What do Clinton email leaks reveal about what she thinks of Malawi?

Thousands of Hillary Clinton’s emails while US secretary of state have been released, including many that have been censored after being deemed classified.

 Hillary Rodham Clinton

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Mrs Clinton, who is seeking the Democratic nomination for the 2016 presidential election, has been under fire for using a private computer server for work emails while in office.

The state department disclosed that Mrs Clinton used a private server during her time as secretary of state (2009-13) after journalists requested copies of her government emails

The state department released 4,368 emails– totalling 7,121 pages – late on Monday.

So what do these emails reveal about what issue/s she follows in Malawi?NyasaTimes has been doing the crunching.

Unsurprisingly, not much. Except for two topics.


The first is the issue is homosexuality. In an email exchange between Johnnie Carson – Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, Cheryl Mills – Chief of Staff to Department of State and Jake Sullivan – US Foreign Policy Advisor, they discuss the Bingu Administration persecuting attitude towards minority rights.

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Writing to Hillary Clinton at 5:50am, Cheryl Mills explains in the email that the Malawi courts have “imposed the maximum sentence against the couple”.

She further explains that the US Embassy in Malawi notes attitudes in Malawi are against homosexuality before concluding that the Information Minister, who at the time was Hon. Patricia Kaliati MP, stated: “[Malawi] government was pleased with the conviction”.

Bingu’s wedding

The second issue is much more mundane. Following the death of Ethel Mutharika, Bingu remarried Callista Mutharika. It would appear invitations were extended to Hillary Clinton. Expectedly, she was unable to attend.

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  1. The official said the intelligence community was already concerned, for instance, that some classified information was inadvertently disclosed by the State Department in recent weeks when one of Mrs. Clinton s emails about Libya was publicly released.

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