A blue print that will change Peter Mutharika’s political career forever

As Malawi gears up for elections in May 2014, the politicisation of the cash-gate scandal, house and money deals by the former ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) threatens the elections and have become major electoral issues. This is due to the long standing rivalry between the PP and the DPP and then the DPP and the United Democratic front (UDF).

There has been a significant debate in Malawi on whether or not an alliance can save Malawi from her political, economic and social predicament.

This article seeks to answer the question as to what would be the implication of Peter Mutharika, presidential aspirant of the DPP giving up his presidential ambitions and teaming up with Atupele Muluzi of the UDF. What would be consequences of a Joyce Banda win for Mutharika’s political life.

Mutharika:  Coming back
Mutharika: Coming back


It would take an exceptional act of bravery to give up ones presidential ambitions and take up a junior role. But if this would sustain ones political life why not go for it.

The act of bravery being discussed here is that of Peter Mutharika forming an alliance with Atupele Muluzi of the UDF. It is not a secret that the relationship between DPP and UDF is lukewarm. Former President Bakili Muluzi (Atupele’s father) stage-managed the Presidency of Bingu (Peter’s brother).

When Bingu became President, he dumped the UDF and formed his party, the DPP; he then started persecuting Bakili to the point of arresting his son, Atupele. Peter is Bingu’s brother who was a cabinet minister in his brother’s government.

Taking into account the Kenyan model, which both DPP and UDF should like, Mutharika and Atupele should lock themselves into serious talks.

Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto, two bitter political rivals shelved their bitterness to form an alliance that has seen their political lives change forever.


“We have agreed we are uniting on behalf of the people of Kenya. Our alliance is not for fighting anyone. We are uniting for the sake of the people of Kenya”. (Uhuru Kenyatta, speaking at a rally in Eldoret )

This was just political rhetoric from Uhuru, the truth of the matter was that had the two bitter political rivals not come together Raila Odinga was going to win and it was then for certain that they were going to rot at the Hague. Odinga could have twisted the arm harder for them.

In 2007, Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto were in two opposite camps. Then the elections ended up into an ugly scene that saw some 1200 people killed and 300 000 forced from their homes.

Kenyatta and Ruto operating from opposite camps were accused of orchestrating the violence. Both men deny playing key roles in the violence, which followed the 2007 elections.

Marriage of Convenience

Having realised that the only way to champion their political ambitions, Kenyatta and Ruto buried the hatchet and settled for a deal-and it is this deal that made the two political rivals to become best friends and are now ruling Kenya.

It is this alliance that threw away the hottest presidential favourite, Raila Odinga out of the political window.

And this is how Kenyatta and Ruto sorted out their differences, they organised a rally, which was also attended by large number of Kikuyu (Uhuru’s tribe) and Kalenjin (Ruto’s tribe) members of parliament. It was then announced that a committee drawn from members of parliament from the two communities would be formed to bring peace between these two communities, which had occupied antagonistic positions during post election violence. They marketed their alliance in a very powerful way and soon won the hearts of Kenyans. Over time the working relations between Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto morphed into an ever-expanding alliance.

Today, they are both happy.

 Advice to Peter Mutharika

A Joyce Banda victory, which is most likely without an alliance, will see the end of Peter Mutharika and DPP.

If there is anybody telling Peter Mutharika that he will win the elections h/she is just after your money (mind you, its not an impossibility).

The Timau crew is offering you free advice just as we did with your late brother Bingu. After May, Joyce Banda will see you off. If they are talking of confisicating your houses , freezing your bank accounts now what more after May 2014? The only solution is to go into an alliance. There are many reasons for you, Mutharika to do that, Atupele is young and fitting in today’s political arena, Atupele has got a likeability factor, Atupele has got no crime anyone can point at, in short, he is neat as a new pin.

The people who were advising Bingu to listen to his own words are now with Joyce Banda…busy advising her to squeeze you (Mutharika) come May 2014, Mutharika, you will be a dead man walking after being squeezed hard. Joyce Banda will stop at nothing for her to fulfil her ambition of ruling Malawi for 10 years.

Fact: Malawi will be a hostile place for you, Peter Mutharika to live in if Joyce Banda wins in May. Sorting it out now is your only solution hence the alliance with Atupele.


If we waste time looking at the negativity of the alliance it will not help anyone.

The blueprint is already there and this is the Kenyan Model.

Don’t even waste time to think, it worked with Kenyans, talk to them.  Go for a 50-50 representation. Have trust and faith in one another but above all it is for DPP’s own safety.


It is for real that the Kenyan political model is a blue print that will change Peter Mutharika’s political career forever.

Advice when adhered to and followed can be beneficial. A more day-to-day example would be,  “Aids kills-use protective measures”, “don’t drink and drive”, if this advice is adhered to we can see that the benefits can outweigh the consequences.

Next: Is an MCP/DPP alliance good for Malawians?

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