Zambia’s new President Lungu axe white vice president: Female VP appointed

Zambia’s newly-elected President Edgar Lungu dropped vice president Guy Scott – who was briefly Africa’s only white leader – from his administration when he announced his cabinet on Monday.

President Lungu (left) sacks Scott

President Lungu (left) sacks Scott

As interim president since the death in office of Michael Sata in October, Scott had been the first white leader on the continent since the end of apartheid 20 years ago.

He was replaced as vice president by Inonge Wina, a former gender minister and chairwoman of the ruling Patriotic Front.

Scott had sacked Lungu from his position as party general secretary during a power struggle after Sata’s death, but later reinstated him after rioting by supporters.

Scott, who is of Scottish descent, was prevented by the constitution from standing for the presidency himself as his parents were not born in Zambia.

He had told local media that he saw his role as interim president as largely ceremonial and was looking forward to handing over power so that he could enjoy his “gin and tonic”.

Lungu made several other new appointments to the cabinet after winning last week’s election, but retained Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda and Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba.

Ngosa Simbyakula becomes Justice Minister and is replaced as Home Affairs Minister by Davies Mwila.

The new president reiterated his pledge to serve the people of Zambia equally regardless of tribal affiliation.

“I love every part of Zambia and we won’t look at tribe when it comes to development,” he said.

Lungu, the former defence minister, takes over the helm for the remainder of Sata’s term until a general election scheduled for September 2016.

He has promised to focus on building the economy of the continent’s second biggest copper producer, which has been hit by declining prices.

The new president inherits a slowing economy and high poverty levels, with the key mining, tourism and agriculture sectors all struggling.

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40 thoughts on “Zambia’s new President Lungu axe white vice president: Female VP appointed”

  1. kate says:

    kikikikikikiki hehehehehehehe. Bwana Lungu mukanakhala kuno ku Malawi bwenzi anthu akunena kuti ndinu wakuMpoto . hahahahahhahhaha.

  2. kate says:

    No 21 you are right. The new president’s health is very worrying. Mwaganiza bwanji ma Zambians? Mukonzekere another state funeral posachedwa koma mwina poti mpandowu ndiwonona akhala bwino.

  3. shubert mwafulia says:

    zabwino zonse mr lungu, show them that you can do and for the fire aaaah no problem because anakuchita zooooooopsya ameneyu

  4. Kenkkk says:

    APM can learn alot from Lungu’s views on tribalism and development. Scott did a very bad thing to Lungu, he should actually consider himself lucky for just getting the sack. To that effect Lungu has been very kind and generous!!!

  5. Patriot says:

    Zinali chonchonso kuno ku Malawi chaka china chake, koma zinakhota.
    Ndiye paja Zambia ndi Malawi share the same events, tiziona.

  6. Kenkkk says:

    APM can learn alot from Lungu’s views on tribalism and development. Scott did a very bad thing to Lungu, he should actually consider himself lucky for just getting the sack. To that effect Lungu has been very kind!!!

  7. musisipala says:

    President Lungu has done the right thing at the right time. Honorable Guy fired a bonafide person who is now a president. Guy should follow his foot steps (to scotland)

  8. Mazibuko Msyali says:

    Muyambe kumumeta ndevu ndi kusamba bwana president

  9. maxweljula says:

    revenge is not nice alwys….y u fired him mr president/were u not feeling comfortable the then vp b4 u become 1st citizen of zambia?ok if its part of development go ahead

  10. Azijo says:

    This Lungu from the face is a drunkard. In SiZulu we call it pkuza face. Drunkards are bad rulers mostly they rule under the influence of beer.

  11. Jozza says:

    Eeeeesh bwanawa akuoneka ngati amayaka hvy ma spirit

  12. Jozza says:

    All the best bwana president

  13. fkr says:

    Good luck zambia. Your going to need it.

  14. Faya says:

    Thats wrong.

  15. dzikolathu says:

    Please editor kindly put back the two Prophecies about Zambia election from the two men of God Prophet Bushiri and Liabunya

  16. matutu says:


  17. Ngungudya says:

    Alungu asayiwale kuti mzunguyo wathandiza kwambiri chipanicho iwo inatanikusankhidwa pa u Vice Sata alimoyo

  18. PATRIOT says:

    good idea ‘gin and tonic’ is the best solution, no heart attack, bravo scott

  19. Shasha says:

    Zambians, what have you done? Can’t you see that the health status of the president you have chosen is frail? Do you want to hold another elections before 2016? Mind you, holding elections is a very expensive venture. Don’t say I did not say it or that he has been bewitched.

  20. Fathi Alshehaab says:

    Colour or tribe or Religious discfiptions are discriminatory remarks and should not be encouraged…its same as saying ur deaf blind short etc its an unfringe.ent tantsmont to hate such diverse groups created by Gone createf himseilf…!

  21. mboniyabwalo says:

    It is not racism since we also are called black people even though we are not black but just people like any other person.

  22. MVUNGO says:

    Ayi ziri bwino anzathu sizimene ziri kunozitu!! Matsoka anatipatsira Muluzi wa andikwana inu anthu oti dziko la Malawi samalidziwa kukhara president mpaka ku Sanjika ihihihih kikiki koma!

  23. Kumbuyo Kucheta says:

    Well done HE E. Lungu, President of the republic of Zambia.
    Africa for Africans!
    Why colonize our beautiful continent??????????

    We only keep azungu who practice clean politics. Scot reaped what he planted when he wa a care taker President.
    He was over excited for being the last white President in Africa and blundered big time by sacking his party’s Secretary General.

    That was too zungush for him to do.
    Let him indeed go and have wish gin and tonic!

  24. ....Pako says:

    AMalawidi alibe mphwayi basi kumalamurira maiko aeni maina akutchulidwa m’boma wo aaa kikikikiki koma kikikikiki

  25. Hebrews says:

    Tit for tat! When you are climbing up, do not despise those on the way or down because on your way down, you meet the very same people! Good lesson to greedy and cruel leaders

  26. chilombo says:

    Lungu akuoneka ngati wamwapo masachet kwaka nthawi ndithu

  27. Future Watcher says:

    Congratulation are in order for your election as the 6th president of Zambia. However, I feel you have missed to sack this guy Scott.

  28. Phwexy says:

    Ohooo…. Mzako bingu anasakha JB iye namwalira…… Usamale lungu kumeko…..

  29. Alungwana says:

    I think Lungu is a racist and a pure Africa minded person who revenges. I dont think he is there to serve but to be served.

  30. MBACHI says:

    Atleast you could have given him a possition not revenge. Africans you have to learn to forgive. To me Scott is an important person to Zambians.

  31. lionel says:

    Kodi mapulezident onse a zambia amaoneka odwala bwanji?

  32. Racism is a fact we have to live with as long as there are races. The solution is to start a multinational interracial breeding campaign.

  33. Hebdo says:

    Another Malawian ruling zambians

  34. malawiana says:

    This story is a non starter. Scott was never a VP To Lungu and would not even allow to be one

  35. Namalila says:

    Mr President, it would have been ideal as well to give another post for him to contribute positively in the development of the beloved country.
    Better think twice and all the Best in your new post as State President of the Republic of Zambia.

  36. Moya says:

    Until Africa stops politics of revenge but focus on real issues of poverty, marginalization on global trade and other related activities, how to assist the majority iliterate with ideas that would get then out of poverty, until we start realizing that we have resources that are being exploited by non Africans, until we focus on working as Africans as one and unite as AU we shall remain doomed as a continent.

  37. mwiithotho says:

    Azungu are very racist

    1. itsJusAName says:

      It this same attitude where malawians will never go forward. Malawi suffers from degrading racism

  38. African policts always dirty could you pliz avoid controvancies and just move ahead we malawians we are in hot fire bcoz of those.

  39. Cunningham says:

    Is it not racist to describe a person by the color of his skin?

Comments are closed.

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