250 Malawi passports missing, one found with Nigerian arrested in SA: MP Mkandawire exposes syndicate in parliament, Chief Immig under fire

Outspoken Mzimba West  member of parliament  Harry Mkandawire (People’s Party –PP) on Thursday exposed a passport syndicate in the National Assembly when he disclosed that a box of 250 blank Malawian passports  got lost in December last year.

Chiumia: We are investigating

MP Mkandawire: Brought the issue to parliament

Medi: Chief Immigration Officer should be investigated

He told the House that on December 29 2016, the Department of Immigration received a consignment of passports from Technobrain, the supplier of the books, whose quantity was short with one box containing 250 blank passports.

According to the MP, Chief Immigration officer Masauko Medi signed for the consignment even though one box was missing as earlier the stores officer refused to sign for the same consignment.

“The Chief Immigration Officer signed for these passports. The crime is starting from that juncture,” said Mkandawire.

He asked Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security to take Chief Immigration Officer to task.

“There is something fishy here,” said Mkandawire.

Mkandawire presented to the House objective material information on the missing blank Malawian passports, saying the missing serial numbers of the books were from MW853501 to 853750.

He said it was later discovered that one of the missing passports was issued to a Nigerian who posed as a Malawians from Mangochi with passport number MW853507.

“The Nigerian used the name Vincent Banda from Mangochi, meaning that 249 passports are still out there. Banda was arrested in South Africa en-route to UK, he was smuggling some goods,” Mkandawire told the House.

Mkandawire said the matter poses a security threat to the country.

Karonga Central MP Frank Mwenifumbo (Aford) agreed on ecurity concerns and said Malawi is being threatened by terrorists disguised as refugees which government want to relocate them to Karonga.

“There are terrorists from groups like al Shabab who are hiding in this country. They have been found with guns and we are not sure whether these cannpt be given passports because it seems everyone can get a passport in Malawi,” said Mwenifumbo.

Another PP legislator Ralph Jooma from Mangochi Monkey Bay called for Chief Immigration officer Medi to be investigated as he signed for the consignment with missing passport books.

Minister Chiumia told parliament that government was aware of the syndicate and that she will present to the House a ministerial statement on the matter.

“We are investigating the issue,” Chiumia said.

She disclosed that passport numbers from MW 853501 to 853750 have been declared null and void.

“We are sending officers to South Africa to investigate further,” Chiumia told parliament.

“We will have  to find out how he [the Nigerian ] got the passport and who is behind this racket. Once we know who is behind this, they will face the law,” said Chiumia.

Chiumia refused to give detailed information fearing it would “jeopardise investigations.”

But Mkandawire proposed that the parliamentary committee on Defence and Security  -which he chairs –  should be manadated to investigate the matter, saying government cannot be trusted because it seems to be  “party to the racket.”

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30 thoughts on “250 Malawi passports missing, one found with Nigerian arrested in SA: MP Mkandawire exposes syndicate in parliament, Chief Immig under fire”

  1. Lloyd says:

    I think its true that our parliament is working tirelessly to fulfill what Malawians want NOT the ACB, their roll is not transparent


  3. NGINDE says:

    bwana amene boma lamutumiza kuti akagwire ntchito ya immigration ku RSA ndi wamadilu oopsa wakatangale oopsa

  4. Panganani says:

    I appeal to the President to fire the Minister of Home Affairs, Inspector General of Police and Chief Immigration Officer. Subsequent to this, there should be a special Parliamentary committee to investigate this because the Police or Immigration or NIB cannot be trusted. Anthuwa ndi MBAVA kwamtheradi.In as long as we are under DPP, expect worse than this.

  5. Wilfried Maluwa says:

    Malawi is a rotten nation. It starts with those on the top. When parents misbehaves, they can longer control their children, so to Malawi style. For example cashgaters followed by maizegaters and those still in caves including the passportgaters. Malawi is no more a God fearing nation, we are just insulting God by calling ourselves God fearers. STOP!!!!!! Za manyazi. Ukapita ku maiko ena ungoti ndie wa kuMalawi anthu amangoti scientific thieves chikhalirecho zianthu zake zophunzira bwino. Khalani achitsanzo kuti ana akule ndi khalidwe loganizira kukweza dzikoli mwa njira zachilungamo kudzera ku madalitso a Mulungu. Haaa tsoka kwa inu nonse pamodzi ndi mabanja anu amene mukumaphangira ma resources a dziko lino popondereza ochepekedwa/osauka. Mulungu akulangeni.

  6. Thanga lamoto says:

    Kaziko komvetsa chisoni you selling passport to drug dealers mmmmmm it’s shame mbiri yathu inayipa amalawi maiko akunja becoz ov these Nigerians pretending like they are malawi citizens

  7. President Mkango Lion Chivomorezi Chisokonezo Manthakanjenjemereza says:

    Ku Malawi Katangale sadzatha ngati muyika unjust system in wages and salaries. Think of ps getting over 1million while another is getting k40 000, so should that one find another way to survive dont blame him, but it is the begining of corruption

  8. Achimidzimidzi says:

    “She disclosed that passport numbers from MW 853501 to 853750 have been declared null and void.”

    where did you publicize that above serial numbers are nullified, Hon Chiumia? This is a lie

  9. cuty says:

    malawi is one of the countries that other nationals easily take advantage when it comes to passport. look at southafrica for example the hardest thing to do is to get thyr passports or IDs..lets work hand in hand as malawians cos we are getting bad names due to stolen identity.

  10. benjones says:

    All foreigners irrespective are holding Malawian passport.

  11. Ndeno ma identity akadzayamba kudzakhala bwa?

  12. Zobanduka says:

    Well DONE Hon Mkandawire, I wish we could have several if nit all MP’s like yourself, with the True Love of our country, and these other “YES Sir” Dom MP’s who went to the for their own enrichment agendas…. 💲💱💵💰

  13. khanyiziral says:

    Malawian passports are everywhere………… bola kunyema basi uyipeza.

  14. Bengo says:

    2 years ago ndimagwira pa shop yama ETHIOPIANS (three of them) kti afike kuno Ku SA anazela kae Ku Malawi kti akapeze ma document oyendela… mmodzi anachita tsoka anagwidwa and anakasungidwa Ku nzaleka refugee camp,, komabe anapeza njira mpaka anathawako nkupitiliza ulendo wake… this means kt Malawi is very easy to get travelling documents even to those who are not Malawians… Honourable Mkandawire PUSH until china chake chitachitika

  15. Harry Mkandawire push push until justice prevails.

  16. Pierre says:

    Is the work of parliament to investigate suspect? What is their role? Please give them the right job description osamalowelera ntchito za anthu ena ayi.

    1. Reply 1 says:

      As it is right now, parliament can do better than those entrusted with the responsibility of investigating.

  17. mjiba says:

    Ha ha very sad development. Kodi ma Controlling Officers mwatani pa Malawi???? Admarc CEO, MEC CEO, Immigration Chief old and new, LL City CEO, Ma Ministrers, ma MP, ma PS mbwee, TEVETA CEO. Kuba too much.

  18. ade says:


  19. Omex70 says:

    Very sad development. Malawi seems to be cursed because almost every government department is surrounded by corrupt practices.

    1. kanchenga says:

      Malawi is cursed not seems to be cursed.

  20. ungwelu says:

    Cry my beloved Country!!!!!

  21. GONANI says:

    This syndicate goes to S A to sell passports to Malawians staying there and others
    at very exorbitant prices- sometimes at more than R2 000.00 each which is almost
    K120 000.00 . Please investigate this too.

  22. Sign Post says:

    Immigration department is one of the corrupt departments. Thank you Hon Mkandawire for exposing such practice at the department. Up until now nothing tangible has been put in place to curb this. In recent years, Malawi has lapses in security measure when it comes to foreign nationals. Honestly speaking,so many foreign nationals have and will continue to benefit from our passports in foreign countries as long as that syndicate will be there. Katangale sadzatha ponena zoona ku dipatimentiyi.

  23. Its very worrying and pathetic to see our country being captured by few corrupt individuals, those people who are parading with malawian passport are criminals and they will use those of our passports for criminal agenda. Had it was in other countries, Both chief immigration officer and minister of home affairs would have been sucked imminently. Think of it, some might be member of ISIS or alshalbab, they will terrorize and kill americans and we malawians will pay for it.

  24. ANALYST says:

    This country has gone to the DOGS. I repeat, so long as these thieves masquerading as DPP government are in power, this country is doomed! Shame on those who voted for the DPP in 2014! Cursed should be those who helped these thieves rig the elections! We CANNOT expect to move forward with this kind of rot in government!

  25. Katete Boys says:

    It seems the parliament is very good at investigating issues. Why cant the ACB be under the parliament not Executive because it seems almost all committees in Parliament knows best how to do things.
    Ma MP aulendo uno muli khenge ni inshi muli mushe. Naife pano pa Zedi tisilira maningi.

  26. New Blood says:

    Osamangokhala phwiiii mu Pariament , these are the real issues to talk about in parliament.

  27. New Blood says:

    Well done Hon Harry Mkandawire.

    1. Mkandawire says:

      Be educated this is communicated to ICAO and Interpol. You don’t announce on the radio. Thank the whistleblower who sent Mkandawire the incident. The Minister is very innocent bearing in mind that these people don’t respect her particularly Medi. The incident happened in January but the Minister was informed on 16th May, 2017. What was immigration hiding?

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