Uladi says Malawi should register albinos: Accuses DPP of lips service over crackdown on killings

The opposition People’s Party (PP) has on Sunday tipped the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) government to embark on registration campaign on people with albinism as a way of knowing their homes and numbers at the district level in order to provide their maximum security.

Uladi: DPP is just offering lip service over crackdown on albino killings

Uladi: DPP is just offering lip service over crackdown on albino killings

According to the PP acting President Uladi Mussa the government is merely doing lip service on long string of murders.

“The DPP government has failed to provide security for people with albinism in the country, this is because of lacking strong strategic plan rather than just making noise,” said Mussa.

He said: “What government should do is to start registering the number of albinos as well as knowing their locations at district level and deployed security personnel temporarily to their nearby areas.”

Mussa argued that unless government knows the number of people with albinism and their respective homes such evil malpractice shall not end.

He further asked President Peter Muthalika to assign the vibrant person to run the Ministry of Internal Affairs rather than the current one – Jappie Mhango.

Mutharika announced a plan to protect the albinos in the country which includes a directive to all the security agencies in Malawi to be on high alert, with the goal of arresting and punishing the perpetuators.

However, Mussa argued that the said security agencies are not found in the rural areas where the  people continue murdering albinos for their body parts.

Ikponwosa Ero, a UN expert on albinism, who visited Malawi recently  said it is ‘an emergency, a crisis disturbing in its proportions’ for people with the condition, who face being killed to be used in witchcraft.

She explained that some people believe their body parts ‘can increase wealth, make businesses prosper or facilitate employment’.

‘Even in death, thy do not rest in peace as their remains are robbed from graveyards,’ she added.

Because of these beliefs, Ero said, there are disturbing financial incentives for people to murder people with albinism. ‘Malawi is one of the world’s poorest countries and the sale of body parts of persons with albinism is believed to be very lucrative.’

The problem extends beyond Malawi’s borders, however. Albino people are also killed for their body parts in several other African countries.

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24 thoughts on “Uladi says Malawi should register albinos: Accuses DPP of lips service over crackdown on killings”

  1. Some DPP diehards are ignorant. This is why we say DPP is a party of salvages. Uladi has just tipped government on how to protect our brothers with albinism. Uladi has not asked anyone to vote for him, he’s already in parliament. A dpp umbuli chiyani? Who has mentioned about the 2019 elections in this case???? And for someone to say he’ll vote for dpp in 2019 what is the connection with killing of albinos??? Uladi wa Uladi Mussa or whatever your name is you must be stupid. You’ll one day be surprised to hear that your so called dpp bwanas are involved in this case in one way or the other. I am saying this because this issue of insecurity against people with albinism is taking too long to be solved. Is there no hand of one big bwana in this issue???? Remember the Chiradzulu incident where women’s breasts were being cut for money??? That story died a natural death, why? There was a big hand behind all that saga I suppose.


    Mr Mussa should know that registration of albinos may not entirely solve the problem considerng that some of the albinos are even being betrayed by their relatives. The President too should realise that ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS. It should also be realised that regional cooperation amongst our leaders should be strenghtened when dealing with both internal and cross border crimes. However, much lies in our society itself to team up inorder to erradicate these clandestine dealings. Also needed is our chiefs, the security, politicians, the community and the albinos themselves to be on watch. sometimes I have always wondered to see some albinos doing business as usual, say in our streets begging for alms at very odd hours. It has pained me quite alot as to whether they know (the albinos) that they are putting their lives at risk. Above all lets stop the blame game but rather borrow from Solomon,s wisdom. Lastly there is need to strenthen Civic Education amongst our youth so that we built a better Malawi for tomorrow. However I am very surprised that herbalists in Malawi are so silent and yet this issues lies squarely in their premise.

  3. fake says says:

    “After registration so what?”
    Some of the reasons governments (i guese including our own) conduct registration is for national planning including security (including that of albinos. (In this case albinos should be given priority).

  4. Mzozodo says:

    Mlopwana and Bololo, even DPP diehards have been affected by these spate of Albino killings, so better shut up if you have nothing to say. Some of us have direct brothers who have albinism and for you to say Uladi is the Big Albino is a misplaced joke, God is not happy with such irresponsible comments. There are issues whereby party politics is left aside, and if this is not such an issue to you, I wonder which one will bear such importance to you. In other words, you are dull and inhuman.

  5. mbuyuni says:

    Uladi Mussa has exercised his right to express what he thinks is the better strategy to curb albino killing. I still feel that we need more strategies in addition to Uladi’s. From what we here or read in papers I get one common problem which is poverty at the beginning, killing at the Centre and a herbalist at the end.poverty will never end in Malawi, about killing am told MG is doing something. Herbalists are rarely targeted may be they are feared. My suggestion is to use the killer to trace the herbalist. One herbalist might be facilitating deaths of 100 albinos

  6. Izi zikhoza kuthandiza KOMA everybody must be registered and have an Identity Card – albino or not. The whole idea of registering ONLY albinos also just helps pertuate the stereo-type that albinos are different from everybody else, which is wrong.

    The whole issue revolves around several issues: some of which include 1. lack of civic education 2. security as someone else mentioned 3. lack of respect for human life . For one, this was never a problem previously – nthawi ya Kamuzu for example I never heard of such issues. Just shows a break-down in society and our morals.

    Going back to issue of security, mayiko ena ngati ku Joni amatha kufufuza mlandu mwamsanga because they can easily link a crime to a pertuator through IDs and finger prints and the like. Systems are linked to the Department of Home Affairs and the turn around time is faster. This also helps fight financial crime, kubera mavoti and the like.

    Bring back the death sentence – if one takes another person’s life, it just shows they do not value life (including their own), so why let them live?

  7. SIBONDA says:

    Uladi is right. Let every DC do that excise in their respective districts in coordination with T A ‘s and community police. It can’t take a week.

  8. Nambazo says:

    For the first time, this politician has said something very important and beneficial to Malawi as a nation. The government should buy his idea. He has a point. There is need to know the number our brothers and sisters with albinism for proper security. Well done Mr Mussa….

  9. pido says:

    Will registration of Albinos really stop their killings? This is rhetoric at its best. What is needed is to sort out issues of security not registration. After registration what follows? Answer me please. Some of us are just saying I am in support of this and that. What happens after registration. Will registration protect albinos? This is useless thought.

  10. Aningo says:

    Yes, what Mr Uladi is saying is true and the Police are already doing this. I am also tempted to say that Mr Uladi is saying this because he knows the Police are doing it. Allow me to say that no single initiative will work on its own. What Malawi needs is a full suite of complementary strategies that address the murders, the discrimination in schools and elsewhere, knowledge gaps on albinism among Malawians, health needs of the albinos etc. The current spurt of violence against people with albinism is a logical culmination of the deep-rooted human rights transgressions that we have perpetrated against albinos as a society. We must now begin to dismantle all the systems that have supported the structural violence against albinos. Registration is necessary but insufficient for this endeavour

  11. I will vote for APM and DPP in 2019 and not PP whose former president Joice Banda plundered the country’s financial resources in 2013. JB is now in Dubai doing what has been written. For once, I agree with what PP’s president is saying here. The data base should also include names of atleast 3 relatives, married or not married, occupation, date of birth, education etc and etc. When the data is compiled, it must be sent to the DCs and District Police Officers. Every month, reports of events for the albinos should be sent to the DC and the Police for monitoring of their existence. Sozovuta ayi izi. Sizootinso pakhale special task force mpaka a trip to TZ to learn one or two. Akuluakulu, mpakana uyu Uladi Mussa wa chipani chopanda tsogolo cha cashgate adzitipatsa nzeru za maalubino??????????????????????????????????? APM bomaaaaaaaaaaa!! DPP boma!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. KK says:

    In other words, some countries even here in Africa you never see the civil servant doing other business that’s the main cause of corruption, am saying this because if Mr Jappie is a civil servant and a business man as well, surely this thing of killing Albinos he can have a hand on it as a minister.
    You may agree with me that there is no security in our country not because we don’t have professional police men but because the one who is heading them is a business man.
    Let me finish my comment by giving you this idea,
    Cash gate would not be there if projects and other business were given to ordinary Malawians.
    The Gvtm needs to look in this issue of killing people like chicken seriousily not the way they are doing. That is why we are saying the Gvt is knowing

  13. Bololo says:

    Ngat pali munthu amene amandi bowa ine ndiye Uladi amango zuzula zoti or kumpasa inyeyo sanga kwanise. ignorant educated person. ukufuna ma vote a pp??

  14. Mlopwana says:

    Starting with this one on the picture, he is the big Albino in Malawi

  15. Akuzike says:

    Very Important, We can not say of protection yet we dont know whom we are to protect ,how many and the strategic places. and this idea is indeed a wisdom.

  16. If Dausi is coming very rich it’s because of this game of albinos.Had the government of Malawi has got good ideas they would have arrested Dausi and this albino killings could have been the song of past . I myself I know what Dausi is doing and even in court I can be the witness of the government .Dausi akuchita kutumidwa ndi president ineyo umboni ndili nawo onse .

  17. Sekulu says:

    I think this advice is worthy buying without further delay. It sounds practical and result oriented. It will be very sad if the government fails to implement it the same it failed to take and use advice on maize shortage last year that led to panic at the last minute. The government should stop blaming the opposition for not providing alternatives. This is one, and good one.

  18. Ken says:

    Mr Uladi has been a minister of internal affairs for sometime and he has brought a very important point. How can our leader keep on saying I will deal with murders of albinos while palibe chimene akupanga. Our president is very lazy moti chirichonse amaona ngati ndi Mount Mulanje sangapangepo kanthu.

  19. Chifu mapwira says:

    Uladi os talkative but intelligent as well.he has a degree with distinctfrom Cambridge.

  20. Atate Walawala says:

    The state should provide personal body guards to all Albinos and introduce death sentence to Albino murderes

  21. atate says:

    What we need is personal body guards to all albinos right now

  22. Bwande says:

    For once, I agree with Uladi. We are sleeping too much but this is damaging our emerge worldwide

    1. JOE says:

      We say image

  23. Prophet Mboro says:

    That is spot on Uladi

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