Unpacking the politics of women’s dress-code

This article is sadly inspired by the recent incident in Nairobi, Kenya where, in full view of everyone in the proximity of that cowardly and shameful act of physical and indeed sexual violence, a woman was stripped and assaulted. Her crime?,How dare she expose her body in public. Absurd!!

Women urged to dress decently to avoid violations

Women urged to dress decently to avoid violations

My mind often gets numb at this so-called African commitment to keep women sanitized and decent as if the female body was inherently in its very make-up uncivilized, wild, rampantly sexual and savage. And yet, this female body to which we offload so much violence has been with human kind since we first emerged. It is therefore truly baffling how it is that after three to four million years of existence (a few hundred thousand of various forms of social organization), we still look at the woman’s body as if it only emerged yesterday, as if it were peculiar and strange – and needed to be contained and quarantined.

But let me move on from this line of thought before the usual “bashing bandits” that characterize our beloved online news Nyasa Times  readers pounce on my otherwise well-intentioned article. The idea that women need to be somehow made decent speaks of a much more important matter. In fact, before the Christianization and Islamification of our constructed contemporary national societies, the place of the woman’s body even though it was not at par with men (because gender power differentials do precede external influence) was radically the opposite of what it is today. In fact, to put it mildly, it was openly exposed as was the male body.

But modernization (or what some call civilization) bestowed into the African cultural framework the idea to hold the female body bare was to be indecent. This was the onset of a new kind of sexualisation of the female body which not only entailed keeping the body hidden through grapping clothing, but also total exclusion of that body and its natural processes, such as child-bearing, from public politics. This is also how today there is a certain distance robbed in narratives of masculinity that exists between men and their children – as if women have the ability to asexually produce offspring.

The exclusion is important because politics is about the legitimation of social procedures through the actions of legitimate bodies. Invisible bodies thus have limited impact on public politics.

The dilemma at least from the woman’s point of view is that an illegitimate body – that is, a body that contravenes the prescriptions of decent female presentation – becomes one that automatically attracts to itself society’s mechanism of sanitization which, in the Kenyan case and indeed in our cases seen in Blantyre and Lilongwe, are violent in nature. These manifest in at least two ways (and there are more).

The first is the unwarranted believe that a woman who reveals herself is inviting access to her body that is defined by the one seeking that access. It is from this root that we hear the often stupid excuse amongst numerous our moments of stupidity that “indecent dressing makes men rape women.”

The second is perhaps the more troubling because it entails the power of society to imprint onto the woman’s psyche this same idea, and it is for this reason that women are often the first to chastise other women for freedom of dress.

Another stupid excuse that often flows from this second type is the saying “ukaonela nkazi m’modzi, waonela akazi onse (if you see one women naked, then you have seen all women naked)”. This is a false sense of community that instils unjust control through a violent generalization of female bodies.

In fact, it is so violent that it indiscriminately universalizes the entirety of the unique female experiences, abilities and all other categories that could be mobilized to broaden their narrative.What ensures is that banner that “all women are the same, and thus they can be treated and accessed in the same way”.

Again – and I will close as follows. There was a process of sexualisation drawn from the new currents that constructed the contemporary African disposition involving external and internal actors. Secondly, the female body has not emerged in the last decade – it has been with us for as long as the male one. Both these scenarios should inform us that the so-called moral idea of keepingwomen decent is neither justified within the authentic African experience, nor the general experience of humanity.

A note to the more attuned: this article is a polemic that has confined this argument to within the gender-binary which itself is problematic and needs to be challenged. No doubt a broader and more balanced discussion can be held on this important matter.

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110 thoughts on “Unpacking the politics of women’s dress-code”

  1. Zain Adam Kaisi says:

    Too much women rights,too much kutengela chikhalidwe cha ena,we got our own way our culture way of dressing why don’t we be proud of that?for instant check our former President Mama Joyce Banda iwent to her meeting in Johannesburg where she met President Jacob Zuma sort of apress people liked her dressing as am saying some people took her as agood influence,its afashion here in South Africa you should have seen how many tweets was posted on that minutes how people was impressed with her dressing and talk,ladies zitenje its our way no matter what 3quarter shorts are western ways

  2. pedegu says:

    A woman is a woman basi. Always brainless and retarded in thinking. That’s why amayenda atavula ngati ana.

  3. njanji says:

    My ssta shall never b the next victim coz she dresses Malawian way,stupid foreign cultures is the source of all these evils around around and within ourselves,HIV early preg etc,shut up don’t make unprofitable comments here,go damm

  4. Throughly Disillusioned says:

    These sick, twisted individuals put their hands on a women without her consent under the guise of ‘maintaining culture’ and ‘reminding her where she is’ and yet somehow the women is the one with the problem? Let it be your daughters next… let it be your mothers next… let it be your sisters next… I pity those of you that champion such brhaviour… how like sheep you are- thoughtless, mindless, useless…

  5. alukosyo says:

    Asiyeni ayenda maliseche video yaulere nanga ufulu wa undressing ndi umenewu tipeze choonera akatundu obisika tione ali ndi katundu wambiri ngati panyera ng’ombe ndani kikikikiki

  6. SIBONDA says:

    A chicken covers its private parts with feathers , a cow with its tail, a grasshopper with its wings but some women decide otherwise , what a shame

  7. Mauya says:

    These are typical fruits of our sick society championed by confused leaders

  8. Zamanyazi,zachisoni

  9. Padoko says:

    Women inspired by foreign cultures MUST realise that we stand by our culture. This is Malawi.Thats is not a dress code rather, Undress Code

  10. victoria Dim says:

    Last Days

  11. kasichi says:

    adam&eve realised dat they were naked after they sinned against God,awoman mst show her private part to her husband unless she is aprosistute,she cn walk naked on de public places.remember respect doesn’t come by demand bt u earn it,so women mst learn to respect themselve de way they dress&speak,period!

  12. kasichi says:

    de person who wrote dis things doesn’t think,yes awoman mst cover her body properly,dis things of wearing 2cm skirt is disgusting and isalute those men who undressed dat woman in kenya,is wht she wanted.today we got sick society bcz of dis so called freedom of dressing wht so ever.God is not afool, he created aman and awoman,they were living naked in de garden without knowing it until they sinned against

  13. Thats too much. Amati avala mayiwa kapena selling bufuria?

  14. Saini says:

    Dressing as nothing to do with rape or sexual abuse ,our foefathers used to wear G spring,in their times. Norms and standard exepected behaviour was a must in their days but today we have lost our moral grounds and we behaviour as an animals

  15. Wammy Blues says:

    Women’s body is something very special, if exposed its a problem to live men not dead men, though it existed a million of years ago but its nature is troublesome for men I mean live men, they(women) need to adjust their thoughts of FREEDOM OF DRESSING. For better and free diseased society.

  16. eagle whisky says:


  17. bamusi says:

    Today there is TOO much Fashion parade. Come 2015 women will move naked especially non believers. Umbuli wa UFULU.

  18. Kanyimbi says:

    Zivulani tizikuwonelani. Ufulu wovula. Tizikwatirana amuna wokhawokha muziwanso.

  19. sense says:

    We need to make more noise to bring sense in the new generation to dress like malawians. And not like a naked westerner, or like an animal. Those mzungus have no bloody shame. They want gays in our country and want to strip our daughters and mothers with the name of fashion

  20. kukhala says:


  21. Penu says says:


  22. brutsha says:

    This is typical of a good example of biased presentation of facts and naked exposure of venom from a gender activist and not a writer whose purpose should be giving a balanced view of an issue with the sole purpose of informing the public and not misinforming the same. Yes, religion might have brought with it it’s forms of ills but it’s lackadaisical not to remember the good that accompanied it. The point is all about industrial revolution . The truth is that our ancestors didn’t dress properly not by choice but then there were no factories to turn cotton wool into textile. Now, with the availability of proper clothes, will it be sensible to applaud the nakedness which was due to medieval way of life ? Any morally upright mind would answer no! to this question. Recent history(19th,20th century ) will correctly remind us that our women would not half dress like what we see today. It is therefore, faulty line of thinking to try to convince people here that nakedness is not unusual in our society. It’s outlandish! It’s foreign! It’s a manifestation of some black women who erroneously think other cultures are fashionable hence the need to copy and paste.

  23. padoko says:

    Shut up you bitches! Stop talking about dressing codes here, talk about naked codes. You are a shame to our culture and beliefs. Africa is not the west so better make your noises in the west while we continue supporting your naked code fight

  24. RoyK says:

    Their bodies are hot so they need to open up to cool down and get fucked

  25. mabilinganya says:

    Mphsatso i have nothing to say!!! Koma ise dazi lako lija lilipo!!! Linawadolola bwana deputy director!!!! I hope simunachindane plain!!!!! U know what i mean my freind!!!!!!!!! Kkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!

  26. alukosyo says:

    shame to freedom of undressing

  27. Mbweeeye Wapata says:

    Women of our times too much “flushing” to attract customers no wonder many end up being raped.

  28. Name*pent says:

    Tatopa ndikuona miyendo yamitundumitundu ya amyi mtaunimu. Its high time women think twice about this

    1. Bongo Bouyi says:

      Eeeeessh its true sakutipatsa ulemu ndimavalidwe opusawa! My be aliponso azibambo osusuka omwe akumakhera dovu nyasizi koma Nkhuku yopand ubweya yamoyo mungagule? Nnga boma kutipo chani zamavalidwe oterewa? Its too much pliz aboma atithandize!

  29. Ineso ndikuti azimai ufulu awutengela pagong’o nthawi yagogo wanthu kudalibe mkazi azingo uvala ndekesha Koma lelo kayak MALAWI. akupita kuti ai amabungwe mukuti bwanji

  30. Cashgate 1 says:

    Women, they want men to respect them. But the irony of it is that some of them don’t respect their men. I want to agree with comment 61. and that’s an indication that even married women show disrespect to their husbands and when husband akamakana kukayenda nawo amati amuna awo ndiovuta osadziwa kuti amuna akukana kuchitidwitsa manyazi kwa anzawo.

  31. phunda says:

    Western nonseses calling them human rights. If you were able to see things in the spiritual realm you would know who is behind all these rights to walk naked, gay rights , freedom to criminals etc. A case of protecting their own dark world activities and sadly we have even made them part of nations constitutions. This is lebellion of Gods order.

  32. Marioshona man says:

    Its very pitty with Malawi women with the term fashion. I advise that fashion has to go together with human diginity as well as responsibility . Women roaming about half naked be treated as dogs.Gvt must reconsider the word UFulu.

  33. ujeni says:

    Palibe nkhani apa, vuto ndiloti feedom of dressing has come late in Malawi. The reporter has not travelled widely or out of Africa. Has the reporter been to Copacabana beach in Brazil or in the Caribbean?

  34. EPIGLOTIS says:

    These are the very same kind who introduced sin to the world in the garden of Eden. They should not be tolerated or else the world will see a second curse from God. These creatures are so weak and quick in luring men into sin. No wonder most of the satanists are women of good standing in society. Men be careful God created the world so that man can live and control it.

  35. Ndendeuli says:

    Message to all moralled bwanas chase away all jezebels llike these when they enter your good offices.Dont entertain them azolowela udyo. Azibusa athu nawo mutu alowetsa mumchenga ali du

  36. mabvuto akula says:

    Unless something is wrong with you Mphatso, but I do not see any decency in the women you have paraded. Are men’s bodies exposed publicly as these? Besides the issue of rape which I am totally against

  37. cash gate says:

    i think most of women are so stupid, they like to cover only half of their bodies, leaving another half uncovered, is that humanity? a good woman is supporsed to cover almost 90% of her body, look, a good woman is able to get a better marriage. i know we have rights of dressing, bt donnot dress like a mad woman, seperate yourself from madness.

    1. l says:

      Brainless bastard

  38. Bakala Maluzi says:

    Moses I have two points to make: i) I think I do not understand what you want to say – maybe chizungu chandidutsa; ii) You miss the perspective of the women who dress in this type of attire. Have you ever wondered why they do it?

  39. Tiko says:

    Sociology teaches us of norms and deviance in any society, not what constitutes a body. Even exposing part of your teeth could be wrong else where. Both men and women need to guard their dressing to a certain extent depending on sociological parameters. However, undressing one is not proper way to deal with deviant but civic education does.

  40. Chimbiza says:

    Azimayi Ai ndithu ukati udandaule kuti; kodi kuvala kumeneko bwanji? Amayankha Ali ndi ufulu wanga

  41. all is about freedom coz mst cntrys rurling by devis,so all of us wi 4ro devis dreesing.not only women

  42. SimpleMind says:

    If you care to write such a long article, please make it simple to understand. (You are actually using difficult words incorrectly). Serious rubbish!

  43. chembuye says:

    ife tigwililila zimenezi basi! asafuna asiye, a police nawo ndi anzathu. Actually we are forming an association of rapist in malawi! Mukakwiya, vuto ndi lanu because Malawi is a free

  44. Leave the women alone. By culture in Africa a woman cannot court a man for marrige or sex. Sangachitile mwina ai koma kubvla kuti wina akodwe! In developed countries this is not a problem. Look @ our “yoo” boys of today-Kukhwefula our parents toralate them-Ufulu wa kabvalidwe!

  45. kokoliliko says:

    Is the writer a man, a woman or both? I would want his/her daughter half naked parading her private parts (I guess that phrase does not exist) in the street. Societies grow, they are not static. Our great grand father didn’t brush teeth, is it wrong to insist that we brush teeth. What was errotic dancing in 1994 is no longer errotic now. In fact, we dance that way in church these days. We could have a hard on when girls wore mini skirts then, now we don’t even notice that they are wearing mini skirts. I wonder if there is any mini skirt these days for all skirts are really short.

    Yes, our foreparents didn’t wear sufficient clothes because of several factors. They had no technology to produce the kind of clothes we have today, and it is generally hot in this part of the world. I wonder if the writer would rather have her mother mabele pamtunda like their foremothers. There must be a reason why these are called private parts. With due respect to all self respecting sisters of mine, some bodies are better left behind clothes. They are not appealing at all, but rather disgusting. Wear proper clothes and we will all respect you. If only you knew how miserable you make your children by having them to endure all the ridicule and shame their friends torment them with because of your dressing.

  46. Danny says:

    masiku otsiliza abale anga!beware of the devil amene walowa mwa akaziwa.

  47. Chindazi says:

    The one with black hand bag….. EEEEEEEEE muli katundu man…..

    Ladies amaonjeza mavalidwe ake…. some married women they expose all the materials…. which…….belong to the husband……..

    Even at church they dress as if…. going for a disco,,,,, nanji ku office its worse,,,,,,,,

  48. rod says:

    trivial article.

  49. Wbc says:

    Mavulidwe dot com, sindinaonepo mamuna ovala moyaluka,why only women?Nigerians in their national wears looks more beautiful, why kumava zovula?

  50. sense says:

    When women begin to dress immodestly, the rate of marriages decreases divorce increases, rape increases, respect decreases, illegitimate children and incest increases. When all this wont bring satisfaction murder will be a source of satisfaction.

  51. Penu says says:


  52. sense says:

    Ugly women need to expose their body to attract men

  53. Kombucha Juice says:

    I’ve got far too many important things to do than watch these sex starved she-cows parade their cleavages and half nakedness for want of being noticed.

  54. Useless article, just go round town naked yourself if you are tired of dressing. God has a problem with man walking naked. When man sinned, Gods glory left him and he was naked. He tried to hide his nakedness with leaves and God saw that it was not good. He killed a ram and made coats of leather to dress man. The leaves only covered private parts but the coat covered the body. Another illustration is that, when the mad man of Gerassa was living in the grave yard, he was naked. But when Jesus delivered him from the demons thus removing demons from him, he was shy and dressed up and followed Jesus Christ. May be we have demons which are cheating us that walking naked is freedom. Freedom from what? May be freedom from God. Then you must be in the devils kingdom. Today dressing up modestly is shameful why? all this foolish article wasting time defending walking naked? They hanged Jesus in the cross, naked to put him to shame, why do you strip yourself naked when you are not at any punishment? May God help you. Jesus died so that we can be saved from sin. God Bless you!

  55. Mzumara says:

    Kumangowa thinikiza nayo basi , kuti mayooooo. Italowa mpaka upengetsa G Spot

  56. m'bantu says:

    Mr kaufulu, you have unpacked nothing here. U r an idiot who blindly backs nonsence. Look at the women u have posted,would u be proud of such dressing if it were your mom, daughter ,sister almost showing their buttocks,genitals area? Be realistic my friend. What r u supporting,descent dressing or descent nudity? Magulu a inu ndi aja ogulira ana anu aakazi tima c thro ndi timamini kuti muziwafwala in the name of descency and then fuck them.Nyansi!!!

  57. charles says:

    Nanga chonchi ndiufulu kapwe upuludzu, azimayi now its too much, and its just fueling much violence in women but lets hope the activist should also hold civic education to women otherwise the activits have a long rung to incounter as we go, But simple to activits they are some how encouraging our women to be involved in such because the activits bodies do wait a amn to be harased then they do come in , They are doing nothing towards carbing the the violence , any I believe solving the problem is the fact matters most.

  58. Israel2013 says:

    Tikuziwa amwene inu nkhani yanu ndi ya maufulu. Westernising everyone that is what you are trying to achieve you, the so called civilised. What I know is that anywhere in the world a naked body in public (male or female)will draw alot of unnecessary attention, unless it is at a resort or the person is insane. My question: WHY WOULD SOMEONE CHOOSE TO EXPOSE THEIR NAKEDNESS IN PUBLIC WITH EMPHASIS ON THEIR SEXUAL ORGANS? This is not at all to condone these violent acts but to ask for decency in the way we dress in public.

    1. l says:

      Since when is a leg a sexual organ you pervert. How about mouths. They can be more sexual than legs

  59. Zoona Phiri says:

    Usachedwetse wamva! Palibe ndimva ine apa. Are you promoting uhule chiyani? Iwewo udakonda kuwona sister kapena mwana wako atamvala chonchi. Uchitsiru basi. Katundu amabisa.

  60. Dzoneni says:

    Nyasa, I thought the recent incident happened in Harare??

  61. Have limited knowledge about women. Yes their bodies have been there for centuries but with different age groups. I have not seen a woman’s bodyof1915 the bottom line is we have lost our own identity and we have decided to embrace the mzungu culture in the name of civilisation that’s why we have been betrayed. Our own society is rejecting us no wonder women who are dressing in costumes are stripped naked

  62. Ndangodutsamo says:

    Are they in the bed room???Nyasi zenizeni>

  63. Typical idiotic patriarchal comments from mostly insecrure guyz. Ladies, keep wearing what YOU want. Those of us who are decent and respect you won’t judge you.

  64. hfty says:

    Yes, you have read gender and feminist rhetoric but to say the truth there is no analysis here. It is just a putting together of sentences from one essay and another. please leave these gender polemics for the western academy.

  65. Markel Adebayor says:

    What balderdash and verbiose is this? Nosensical article. Let the bodies be covered period.




  67. david saunders says:

    Your daughters, sisters and women relatives do not wear what you are propagating for here.

    So you are not ashamed of how some of our women are dressing exposing their natural appearance?

    Trousers we fought for them but look at what they brought ka skin tight and surely today you are fighting for them kuti azivala ma pant seriously

    I think let us be gauging the situation before we write or say fight for women rights.

  68. Uchindami says:

    “If you see one women naked”?

  69. Uchindami says:

    Amati mkazi osati nkazi!

  70. Greencardless Malawian says:

    Im a Malawian man and i couldnt agree more with the writer of this article. I have been in so many different countries and have been to places where not much is worn by women yet rape cases are so rare. Yes i do see things and at times i am tempted but my temptation is no different from when a see a fully dressed woman with beautiful eyes. Amuna achikuda tili ndi vuto….kunyamulira maliseche ndi ma feelings mmanja ready to attack any female…i dont know whether this is due to upbringing or…? But many black men feel they have more rights than women do. Many think its ok for a man to demand what they want, when they want from a woman…. Dude, keep your feelings under control, you are not a monkey or a dog. I think if any human cant control his or her feelings, then they are just as good as an animal and belong in a cage

  71. Meja says:

    Stupid and myopic article. If I may ask why do people dress up? Furthermore, by its very nature between a man and a woman who attracts the other? Women have features that make a man to psychologically start thinking about sex that cannot be denied.

    The other issue is evolution. Do not compare yourself to those old days because that time they had their cases as well. Rape, defilement, women abuse have been happening since time in memorial apparently on different influences of that time.

    The bottom line is that women need to respect their bodies as they are determinants of sexualization in the world, apart from the abnormal gays/lesbians.

  72. Liqudator Mmwejo says:

    The women need to be ashamed of this kind of dressing, or they deserve to be harassed, sexually abused, and what have you. If they deliberately put on clothes that expose their breasts, ntchafus, battocks and worse still their nyinis in see through panties – they what do they want? that shows they are ready kuti achindidwe. Fotseki!

  73. Fulu says:

    What exactly are you saying? That it is appropriate for women to dress like seen in your photograph above? Where is the self-respect in that? What dress code are you instilling in your kids? And most importantly, if you are not proud of your body to respect it enough ( by not displaying it openely as if “ndinsomba zowamba”), how do you expect other people to respect you? It really is scary for people who have done some “education” to be imposing some western tendencies in our african culture. I think, depending on your occasion, both men and women need to dress as respectifully as possible, unless muli n’nyumba zanu!!!! No one wants to see those huge piles of side belly fresh hanging loose anywhere/everywhere you look. Only people with a huge deficit in self-confidence and self easteem need external assurances(external locus of control) for their beauty!!!!!!! Asaaaa!!

  74. chandiona says:

    it is very sad that mini dressing is making men to sin women should change the way they dress there is no freedom of dressing on earth God is God he created man and woman we are different.

  75. Mulopwana Wa Mamwene says:

    Honestly speaking our women have gone too far. Just look at those women on the picture, they are completely naked-breast are out ans their thighs and katundu is also out. No hygiene at all,how can u put valued goods like theirs to be hanging naked on a public chair. Nyasatimes please tell our ladies the following: In Africa we value thighs so much and they are thighs and stomach which arouses men in Africa and the white people it’s their breast; ths why you will never see a white exposing their breast any how yet our ladies can’t even value their thighs and stomach, our women are just walking and living naked like those women. No wonder most of these women can’t get married because we men no longer admire the apple in them because they are walking naked already and their fruit is for free viewing. Our women respect yourself to avoid embarrassment

  76. opportunist says:

    Who told them that we want to see their private parts outside the clothing .That is men just use them and dump them somewhere

  77. Ineyo says:

    I couldnt agree more with the Author. Great piece. Unfortunately such incidents seem to be specific to Africa. No wonder some think we still live in trees when they see such animal behavior.

  78. Nonsense article, bwanji mkazi wako sayenda maliseche? Ukayambe kumayenda naye maliseche tionere iwe. Ndiye nafe titsatila zimenezo. A woman s body is unique so much so needs covered.

  79. mfumusinyasa says:

    I condemn violence against women on the pretext of their manner of dressing. However my dear mothers and sisters lets take it in mind that The difference between a human being and animals is that we cover our nakedness. Just imagine kumaonetsa pant mukakhala pampando. Is there any pride in that?

  80. into... says:

    Come on,,,,…..threz no value in this writing….

  81. luckypat says:

    I know de writter loves luking at dese quarter dressed women but it’s sad to see dem in dese dressing code bcoz some don’t know when to dress like that. For example at church while sitting in the front bench,in heels while walking on foot,too much makeup,eye shades etcetc. Let our women b who dey are. Dey very beautiful already. Copying z not gud.

  82. mzamba wamkulu says:

    let them reap what they sow. we will meet in hospital corridors. the prize for sin is death!

  83. clement says:

    Kamuzu Banda found Neno people literally naked when he came back home. Were the naked women assaulted? No. In our modern society some people still have primitive minds, especially those that absconded school. You will note that those who boo our women publicly are “illegal street vendor”. Amene kusukulu anapitako amachita manyazi. The power of school is that it allows one to think before acting

  84. zaonaine says:

    are you (the authur) trying to be prolady’s dressing behaviour? i guess its time to be a more critic of this seductive dressing than trying to justify this unbecoming manner. from the story picture, what is baffling you as well is how you would ultilise the seen features if you access her fuckin atractive-seductive & sinfying body. don’t fight a loosing battle simply because you’ve been paid. God will punish you for this!

  85. chims says:

    the distinction remains what defines decency and indecency.those who dress decently are naturally respected and those that dress indecently will invoke the wrath.why can’t ladies respect themselves by properly dressed because those that that they attempt to entice are not happy with their dressing?otherwise I see violence continuing and nobody wins but shame and degradation

  86. Peter Mathanyula Wakuba says:

    Tiyeni tizingochita apa

  87. Likoma Economist says:

    Typical of women. She has talked a lot but said nothing.

  88. Happy Manda says:

    May express my spiritual view of dressing? Freinds the bible needs to be read between lines otherwise many have gone astray. In Duet. 22v5 it says women should not wear that partainth to man. This means anything that looks loser to mens wear but modern christianity has allowed anything to be put on that patainth to a man. Why am I saying this? Churches would have been at a fore front confronting women evil dressing that in the end seduce men. They know that those who dress that way have money and if they talk against it thay will run away. Churches have grown in number beyond control and in each people claim to be men of God and whatever they say it’s from God leaving women naked and sexually attractive. Let me tell also that if you want to find the source of adultery you see that it starts from three places, Church, work, wedding ceremonies. At these places women dress sexually that in the end seduce men to sleep with them. I you are a man think twice on when going to these ceremonies with your spouses. A man that allows a woman to dress sexually has a big problem and doesn’t love his wife.
    Try to do what the bible says that women should adorn themselves in modest apparel, as in 1Tim 2v9.
    Women who dress sexually have a saying like; Chimdolole,kuvala mwa chikuwawe, kuthinisa, kuminula, kuwonetsa so may words. Choose one word that ever your wife has told you. If you once allowed her kuminula you have a problem, or any dressing think twice.
    Let us think why dressing problem is much in women than in men? Reason a woman is from a man and a man should look after her in everything. So advise women to dress properly. Anatomically ukawona mkazi m’modzi wawona onse izo sibodza ayi. Whay differentiate them is skin but anatomically women are the same.
    Physicallu women are attractive despite years with them. Remember your with women starting from the time you are born not from adam. Use you years properly

    1. l says:

      How about when a woman wears a robe. In the middle east men wear robes so using your analysis it’s wrong hehe. Reflect on these things too. The bible was also written in a cultural setting

  89. chipatso says:

    Tikamati munthu wa mkazi ndi phwetekera loti ukaliyika apo ngakhale osaligunda liduma.omenyera ufulu wa kavalidwe ka chomcho pa menepo ntchito yawo imayenda.

  90. Rodriguas Latata says:

    Fighting for women’s freedom of undressing? Chidang’anima, chidamuunikira njira, chidamupha. Take heed.

  91. Che Kokoliwa says:

    I thought there is freedom of dressing?

  92. nat turner says:

    This is supposed to be an article not an academic essay next time please simplify your english for the benefit of everyone!

  93. Fanatic says:

    If a woman walked naked many people would rash to cover her even if she is mad but not a man. this should tell the writer that such is an instict designed by the creator and you can not redesign by promoting women nakedeness in the name of freedom. those thighs. breasts and nible need to be covered not exposed only availed to one man in privacy. You can not redesign nature with your so called stupid right to undress. this is a useless article and dont blame the rapist because its like chickens

  94. TUMBLES says:

    i dont what this stupid article wants to promote. The bible which is the word of the creator says women should cover themselves. god had a reason and if they go around naked they stop serving the purpose of attracting the opposite sex. now if you are promoting women nakedeness why then do you complain when they are fully undressed and you call it violence. Such stupid writers deserve to be stoned for saying blasphemus things. women should cover their bodies from the neck to down the knees .

  95. Mmihavani says:

    What do you want to achieve with this article? Wasting your time.

  96. Peter Muthanyula says:

    What baffles me is this stupid obsession with make-up that our women today have. They really do look like rotten maggots, don’t they? And the body shapes of most women in Malawi these days… heaps of vile crap!! And then these days they are having this deep, husky voice (probably due to overconsumption of alcohol)… womanhood is a thing of the past. Women in Malawi are getting uglier by the day… let’s call a spade a spade for once!

    1. Chamwaka says:

      My friend, I agree with you 1000%. They think its fashion to drink, no knowing they just grow tummy. And the make up make them look like Nzukwa, serious to much face mbuu! But if you speak they thing you don’t love them. Watchito now looking naturally beauteful and sexy………..than the madam.

    2. Man to man says:

      Women themselves, don’t know this. They think they become beautiful when they expose their ugly body. They call it civilisation. My foot!!

    3. Chigwere says:

      besides having this Barry White voice due to alcohol, they grow moustache and ndevu which was very rarely back in days. Very soon they will use dildo to bang men from backside to show equality..LOL

    4. Gender says:

      If indeed we are for gender-equality then we should mutually accept our biological differences because no matter what, sight of a naked female human being sexually arouses the male. The females will always feel offended and express their disapproval when touched by males because it also prompts sexual arousal. Every freedom comes with its duty, can we try freedom of dressing and not undressing? This is the 21st Century, come on!!!!!!!!!

      1. SIBONDA says:

        “Gender” , u r absolutely spot on. God engineered us such that male sexual arousal is basically by sight while females is by ‘touch’. but it gets complicated when women can carelessly arouse men while legally protected but not the reverse because it becomes sexual assault or whatever …Million years ago men didn’t politely ask a woman for sex, he used physical power to pass his genes to a woman who appealed to him . Men still have that instinct .

    5. Thitherward Wendo says:

      In AIDS-ridden Malawi, a beautiful woman whose behaviour is not guided by high moral principles is less likely to survive and have beautiful daughters. Sadly for us, survival of the fittest means survival of the ugliest.

  97. chefourpence says:

    garbage! Verbose and lacking perspective

  98. Aubry Kadzuwa says:

    those are too old to show those ugly fat bodies

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