Wise One on Malawi Cashgate: Lynching petty thieves and appointing great ones to public office, are we?

The wise statement: better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak out and remove all doubt, attributed to Abraham Lincoln, has once held its own with respect to the fall of one Oswald Lutepo.cashgate-triangle

Lutepo on wheelchair to Mikuyu prison

Lutepo on wheelchair to Mikuyu prison

On the day of his sentencing, chief cashgate convict Oswald Lutepo went down fighting with allegations that former president Joyce Banda used him to syphon K4.2 billion kwacha (approx. US$7.4 million)  from public coffers.

He said this while addressing the media inside the High Court in Zomba where was expecting to be sentenced, following his own plea of guilty to two counts of conspiracy to defraud government and money laundering.

Why a convict was accorded the luxury of “addressing the media” in the first place beats me. But this being Malawi, where idiocy, banality and mediocrity are never in short supply, this does not come as a surprise.

Among other things, Lutepo had the nerve to claim that his involvement in cashgate was “circumstantial not that I’ve a criminal mind”. For me to understand this profound “Grade A” trash, I would need not less than a faculty of multi-lingual psycho-analysts to clarify.

He went on: “Joyce Banda already knows that she used me. I can’t start explaining things that she already knows. She knows how she used me.

“My message to Joyce Banda is that she has to know that love is more important than anything else. Using someone is a sign of lack of love.”

A mentally retarded person could easily be swayed by Lutepo’s weird reasoning. For arguments sake, let us go along and pretend, for a while, that we are as deranged as Lutepo believes.

Just when did Lutepo realise that JB was using him? And when he grasped this, what did he do to recompense for the deaths (from lack of medicines in hospitals) and suffering (from inadequate funding and a donor black-out) that the brokerage he expertly managed caused?

Was he waiting for President Joyce Banda to win the May 2014 election so that he can “spill the beans”? Lutepo has obviously gone bonkers.

And as if this is not enough, he has the guts to stain the designation of “Ambassador” (usually reserved for exemplary or eminent persons) with a ludicrous claim that he will become one in the fight against corruption and crime in the country.

Whosoever heads the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) and other graft-busting bodies worldwide must think that in Malawi we are all nuts to be convicting a very benevolent soul, who has dedicated his stay in prison to fighting crime! I can’t stop laughing from the irony!

Ha! ha! ha!

At any rate, Ladies and Gentlemen, if things worked this way, we would by now have been living in a world tainted only by other vices but not robbery.

On the contrary, just as iron sharpens iron, prisons – especially in Malawi – only serve to make criminals more hardened. The best Lutepo could have done was to use his address to the media to ask for prayers.

I still believe I’m a good role model to the youths. I was able to contribute to the country’s development by offering employment. I did not get rich because of cashgate, I had businesses before.

I insist, my conscious is clear that I didn’t steal from govt. How could I get hold of government money on my own? The money was for ‘them’ he said, but could not elaborate on who he meant by “them”.

This is in my view, the most infuriating bit of the entire Lutepo Address to the Media.

First, while Lutepo can indeed claim to have created “employment”; if he has a quarter of a functioning brain, he should be able to flip the coin to the other side and acknowledge that via his being the Chief Broker of cash-gate, hundreds upon hundreds of real and potential jobs were lost.

Only after assessing the net result of the jobs he claims to have created against the jobs that were lost as a direct result of Cashgate, can he begin to make any reference to creating or destroying jobs.

Secondly, if indeed his conscious is clear and he did not “steal” from government what then was this sentencing all about? And what about the allegation that JB used him, what exactly did JB “use him” for If not to syphon funds from the Treasury?

And is this (syphoning funds from the Treasury) not what is called “stealing”?

The more I think about this address, the more I think the media was being addressed by a lunatic. Zomba being the host of a mental hospital, I am tempted to think that the real Lutepo bolted and a lunatic from the hospital was being used as dummy, in his place!

And for crying out loud, since when do courts grab an innocent person minding their own business from the street, waste millions of Kwachas in a trial and finally sentence them eleven years with hard labour?

As to his so called pledge to fight for minority rights especially those in prison, in my view, he can stuff it and this urge to “all those involved in cashgate to come out in the open as he has done”, am afraid, this is too little coming too late.

The only thing likeable out of the garbage – is that Lutepo had the nerve to inform Malawians that even as he is being lynched, the current government is at it; stealing from the public purse.

Cashgate is deep-rooted in Malawi. Lynching me will not solve the problem. Even as you’re lynching me, someone is stealing government money,” Oswald Lutepo daring Malawians via the media.

 Is eleven years with hard labour “enough”?

When I recall the many Malawians that have died of curable diseases while Lutepo and his likes were syphoning tax-payers money, the many boys and girls still learning under trees – even as we speak – eleven years is far from enough.

However, since there have been other thieves and other cases (e.g. the 1.7 billion Kwacha presidential case, the unexplained Bingu Billions stashed abroad) that have been allowed to stall prior to dying a natural death; there would be no difference for me if Lutepo serves a day or life in prison.

No honour among thieves?

The moral of Lutepo’s story, rantings and fall is very simple. Knowing as we do that fire rages in the direction that it has not scorched yet; Lutepo can take solace in the fact that his part is done.

But what about those whose role has not yet been uncovered? And how about those that, Lutepo’s misadventure notwithstanding, are still allowing themselves to be “sodomized” by politicians?

After all has been done and said, the words of Aesop ring true, loud and clear: “We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office.”

Good afternoon Oswald Lutepo, it was nice knowing you. From your rather absurd address I have picked two things:

1) It would have been better for you to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak out and remove all doubt, and that

2) Aluta continua in the fight against cashgate, the worst is yet to come!

I rest.

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28 thoughts on “Wise One on Malawi Cashgate: Lynching petty thieves and appointing great ones to public office, are we?”

  1. Trad says:

    I respect the author for his views and the decorum but I see this article falling short of the other good pieces of writing and issues usually addressed. This article has mainly focused on laughing at Lutepo and his mitigation. I should believe as Malawians of goodwill we should be interested in getting to the bottom of this looting and see that all the culprits have been apprehended. Much as I do not sympathize with Lutepo I believe we should make use of some little sense from his outbursts. Only if we understand how government accounts are maintained and funded in the commercial banks by the treasury through RBM should we be able to appreciated some sense in what Lutepo is saying. We need to understand as to who initiates a payment, who approves/authorise and under whose orders were the cheques initiated? In most cases there is need for extra funding. Who was facilitating this with RBM? We should understand that the Baker Tilly audit only looked at bank transactions in commercial banks and analyzed suspicious transactions and this is why these suppliers (Including Lutepo) were arrested. They are the owners of the accounts. Baker Tilly guys did not look at how the whole syndicate operated or dig into the other stakeholders in the syndicate. This can only come out from the likes of Lutepo because they new where the money was coming from and where it was going. They new the source and other beneficiaries in the deal. You would not get this from Baker Tilly because after cashing at the banks, it was a deal in hard cash. no traces. This kind of writing assumes Lutepo’s conviction is the end of the story and tries to divert peoples attention from questioning the involvement of the Mphwiyos, JB and others. Let’s fight to end this and push for justice to continue to prevail. Whether it is JB or Muluzi kaya APM let the law take it’s course. Our question should be ‘After Lutepo, what’s NEXT’? Not making a laugh at someone already convicted. To be honest I am disappointed with this article and the author has not lived to the billing apart from the eloquence and some flair

  2. Man Soda says:

    onse amagidwe wina asasale chonde

  3. Man Soda says:

    komatu onse amagidwe wina asasale chonde

  4. Zaucitsiru ine sindingakakamizidwe kuba. Lutepo watumidwa ndi DPP

  5. Mulangizi Wa APM same sex marriages and mthibulo says:

    Now may be cashgate suspects will appreciate that had it not been for their actions Malawi could have had better social services including prisons. What type of tea do they serve in Malawi prisons, I read somewhere that in British prisons, inmates are served with very bitter tasting tea called diesel.

    Give them the blackest tea, idiots! Ndiye a Lutepo mulimbetu 11 years!

  6. Poor Peoples Voice says:

    Ndalama zokuba akuti mwanyenga nazonso.azimai kwambiri. Lapani machimo akulu

  7. Nyamakumutu says:

    I don’t understand why we call this man a thief can some one tell me how he is a thief without some agreement between him and those working in the system. There is a need to answer a big question. How did he got such a check or checks from the government systems. Who authorized those checks for the bank to allow him walk out from their service centres with such an amount. If indeed someone in high profile benefited from this theft why the silence until all was worked out. I believe someone like JB and Mpwiyompwiyo knows something. Did he break the offices or a bank.

  8. Pathako rumphi 1 says:

    Suzgo ndakuti, wanthu awo wakiba ndalama wanyakhe mkuwaleka waka. Tawanyinu tikukwantha waka na chuvu kuno ku rumphi para uyo ndalama wangapereka, wamleke walute ku chipatala munthu wangatifwira waka.

  9. D Z J Moyo says:

    As far as your comment is concerned am seeing a rat in a basket. why am saying so is that ¹ you don’t agree with Lutepo sentiments but people when dieing can say a very good recite. what has left for him to hide anybody? expect more. revelations. If you have somebody in mind that will be mentioned you will regret. Bravo Lutepo we want those big fishes to be netted. Even you media you have been putting other people be like angels yet they are serpents. Take it.

  10. Bennet Nyirenda says:

    The truth of the matter is he did not start during JB’s regime, he sold the idea to her from her predecessor where he made his riches that he continues getting rich.

  11. Captain says:

    Uyutu akupenga uyu. Umadya wekha waiwala mmene umashainila ku Lilongwe iwe. Ngati JB anadya tifufuza ndi zinanso zimenezo

  12. bic witz says:

    But you too sound equally deranged albeit in a different direction!

  13. This is talking, we have to come to our senses that lots of people have died due to Lutepo’s conduct. He couldnt therefore be entertained by the media.

  14. Msadane says:

    I dont think the size of this theft executed within a period of about 6 months qualifies as petty. This is one of the cruel thefts by selfish and dangerous thieves. We want all to be held accountable for their acts … maximum sentences will not restitute for what Malawi has already lost and continues to do so, but at least will send a message. Who knows one day even bigger fish will be caught in their own traps. But for now, because collectively every one of them played their part, they are all individualy important contributor to the sordid plunder of our resources and the inflicted pain on innocent Malawians

  15. Teams says:

    Lutepo sounds frustrated that the state has used him by dangling the plea bargain and he hasn’t been rewarded for spilling the beans! Leonard Kalonga take note and don’t expect anything less from the courts. You guys were dealing with May Kachale who is now wearing a political face forgetting that final decision on your fate lies with the courts who have so far refused to dance to the tune of politicians. Kalonga good luck. MBC has gone to town over your statement and if that was enough to save you from a custodial sentence I would have said you are almost a free person but just may be as we wait for your sentencing .

  16. Telling the Truth says:

    I have already said the rantings of Lutepo should be disregarded by all right thinking people. It is only those who hate Joyce Banda that that are amused by Lutepo’s rantings. Lutepo is a pure thief who stole public funds. He deserves what he got.

  17. Alex Likoswe says:

    Overpricing contracts. ACB what is your take? Donors what’re are your views? Friends what do we say? Road Authority is this true?

  18. Mafikizolo says:

    One of the few sensible articles I have read so far on this sad “Cashgate” saga . Thumbs up .

  19. chasweka says:

    you see how things it will be with my tax money

  20. SALIMA BOYS says:

    Zili ku Malawi abale,nanga 1.7 ija anasolola Baba a Muluzi ija ilipati?anachilanotu akhoza kuyankha mlandu.

  21. mzungu wa nzeru says:

    Those who know Lutepo know him as a hardworking man untill he met this devil.Mark my words THE HEAVENS are not asleap

  22. RoyK says:

    William Shakespeare wrote a similar quote in merchant of Venice when Gratiano was making noise

  23. Ahhed says:

    A Lutepo mmene mmagula Naming’omba,Chloride Battrey,pajanso mmafuna kugula Air Malawi kunali Joyce Banda. Infact ndinuyo mmamuputsitsa mayi uja. Nanga kachibwenzi munakamangira nyumba ku New Naperi kakumabwera kudzakuonani. Komanso ndimvapo kuti wayamba mitsala ndiye wamitsala amayankhula choncho.

  24. Mlauzi says:

    Mwalemba bwino. Fluent piece that flows very well. One correction though:

    “my conscience is clear……….” and not “my conscious is clear………….”

  25. nobel says:

    Surely there are many ppl involved. How abt those signing, authorising, approving cheque payments? Come to think of, RBM governor, finance officials etc. The first citizen must be in the know. Let the truth be known.

  26. Brazilian wax says:


  27. George phiri says:

    Well spoken. But wait guys whats this about Joyce using this guy. Everyone is commenting but noone is talking about Joyce. Could this be the reason Joyce has been out there ever since??? And now she is coming back only after Lutepo is inside?

  28. Fuwa says:

    Wiseone. Beautifully packaged read. I have enjoyed reading it and please keep them coming. The world is a weird place. The K61billion syphoned by Bingu is buried and forgotten.

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