200 families homeless in Ntcheu after stormy rains chaos

Heavy and stormy rains Wednesday afternoon destroyed scores of houses in Zidana Village in the area of Senior Chief Kwataine in Ntcheu leaving over 200 families homeless.

House  roof in Ntcheu blown away
House roof in Ntcheu blown away
Phiri,  District Commisoner for Ntcheu:  200 homeless
Phiri, District Commisoner for Ntcheu: 200 homeless

According to Village Head Zidana, the storm which did not last long hit the village around 2p.m.

“It all started with light rains and within a short time we heard a strange sound of something like whirlwind and this is the wind which has devastated my village and surrounding schools and villages,” said Zidana.

The village head said 90 per cent of his subjects were affected by the storm.

“As you can see most of the affected houses were roofed by iron sheets and it is doubtful if the affected families will have resources to bring back their houses to their original status. Therefore, there is immediate need for assistance from government and various stakeholders,” he said.

Speaking in an interview after visiting the affected village, Ntcheu District Commissioner, Harry Phiri described the situation as pathetic and called on organizations and government to intervene.

“Regardless that no deaths were reported but some people sustained minor injuries and were treated as out- patients at Nsipe Health Centre. This scenario is one of the worst disasters to have been experienced in the district,” Phiri said.

He attributed the disaster to wanton cutting down of trees and advised all village heads to encourage their subjects to be planting trees which can in future block storms from destroying houses.

“I can confirm that most of the areas in the district have been affected by these stormy rains, the current number of the affected households is over 200, however these figures are expected to rise as assessment continues in the other affected areas,” he said.

However, the district commissioner was quick to thank government for responding to the situation by providing the families with plastic sheets, maize for food and other items such as buckets and cups.

“The Deputy Minister of Defence, Malisoni Ndau presented the relief items as a starting point but we need more assistance to ensure that lives of the affected people are normalized within the shortest period,” he said.–Mana

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8 years ago

If this storm is part of the ‘el nino effect’, don’t worry; a government representative said recently that the country is well prepared for it. He did not say how prepared or go into any details. This government needs to wake up and smell the coffee. They are sleep-walking the country into disaster. This is only the beginning of the rainy season. Watch out!

mtubzitubzu kumputa mkunkhudza
mtubzitubzu kumputa mkunkhudza
8 years ago

More rain, less food. Shame!!!!!!!!!

Nankununkha sadzimva
Nankununkha sadzimva
8 years ago

If we continue pretending that wanton cutting down of trees will have no catastrophic consequences we will have ourselves to blame. Along the roads of Malawi you see thousands of bags of charcoal and nobody seems to care. Others justify it for poverty. But remember poverty breeds poverty.For sure any serious leadership would not allow unsustainable means of energy to thrive. Since our ESCOM is dead, why can’t we encourage the use of coal because the country seems to have abundant deposits. Last time I heard from the head of state it was , ” let’s bear with ESCOM” OMG!

8 years ago

Munthu wa chi Malawi kwake ndikuononga basi. He depends on the Government to plant trees, provide them with free housing and education etc. Our country was very green with many trees every where 20 years ago. Umbuli wosazindikira tanthauzo la Democracy watibweretsera umphawi ndithu. I blame it on Elson Bakiri Muluzi ndithu! I planted many trees around my house at my home village and it has survived three storms because of the trees around it. Other houses around my house were blown off. Today, people are invading my Forrest of trees claiming there is nowhere they can buy the trees.… Read more »

Wa Nzeru Wa Kummawa
Wa Nzeru Wa Kummawa
8 years ago

A house roof gets blown away and you bring cups and buckets as if they were also blown away.
Even the maize is not necessary. Their maize flour got soaked yes but these people had stocked enough maize for food.
My opinion seem to be harsh but really I don’t see the rationale in bringing cups. The plastics yes. We can keep the maize for real hunger stricken population.

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