain is an asset in all of us to put to the right use. Koma inu mwaonetsa kuti inu wanu mwasankha kusamvetsa apapa.

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