A plea to men to see women beyond their bodies

The world which we are in would have been unquestionably uninteresting were it not for the presence of women. This is a self-evident, God-inspired truth whose counterargument is proven to be non-existent. Historically, women have the centre of attention of every male’s actions. That is to say that the male sex has always wanted to be strong, perfect, moneyed, and health–qualities women look for in a man–just to impress the female flock. These were the days for women when they were treated as gods of some sort.

Surprisingly ironically, 21st century understanding of women seems to be focused much on what man can get from a woman, other than what women are inherently worth. In a nutshell, women in this century are taken to be a bunch of happiness, knowingly or unknowingly, waiting for a man to exploit it; they are the object of men’s happiness. Men’s talk in town goes: “have as many girls, for girls like men who play it nasty”.

This male chauvinistic perception of women seems to have been given weight by the fact that a large number of women themselves are positively responding to it. The opposition to this inhuman perception by the almost non-existent feminist voice appears to be much less forceful that the proponent voice.

Women: Have freedom to dress what they want

To make matters worse, women themselves have, in recent past decades, been psychologically conditioned into believing that the exploitation by men is the only reason why they were created. Here, it means that men have successfully entrenched the idea that women were created solely to entertain them. With this new understanding of femaleness, women are at a risky disadvantage as they are viewed only as objects to use, abuse, misuse, and at last, refuse when the pleasure men get from them gets completely depleted. Or, as is always the case, men take women for play; effectively making the womenfolk as a living, closest male companion for men to toy around with.

Consequently, both men and women have agreed to remove the sensual aspect of sex. To this extent, sex is no longer sex; it becomes some emotionless act more or less like the art of cooking, perhaps there are emotions when cooking!. Furthermore, the mechanical nature of modern sex is a true reflection of men’s egoistic perception of women as sexual objects not deserving any emotional dignity.

In addition to this, women have let men go a step ahead unchecked leading to men’s senseless development of philosophy about women. This philosophy–the thinking that women are inherently meaningless and therefore they have to be pursued for the pleasure one gets from them–seems to have been accepted with total madness by the youth.

The youth in this modern day and age sees no problem two-timing. Boys, or say, men are deadly cheaters. They cheat, and cheat, and cheat thinking, naively though, that cheating makes them men that they are. And since girls are aware of the cheating nature of the boy child, they too go double-crossing the boys in the name of being on the safer side. What comes from this is a chain of girlfriends and boyfriends, and counteraccusations of sexual promiscuity, in the process getting caught in the cobweb of HIV/Aids pandemic.

One other cause of men’s perverted understanding of women is the womenfolk’s dressing. Women today are almost naked, and this exacerbates men’s thinking of them as nothing but sexual objects. It is biologically established that men respond to sight while women respond to touch. It is men’s biological predisposition that, whenever they see women in mini and/or contoured attire, they tend to respond almost instantly. But women’s dressing however should not be an excuse because women, just like men, have the right to freedom of dressing which appears to be non-negotiable. Moreover, a lot more men survive with the very same women’s dressing.

It is at this point that there is a real need for men to rethink their perception of women. Women too have got to rethink. On their part, women have to resist, to the greatest end of resistance possible, any men-initiated distorted perception in whatever fashion. Women should have themselves psychologically empowered so they become assertive enough to say it clearly, verbally or otherwise, that they are not objects with which men can play with.

Unless men begin to see women as valuable and dignified as was intended by almighty God, and unless they begin pursuing women for their inherent worth, will we have the world restored back to the good old days where women were as dignified as men. The days when women were treated as precious gold–something they really are.

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