Zodiak TV to show Bushiri programs: Apostle John Chi hails Malawian prophet

Malawi’s leading privately-owned station Zodiak will be hosting South Africa based multimillionaire Prophet Sheppard Bushiri with a program to do his televangelism with prophetic messages, Nyasa Times has learnt.

Apostle John Chi hugs Bushiri

Apostle John Chi hugs Bushiri

The program will be launched on Sunday at 6.30.

Prophet Bushiri founder of Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG), a fast growing church with branches all over the world, said he was delighted that Zodiak has given him n opportunity to televise his programmes.

“My team is ready organising the production of the programmes which starts this Sunday,” said Bushiri to Nyasa Times.

“People should get ready for an explosion of God’s move. Let them see if I don’t preach salvation and lead many to Christ,” said Bushiri.

“I am so happy because God has started fighting my battles,” he said.

Some Malawians who spoke to Nyasa Times gave positive reaction to the move by Zodiak to give Bushiri the platform.

“I have been hearing about Prophet Bushiri and his miracle money and it nice that I will be able to watch him on Zodiak and judge myself as I have heard  a lot of him and I don’t know whether it’s true or not,” said Owen Banda  from Area 18 in Lilongwe.

Bushiri also launched a Christian television station, Prophetic Channel which is on Free to Air and viewed by millions across the world.

“Our church services are characterised by unusual prophecies, healings, and all manner of miracles, he says attributing it to God’s Grace upon his life,” he said.

The Malawian prophet relocated to South Africa in Pretoria where he launched another ECG church, which has grown to over 60,000 members.

During live broadcasts on Prophetic Channel, shouts of ‘Major One’ as he is commonly called, break out in the audience as people cry out for the attention of the Man of God.

Sometimes, calls of ‘Major One, do something’ ring out as the desperate audience present their various needs to the Prophet.

Meanwhile, Apostle John Chi who was a right hand man of Nigerian Prophet TB Joshua attended ECG church service and hailed Bushiri as “great man of God”.

He said: “Bushiri has stormed Africa with revival. If you deny him as true prophet then be ready to show us the true prophet which Jesus has given us.”

Apostle Chi said: “I recognise prophet Bushiri as a true man of God.”

He said people fight prophets because they lack love.

“Let us love one another as Christ loves the church,” said Chi.

Prophet Bushiri’s Ministry has however not been devoid of persecution.

The usually immaculately dressed Man of God leans forward in his chair, and says, “gun shots have missed me countless times, I have escaped poisoning, faced legal suits, false accusations sometimes from fellow servants of God opposing my calling.”

To this he says, “If you are at the top, you become the topic and if you are the head, you become the headline,” thereby refusing to be deterred by what he calls empty talk from his persecutors.
He rather thanks God for what he terms as ‘Judas Iscariots’ in his life as they have strengthened his resolve to serve God and indirectly made his Ministry grow.

Of the Prophetic Ministry, Prophet Bushiri says it should not be viewed with contempt as it is significant to everyone and nations.

He says the Prophetic reveals hidden things, gives hope, comforts and prepares people for what is to come.

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34 thoughts on “Zodiak TV to show Bushiri programs: Apostle John Chi hails Malawian prophet”

  1. Margaret Mpho Letsholo says:

    Hi prophet Bushiri Major 1 i cant wait to visit your church i pray in the name of Jesus that one day i will see you and you will give me an accurate prophesy i want to know who my father is my mom passed on years ago she did not want to tell me who my father is every child has the right to know who they are i beleive that once i meet you that will be the end of my sufferings the mansion house the new Rave 4 and the good heath will follow me thanking you in advance your daugter in christ

  2. khoza lesedi says:

    I I love prophet bushiri with all my heart bcuz he’s healing people but I never see him before but I wish God can connect me with him

  3. Lazarous Manzi says:

    Only God knows the whole truth. pray that HE may show you the truth coz talkin against men of God is an offence, whether genuine or fake. 1 samuel 26:5-11, 1 chr 16-22.

  4. CHRISELDA says:

    I asked God to bless South Africa with a Major Prophet and He did send my Prophet bushiri Major 1 . I love my Prophet and I’m much crazy in love with Prophetess Mary Bushiri, I believe that my case is settled as I’ve been barrenn for over 15 years and my business is not doing well for now. But with this anointing all is in the past in Jesus name. May God always protect and increase you . We love you and those who don’t the massage is Jesus love our Prophet more.

  5. kalemera jean says:

    what kind of prophet who leaves his own country and resides into another…searching for good life huh…jesus himself preached his ministries in his homeland and sent his appostles to the rest of the world…MAJor one come home a big house is waitn for you if thats what u r looking for


    we want the live sessions

  7. Pwiya wa Pwiya says:

    Malawians, all we are discussing about this prophet or that is a mere sign of laziness. Instead of discussing how to develop our country, We waste our time through these discussions. This even vindicates that Malawi is a superstitious. Wake up people lets begin to listen to our poverty and individually think how we can turn things around not this nonsense of prophesy.

  8. observer says:

    Moto walawirawi ukudikira inu aneneli onyenga…..

  9. Chimwana Cha Papa says:

    Major 1 is my Prophet. I connected with him the very first time I met him in 2010. He has changed my life in all dimensions. I have seen God working in my life, transforming me , fighting my battles, promoting me, lifting me up, healing me, providing for me.

    Major 1 gave me direction and I have the privilege of knowing what lays ahead of me.
    I have seen the enemy rise up against me several times. I just laugh at him coz I know my father already prophesied about these things and that I will always come out triumphant .
    Malawians, do miss this opportunity . Use it, maximize it. Learn from me.

  10. Only God knows His prophets dont judje them oweruza nd mwini wakeyo but hory bible already expain about that REMEMBER

  11. only God knows his prophet but what i hear is not true znazi tisamabise mulowerelepo Ambuye tisamangosusana pano ai

  12. kukhala says:


  13. Winston Msowoya says:

    The issue here is about MONEY,the catalyst of all the evil on earth It is money that has turned the whole world upside down.Remember that 30 shillings which betrayed JESUS,is lingering in our daily lives and this is the genesis of our troubles on earth.GOD HELP US !!!!

  14. Andrew says:

    Go deeper man of God in jesus name

  15. mada says:

    tazimvera thokha

  16. Winston Msowoya says:

    The world now is approaching its last days.Jesus said time would come when people will use my name for their own greedy interests.We are openly seeing this today.We are also beginning to see all sorts of false Prophets.As the number of Prophets keep on increasing,so are the global deadly calamities.Our brothers and sisters in Ethiopia are embracing one of the deadliest droughts the world has ever see in the novel history,but none of the so-called prophets warned the people of the bileguerd Ethiopia.In our own Malawi,none of the so-called Prophets warned the people about the coming of the drought which has caused extreme shortage of food.Malawians could remember the way we turned Banda into messiah and an everlasting human being (wamuyaya),but where is he? We must learn from the past stupid and shameful mistakes.The real Messiahs are those worked with Jesus and what we are saying today,is just BLASPHEMY confusing our people in order to exploit them.And yes,they are.The funds collected from the people are the same funds they are buying food for the hungry people.I do not intend to confuse peoples’ beliefs,but rather also to air my personal opposite beliefs and if I have harmed someone’s belief, I beg to apologize for that but,Iam ardently support my belief that Jesus,Moses,Abraham and the rest,were authentic Prophets.IN JESUS I TRUST,AMEN!!!!

  17. ADVISOR says:

    Whether that prophet or this one, either false or true. There is no name which has been given on earth and in heaven which can save. Only Jesus Christ(Acts 4:12). The problem I have with many followers of different prophets and prophets themselves you make noise of your names and many things but not the name which carries more value than anything else. We are getting this wrong. We are workers of Christ so lets popularize the boss(JESUS) not ourselves. Everyone who campaigns of his or her name more that recognizing the authority which placed him there is cursed and will fall. God does not tolerate this. Remember devil fell because of the same things.

  18. zodiak says:

    nde mwati true prophet of our age???

  19. nkambule Thembinkosi says:

    Major one , I love u my father my father and the whole world shall know that you are the prophet in our generation eyeeeee from Swaziland.

  20. Chrissy Chinoko says:

    Musiyeni Mulungu akhale Mulungu

  21. Chrissy Chinoko says:

    Ambuye atithandize, chifukwa chani timadana ndi atumiki a Mulungu???? Chonsecho mudziko mwathu muli njala , matenda, nsanje ndizina zambiri…. nthawi ino siyotanganidwa ndi mijedu ayi… koma kuona ubale wako ndi mulungu kuti ndi wotani.Tisachedwe ndi kulozana dzala…..!!!

    1. Chiyembekezo Kamasula says:

      God is wonderful. May He open our eyes to see the truth, our ears to hear and give us an understanding spirit

  22. Elias ndamuwa says:

    Major Major Major 1.I love You.

  23. golo says:

    Good development by Zodiak to enable lots of people access Prophetic Channel which is also available on free to air and other tv broadcasters . To Major 1 we say you are an inspiration to the young and old alike because its not just the gospel you preach but also teaching people to become successful in their lives like venturing into business activities to alleviate their poverty using biblical principles which are the most powerful weapons you can ever use in business to make it successful.

  24. EPIGLOTIS says:

    Let God Almighty be God for he was, he is, will be forever

  25. Cecilia says:

    Mama says:
    Mlulungu ananena kuti lolani tiana tidze kwa ine chifukwa umfumu wakumwamba uli kwa iwowo chonde tiyeni tisiye mlungu awagwiretse nctito anawo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Joliji says:

    Happiest day of my life

    1. Zoona says:

      If what has been written is the reason, I can promise you there is nothing sensible you do in life.

  27. nabia says:

    May God increase this Prophet of God becoz of what he has done in my life.Without this Prophet I dont know what my life would have been spiritually and physically Try him and you will never regret.

  28. dan says:

    That is my man go go major! Dont leave every stone unturned. The so called true men of God they will oppose you but they will not offer the alterntive.they be just talking you know empty tins

  29. Go deeper Major 1. Timakunyadilani. Malawians will never talk good on successful Malawians. They talk good on strangers, because they believe in poverty not success. Poverty has paralysed the minds of Malawians to the extent of limiting themselves powered by inferiority complex. To me, a moderate thinking Malawian, I wish I could see many Malawians being successful as Major 1 so that we must be located on African map.

  30. Wowa says:

    What the Bible said has be come true. The rejected stone became the chief corners stone. Our Major 1 has done it. Your were born just to do this. You are the prophet of this time, doing the work of our Lord Jesus Christ. May God continue blessing you Papa, increase you and Protect. In Jesus Name

  31. Thyolo Thava says:

    All the best

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