Two die over K100 debt in Lilongwe

A fight between two young men over a K100 debt resulted into a tragedy in Lilongwe on Thursday as they both lost their lives.

Zakif stonned to death

Zakif stonned to death

The incident took place in Area 49 at a place commonly known as Pa Zebra, along the Kaunda Road.

Police have confirmed the incident and they have identified the two as Wanangwa Nyirenda, age unknown, of Muzwanthi Village, T/A Mwabulabo, Mzimba, and the other one as Zakif Latif, 22, of Chiuzira Village, T/A Tsabango in Lilongwe.

Eyewitnesses told Mana that Nyirenda and Latif, both drivers, engaged in a fight Thursday morning after they had played a pool game they had all put money (K100) on.

Latif, according to the source, had lost the game but he refused to honour his bet, a thing that angered Nyirenda hence, the fight.

Nyirenda hit Latif hard on the nose and the fight ended there – or so the on-lookers thought – only to start again late in the afternoon when Latif returned armed with a knife.

“When they met again at the pub Zakif charged towards Chawanangwa wielding a knife and before we knew it, he had stabbed him on the chest to the hilt and fled,” explained the source.

Zakif then quickly jumped into a minibus and sped off heading toward town.

But a group of about seven on-lookers jumped into another vehicle and chased after the minibus carrying Zakif and they intercepted it at the African Bible College where they flushed the assailant out and took him back to Zebra where Nyirenda lied in a pool of blood, apparently dead.

“The moment they arrived with him here, an angry mob stoned him to death,” explained the source.

He said the police intervened and shot in the air to scare the people but they could not contain the fury that the mob had.

Bodies of Zakif and Nyirenda were at Kamuzu Central Hospital as at Saturday pending post-mortem, according to Esther Mkwanda, Kanengo Police Spokesperson.

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56 thoughts on “Two die over K100 debt in Lilongwe”

  1. jackson tembo says:

    Mmmmh stabbing a friend bcoz of k100?

  2. Mtumbo wa Mwana says:

    Ana ogaya ma Bedford a mchenga too much fodya

  3. kenson kayenda says:

    wana a mbola

  4. Wait A Minute says:

    Zovuta kwabasi,k100 basi??

  5. mamphale says:

    zopusa basi kusowa chochita?mukaziona aphwanga ndani God!

  6. wakulu says:

    analibe zichita onsewo nde mulungu waapasa chochita

  7. mamaaa says:

    But where is k100? the police officers might have taken it and share among them
    ,oooooo shame.

  8. nkhala ble says:

    2 naughty young men dieyng moipa. so sad


  9. mbewa united says:

    Malo amene aja ndi achisokonezo kwabasi. There are two pool tables at the place and its a place which harbours unruly and unambitious young people. Instead of doing anything meaningful they are busy wasting their time there. I think the best the authorities could do is remove the pool tables from that place.

  10. Cash Gate says:


  11. The Most Concerned says:

    Drivers are meant to be found on the road. These folks were mere Licence holders
    … RIP!

  12. KenyanMalawi says:

    Number 23 ndakondwa zedi kuti wazindikila kuti mtumbuka cannot be compared to ordinary Malawian especially this Alqaeda from Lilongwe. Mtumbuka is way above you. Way above Malawianism.

  13. Zangazatha says:

    Nzeru za a chewa……….quota system ku mipeni

  14. Chenda says:

    This is a sign of end of times.

  15. The Patriot says:

    What a waste! 100 MK only? Ana inu pilizi chonde, get a life. Go to school and help to build our nation, not fighting and killing each other over peanuts!

  16. Ziwanda,…hmm! lets pray pray pray.

  17. Brazilian Wax says:

    My plea to on-lookers in such situations, just donate the K100.00 to quell the brawl.



  19. chileka boy says:

    Kodi vubwadavubwa, atumbuka unadana nawo chani? Kodi Kapena anakuchindira amako, mkazako, agogo ako, azakhali ako,ndi azichemwali ako onse kuchita kulowetsa chida chonse kuti thii mpaka nyini kutupa, iweyo ukuona ndi maso?

  20. Anthu awa ndukhala kwao last year anapangaso chimodzmodzi ife m’alo moti tiziganiza za Xmas iwo amakhala busy kubayana nkuphana next year ofunika kuwapasa phunzilo kuti asazayambileso. Maka uyo nkaladiyo

  21. kamfwiyo trig.point says:

    two lives at the price of k100, very cheap,!!!!!

  22. Isaac chagwa mzuzu says:

    Devil is a liar and he will not make it to turnish gud image of Malawi in Christ name.Malawi is a God fearing nation

  23. Blessings Chitenje says:

    masiku otsikiza

  24. wasted generation. But anyway terms and conditions apply

  25. GRM says:

    Eeeesh. Chambaaa? Were these kids normal? I think nkhani sinali 100 kwacha.

  26. insider says:

    Mnyamata wooneka bwinoyi kufera hands zoona, koma dzikoli

  27. Mlomwe says:

    So sad kuoneserathu ndalama yavuta pa Malawi nanga mpakana K100?Ntchito za DPP zikuchitira umboni

  28. Mormo says:

    Life goes on if in heaven they could find chance to talk the mistake wil never be solved ,been stoned to death its some thing terrifying

  29. Kaligondo says:

    Amalawi zofuna izi anthu alibe zilolezo koma ali paliponse kupanga ma business komanso akukwatila amalawi kodi ana obadwawo adzakhala otani ,kodi apa sitikugulitsa dziko?

  30. mtichimwitsa says:


  31. Pangoziyi, pafa mtumbuka mmodzi ndi munthu mmodzinso. Or kapena tinane kuti pafa m’Malawi mmodzi ndi mtumbuka mmodzinso. Amalawi tawonani tataya munthu pangoziyi. Very sad. May his soul rest in piece.

  32. mtubzitubzu kumputa mkunkhudza says:

    Result of gambling

  33. Zoziyamba dala zimenezo ayenela kulandila chilango ngati walakwitsa

  34. BMW says:

    Zitsiru. And to you the reader, if you have a similar disposition to violence over stupid disagreements- ku ntumbo kwako. May you meet the same fate

  35. Phillip says:

    The wages of sin is death

  36. O O says:

    Bola kumangoyaka……..

  37. Ineyo says:

    Life goes on

  38. musisipala says:

    Mulungu amati pemphelani kuti musapezeke mayeselo. HereYou care

  39. lelo sindidya chifukwa ndilibe ndalama ili yonse says:

    what a stupid way for these two fools to die. 100 is the price of mandazi. this country has really gone to the dogs.

  40. The Analyst says:

    Death is death but I believe being stabbed or stoned to death is so ‘deathier’ that one cant even want to imagine.

    Now this is sad! So young were the men! What a loss to Malawi!

    Ever head of a marriage break-up coz a toothpaste tube was being squeezed from the middle while the husband wanted it squeezed from the bottom? Seeing beyond the toothpaste tube sees you failure to respect the husband’s orders hence a challenge on his authority as a “family head.”

    Thus, seeing beyond the K100 sees us consequences of failure to tame one’s anger . . .

    “When anger rises, think of the consequences.” – Confucius (Chinese Philosopher)

    It’s important to remember . . .

    “Anger is only one letter, short of danger.” – Dictionary of Proverbs

    Let us desist from it or control it or whatever . . . This is sad!

    1. me says:

      kodi iwe Analyst, are you Wiseman from the East? Your writings sound the same. I enjoy reading it though.

      1. The Analyst says:

        Ki ki ki, the Analyst laughs . . . . Thanks!

  41. Shuk Shukor's says:

    People please let me know!who can explain Who’s wanangwa nyirenda is this??tell me please!i suspect being my best friend I knew him in balaka.

  42. fedrevolution says:

    A chidantele lets work hard we can out compete these so called foreigners than hating them for nothing how many malawians are in south africa and how many of those are living clean life than theft and roberries.All government wanted Malawians escape to south africa do you know

  43. Issa Kabudula says:

    If he only honoured his promise of accepting defeat and give out the 100 Kwacha, he would have saved his life and the live of his driver friend. Hope they will meet again, for this silly mistake in life.

  44. Zagwazatha says:

    I knew this Zakif guy way back somewhere in Falls. Back then he looked to be a well spoiled young boy learning to play pool. Later years he turned into something else. Playing pool for money,drinking, smoking, and sleeping at Bwandilo. He turned into an aggressive young man and I said something is wrong with this guy. I had a feeling he would not end well. Either he will catch the deadly virus as in some cases prostitutes were his friends or he will rot in jail. Now this is his end. His parents or relations did not help him as he was clearly a lost boy.

  45. Mafulufute says:

    Makaladi chamba kwambiri!

  46. Gadabwali says:

    Palibe nkhani apa, wash out!

  47. zon says:

    Malawi government wake-up. It’s your duty to see to it that foreigners are not over the place. The behaviour if Zakif would not have been in any way portrayed by a Malawian. Where in this world would find a foreigner given unlimited space to the extent of thinking of killing a national? Teach me what the ministry of home affairs is supposed to do? Do you really vett these foreigners? I think its high time Malawi worked on this. Kwawo kwa anthu amenewawa ife sitingakhaleko in the first place.

  48. Dikisan says:

    Tiyenazoni! Wina adzalipira mwana wake ngati adzave bwino. Nkhuku yogula pa msika saweta Mkulu wina adatero polankhula ku kwimbai anthu a ku Ndirande. Mwaziona!

  49. Mame says:

    Nkhani siyoti si mmalawi. Kodi amalawi sayenda? We have Malawians in RSA nde kumeneko adzichitidwa nkhaza muja zinaliri pakatipa? We have to be careful.

  50. New generation says:

    very sad snario, may there souls rest in peace but to us is a lesson to obey commands and agreements.

  51. Josephy Njula says:


  52. Chidantere says:

    This Zakif is a Sudanese and was supposed to be at Dzaleka camp. Zokhazokha tikunenazi za Bisnowaty! Mukamuweta kwambiri mu foreigner, ndi tulo tathu a Malawi then start killing us. Remember a Burundian who stabbed a Malawian to death at Mchesi? Chisoni chidaphetsa nkhwali.

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