Uladi presses for Joyce Banda benefits as Malawi ex-president

Leader of People’s Party (PP) in Parliament Uladi Mussa has made a frantic plea to government to give former president Joyce Banda her presidential benefits.

Uladi with President Mutharika at parliament

Uladi with President Mutharika at parliament

Mussa, speaking Monday when he was responding to President Peter Mutharika’s state of the nation address, said the Malawi Constitution provides for retirement benefits for the former Head of State and former Vice President and that government’s action was against the Republican Constitution.

“She has been denied her salary, she has not been given vehicles, security has been removed from her,” said Mussa.

Banda has been in self imposed exile since she lost the 2014 presidential election to Peter Mutharika. She came third after Malawi Congress Party’s Lazarus Chakwera.

Mussa said Banda will only return after the government assures her of security, a return of her official vehicles and an official residence as provided for in the Republican Constitution.

“She is not just an ordinary person but a former head of state,” said Mussa.

He said the former president request the government to respect and uphold the rule of law and provide Banda with her salary for 17 months, transport, adequate personal security and a secure home.

Mussa also asked the government to work round the clock to bring back donors whose withdrawal of budgetary support has made the country’s economy to collapse causing untold misery to ordinary Malawians.

“All President Mutharika’s predecessors came into office when donors had already left but they managed to bring them back,” he said and jokingly saying the MCP and PP alliance will bring back donors just a month into office.

He said in other countries, governments hire international negotiators to woo back donors and asked the government instead of complaining of donor flight.

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30 thoughts on “Uladi presses for Joyce Banda benefits as Malawi ex-president”

  1. losco says:

    As long as she is still abroad, shut up all issues relating to her,especially abt her benefits.

  2. mtumbuka says:

    Chikhale chifukwa chosabwelela kuno kwawo chimenecho? Chamba eti,

  3. KAMTEDZA says:

    Kanyimbi no. 22 Do you really know malamulo aku Malawi. Wandidabwitsa kwambiri. A Mayi Banda tikuyenera kuwapatsa zawo ngati dziko. Ndalama zake siza chipani ichi kapena icho therefore pasalowe ndale apa please chonde.

  4. Abro says:

    akuyenera kupasidwa ulemu woyenera monga mwa lamuro osatengera mangawa nanunso mukazapuma muzafuna benefits .Malawi woyee!!!!.

  5. Honeycomb Chidyauzu says:

    It’s true Joyce Banda found Malawi at her lowest point but she managed to bring her up. But this man is failing to do what a woman did in a shortest period. He has no qualities of leadership and donors are not happy with him.

  6. Legal expert says:

    I don’t think most people understand the law very clearly. Our Republican does not make provision for an Acting President. “Where there is a vacancy in the Office of the President, the First Vice President shall take over and finish the term”. Once the Presidential Oath of office has been administered in accordance with our Republican Constitution that person becomes President and is automatically entitled to any benefits that come with the office.

    As such Her Excellency Dr Joyce Banda served as President of the Republic of Malawi and as such she is entitled to benefits. What if Vice-President Chilima were to become President during Mutharika’s term, at the end are you going to say he is not entitled to any benefits as a Former President? Yes he would be entitled.

    Stop talk foolishness and read the law in the spirit of which it was written.

  7. Charter says:

    If this is true, this is a blatant contravention of the republican constitution. Regardless of where Banda is, she deserves her benefits. If govt has issues with her, file charges and let the courts bar her from getting her benefits. Its a bad precedent. I fear you may reap what you sow not long down the line.

  8. ojere says:

    Petulo mpaseni mayiyu ulemu wake woyenela ngati muthu wopuma nkhale tikuziwa kuti anatibela zambiri komanso ankuzunzani bwana ine monga muthu wa DPP ndikadakonda kuti mumpase ulemu wonse sikuti azawinanso ngakhale apange mwanowakewo please give her all what is due for her. Iwenso Joyce usapange mwano kwa petulo chifukwa padakali pano ndiye mwini munda ukumayenda kunjako kumanena maboza kuti ife tizivutika kodi man Tcheya mayesa amnyozela momuno osati kumauza madonors kuti asatipase ndalama sopano ndalama zimene ukufuna iwe zichokela kuti ndiyankhe kapena upepese kwa tonse amene sitinakupase voti chifukwa 2019 suzapeza mphungu ngakhale zitatani ndanena ndanena ngati ndalakwa ndikhulukileni madam former president sir

    PP yanyamuka

  9. Kanyimbi says:

    The girl was an acting state president. So I do not think there is a provision for benefits of retired acting state presidents. Please be conversant with the law. She deserves nothing moreover she has brought more trouble to Malawians.

  10. Innocent says:

    Meaning the whole JB alibe galimoto olo kungofuna kuononga zaboma monga mwachikhalidwe chake???

  11. Patriot weniweni says:

    She has enough to spend some in abroad.She wouldn’t be there all along if she had no money to survive.When is she is going to be guaranteed of security?Let her come and explain the mess she left behind with her friends like Lutepo and Mphwiyo who became instant billionaires during her reign.Malawians needs explanation from her the way Malawians needs explanation from Mutharika as how 577 billion vanished during his eccentric’s brother’s reign.

  12. angoni apaphata says:

    Koma a Uladi Mussa mmutu mwawo mumayenda chani? I remember paja Bingu anawapanga kwa kanthawi atakumba benzi pa msue kuthamangitsa convoy…. Munthu utyu madrass inamuzunguza mutu…

  13. Ayobeee de Zobue says:

    Kodi munthu anangoti kuluza kenako kuthawa. Ma benefits munthu amalandira Ali mzika ya dziko Lina. Mufuna kutibera eti. Ampatsa bwanji security iye kulibe. Azimulondera Ku Sudan ko. Mzake chair Ali pa BCA pompa bwanji sadandaura.

  14. mzuzu says:

    Ulladi ndiye chibekete chopanda madzi. Empty head. Uladi chonde chonde JUST SHUT UP. Thawi inakuthelani bamboo. My advice to you ULADI “THINK BEFORE YOU SAY” Koma muthuyu anafika form 4? kakozetse nyumbayako ikungwa in Salima town. Nditumize chnthuziii? You have more personal things to deal with.

  15. who we be says:

    JB is not a retired president. she finished Bingu’s term and she contested again. By contesting that was in order. But after losing the elections she declares herself retired. this is out of order. So tell Uladi to read the constitution carefully. Giving JB retirement benefits is tantamount to cashgate.Only retired presidents are entitled to a retirement home, state security etc. living example is Bakili Muluzi. He completely finished two terms and he qualifies to be a retired president. JB is a president of a political party.

  16. GRM says:

    Now JB is outside the country but wants cars, security personnel, house etc? Mwina pa salarypo sizilibwino amupase koma zinazi azigwiritsa ntchito ndani? Musungireni akazabwera muzamupase

  17. Tim Masamba says:

    JB,PP and Uladi are just fools combined!!!

  18. DZIKANYANGA says:

    Kkkkkkkk joy adaluza inu mtayeni asatitayitse nthawi

  19. Nchengeti says:

    When does one qualify for presidential retirement package? Coz JB did not retire, but lost an election…

  20. Nchengeti says:

    Is losing an election retirement?? When does a president retire? And when does a former president qualify for a presidential retirement package?

  21. malawi says:

    chibekete, politicians famous of big mouth..predecessors of muthalika,all came into office when donors had left but they managed to wool them back..really.this claim means muluzi in 1994 found donor had left,bingu 2004, jb 2012..is this true? does mussa know wat his words meant? this man is poor liar..pp finance minister Mkwezalamba,check nation news:tuesday april 1 front page,said donors unlikely to support 2014/2015 budget. now mussa did your pp pulled donors back? wat reasons made donors stop suppoting budget especially current? chibekete plus plus tikuvutika coz of cashgate ndiye lelo uzilankhula zokhuta

  22. JB says:


  23. mtumbuka1 says:

    One day in our lives I will come to Africa ( Malawi in particular) and tell that asshole you call your president in his face that he took a chance some uneducated desperate Malawians and made himself a president just because his useless brother bingu was once a president. To shit with all this kind of thinking. If I were the president of that country I guarantee you everyone could be buying our own sugar for less than £1per kg cos it is our own shit or the sugar company can fuck off. The problem is that the bosses of these companies goes to bed with these politicians as one chooses to fuck a Shona prostitute from Zimbabwe.

  24. cheyo the real northerner says:

    JB cashgated this country. She has no peace in her heart. Full stop.

  25. Winford Saka says:

    Tell her to bring back the money she stole while in power its when her benefit will be given to her.The money she stole is enough for the rest of her life.

  26. onyonyo says:

    Alive nzeru awa

  27. Achimidzimidzi says:

    You are all stupid.

  28. Neema says:

    koma zoona A Uladi mpaka seating allowance kubvalira suit kkutaya nthawi with obvious things. ndiye kuti mmutumo, palibe chiganizo iwo? zoona, ndevu, chanichani uko, nzeru m;botolo?

  29. Lenadi bonke says:

    Muuzeni abwere azatenge ku capital hill cheque chikudikira

  30. Big Show 11 says:

    She has abadonded us!!!!!

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