UN summons Chaponda, Kondowe over unpaid allowances to Malawi army soldiers

Former Foreign Affairs minister George Chaponda now holding the agriculture portfolio in Peter President Mutharika’s cabinet and Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) head Lucas Kondowe have been summoned by the United Nations (UN) over unpaid allowances to Malawi Defence Forces (MDF) soldiers.

Chaponda: To face rap over abused soldiers pay

Chaponda: To face rap over abused soldiers pay

A team of international investigative journalists are probing the issue after it was discovered that the soldiers did not get their  day allowance for months after completing their peace keeping mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo and other trouble spots of the world.

“It was discovered that the US$20 million which the UN gave out as allowances was deposited into an account of a Zambian American business woman Chamika Moore,” said one of the top journalists investigating the matter.

He said it transpired that MDF commander Griffin Supuni masterminded the dubious transaction when he was military attache at the UN office.

“The government was fully aware of this, Dr Chaponda was fully aware of this and the President was fully aware of the issue, that was why Chaponda and Supuni were transferred from their positions as way of protecting therm,” he said.

Failure by the Malawi government to remit the allowance money into the soldiers bank accounts led to the soldiers failure to take orders.

The soldiers have since been cautioned for insubordination.

Meanwhile, Nyasa Times have sources dossier of corruption involving Chanika Moore , a close pal of Chaponda who has been suppling to Malawi army and collected billions of Kwacha.

Further information will follow up.

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martin mlelemba

While at Foreign Aff min, he got bribes from foreign embassies and i went to deposit those monies using the hinddoor of the bank, amabisa chani? kumandinena miseche kuti ndimaledzera, ndimamwa mowa wa amanu? agalu inu eti!! this shit must be arrested. he must be fired and left with nothing the same way he fired me.

martin mlelemba

George Chaponda ndi mbava yoopsa ya boma. I have been working for him, i know inside and outside of his operations. i worked for him as his pers Ass. We were transfering stashes of cash but im still poorer as he is being shilded by his big boss the fuc”” president. I got booted with nothing. Ndiulura zinsinsi zonse mbuzi iwe eti

The Patriot

Anyone above 60 is supposed to be a senior citizen, a role model and a statesman but alas! If 70 somethings olds are busy being involved in Cashgates, who will be a role model to the youths?
Please our geriatric politicians, please slow down! Kuba mukuba mutakalamba chuma chake mukuchita nacho chani?
Cant you borrow a leaf from that other thief who built himself Mpumulo wopanda bata….the whole mansion now is lying in ruins and relatives are fighting over it! Inunso mukufuna mumange ma mansion mutakalamba kale, what for?
#geriatric impunity must stop!!


kodi ma bomba a tinke nawo aja ali kuti

Mbava Chaponda

Mbava Chaponda. Dziko la Malawi ngati likutitimila ndi chifuka cha Chaponda, Mwanamveka and Chuka. U get rid of them immediately kusangalala .

Mwanamveka olo akazake amadziwa kuti analwatiwa ndi Bambo wankhanza, wachigololo ndipo oipa.

Fisi Dausi

Koma aChaponda ndiye mwatchukatu kuposa a Tchuka. Midnight six, kugona mpaliament Mathanyura akuwerenga speech plus cashgate – kwabera asilikali amifutiwo!

Ndiye paja inu munatiwuza kale kuti nsomba imaowola paliponse, ifenso tingoti aChaponda awola ndi machende omwe, kawatayeni kwao ku Thyolo akunukhitsa boma la Malawi.

Much as I don’t agree with what our politicians are doing, I feel the story is lacking facts. The journalist did not ask any UN official to confirm the allegation or ask the accused to hear side of the story. So, as readers, how do we come up with a judgement? How would one believe the truth about the story? This is typical journalistic error. If Chaponda and Supuni decide to take the journalist to task, the story can easily take a different direction. Mind you, the UN is in this country under the blessings of the Malawi government and… Read more »
Scotland Yard

kkkkkkkk. Iwe Chaponda…if this is true, please UMANGIDWATU…ndatopa nkukubisa ine….iwe ndiwotani. run away like Joyce Mtila Banda and stay in America for good before I send Kasambara and Kapanga to catch youuuuuu!!!!


Abale ili siliboma, inu UN mwaona nokha kuti anthu awa ndi akuba. Ndalama za asilikali ku DRC mwayesa ndimasewera anthu wopanda chifundo inu. Griffin Supuni was awar, Chaponda was aware, Mathanyula was aware that is the reason he moved him to Agriculture. What type of president is this guy mascandal achuruka. A UN mwachita bwino kuitana Lucas anthuwo amangidwe nanga General anamuchotseranji kuikapo poso Supuni wakuba anthuwa atichitsa manyazi kwambiri.


Kuba ndalama zonsezi koma osasalalabe bwana chiphazichaponda?

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