Video clip shows Malawi Prison warders brutalise prisoners: One died

It has emerged that prison wardens brutally assaulted two inmates that escaped from Chichiri prison in January to the point that one dies and the other was on the brink of death and needed urgent medical attention.

Inside Malawi prison

Inside Malawi prison

An amateur video taken from a mobile phone seen by Nyasa Times shows  prison warders with attacking Madison John (from Nchima village ,TA Nsamala Balaka)  and  John Emmanuel (from Chapala village, TA Kasisi Chikwawa) at Chitawira Township; dragging them to the road , kicking them mercilessly.

They faced s several blows to the head, deforming their face, kicks in the abdomen and the head.

When contacted for an official version of what had transpired, Malawi Prison Service spokesman John  Mpopo, while confirming a prisoner had indeed died while attempting to flee, denied suggestions that he was beaten by warder

Mpopo claimed the inmates were assaulted by civilians in Chitawira who captured them when they were on the run.

He suggests the runaway deceased inmate tumbled to his death as he tried to run from the civilians who had captured him.

But the video shows civilians watching prison warders brutally assaulting the two when they were recaptured.

The two escapees had been convicted of house breaking and armed robbery, both serious crimes in Malawi and ineligible for pardon.

Chitawira residents who witnessed the attack by prison warders have been texting Nyasa Times recounting the events that led to the inmate’s death.

“The prison warders were beating the escapees especially the one who died suffered several attacks on his head,” texted one.

Another inmate corroborated this line of events.

He texted in Chichewa, Malawi’s lingua franca, that one inmate has been severely beaten after he had already been recaptured.

They both separately claimed they witnessed warders beating the inmates.

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mr chimbwititi

amathawa chani ? Zamanyi basi. Awachita bwino


The heading of this story should have read dangerous criminals on a mission to terrorise society intercepted by professional prison warders.
I urge The Commissioner General of Malawi Prisons to decorate the warders for a job well done. These warders are very patriotic to their state.

christopher banda

Akadati asapezeke mawadawo akadakhala m’madzi,motero mabanja awo anakamasowa mabasic needs,dzikonso bwenzi likunyoza prison service,zaku Mangochi mwaiwala m’mene mwawanyozela this would be to detour the others ki-ki-kih

khudze mkuyabwe

amuchita bwino asamajaile

Save our country

If the theft these guys were accused of is so bad, how come so many politicians and civil servants are still alive??? If you say theft gets the death penalty why not apply it to all thieves?
Who is so far above the law that they can profit by it?

young democtrat

awachita bwino..

Likoma Economist

I have said this before: death is a sad end, but when death of a person (criminals) leads to happiness of millions of people, then surely that death should be welcomed with joy.

Cpt zebode

mwangoika nkhani ya clip, where is the clip to appreciate? Koma iwenso wa Nyasatimes wachita describe wenkhanso zambiri za athuwa wy all the fuss. Shupiti zawo


So its ok for prison warders to take law into own hands..killing inmates.Anyone who call that justice is morally sick.Prisoners escape all the time.They are recuptured and put back into cell with tight security.


Bravo! prison warders that is job well done. these escapees were just lucky that they had an opportunity to defend themselves in the court of law.

MOB justice could have done them favour anyway. Armed robbers and burglars deserve death which Mob justice offers at the most convenient time.

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