9 ways your business can reduce water use

There are several great reasons to consider minimising water use in your business. Not only is it better for the environment when your business goes green, but your company will also benefit from reduced water bills, saving money that can be invested back into marketing and other business operations to boost growth and development. The good news is that many water-preserving measures are free or inexpensive, simple to implement in your company, and could result in you saving up to 30% of your regular water costs. Some of the best ways for your business to save water include:

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Get a Water Audit

Many business water suppliers will also provide a free water auditing service. The water auditor will examine all areas of your business where water is used and provide you with a report that shows exactly how much you are using, where water is being wasted, and where water is being saved. The audit can also be very useful for helping you determine if there are any leaks or other causes of water wastage on your business premises that you were not previously aware of. Check out Utility Bidder for global water facts and more information on getting a water audit from your supplier.

Determine How Much Water You Need

Only using water when you need to is a good first step to take when it comes to reducing your business’s water usage overall. Record how much water your business is using on a daily or weekly basis to get a better understanding of how much you need. This will make it easier for you to determine the best ways for your business to save money.

Provide Education

It’s likely that your employees are mainly using water in your business, so providing education on water preservation methods can benefit everybody. It can be useful to introduce a new water policy to your business, with rules such as making sure that all employees know to report leaking taps immediately so that they can be dealt with. Educating employees on different ways to reduce water use doesn’t just benefit your business; it can also spill over into the community by providing your staff with the information that they need to be more eco-conscious when using water at home.

Use Water Efficient Equipment

Purchasing water-efficient equipment might require a larger investment upfront, but it can certainly be worth the savings that you can make over the long term. If your business uses any large appliances that use water, such as a dishwasher or washing machines in a launderette facility, upgrading them to modern, water-efficient models can significantly reduce the amount of water that your company is using on a regular basis.

Protect Against Leaks

There are several things that can cause a leak in your business, and being aware of these and taking steps to prevent them will help you avoid wasting water in this way. The winter is a common time for leaks to occur due to pipes freezing over and cracking or bursting. Insulting pipes and conducting regular plumbing checks is the best way to prevent leaks from occurring.

Use Water-Minimising Controls

Push taps, flow regulators, water restrictors, and low-flush toilets can all be very useful for reducing overall water usage in your company. These controls allow you and your employees to go on using the water-based facilities as normal; however, less water will be used each time you do so. And, more water than you might expect is saved – for example, installing flush controls on toilets can lead to savings that pay for the equipment in just a few weeks.

Consider Alternative Water Sources

There are many ways that you can use alternative water sources in your business to save the amount of water used from the mains. For example, you might want to consider collecting rainwater through a roof catchment or reusing wastewater from basins. This water, known as greywater, can be used for various non-drinking water purposes in your business such as flushing toilets.

Fix Leaks Quickly

Even a small drip from a tap can lead to a lot of wasted water over time, so be quick to act if you find a drip or leak in your business. The faster the tap or other leaking appliance is repaired, the less water your business will waste as a result.

Review Your Plans

To ensure that your business is consistently saving water and saving money, it’s important to regularly review your water-saving policy and the plans in place to reduce water usage in the company. Since the demands of your company regarding water might be changing all the time, spend some time every few months to make sure that you are still doing everything that can be done to save water.

Saving water in your business is not only better for the environment, but over time it can save you a lot of money and help reduce business costs.

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