Wanderers accuse FA Malawi of ‘double standards’ over Chande’s contract saga

Remarks  made by Football Association of Malawi (FAM) general secretary Sugzo Nyirenda on midfielder maestro Jaffali Chande have angered Mighty Be Forward Wanderers and they have accused him of playing “double standards” on the issue.

Suzgo Nyirenda :  FA Malawi boss accused of double standards

Suzgo Nyirenda : FA Malawi boss accused of double standards

Nyirenda told the media on Wednesday that wanderers have no business in Chande’s issue forgetting the player signed a pre-contract with the Nomads.

Wanderer’s general secretary Mike Butao have described Nyirenda’s comments as “misguided” and wondered why FAM is failing to conclude the matter despite former Nyasa Big Bullets general secretary Harold Fote testified to them that contract which the player submitted to FAM was original.

“Football administrators should not be militant. Wanderers have every interest in Chande’s case. If Chande is guilty and it transpires that we were wrong to sign him, are we not going to be punished?

“What about if he is innocent and his contract really did expire, are we going to be compensated for loss of service during this unnecessarily protracted investigation? Are we, therefore, wrong to ask for a speedy resolution?” Butao further quizzed.

He went on to question FAM’s credibility in handling the whole matter by being silent on Nyasa Big Bullets officials who took football matters to a court of law.

“And why is FAM silent on the issue of Bullets officials taking this football matter to court when they are quick to condemn and discipline others for similar offences? Why the double standards? If this matter was being handled by Sulom, as should have been the case the matter would have been resolved long time ago.

“We don’t care who is right or wrong. We just want a conclusion to this whole thing so that everybody can move on. We are spending money on legal fees to help the boy defend himself on a matter he might be innocent of. So how can somebody say we shouldn’t be concerned,” he wondered.

Last weekend, former Bullets general secretary Harold Fote testified that Chande’s contract which he submitted to FAM was original.

“Although l was given copies of the two contracts, my testimony was based on what l know on the issue. As such l did not discard the two contracts, but rather l testified having offered Chande a one and a half year-contract which ran from August 2014 to March 2016,” he was quoted in the media.

However, many soccer pundits have also questioned FAM on how they are handling the whole Chande’s saga since it has now taken weeks without any light at the end of the tunnel.

For instance, the player was told by FAM not to train until his verdict. The League also kicked-off last weekend yet the player is still in dark on his future, which FAM has in its hands.

Nyirenda defended his statement saying the Nomads should wait until the issue is sorted out.

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25 thoughts on “Wanderers accuse FA Malawi of ‘double standards’ over Chande’s contract saga”

  1. Dennis A. Mgomezulu says:

    FAM, justice delayed is justice denied. When yu delay more confusions emerges

  2. Wanakabaghe says:

    Wasuzgo bwanji? Musiyeni mwana inu!

  3. Gongonyeke says:

    Agaru a FAM mwakhomerela Dedza panonso mukufuna kukhomerele manoma, agaru!!

  4. Rob watsopano says:

    Ngati Chande anasayina contract ya one and half year, ndiye kuti mlanduwu ndi obvuta kwambiri. Ndipofunika kufatsa. Chande angatole thumba mtsogolomuno ndiiithu………..

  5. zanga phee says:

    Musaiwale kuti FAM ikulamulilidwa ndi agalu, Makamaka ameneyu otchedwa suzo Nyirendayu.
    zikuvuta pati kungogamula.sizokha zokha za a Gomezani Zakazaka zomasintha zovala akapita ku game ya Bullets makamaka ikamawina.

    akanakhala kuti player wachoka ku NOMA kupita ku Maule sakanavuta.
    FAM pELEKANI UFULU KWA MA PLAYER MOMWE Boma linapelekera ufulu kwa ma Hule.

  6. Khwinda says:

    Kodi nkhani yake ndi itiiti ikuvuta kugamula apapayi,, mukumuphera tsogolo mfanayu pangani mwachangu ayambe kusewera kulikonse kumene atapiteko. Dziko ili anthu ake onse ndondoli basi mxiii!!

  7. CP says:

    nyirenda nyooo

  8. Bonafide says:

    Apatu malamulo agwire tchito….apo biii ife timatcha. Some-1 here forged a document and some-1’s signature. Laws of Malawi where are you? This is serious offence!

  9. Ganet Wa Balabala Mj says:

    Momuja Achita Resolve Lit?

  10. Kaka from KK says:

    Stupid Suzgo and his entire FAM. What do they exactly want or to do with innocent Chande. The one who signed the contract has authenticated that Chande submitted to FAM an original copy of the contract. What else do they want?? I wonder what capacity do these guys have at FAM. Suzgo and your friends, please, just resign if you cannot manage to deliver….. Period!!!!!!!

  11. Lijocha says:

    If the issue was to do with any Mtumbuka, it could have been solved long time ago. Koma Jafale Chande, a Yao mmmm mpaka season itha.

  12. Lijocha says:

    Vuto loika atumbuka okhaokha ku FAM. Failing to resolve very simple issue. Mbwenumbwenus ndi choncho

  13. Zadziwika says:

    FAM cannot rely on evidence from Fote. He is a bitter person after his dismissal from Bullets FC. What if he lies?

  14. ya_smoothDJ says:

    FAM is right nomads have no business whatsoever in Chande’s case. This is between the player and Big Bullets.

  15. prince kaime says:

    Mmmm mukumuphera player ufulu wake and its high time now human rights mulowelerepo basi

  16. Ngwenyama says:

    Inu a FAM ndi Nyirenda mukuononga masewera a mpira mdziko muno. Fote wakuuzani chilungamo cha contract ya Chande ndiye inu mukufuna chiani? Kodi Chande ndi mwana wanu? Musiyeni Chande ayambe kusewera mpira mmasuleni. Kapenatu mwadya sikono ya Bullets ? Ukufuna umve chiani choposa zimene wakuuza Fote?
    Week ino isathe timve kuti nkhani yatha mwanayo ayambe kusewera mpira . Iwe Nyirenda udziwe kuti Chande mchere wake umachokera mu mpira omwewo ndipo team ya Be Forward ikuononga makobili pa nkhani imeneyi.

  17. Sibo says:

    Suzgo nyirenda achoke

  18. humphrey says:

    You wamt to do the same thing with Dedza case you have yiur own faviurate mpira muzingosewera wa chikulunga womwewu basi simupita patsogolo

  19. Manoma says:

    Eish!! ife a noma tili ndi adani ambili nanga pali nkhani apa yochedwela harod fote umboni wapeleka chikubvuta ndi chani?

  20. Mzozodo says:

    This is the same Nyirenda whom Government says is not ready to pay anymore, why doesn’t he save himself from further embarrassment and humbly resign! He and his Nyamilandu are just a pain in the ass

  21. goodwellbanda says:

    Kumuphera tsongolo kumeneko chande

  22. football fan says:

    Posachedwapa tizakuwonani a Suzgo muli pa bench ya Bullets

  23. Kelson Banda says:

    Ndichifukwa Chake Ku Malawi Mpira Sudzapita Patsogolo. A B4ward Angomuphera Tsogolo Mnyamatayo. Chande Abwerere Ku Nyasa BB. This Is Kelly Banda

  24. NOMA says:

    No wonder these idiots are promoting the least performinmg team into the league akutumani a bullets zimenezo? Bwinotu bwino

  25. john phiri says:

    F******K Fam, and Suzgo. These idiots are killing the game in Malawi. If you cant resolve a simple matter like this one I wonder what you can achieve at FAM. You guys are pigs of football.

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