5 Cybersecurity Tips for the Modern PC Gamer

Depending on where you are located in the world, levels of cybersecurity may vary. For example, while Canada ranks within the top 10 and invests a lot of money in cybersecurity, countries like Malawi have not been able to dedicate a sufficient amount of attention to the field of study, resulting in a lack of safety in digital spaces. Despite this, there are still some steps you can take as an internet user to protect yourself on all devices. Especially for online gamers that frequently utilize their computer for long online sessions, it’s important to make a habit of taking the best security measures possible. Read on to discover some of the best cybersecurity tips for gamers that will help to ensure steady fun and entertaining experiences online.

A crucial component of online gaming is knowing how to protect your privacy in the virtual environment

Download a Trustworthy Anti-Virus Software

Many gamers are under the misconception that anti-virus software for PCs will slow down the speed of their games and negatively impact their performance as a result. However, the truth is that anti-virus software will help much more than it hurts by detecting and preventing malware from infiltrating a player’s device. Nowadays there are a variety of great options on the market that are designed to support quick gameplay without lags or interruptions. Whatever service you end up choosing, when malware does come, you’ll be happy you invested in this cybersecurity defense system.

Ensure Strong and Unique Passwords on All Accounts

The main thing that protects a player’s online gaming accounts is their passwords. This is why people must strive to create strong, but also unique and ‘hard-to-crack’ combinations. For example, every time a user wishes to engage in classic casino table games such as Blackjack or Roulette through a secure virtual platform, they are required to log into an account, verify their age, and then make a deposit as they wish. While all their information is kept private, having a strong password is the very first step in practicing good cybersecurity. Of course, passwords and usernames should never contain any hints of personal information or be repeats of previously used passwords for other accounts.

Beware of Phishing Sites

When playing any types of games online or just generally surfing the web, users should always be on the look out for anything that resembles a phishing site. These can often be the result of mistyping a URL address or your computer being infected with malware. A good rule of thumb is to never open links that look suspicious or those sent by email from non-credible sources. For example, if a player is streaming a live game and a pop up appears across the screen, they should make sure that it isn’t fraudulent before giving it a click.

Strong passwords and 2FA are two great tools that prevent against unwanted hacks and security breaches online

2FA (2-Factor Authentication) Can Also Help 

Even though strong passwords are a must, it can be a good idea to add an extra level of defense against potential cyber threats by using something called 2-Factor or Multi-Factor Authentication. If you’ve ever answered a security question or verified a code sent to your mobile before being granted access online, you have probably used 2FA. This is just an extra way to ensure the user’s information is kept safe and secure. Popular PC gaming platforms like Steam and EA’s Origin use two-step processes like these, so users should familiarize themselves with how they function and how to implement them.

Make Sure Your Privacy Settings are Updated

Although it may seem obvious, ensure that your computer’s privacy settings are where you want them to be. Especially if you frequently alternate gameplay between different devices like a tablet or smartphone, you’ll want to check your settings each time before engaging. If you play on a console rather than a PC, you can also protect your log in information and other data in the same way by adjusting privacy settings.

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